My first infidelity


My first infidelityI got married really early, I was 23. I know, not cool at all, but it was love at first sight. I met her when I was 19, she was 18 at the time, and we just clicked. I had a few girls before her, but you all know, what that looked like. Inexperienced sex is, I guess, better than no sex at all, but yet, we got married in our early ages, and I guess we both felt it was right thing to do. And it was. She is perfect in every way, phisically, and emotionally, and now, 13 years later, I still dont regret it, at all.But… There is always a but. I felt, after a while, that I missed on so many things. I am a good looking guy, and over the years I managed to build a good business, but even before that, girls just liked me, and it somehow, transponded into my self esteem, in a good way. But over the time, it got hard, you know. When I see a hottie, clearly eye flirting with me, or doing it in a casual conversation, it just drowe me crazy. And yes, I am weak, I was subdued to fall into the pit of selfloading afterwards, but I made mistakes, 4 times to be exact, and this is my tale of the first one.Interestingly, it may sound like a cliche, but all of us have lusted over a forbidden fruit. In this case, it was one of my wifes friends. She is kinda short, slim enought to have a nice figure, average in the boob department, blonde, like my wife, cute meeting beautifull, but far less atractive than my wife, to be honest. But from the first day we met, I saw pendik escort she liked me. I mean, LIKED ME. I cant say my flirt radar was on a high level back then, but I saw it. I guess it was obvious. She never missed an oportunity to tell my wife, how lucky she is, infront of me, and to say nice things about me. When we hugged, since we all do that when we meet after some while, she would always hold me hard, press her boobs against me, and you all know most women leave some space there, when it comes to platonic physical contact. When we danced at parties, she would get awefully close to me, almost grinding against me. And it went on, and on. She got married at the same age, and we were, like, the two crazy couples that did it before it was cool.My wife and her were, mades of honour to each other (in here it is called a godmother) at their weddings, and we started hanging out, you know, like couples do. And the flirting I saw, or imagined (I wasnt sure back then) continued.Fast forward to 2009. I was 25, she and my wife were 24, two years after we all got married. We were spending our summer vacation in Montenegro, in this cheap rental apartment, which we shared, since we were piss poor back then. It was just one big room, with two big beds, and, I remember being frustrated, since I had to have my vacation sex with the wifey in all these wierd places, you know, hideaways etc. One day I went back early, since my hangover çekmeköy escort from last night was really strong, and immediately I hit the shower. I was just starting, when she entered the bathroom, looked at me, apologized and went out. At that moment, I got excited. Did she come back alone? She must have known I am in there, so, I guess she came back alone. Why? But what if she came back with my wife, and it was just a missfortunate deed from her? That thinking lasted for, about 12 seconds, and in that period of time, I got the biggest erection for years. So I decided, I will put a towel around my waist, and see what is up.She was there, alone, in her beach dress, looking baffled. I know, I would never do such a thing if I had 3 seconds to reconsider, to think it through, but the hornyness had overcome me, and I just dropped that towel, and went straight for her.I pinned her against the wall, and started kissing her. She kissed back. I pulled her dress over her head, stripped her bikini top and bottom in a heartbeat, and went straight for her neetly trimmed bush, and my fingers started roaming for her clit. She grabbed my cock and started jerking it. She was all wet.”Lets go to bed””No””Cmon, lets go to be””We shouldnt”She was, even at that moment, conflicted. And as I kept working on her clit, and her breething became faster and harder, that got me so excited, that I started cumming. A spurt of load sprayed maltepe escort on her belly, then the other, and then the small drops of semen started to fly all around, since she continued jerking me off. Cum started flowing downwards, down her belly, and soon, I felt it on my hands. She felt it too, since she started cumming, while licking my neck like a wild a****l.When she came to her senses, she didnt kiss me, she just went into the bathroom. I could hear her crying. Shit, at that moment, I honestly thought my marriage ended over a handjob. But luckily, it didnt. It was awkard, during those, remaining days. I used an oportunity to tell my wife I want more time alone, away from them, so we saw eachother only in the evenings. After we came back, first few encounters with them were awkward for us, but our spouses didnt realise anything. And now, 11 years later, I know so many things about her. She confied to my wife, that she have cheated on her husband many times, even telling her with who, and when, for how long. When those confessions started, gotta admitt, I was really scared, that the woman whos marriage is deteriorating is gonna draw us down with her, but she didnt. Apparently, her husband has some performance issues, so, that is what drew her into infidelity (I am talking on it on a large scale, not one, not two, not even a dozen men).That made me realise, that, probably, I was her test bunny. With me, she still had the strenght to deny fucking, but she needed my, or anyones touch, she needed to blow off some steam, and I was just there, while, for all these years, I foolishly beleived, that I was that much irresistable, that she had to risk it all, just for a light petting with me.That opened my eyes a bit, I guess, and helped me undestand myself a bit better.

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