My first 3 some

My first 3 someIt was with my first proper boyfriend, he told me he wanted to see me with another man but I just took it as joking. Then he took me to his flat one day and he told me he had a special surprise, I walked in and found a total stranger there waiting for me. I had seen the guy around town, everyone thought he was a bit of a pervert, quite scruffy almost tramp looking he was in his 60’s, the sort of guy who hangs around playgrounds, jam jar glasses raincoat, a stereotypical perv. I didnt know what he was doing there, but I soon found out. I was introduced to him and he told me how he had seen me about and quite liked me, I didnt know where it was going until my boyfriend put on some music and told me to dance for them. I danced for my boyfriend a lot and was quite thrilled at doing it for a stranger, so I danced in my miniskirt, top and heels, even flashing my bum and my knickers from the front. Then my boyfriend told me to strip, I wasn’t sure but I was canlı kaçak bahis quite enjoying it, I took of my top first, my little boobs bouncing in my bra, then bent over and dropped my skirt. I danced in my knickers and bra feeling very liberated, but then I was told to carry on. I felt quite shy now, but by now I was already half way, I thought what the hell, I turned my back and slipped off my bra, then faced them hands over my boobs, then danced some more, I was told to move my hands, I dropped my hands showing my boobs to the strangers I felt very nervous, my tits bounced as I danced, I kept covering them but got used to showing, then I slipped down my knickers, I first danced with hand over my pussy and boobs then danced with my hands uncovered, I was full nude and dancing for a stranger I was so horny, then after 2 songs my boyfriend led me to the stranger and got me to kneel, to my shock the stranger took out his cock, I was told to suck. I licked casino firmalari the guys cock, he smelt of sweat and got knows what the smell was quite off putting, but then I was flushing with excitement, I sank my mouth down on his cock, licking and sucking his 60 year old cock, my boyfriend got behind me and slipped in me from the rear, I was so wet, I was been fucked from behind and sucking a stranger off, it was out of this world. The strangers cock bulged he was about to cum, my head was forced onto his cock, his balls pressing on my chin, my boyfriend fucked me even harder, I struggled but the cock exploded in my mouth, I gulped down the just two jets of sperm then gagged bringing up sperm and phlegm into my mouth but the cock filled my and I swallowed it back down as more sperm squirted into me. I gagged twice more until all the sperm was inb my belly and my boyfriend filled me with cum from behind. I stood up feeling very dirty, they sat me between them casino şirketleri legs parted and the stranger began to finger fuck my cum filled pussy wile my boyfriend played with my tits, they both played with me as I sat there naked, until their cocks were hard again. They got to stand, I faced the stranger and they got me to sit on him, I slid down on his cock and he violated my already swollen pussy as I rode him, him sucking my tits. My boyfriend got on behind, then forced his cock up my tight anus, he didn’t hold back he rammed my ass-hole while I rode the old guys cock, I screamed in pain as I orgasmed. I came 4 times as they double fucked me, then both spanked heavily in both my ass and pussy. After it was over I sat naked on the sofa and the old guy went home, that was the end of my first 3-some. My boyfriend was so exited he had enjoyed it so much, he made me talk about how dirty I felt, I had enjoyed the excitement of it if not the whole thing. It was not the end of it though. A week later the old guy came back, and we had more 3-some’s with him. Until they introduced me to a 4-some. If the 3-some made me feel dirty and like a slut, the 4-some made me feel like a whore, but that’s another story.

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