My First Asian Massage Parlor


This really is a true story. I would really appreciate feedback on this as a story in general and how it reads and what everyone thought about it. I have never written a story before let alone an erotic one. All honest feedback is appreciated. Thank you.


My name is Kevin. This is the true story of how I started a decade long love affair with sensual massage. It was an accident but a lucky one for me because I can’t imagine life without the occasional massage parlor visit now.

Back in 1998 I was 21 years old. I was living in Florida with a couple of friends in a rented house. I was a college dropout more concerned with getting high and partying than about the future and my friends were the same way. We all grew up together and decided to take a year and live in Daytona Beach and work whatever jobs we had to work to get by. We were all from rural Ohio and living in Florida for us was like living on the moon only better. It was the best experience of our lives at that point.

I would go back and forth between Ohio and Florida at least once every 3 months. I was young and loved being on the road. Plus being a pot smoker I relished the long doobie cruises between my party pad in Florida and my parent’s home in Ohio. When I went away to college I was only 40 miles away from home and never went more than a week without coming home. Living in Florida was turning out to be quite a difficult adjustment for my mom so I made the 16 hour drive there and back to keep her happy. Besides every time I left she handed me enough cash to cover my gas both ways and then some plus it gave me a break from my partying lifestyle. It was on one of these return trips that I discovered my first Asian massage parlor. I remember it like it was yesterday. Still one of the most erotic experiences of my life.

It was about 6PM and I had just passed Atlanta on my way back to Florida. The night before I had stayed up playing poker with some friends in Ohio and didn’t get to sleep until almost 2AM. Not very smart considering I hit the road at 6AM but when we’re young we’re full of energy and we can do those things. At least that’s what I thought then. In reality every part of my body was sore, I was sweaty, my eyes stung, and the thought of 5 more hours until Daytona was driving me crazy. It was then that I saw the billboard on the highway. Yes, a billboard. In hindsight it is rather shocking.

The sign said Asian Spa Massage and it listed a phone number and said two exits down. I had never seen a spa advertise on a billboard before let alone target people only passing through. But I-75 was a major highway filled with vacationers heading to Florida from the North. I had never gotten a professional massage before and in my current condition it struck me that now is the time to try one. So I picked up my cell phone, back in the days when you could still legally use a phone while driving, and I dialed the number.

“Hello?” was the response I got but it sounded more like “Hay-ro” than hello. Clearly Asian on the other end.

“Hi I just saw your sign for massage and was wondering how much it costs.”

“Sittee dolla fo hour massage” she said. It took me a second but I realize she said sixty dollars.

“Great, I’m two exits away are you available now?” I said.

“Yea honey you come by.”

I got directions from her and with that I drove the next couple miles filled with excitement and anticipation for what was about to happen shortly. A massage. How exciting. Just what I need to get through the rest of my drive.

I got off the exit and the place was very easy to find. It was only a couple blocks off the highway and located in a strip mall. I pulled up to the front door and the windows had drapes concealing what was inside. I didn’t think anything of it and walked on in and found myself in a little lobby with a window much like a doctor’s office. Weird I thought but whatever. When I walked in there was a little electronic chime and within seconds an old Asian woman appeared behind the counter in the window and said “Hay-ro I help you?”.

“Hi I just called for a massage.”

“Sitee dolla honey” she said and I reached in my wallet and pulled out three twenties and handed it to her. She took the money and disappeared around the corner and then the door opened and she appeared and told me to follow her. I followed her down a long hallway to the last door on the left and as we walked in she asked me if I wanted a shower. I thought to myself that obviously they get a lot of people off the road who probably aren’t that fresh thus the shower they provide. So I said sure. She grabbed what appeared to be a new clean white robe and handed it to me and told me to take my clothes off and put bostancı escort on the robe and somebody would be right with me and then she closed the door and left.

There were some clothes hooks on the wall so I took my clothes off and hung them there. It was really weird to be naked in a place I had never been before. I was only 21 and even when I had sex with my girlfriends I didn’t parade around naked before or after the fact and this was somewhat stimulating to me. I actually started to get hard at the thought of what I was doing but immediately came back to reality because I didn’t want to come across as a pervert on my first massage. After I got my robe on I sat down on the massage table and waited and moments later there was a knock at the door.

“OK come in?” was the voice on the other side and I replied “Yes”.

The door opened and in walked one of the prettiest older woman I had ever seen. She was about 5’5, slender, had long thick straight black hair halfway down her back, and nice ample breasts. She couldn’t have weighed more than 120 lbs but I wasn’t a good judge of weight then or now but she was definitely in great shape and had to be in her late 30’s or early 40’s. I didn’t know if she was Japanese, Chinese, or what. Being from rural Ohio I had never been friends with or known any Asians. She was wearing very short black shorts and a black tank top that was very form fitting and accentuated her breasts and let me see what a flat stomach she had. This woman was sexy and I felt my cock grow again.

“Hi. You ready for shower?” she said.

“Yes” was my reply and she took my hand like a mother would take her son’s hand and she said “Follow me”.

She led me out of the room with the massage table and took me by the hand as we walked down the hall to another room. We walked in and it was like nothing I had ever seen before. This whole room was a large shower. It had a shower head on the wall and one of those shower heads with a metal tube like pipe off to the side. The kind that you use in your hand so that you can spray all over your body. There was a table and a stool in the room and on the table sat a variety of shampoos and soaps. What happened next I still to this day get hard thinking about.

We were both standing there in the shower when suddenly she started taking the robe off me. I had never been naked around anyone except for my girlfriends. I was in such shock that I did nothing to stop her. She took the robe off me and I just stood there. After she hung up the robe she turned on the shower head on the wall and said “feel good?” as she let me touch the water and I said “yes”.

She nudged me a little closer to the water and next thing I know I was standing under the shower head completely naked as the water ran down my body and this stranger, an older sexy woman in shorts and a tank top, was standing next to me as she put shampoo in her hand and then she pulled me back from the water while standing behind me and proceeded to lather up my hair. I was glad that she was behind me because my cock started to grow very fast and I was freaking out inside. I didn’t know what to do. Here I am in a shower, a young inexperienced guy, with an older attractive woman who is bathing me. Every moment was filled with anticipation not knowing what to do.

After she massaged my scalp for a minute she then sprayed off all the shampoo and started lathering my back. I was still grateful she was behind me and could not see my rock hard cock.

She started working her way down my back and then came to my waist right above my ass crack. Next thing I know she is lathering my ass and her hands made their way in between my cheeks and she vigorously scrubbed for a few seconds as if all this was normal. As far as I knew it was normal. What an experience so far. When she was done cleaning my back and my ass she took the hand held sprayer and got all the soap off of me. Then the moment of truth came.

“Turn around baby” she said to me. Without hesitation and throwing caution to the wind I turned around with my rock hard cock sticking straight out. She did not look down. She simply started lathering up my neck and chest and washing me as if she didn’t even notice the hard cock pointing right at her. I had water running down my back from the shower head and the whole experience was stimulating and fun. She slowly worked her way down my chest and when she got near my waist line she stopped.

She walked over to the other side of the shower and grabbed the stool and sat down on it facing me. My cock was staring right at her face and chest and I could feel the clear semen leaking out of me due to what I perceived as one of the most erotic büyükçekmece escort experiences of my life thus far. I was nervous and didn’t know what was going on. “What’s your name?” I said to her to break the silence.


“I’m Kevin.”

She just smiled and then resumed her washing of my belly and then my waist all the time acting normal as if my cock weren’t right out in the open and hard as a rock. After about 30 seconds of her washing my waist she put some more liquid soap in her hands and then started washing my cock and balls as if it were strictly business. I was shocked. I thought I would cum at any second. She simply spent about fifteen seconds caressing my balls and then she gave my cock a couple of good strokes and then grabbed the hand sprayer and rinsed me off. I was shocked. She then proceeded to wash my legs and feet and in a few minutes the shower was over. The whole experience lasted less than 10 minutes.

Kim then got a towel off one of the hooks and dried me off like I was a child and incapable of cleaning myself. She again touched my cock and my balls but through the towel and not with her hands. My cock was still rock hard. After she could see that I was dry she put the robe back on me and took me by the hand again and led me back to the room where my clothes and the massage table were.

“OK you get on stomach I be right back” said Kim as she took the robe off me and tossed it in a hamper.

I did as I was told. I lay down on my stomach and my hard cock was now being pressed down so I reached behind and pulled my balls out more in between my legs hoping that would help a little. Not to mention I wanted her to see my balls. It turned me on tremendously. Being naked and being pampered was something I had never thought of before. Like I keep saying I was 21 and inexperienced. After waiting a few minutes Kim returned and dimmed the lights and put on some cheesy stereotypical although soothing Asian music on a little CD player that was in the corner of the room on a table. My face was in a hole looking down on the floor and I could not see anything but the floor.

Kim started at the top. She stood in front of me and I could see her feet and her sexy legs as she started massaging my shoulders and back from in front of me. I felt warm oil being poured all over my body very liberally. It felt great along with her hands and the fact that she was sexy made it all that much better. After about five minutes she moved on to my arms and one by one massaged them and then did something where she pulled all my fingers one by one making a snapping noise while popping my knuckles. My back and arms were done in another five minutes and then she moved to the other end of the table. Kim started massaging my feet and then slowly worked her way to my calves spending a few minutes on each and then finally worked her way to the back of my thighs.

Kim was rubbing and massaging all over my thighs. She was doing long smooth strokes up and down the length of my inner thigh and each time she came close to my balls I would tingle more and more. I wanted her to touch my balls so bad. I told myself that before I left here I was going to use the bathroom and jerk off from all the excitement. I had no idea what a turn on massage could be. I was going crazy and my cock started throbbing under the weight of my body and again I found myself wondering if I was going to cum right there.

What a mess that would be. How would she react if I start cumming just from her touching my leg? Would the police get called? Would I be embarrassed beyond belief? These questions went through my mind but I quickly set them aside and just enjoyed the touches of her hands all over my body. She kept doing the strokes up and down and after about 2 minutes of this I felt her fingertips brush my balls and I nearly came.

Kim then moved up to my ass and started kneading it and massaging my cheeks. She put so much oil on me that it was running down the crack of my ass and falling on to my balls. I loved it.

“OK you turn over now” said Kim. I hesitated for a second and then said fuck it. I turned over. My cock was in the air and hard as could be. Again she ignored it and started her massage by standing by my head and massaging my chest. She slowly started going down my chest to my belly while standing over me and behind me. As she got lower she had to bend over more. By the time she got to my waist her tits were pushing into my face and it was at that point that I knew this was not a normal massage anymore. My cock was throbbing and shaking and there was no way she didn’t see it. But she made no acknowledgment of it.

After she reached my waist çekmeköy escort and gave it the attention it deserved she then went to the other end of the table and started applying more oil to my legs. She was massaging my legs in the same fashion as before only from the front this time. Then she got close to my crotch and the excitement was building in me.

Kim started massaging around my crotch without touching my cock or my balls. She started pouring oil directly on my crotch and simply using the palms of her hands to make circular motions around the tops of my thighs and the insides with the outside of her hand brushing my balls and occasionally touching my cock. I was going crazy. Is this really happening? Is she going to jerk me off? Holy shit I need to cum. I was dying. This was too much.

But Kim just kept massaging as if this were all normal.

Suddenly she put her hand right around my cock and I let out a sigh, “Ohhhhh”, albeit very quiet and it was then that we made eye contact. I was lying naked on a massage table and a hot older Asian woman now had my cock in her hand.

“OK?” she asked like a little innocent girl.

“Yes” was all I could muster and she started stroking me very slowly with her left hand while standing on my right side. She then took her right hand and cupped my balls and started massaging them very delicately. I was about to cum and I grabbed her hand to make her stop stroking. She stopped for a second and she realized that I wanted to make this last a while. Who knew when I would get to do this again?

Kim stopped what she was doing and very calmly took off her tank top and then removed her bra. She was now standing in front of me completely topless and at that moment I had never seen better tits or been more turned on in my life. This was really happening.

She then grabbed my right hand and pulled it to her breast. I took it without hesitation and started kneading it and then playing with her nipple and at the same time she grabbed my cock again and started stroking while using her other hand to caress my balls.

“Nice” she said pointing at my cock.

I had been teased for going on 45 minutes and was on the edge of cumming harder than I had ever cum before.

Kim massaged my balls and was slowly stroking my cock up and down while I played with her tits and then I started grabbing her ass and massaging it. I decided to throw caution to the wind and take it to the next level. I put my hand up the inside of her shorts and I could just barely feel her pussy lips. She didn’t stop me. I started rubbing on her pussy as best I could in the position I was in and she kept running her hands all over my cock and my balls. I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Ohhhhhhhh I’m gonna cum” I said frantically yet as quietly as possible so no one else could hear and she started stroking faster and then it happened.

“Ohhhhhh ohhhhh ohhhhh” I started shooting stream after stream of cum out of my cock while she stroked me. I had never cum like that in my life! It shot all the way past my head and onto the floor and went everywhere.

Cum shot on my stomach and on my chest and some even hit my own hair and side of my face. I was shooting stream after stream and spurting like there was no tomorrow. I came for nearly 10 seconds! All the while Kim just kept stroking me and when I started cumming she made it more intense when she said “Ahhhh good boy, very nice!” which made me cum even harder.

I finally got done cumming and realized I was covered in my own cum on my chest, stomach, near my ear on my face, and some in my hair too. So much for the shower. Kim stopped stroking me and left the room.

What now I thought?

She came back in quickly with a hot wet towel and proceeded to clean me up. She wiped all the cum off my body with the hot wet towel and then used another towel to dry me off.

I just sat there in shock trying to catch my breath as my cock was still moving.

She dried me off and then said “OK massage done” and I then got up and quickly put on my boxers which were hanging on the wall with my other clothes. I had that feeling of shame that you get when you’re younger and you just masturbated. I grabbed my wallet and got out two twenties to tip Kim and she gave me a hug and said “I see you again ok? Ask for Kim.” and I said I would and then she left.

I put on my clothes and walked down the hall to the exit and as I was leaving there was Kim, the older Asian woman who greeted me, and another hot Asian girl all sitting on a couch in another room and they all yelled bye as I walked past them. I got in my truck feeling like a million bucks and full of energy again. I got back on the highway and headed to Florida.

Little did I know that visit would change my life. I had never cum that hard in my life. I learned something about Asian massage parlors and about myself. It was time to branch out sexually. No more missionary and the occasional doggy style boring sex for me. I just opened a door and I was eager to walk in.

That was my first visit to an Asian massage parlor and not my last.

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