My Girlfriend, His Roommate


Christmas break had arrived and Kate hopped on a plane to come and spend the holidays with me and my family. I was so excited that I finally got to have sex again and Kate was excited that she got to have sex again without feeling guilty afterwards for cheating. When she walked through security I ran up to her and gave her a big hug. We kissed and held one another for a minute before driving back home. It felt amazing to be in her presence again. We caught up with everything going on in each other’s lives (well almost everything). How her classes were and what friends she had made. How my work was going. When we got back to my place we went straight to my room. Kate was ferocious. She ripped off my shirt and dug her nails into my back. Never had I seen her so passionate. My cock instantly swelled with blood and within a minute we were naked and fucking on my bed. She told me to get on top of her and fuck her hard. I thrusted harder and faster but she just kept saying harder and harder. I couldn’t keep such a fast pace and last that long, plus it had been months since I’d had sex, so I came after a few minutes, shooting my load on her flat, toned stomach. Kate reached forward and gathered some cum on her fingers before sucking them clean while locking eyes with me. I couldn’t believe it. Kate was like a whole new woman in bed. I figured her female friends must had talked about their sex lives and opened her mind to new things. I knew her female roommates slept around a lot so it made sense to me that they probably told her a thing or two. The rest of our time together Ümraniye Escort was euphoric. We had sex every morning, slept in late, went to restaurants, and saw some friends. Soon the break was over however and there was still one milestone I was hoping to achieve with her. Anal. Something she had been hesitant to do in the past, but before she had hated cum and now she was eating mine so I thought it was worth it to give it a try on our last night. After fucking in doggy position, I pulled out my cock and rubbed it on her asshole. “I’m not ready for that yet, babe,” she said. “OK.”We continued with sex, fell asleep, and then she left back home in the morning. Kate had been back for three weeks when her horniness from a lack of sex started getting the best of her again. She thought of texting Ryan, and feeling his length fuck her deep again. She thought of knocking on her roommate David’s door, and feeling his girth stretch her tight pussy to the point of orgasm like before. She even thought of texting Justin from the Halloween party; she loved the way he railed her hard during the party. But ultimately she chose to grab her vibrator and send videos to me. Our time together had been great and the sex was good so she decided to abstain from meeting any guys. Two weeks later Kate, her roommate Jessica, and a few other friends decided to go out to the club for a girls night. They got all dressed up. Kate wore a black tube top showing off her tan, tight stomach with black leather pants that hugged under her ass perfectly. In those Ümraniye Escort Bayan pants she turned heads everywhere she went. They all pre drank hard and then arrived at the club, dancing and taking shots throughout the night. On the dancefloor, Kate tried to alleviate her desire for sex by grinding on different guys. She rubbed her ass over their cocks and flirtatiously brought her lips close to theirs before pulling away and dancing some more. It didn’t alleviate any of her craving for sex but it was fun for her so she continued. At one point Jessica said her friend Connor, the manager, would let them into the VIP room with them if they wanted, where they could get free drinks too. All the girls went to the VIP room. Jessica’s friend, Connor, welcomed them with a line of shots as they sat around a few couches and had some drinks. The room was private from the rest of the club, so they were able to have a fun time amongst themselves mingling with Connor and some of his other friends. After some time talking Connor pulled out a joint and offered it to the group. They passed the joint around and eventually to Kate. Kate rarely smoked weed. She had at some concerts and occasionally with friends but generally stayed away from it. Tonight, however, she decided to go for it since they were having a good time. The weed hit her hard and before she knew it she was sitting on the couch, relaxed, and enjoying the high. The group decided they wanted to go back out to the dance floor for a bit but Kate felt too high and wanted to Escort Ümraniye stay back. Connor’s friends left with the girls, playfully grabbing at their hips and asses as they all laughed and made their way to dance with each other. Connor stayed behind too, not being able to join them on the dance floor as a manager on shift. For a moment Kate felt jealous; she wanted to keep dancing on guys. But then she and Connor started talking more. They chatted on the couches for a little while. Had some typical “deep” conversations while high, and laughed non-stop. Kate couldn’t help but keep noticing how attractive he was. Connor was just over six feet tall and his frame was stocky, like the build of a rugby player. He actually had been a really good wrestler back in high school. He was charming and she found herself daydreaming of him fucking her.  At one point Kate started to feel a body high; she was very aware of the leather on her skin and her body in space. “My pants feel so weird on my legs,” she laughed, standing up and turning around. Connor got a glimpse of her ass and could hardly believe how firm it pressed against her pants. “I don’t mean to be too forward but your ass looks incredible in those pants.””That’s so nice of you to say!” she said, blushing. She sat back down on the same couch as Connor. He slid closer to her.”Have you ever had sex while high?” he asked.”Not yet,” she replied. Connor reached over and grabbed her face. He kissed her with his open mouth, their tongues in each other’s mouths. Connor’s hand began to find its way around Kate’s waist, then up to her breasts. He kissed her neck as he held her tightly, slowly going lower until he reached her breast. After pulling off her top he sucked her nipples gently; a wave of energy pulsed from Kate’s nipples down to her clit. She felt incredibly aroused and the weed was amplifying every feeling in her body. 

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