My first time part 2

My first time part 2As you can imagine i was left feeling very horny, as i looked at myself in the mirror, i appreciated for the first time the beautiful young woman staring back at me, and i realised then that i was ready to give the boys what i had been denying them , and myself, i was ready from this moment on to give my virginity to the right guy. For years ex boyfriends had pestered me to do things i wasn’t ready to do, the truth be told, i had only allowed ex’s to “first base” and even then i had never touched a boy not like i touched Pete, and that was an accident! but just that one fleeting touch awoke a sexual energy i never knew i had, it feels like my clit has tripled in size and sensitivity and my nipples are permanently erect. I still felt hot and flushed so i decided to wear a light blue maxi dress which was light and airy and very see through, and my blue kitten heels, i chose not to wear a bra but did wear knickers, i checked my self in the mirror and could see my beautiful nipples popping through my dress, it was to obvious and a little slutty, so i wrapped a my sisters red lace shawl over my shoulders, covering what needed to be covered, she wouldn’t mind, i took one last look in the mirror and rejoined the party, just in time for the cake being cut.More eryaman escort people arrived as the evening went on, the house and marque were hives of celebration, the marque was where my family and the new in-laws had settled, the house was full of strangers, people i had never met before. I found myself just walking around chatting to those that i knew and introducing myself to people i didn’t, to be honest i enjoyed all the meeting and greeting, it was a good excuse to squeeze past people, i really enjoyed squeezing past people, squeezing past strangers, feeling there body’s rub against me was a real turn on. There were so many men here, mostly with wives or gfs, but that didn’t matter to me, some of the men i squeezed past i tried to accidentally touch there crotch and may be feel a big hard cock. I noticed pete across the hall chatting to some people he saw me and waved me over, i don’t know why but again my clit fluttered and my belly had butterflies, i walked over had he introduced me to his friends and his girlfriend.As we were chatting i realised i had left my cigarettes upstairs, so i quietly asked pete if i could pinch one of his, he cleverly passed me his pack and lighter so nobody noticed and i excused myself from their company, i went out side and found escort eryaman my hidden smoking place. The night was mild, it wasn’t cold but it was fresh enough to stiffen my nipples and tighten my ass, which again made my clit flutter, i lit my cigarette and listened to the almost distant celebration, i was alone and at a vantage point where i could see everyone leaving or entering the house, but they could not see me. As i smoked i began touching my firm nipples through my dress, it sent shock waves of pleasure to my clit and strangely to a point deep inside my ass, i pinched and pulled my nipples, and slowly pulled the dress down to expose my perky breasts, i cupped them both with one arm and allowed the cool night air to kiss them, just then i saw pete come out of the house and walk in my direction.I quickly adjusted myself and pretended not to see him coming, i finished my cigarette just before he arrived and pretend to leave, he blocks my path again and i pretend to jump, ” there you go again running off just as i arrive” oh i said pretending to be startled, ” i didn’t see you coming ” and we both giggled. We stood there for a few minutes chatting about the day and he offers me another cigarette, this time i accept and and i catch him looking my breasts as eryaman escort bayan he lights my cigarette, i don’t know why because he was not much to look at, but he made me feel so sexy, it was his cocky attitude and swagger i found him to be a real turn on, and i know he found me a turn on too. we flirted for a while and decided to get back to the party, he said we better not go in together because it would look odd, without thinking i agreed, you go first he said then i will follow, after this cig.I went to move past him and again i brushed passed his upper thigh with my hand this time on purpose, his huge penis found my hand and i let it linger there for longer than it should have, he moved himself away from my touch and i instantly said i was sorry, i was so embarrassed, he said to forget about it, because that is what he has to do every time he see’s me, ” what do you mean ” i asked ” look at you, your hot , every time i see you i get all nervous and exited, iv been watching you all night, and iv got to tell you your the prettiest girl i have ever met, and thats the problem your just a girl, i would get linched if anyone found out what i was thinking” ” im not a girl i am sixteen” i told him sounding slightly offended, ” im 35 he said much to old for you, again i saw him look at my body, and i wanted him to see it, my clit was on fire and i could feel me pussy getting wetter, i squeezed past him again and again i touched his big dick then i walked away and i said your right your too old and winked.

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