My first meet

My first meetWanted to share a story of when I met Nick off here.I joined this site a few weeks ago as I wanted some fresh cock, Nick caught my eye and we seemed to get on with our messages, they soon turned dirty, he wanted a picture of my muff which I sent him, he sent me a pic of his impressive cock.We decided to meet up at a local pub as he lived not far, I decided to dress like a slag, short skirt, no knickers, see through top, I felt horny as hell and decided to give my pussy a little flick before I left. I moaned at the thought of taking Nick’s meaty cock in my willing mouth.When I reached the pub Nick was already there and had found a quiet booth, he looked really nice and was sporting an impressive bulge in his jeans, we kissed and I sat down next to him. He commented how nice I looked as we chatted his eyes were fixed on my boobs.The drinks started to flow and the subject went onto sex, nick amasya escort admitted he hadn’t had any sex since his wife left him, I winked and said we had better sort that out I bent over and gave his cock a squeeze, he responded my rubbing my leg. I whispered in his ear that I wanted his cock, we finished our drinks and headed back to his place.As soon as we got inside the door Nick was all over me, he led me to the bedroom, he was stripped off in a flash and sporting a very meaty looking cock, I was going to enjoy this. I started getting undressed slowly while Nick played with his cock. He was delighted to see I was wearing sexy underwear stockings and suspenders. He dragged me on the bed and started licking my pussy he said he was desperate to do this ever since watching my video. He was very good with his tongue probing and licking every inch of my pussy, I could feel myself getting wetter escort amasya and wetter the more turned on I was getting, I felt an orgasm building, I was moaning away and this was making nick lick even harder. I pushed my pussy into nicks face and let out one more moan as I climaxed.We had a kiss and a cuddle and nick released my boobs from by bra and started kissing them, I said I wanted to taste him, he had a big grin on his face as I got in between his legs, I have had a few cocks in my time but nicks really was a great specimen, nice and thick and meaty, I started slowly licking it with my tongue, nick moaned as I took it tight in my hand and flicked my tongue over his head, his cock tasted great and I sucked his tip hard. Nick was moaning and swearing away but I wanted to feel his cock on me so I stopped and nick told me to get on all fours. He eased his cock into my dripping pussy, I let amasya escort bayan out a gasp as he started hammering into me, I thought the bed was going to break at one point! This was the hardest I had ever been fucked, he told nick I was coming but he just kept fucking me harder I came a over his cock, he wasn’t finished with me yet and got me to lie on my back with my legs in the air, he stuck his cock and fucked me senseless, he said he was going to come and pulled out and covered my big boobs with hot cum, we collapsed on the bed together!We had a little snooze, when I woke up nicks cock was stirring again even though he was still asleep! I started stroking it, it really was a lovely cock, just as I started putting his cock in my mouth Nick woke up. He said he wanted his cock between my boobs, I was happy to accomodate so lay on my back and pushed my boobs together for him, he soon got in between and was sliding back and forth, he soon said he was going to cum so I made sure his cock was in my mouth when it started spurting away, he tasted great.Nick had to go soon after but he wants to see me again and bring his friend John….xxxx

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