My Girlfriends Bet with My Roommate

My Girlfriends Bet with My RoommateIt started as an average Friday night with my girlfriend Jennifer, and I relaxing in my dorm room. We sat on my bed pretending to play video games and making out. More accurately, Jennifer played the video games while I, far too distracted by her slim figure to play myself, interrupted her with kisses.At only 9pm my roommate Mitchell came back. As Mitchell took partying pretty seriously I was quite surprised by his early return on a Friday night. As soon as Mitchell sat down I was reminded of his reasons.”Hey guys you know how I have the GRE tomorrow night.””Ohh yah,” I responded letting Jennifer play her video game for the moment.”Well I really need to get some sleep so I was hoping Jennifer could sleep at her place tonight.”For the past couple months Jennifer had been routinely sleeping in my bed without the slightest complaint from Mitchell, in fact Mitchell was the heaviest sleeper I have ever meet, so his request came as something of a surprise. Before I could say anything Mitchell continued, “I know you guys are cool whenever I bring a girl back and usually I am cool with Jennifer being here but tomorrow is real important for me.”By now Jennifer had quit her game and was paying full attention to the conversation. Obviously not relishing the long walk back to her dorm she spoke up. “We can be really quiet tonight.””Yah,” I seconded her, “it’s not like we’ve ever woken you up before.””I know,” responded Mitchell in an apologetic tone, “I feel real bad asking you this. But I know you two make noise in bed together and if I get woken up once I don’t know if I will be able to make it back to sleep.””We won’t wake you up at all tonight, we’ll be real quiet,” I said.”Look,” Jennifer said, “if we wake you up I will find somewhere else to sleep and it will be nice and quiet.””Hell,” Jennifer continued well aware Mitchell was actually quiet a heavy sleeper, “If we actually manage to wake you up I’ll come sleep in your bed the rest of the night and put you to sleep myself.”Mitchell paused for a second after that comment while his gaze drifted down Jennifer’s body. “sleep with me like you sleep with your boyfriend?” Mitchell asked.”Sure,” responded Jennifer never thinking this would happen, “but don’t get your hopes up. You know you’re just being paranoid again.”True to form, despite his worries, Mitchell was asleep minutes after climbing into the top. With the lights off, and getting tired of video games, there wasn’t much to do so soon Jennifer and I had decided to go to bed as well. I stripped down and got into my bunk while I watched Jennifer change into her sexy purple hatay escort satin nightly (consisting of a belly shirt with matching purple satin bikini string panties) by the glow of my monitor. Turning off the monitor and throwing the room into blackness Jennifer climbed into bed next to me.Jennifer snuggled up to me with a purr of contentment and I responded with a tender kiss on her neck as we made ready to go to sleep. sleep itself was difficult to come by, Jennifer’s shapely ass separated from my privates by only a thin layer of satin was far from the worlds best sleep aid. Soon the temptation of Jennifer’s hem line, barely an inch from indecency was too much.I slid my hand up from its resting place on Jennifer’s thigh and under her nighty. Reaching forward my fingers parted the brief resistance and slid between Jennifer’s thighs. I heard my girlfriend’s breath quicken as I gently played with her labia. Before long my fingers were wet with lubrication and, to the accompaniment of a muted gasp from Jennifer, I slid one deep into her body.My internal explorations lasted only a moment before Jennifer turned around to face me. I could do nothing for a moment as I returned her enthusiastic kiss but as soon as my mouth was free my fingers sought their warm home once again. Jennifer was not going to let the favor go unreturned and I felt her finger tips teasingly slide over my chest. My concentration began to lapse as her hand reached my abdomen and once her fingers wrapped around my hard penis all semblance of rational thought evaporated.Jennifer began moving her hand up and down the length of my penis filling my body with ecstatic sexual energy. I reached out with my free hand to grab a bed post. My knuckles grazed something hard and plastic and I felt Jennifer dive forward trying to catch whatever I had jostled but a moment later I heard a crash as it hit the floor. Immediately the loud electronic clang of my roommate’s alarm filled the air and Jennifer jumped up to turn it off.Jennifer yanked the alarm out of the wall but it was already too late. Even as the last clang faded into silence I heard my roommate above me turn and ask, “What’s going on? Is it morning already?” Embarrassed at waking him up on the day of his test, and not knowing how to apologize I paused for a moment to think of something to say. While I thought Jennifer moved quickly to apologize.”No, Mitchell,” apologized Jennifer moving to stand next to his bed, “that was our fault, we’re really sorry.” Mitchell responded in a quiet tone of voice that I am unable to make out and soon he and Jennifer are engaged in an intense, though hatay escort bayan whispered conversation. After a minute or two a troubled sounding Jennifer comes down to talk to me.”Remember what I said when we promised Mitchell we wouldn’t wake him up?””No,” I responded quite confused at this point.”Well, I told him that if we woke him up I would go *sleep* with him.””You can’t be serious!””Yes, I really did promise him and my promises are important to me.”After a few more minutes of quiet argument I was told “Its only one night.” and my girlfriend climbed up into Mitchell’s bed leaving me alone in the darkness. With my girlfriend sleeping with my roommate right above me I could hardly go to sleep so I lay in the darkness listening to the sounds from above.I heard the rustling of sheets, soon to be joined by a whispered conversation, as my girlfriend climbed into bed beside Mitchell. The whispers were broken by a nervous feminine laugh and then the unmistakable juicy smack of two lips meeting. Silence, for a moment, leaving me to imagine Mitchell’s tongue invading Jennifer’s tender lips. The sound of kissing once again penetrated my consciousness this time accompanied by the gentle swish of flesh against satin.The smooth sliding noise, so familiar from my own nocturnal explorations of Jennifer’s nighty and her panties, was driving me mad. Every pause in the sound filled my mind with images of Mitchell’s hands grasping Jennifer’s body. I imagined his palms filled with her breasts, his fingers gently squeezing pleasurably asserting their ownership of her body. I imagined his hands spread out over her ass. I imagined his arm pressed up against her stomach, scant inches from her privates.Those sounds were soon joined by a rhythmic creaking of the bed. Lying alone in the darkness I could not help but interpret those sounds. Excited by his explorations Mitchell was probably thrusting himself against Jennifer. With Mitchell only in a pair of boxers Jennifer would undoubtedly be able to feel his hard dick. I could not help but wonder if she liked his penis pressed into her ass.With these thoughts I found my penis stiffening again. I knew it was my girlfriend up above me doing it with another man. I knew I should be feeling disgusted and hurt but each sound and each train of thought somehow only turned me on further.A familiar gasp from above reached my ears and I knew Mitchell’s fingers had found their way past Jennifer’s panties and to her unprotected pussy. A body shifted and I knew Jennifer was moving to give him better access. She not only liked this, I thought, but she was helping. With escort hatay this thought I found my hand u*********sly sliding to my penis. More gasps from my girlfriend above me and my penis was wet with precum. Mitchell must be good with his fingers I thought. Then a deep throaty gasp from Jennifer told me that Mitchell had slipped a finger up into her.Mitchell’s arm motion was shaking the bed so I was aware every time his fingers slid in and out of Jennifer’s pussy. Gasps from Jennifer, no doubt muted in the hope I wouldn’t hear, floated down with each thrust testifying to Mitchell’s skill. I found myself imagining Jennifer’s face full of sexual ecstasy from Mitchell’s manipulations and in response I found my hand taking over where Jennifer’s had left off.From the breathing I could hear things were getting pretty heavy above me. Apparently unable to wait any longer I heard the sound of Jennifer’s nighty being hurriedly pulled off. Not a moment later I saw something fall from the bed above, so I leaned over the bed and picked it up. As I inspected the item I realized it was Jennifer’s panties. My girlfriend’s body, until quite recently was my private domain, and was now fully displayed to Mitchell. The sounds of kissing and sucking combined with Jennifer’s soft moans told me he was taking full advantage of it.The snap of elastic told me that Mitchell too was now naked. I wondered briefly whether Jennifer had taken it off herself but the realization that my girlfriend was about to be fucked dominated my thoughts. Excitement flooded through me. I should feel bad, I guiltily thought, but images of Mitchell’s penis penetrating Jennifer pushed it all away. Above me bodies shifted and I found myself silently urging Mitchell to hurry up and fuck her.A pause, then a moan from Jennifer told me that he had entered her. It was only by force of will that I prevented an answering moan of my own. Soon the bed was rocking with the rhythm of their sex letting me reconstruct Mitchell’s thrusts in my mind. My hand moved towards my cock wrapping it with Jennifer’s purple satin bikini panties, and I began sliding up and down my cock in perfect time with the sex going on above me.As Mitchell’s thrusts, and strokes, speed up Jennifer’s moans changed to yells. At first “Yes, Yes, Yes” but then as she got more into it “Fuck me, Fuck me Mitchell, Fuck me hard Mitchell.” Finally to a cry of “Oh God Mitchell”, followed by grunts by Mitchell which triggered my own orgasm soaking my girlfriend’s panties with my seed.—In the morning, after chatting with Mitchell on his way out, I slipped into his bed next to my sleeping girlfriend.”Did you enjoy yourself last night,” I asked with a smile when Jennifer’s eyes opened.”Yah, sorry,” Jennifer admitted guiltily.”Good,” I said brushing back a lock of her hair and smiling, “I made another bet with Mitchell this morning.”

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