My first BBC with a surprise – MMF


My first BBC with a surprise – MMFI had an ad up on one of the adult sites looking for a BJ. One day, I got a reply from a man, mid 30s, good shape and black who said he loved to suck white meat. Not thinking anything more, I replied, and he sent me his address.I arrived, he lead me to his room, with a king size bed. Pictures of his very attractive wife and k**s were on the dresser. He faced me, took off my shirt, unzipped my pants and let them fall to the floor. He took off his shirt, revealing a flat hard chest with a good six pack. As I stood there, he reached around me and took my underwear off. He got to his knees and started to caress me hard, and lick my cock and balls. Ever so slowly, he teased me, making sure I would not come too fast. I placed my hands on his head to hold my cock into his mouth, when he got up and pushed me on to the bed.He got back down and proceeded to güvenilir bahis tease me. As he licked my cock and balls, he lifted my legs up and started to lick my ass. “MMM, that feels nice” I said as I felt his wet tongue lick up and down my ass. I laid back, eyes closed, enjoying the experience. He licked my ass, then moved to my cock again, then up and sucked on my nipples before going back down again. This man sure knew how to please guys I thought as I was enjoying everything that was happening.After being teased, I felt my load started to cum up, my body was starting to hump and he swallowed my cock and sucked the cum out of me as I moaned. After a minute to enjoy the blow job, I opened my eyes and was about to get up when I noticed him standing in front of me, naked, what a body this man had, very well build, and he was stroking his black cock hard as he smiled at me. He türkçe bahis was getting harder, and harder. Man, he was big; I’d guess 8-9 inches.“My turn to cum” he said as he lifted my legs up to position my ass to his cock. With one hand, he reached over, grabbed a bottle of lube and poured it over his cock. A lot of lube, it was dripping off him as he rubbed the lube over his cock. His cock was standing straight, he placed it against my ass, and started to push it in. “Breathe,” he said, “relax and enjoy it, you will love it.” I felt my ass split wider as he entered me. “Breathe” he said, and I did, I was breathing has hard as I could. He entered and exited me a few times, then applied more lube to his cock, and then, with one push, he was completely in. He started to pump his big thick black cock in and out of me. Our breathing matched each other as he moaned “God, you are so güvenilir bahis siteleri tight. I am going to cum so fast” as he pushed his cock in and out of me at a fast rate.The sight of this black man against my white skin was a turn on for me. As he pumped me, his breathing was becoming faster and loader as he shot his load into me. With all that lube, and his cum, his cock slid out of me and his cum continued to shoot all over my chest as he stroked it. “I hope I did not hurt you too much” he said as he stroked his now soft cock. “It only hurt for a second, all that breathing helped and it was great.” I laid back; arms spread wide, his cum dripping from my freshly deflowered butt.I was about to get up when someone came into the room. It was the woman from the pictures, his wife. “Have you been having fun without me again?” she asked. “Well, it kind of just happened” he chuckled. “Well, my turn to have some fun” she said as she removed her dress to reveal a sexy bra and panty set with one exception, she was wearing the biggest black strap-on ever. She just smiled as she stroked her strap on and approached me.

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