My Gal – Sal


I had been away from home at University for almost a year now, not really feeling that I belonged there any more since Mom and Dad had divorced, Dad having gone to live with his secretary instead.

However, I still had great feelings about them both, and loved each of them dearly.

One of the first things I did, though, was to get in touch with one of my old mates, and arranged for an evening out for a drink or two.

It was great to see Jim again, and after a couple of drinks I asked him whether anything interesting was happening in my home town.

He told me that he had recently found an area, not too far away, where “dogging” regularly took place, and asked if I would be interested in going along with him to see if anyone was exhibiting this evening.

I thought it a great idea, and so half an hour later we were in his car in the nearby woodlands, where he told me that the car park was the regular arena for this activity.

“The police are aware of it, I believe,” he told me, “but I have it on good authority that they stay well away from here, although I would not mind betting that many of them come here in plain clothes – but not for police reasons!” he added.

There were just two other cars parked there, but they seemed to be in darkness. But a minute or so after we had arrived there a small van drew up in the centre of the car park, and then a man emerged from the driving seat, walked round the back, and opened the rear door.

As soon as he had done this the other two cars seemed to come to life as a man and woman appeared from each of them, their ages difficult to guess in the semi-darkness, but nevertheless appearing fairly young from their manner of walking.

The man with the van now switched on an interior light in the rear of the van, and one which seemed a little brighter than one would normally expect in such a vehicle.

As he did this the passenger door opened and out came two women, both sporting a mask over their eyes and wearing what appeared to be wigs, judging by the way they were both adjusting them.

At this point Jim got out of his car, and motioned me to follow him. He then crossed to stand behind the van, where I joined him and the other two couples, just as the two “girls” stood with their backs to the open door, smiled to their “audience”, and then one of them clambered into the back of the van and lay on her back with her ankles just overlapping the edge of the back of the van floor. The other one reached beneath her short skirt and with no more ado tugged down her knickers, stepped out of them, and handed them to the man who was holding open the door. She then climbed in and knelt down facing us, her knees on each side of the horizontal one’s head and shoulders.

In the brightness of the interior light we could now see the first woman’s face as she opened her mouth and push out her tongue just as the kneeling one slowly sank down to sit on her face.

The man now stood against the van and standing a little to one side so as not to obstruct any view he started to push the skirt of the woman lying down right up to her waist, revealing a distinctive pair of knickers, bright red with yellow polka dots, which he then took hold of in order to tug them down to the immense delight of Jim, me and the other two couples.

The girl on top now reached out as the one underneath raised her ankles, grasping them and then parting them widely to reveal a moist and obviously well-used pussy.

The lower girl, whom I shall now call “Miss A” and the other one on top I shall call “Miss B”, now put her hand to the sides of her pussy lips to tug them apart to show even more and the man, still standing a little to one side so as not to impede the display, stretched out his own hand as he began to stroke it and then insert his fingers. Soon his movement speeded up as he began to rub harder, in and out, and then unexpectedly (to me at any rate) turned to grasp the arm of one of the other men watching and steer it towards the glistening hole.

He then motioned each of us in turn to do the same, even the women partners of the two other car drivers, and then suddenly whipped out his own engorged penis and allowed it to spurt right onto the engorged pussy which was so lewdly being offered as a receptacle!

But he then motioned each of us to do the same, and as the other two women started to rub their respective partners’ cocks and then aim them to copy the van-driver, so did Jim and I do the same until Miss A’s thighs and pussy were covered in glistening cum. Finally Miss B leaned forwards to openly lick up the spent cum as the van-driver slowly closed the door, indicating that the show was over for tonight.

By no means disappointed with the performance, Jim and I reluctantly returned to his car as the other two couples went to their own and started up their engines. Evidently they were not going to give any show tonight – they were evidently just voyeurs as we were.

Another drink with Jim, though, escort bursa and then I said that I would be getting home, as this was my first night there for some time, and I did not want to keep my Mom waiting up for me even though I was now a big boy!

Actually she was in bed when I got home, but I did go into her room to say goodnight. She sat up as I entered the room, and I could not help but notice how sexy she looked in her lace nightdress which plunged deeply enough to reveal much of the swell of her breasts. In fact, when I looked at her I felt that had she not been my Mom I would have fancied her!

“Come to kiss Mummy goodnight, then?” she almost laughed, her smile so bewitching that I almost forgot myself as I bent to kiss her. So much so that what had been intended as a goodnight peck became slightly more intense as it turned into a lingering kiss, my hand impulsively reaching down to cup her breast as I forgot that it was my mother and not a casual girl-friend.

Hastily I pulled my hand away again, starting to apologise, only to be told that I was doing nothing wrong.

“Just the heat of the moment,” she laughed. “Although you won’t remember how you used to go there for your meals a long time ago,” she chuckled. “Now, it’s goodnight. I’ll see you in the morning. Now I need my beauty sleep, but tomorrow you can tell me all your news and I’ll tell you mine.”

I turned to go out, and my gaze accidentally fell on the chair where she had carefully laid out her clothing. To my absolute shock, though, I saw that on top of the pile was a pair of red knickers with yellow polka-dots!

I could not help staring at them, and neither could I help myself from turning to look at Mom again with complete amazement, unable to hide my reactions.

But to my utter astonishment as she read into my eyes that I was being bowled over at the sight of those knickers she started to laugh as she now said to me, “I thought that it was your voice that I could hear in the car park at Belchers’ Wood. Did you enjoy my performance?”

“Mom,” I almost shouted. “Was that you?”

“Of course it was,” she smiled. “It got so lonely here on my own night after night on my own that I started to go out more and got extremely friendly with Reggie and his wife, Joan. They were the other two in the van. We are regulars there now, actually. Are you shocked?”

I could hardly say that I was shocked, although I was. But not in the way that she was meaning.

“Yes, I am shocked,” I confessed, “but pleasantly so, if I can put it that way. I’m not making any objections to your behaviour, though. What you do to enjoy yourself is none of my business, except for one thing.”

“And what is that?” she asked.

“It is the fact that when you were lying in that car I actually touched you – my own mother – and did not know!” I told her.

She was sitting up again in her bed, now, and the swell of her breasts was even more pronounced than previously.

“The question is,” she laughed, “did you enjoy it? And would you have enjoyed it more had you known whose pussy it was that you were fondling?”

She actually used those words! And neither was she showing any signs of guilt or shame!

“Come on,” she said, “and be honest!”

As I started to nod she looked me straight in the eye and said, “So do you want to kiss me again, and this time leave your hand where it was going when you did it before – to my breast?”

My answer was action rather than words. I bent down towards her and kissed her fully on the lips, which she started to open, as my hand sought her breast and began to tweak the rising nipple which was hardening under my caress.

The motherly kiss quickly turned into a passionate one, as my hand softly slid across the lace of her nightdress and inserted itself beneath and onto the bare flesh beneath, my fingers now cruelly twisting at the solid nipple. Her kiss became as frenzied as mine, and then suddenly she broke off as she flung back the bedclothes, revealing the brevity of her lace nightdress, crying out, “Please, please, please fuck me! Push your cock into my pussy! Fill me up with your cum! Be my lover! Fuck me, fuck me, and fuck me until I beg for mercy! Tell me how much you have missed me! Make up for the time you have been away and I have missed you!”

I could not contain myself, either, and forgetting of who she really was I almost tore off my clothing as I stripped and flung myself onto her. We thrashed in ecstasy, we fucked, we made love, we screamed obscenities to each other, until finally we lay back almost exhausted.

As we recovered I began to realise what I had done – I had made passionate love to my own mother. I had fucked her. And she had encouraged me! And then I came to the conclusion that I did not care!

There was no thought of my going back to my own bed that night, as we snuggled together like two lovers on honeymoon.

Next morning, too, there seemed to be no remorse bursa yabancı escort from either of us, as we woke and fucked again.

Together we showered, breakfasted in the nude, and after that we made love again. And this time we did not just fuck – we made love!

And whereas yesterday I was wondering how I was going to pass the time during my brief vacation I was now wondering how long I could stretch it out for!

As we sat recovering with a coffee after another session, though, I said to her, “Mom,” and received the reply, “Who? Don’t call me that, please. I’m Sal. Who am I?”

“You’re my Gal, Sal,” I laughed.

“Now remember that in future,” she instructed me, “especially when we are out and in public. So get used to calling me that when we are alone so that it becomes a habit. Remember that especially tonight when I take you round to meet Reggie and Joan. Whether or not I shall tell them exactly who you are I am not sure yet, but in the meantime I will introduce you to them as my new lover. They will not mind, and as we all three make love together whenever we meet you will be certain of a good time when I introduce you to Joan – she is a splendid fuck, as I know full well whenever we put on a lesbian show for the doggers, although just as often she or I will fuck with Reggie. It makes for variety.”

By now, though, we were ready to go out for some shopping, as Sal (as I must now call her) had not previously prepared for me to be home for more than a couple of days or so.

And so I suggested that in addition to food, I should take her shopping round the boutiques. “After all, those knickers you wore last night were a give-away to whoever saw them. And it is time you started to wear something a little sexier if you are going to be my girl-friend. “

Her answer was to give me another hug, telling me that she would wear whatever turned me on and whenever I wanted her to do so.

“In fact,” she said, “I told you that I thought that I had recognised your voice at Belcher’s Wood, which is why I deliberately laid those knickers out on the chair instead of putting them in the laundry basket as I would normally have done. In fact, I was half-prepared for your presence there, as your pal Jim seems to be a regular visitor there, and I half-suspected that he might take you there last night. It was also the reason why I wore such an easily-recognisable pair, as I usually wear a g-string in the hope that one of the audience will help take it off. The reason for the masks and wigs was also that I had told Reggie and Joan that I suspected there might be someone there who could recognise me but that I did not wish that person to know who I was. But joy, oh joy – it worked. You recognised my knickers, put two and two together and came up with the right answer!”

“Right, then, we will go round the boutiques, and even one or two sex-shops that I know. But there is one condition –that is, whenever I try something on you will be in the changing room with me, even if the assistant is there, too. Promise?”

“I promise!” I gleefully told her.

And so we did the rounds of the boutiques, buying a micro-miniskirt in one, a see-through top in another, stockings and suspenders in another, and on each and every occasion I went into the changing-room with her. In one shop the assistant attempted to stop me from going in with her, but Sal turned to her and told her that as her “toy-boy” was doing the buying then he ought to see what he was buying whilst it was in situ so to speak. The occasion was actually when purchasing a new suspender belt and stockings which meant that her knickers had to come off whilst she put them on. She did not have to do so, of course, but Sal insisted, and actually left them on and paid for them.

Finally we entered a sex-shop. Now these are usually sleazy places at the best of times, but Sal was quite happy there. Admittedly we did peruse some films and disks, but when we went to the clothing section she was delighted.

The clothing, though, was already wrapped in cellophane bags so as to see the content, but as Sal said to the seedy bloke behind the counter, “I do intend buying everything I try on, but I want my toy-boy to approve, so if I unwrap anything but do not buy it I shall still pay for it. OK?”

She picked out a completely transparent nightdress which would only reach as far as her crutch, and then asked him where she could try it on.

“I’m sorry, but there is no changing-room here,” he told her, “and the only other room is n the one where the girls perform.”

“Perform?” she queried.

“Yes,” he answered. “Blokes push a coin into a slot and the window opens for one minute. He then watches the girls performing, nude or otherwise, until the window closes and he has to put in another coin. Sometimes they are fully dressed, sometimes they are partly dressed, sometimes they are completely nude. Sometimes they touch themselves, sometimes they bursa escort touch each other. It is all part of the gamble the bloke makes.”

“Can I use that room then?” she brazenly asked, telling him that she had no compunctions about anyone else seeing her dressed or undressed.

A minute or so later she had agreed with him that she would choose whatever she intended buying, and then she would use the performance room to try them all on in turn. In return, seeing that she would be instrumental in earning money for him through whatever spectators would be watching, he would not only allow me to use a “free” window (one presumably that he used himself from time to time) but he would also give her a 50% discount on whatever she bought.

He led me to a small booth where the window was completely unshuttered. I remember thinking that he could have offered that cubicle to her in which to change, but then thought that there was probably method in his idea of her using the performance room.

Before he left me in the room, though, he turned on a switch, which was presumably a camera. At least, I suspected that it was such.

Then the two girls who were in the room went out as a soft buzzer sounded – a signal from the boss that they were on a break.

Then the lighting increased as Sal entered. She was fully dressed, but carrying a bag containing her purchases.

So, with no more ado, she nonchalantly began to strip off until she was in just the new suspender belt and stockings, which she left on, oblivious to the fact that her shaven pussy was not only visible to all, but was brightly lit, in contrast to the usual dimmer lighting which normally prevailed.

Firstly, then, she tried on the flimsy nightdress, which I now saw was not only transparent, but had holes cut into the bodice large enough for most of her breasts to be on view, and an inverted “vee” cutaway at the lower end so that she was on view in front from her stomach down.

Evidently satisfied she removed it to be naked once more and pulled out a tiny pair of knickers with a huge dildo sewn into the inside. Carefully she pulled these on, making sure that the dildo inserted fully inside her as she pulled the garment as tightly as possible.

She turned around slowly, knowing full well that she was being watched, and then slowly removed them again, but this time putting the end of the dildo into her mouth!

Next she took out a string of beads which she methodically began to insert into her pussy until half of the string was inside her, then, bending over, she made a great show of inserting the remainder up her arse!

Again she repeated her trick of taking them out and transferring the entire set into her mouth!

Finally she took out a mesh-like mini-skirt, with a very large mesh making it almost as see-through as a spider’s web, and tried it on.

When she finally removed it she nonchalantly crossed to the door with her bag of purchases and her own clothes in her other hand, and then entered the main shop where she casually began to dress again, oblivious to the men who were standing around gaping glassy-eyed at her.

By now I was standing by her side which had the desired effect of making sure that she would remain unmolested, and I paid with my credit card before escorting her outside again.

Getting into my car I drove her to a restaurant where we had a snack before going home again.

“I am due to meet Reggie and Joan tonight,” she told me, as I think I mentioned before. We were due to eat out, after which Reggie was going to shave my pussy and then on to the Dogging Site again.”

“But as you are with me, and I do not intend letting you go earlier than I have to do, I am going to ring Reggie and tell him that it will be a table for four instead of three. And I want you to have the privilege of shaving my stubble – not that there is very much, as Reggie shaved me there last night before we went out. So sit down and listen in whilst I talk to them.”

She dialled a number, and then put the hands-free attachment on so that I could hear all the conversation.

Reggie answered almost immediately, as she told him that it was Sal calling.

“Reggie, darling,” she began. “I’m afraid that there will be a slight amendment to tonight’s programme.” (And this is when I sat up and really took notice, for she began to tease Reggie a little.)

“My son is home from University and he asked me to dine out with him, but I told him that I had a prior engagement with you both. Would you mind awfully if he joined us for the meal? After that he intends seeing his girl-friend.” (And here she pointed to herself.)

Reggie came back to tell her that neither of them would mind, but that obviously they would have to be careful in their conversations.

“Of course,” she answered him. “I shall make it a point of only saying what I want him to hear. But whilst he is with his girl-friend we will still go dogging, won’t we? I have a new g-string and stockings I want to show off. And take off! And I shall not be wearing a mask or a wig tonight, either, even though Joan and I have always worn wigs as a semi-disguise. But there may be someone in our audience who probably knows me, and for once I would not object to being recognised. But Joan can still wear hers if she wishes.”

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