My Girls family

My Girls familyI was looking forward the end of the day and the thought of spending the weekend with Kim, Jane and her sister Mary kept my dick hard all day. Jane was away from the office all day but she called me about 3:30 pm to remind me to come over right after work. Jane told me that her sister was looking forward to meeting me and my big dick. I laughed and told Jane I would be sure I brought my dick along and told Jane I wanted to fuck her up the asshole while her sister ate out her pussy. Jane told me she wanted me to bring someone with me and surprised me by telling me to bring along one of the girls in the office who I knew only slightly. I was a bit reluctant to approach this girl but Jane told me that it was ok and that Diane the girl I was supposed to bring with me was expecting me to ask her. I told Jane I would bring her with me and told her I would be getting to her place about 6 that evening. Jane told me she could already feel my cock stretching her pussy and would be looking or me at 6. I thought about the prospect of adding Diane to our lusty group and wondered if it was a good idea. Diane is a tall slim dark haired girl in her mid twenties she has a pretty face and a perky smile. While she’s always pleasant and helpful and I had thought about how her slim frame and pert tits would look naked I somehow didn’t think she would be up for an orgy. The more I thought about Diane the harder my cock began to get and by the time I went to see her my prick was stiff and hard. I stopped by her desk and she smiled at me and looked directly at the lump in my pants with a look of lust I had not seen in her face before. I asked Diane if she was going to Jane’s house after work and she told me yes but she needed a ride. I told her I would be glad to give her a ride to Jane’s and told her I would stop by her desk about 5. Diane got up and thanked me giving me a hug and pressing her hand over my very stiff prick. I looked at her and found a new fire in her eyes. Diane’s eyes were flashing with desire and I pressed my hand into her crotch returning her touch and rubbing her pussy. Since we were in the office we needed to be careful and our touches were quick and unsatisfying. I told Diane I wanted her very much and she told me she was looking forward to seeing my cock and feeling it force its way into her pussy. I left Diane telling her I would be back at 5, Diane licked her lips and rubbed her firm tits and smiled at me as I went back to my office. Time seemed to creep by and by the time 5 o’clock rolled around my prick was in a constant state of erection. I closed up my office and prepared to leave, Diane didn’t wait for me to come and get her, She came over to my office with a look of lust filled anticipation in her eyes. The more I thought of getting it on with her the harder my cock got and I flashed her a knowing smile and told her I was ready to leave. We walked to the elevator and got in, as we rode down I asked Diane if she had been to Jane’s house before. Diane told me she had spent a few evenings with Jane and Kim and was looking forward to this evening. I reached out and pulled Diane to me rubbing her small firm tits and realized I had a deep desire for this lady. Diane’s tits were firm and she wore no bra as I could feel her nipples stiff and ready under the silky dress she was wearing. We reached the ground floor with her hand on my cock and my hand working on her pert tit. We walked to my van and got in, The privacy of the van afforded us a better atmosphere in which to talk and get redtinted without being overheard. I told Diane how I had gotten to know Jane and Diane shared her story which was a clearly a tale of seduction which was the way Jane liked to find her female lovers. Diane told me that Jane had assigned her to a special project and asked her to work the weekend at her house where Jane had seduced the younger woman. Diane was very matter of fact about her story and told me how Jane had surprised her in the shower and offered to wash her back and proceeded to make love to her while they stood under the warm shower. Diane told me that she had other female lovers for some time and that her desire for Jane was high even before Jane made advances to her so that she was willing and ready for Jane. I could tell our discussion was getting Diane very excited her nipples were clearly visible poking the silky material of her dress out and she had let her dress ride up exposing her firm long legs. I told Diane to relax and feel at home as we would soon be getting it on with each other. I complemented her telling her how pretty I thought she was and telling her that she really turned me on. Diane warmed to our conversation and soon we were getting on very comfortably. Diane unbuttoned her dress down to her waist and let me see her small firm tits. Diane had nice creamy tits capped by stiff long nipples which stood out proudly. Diane fondled her tits and pulled on her stiff nipples rolling them between her fingers as I fought to both watch her and keep the van on the road. Diane was enjoying herself and getting me very worked up in the process. Seeing how she was effecting me Diane kicked off her shoes and put her feet up on the van’s dashboard letting her dress slip up exposing her smooth long legs all the way to her firm thighs. As Diane massaged her tits she reached down and pulled up her skirt until I could see that she was naked under her dress. I watched Diane as she spread her legs and licked her fingers and pressed two fingers into her pussy. I could just see her pink pussy lips as she stroked her fingers in and out of her hot cunt. Diane had a look of lust on her face which told me she was going to be great in bed. Just before we reached Jane’s house Diane had a rousing climax thrusting her hips up as she plunged her fingers up her now very wet pussy and pulled hard on her pretty tits as she climaxed and wet her hand and fingers with her fragrant juices. My van smelled great with the scent of Diane’s hot pussy juices. I pulled into the garage at Jane’s house and noticed that there was a station wagon pulled up next to the open door. This was obviously Jane’s sister Mary’s car I pulled into the garage like Jane had told me to do and got out and closed the door. I helped Diane out of the van as her recent climax had left her a bit spent for the moment. Diane made no attempt to button the top of her dress and I grabbed her firm tit and licked her nipple as I helped her out. Jane’s house attached to the garage just off the kitchen and I lead Diane by the hand to the door and knocked on it almost as if she had been waiting for my knock a large breasted naked woman appeared at the door and let us in. I figured this must be Jane’s sister Mary and I introduced myself and Diane while we both looked over Jane’s naked sister. Mary was about the same size as Jane having full firm tits with nice pink nipples which looked like they had already been sucked for quite a while. Mary had a nice firm belly which flowed into a luscious looking pussy which was trimmed back leaving her puffy pink pussy lips clearly visible and looking quite wet. Mary had a long prominent clit which poked invitingly out between those puffy pink pussy lips and was stiff and wet, Mary’s cunt looked like she had already taken a couple of hot loads of sperm up her trim pussy as well as a few licks here and there. I reached out and cupped Mary’s large firm tits pulling her between Diane and I. Mary reached into Diane’s open dress and fondled the younger woman’s tits as Diane rubbed Mary’s firm belly and let her hand move down to Mary’s wet pink pussy. I let Mary go and moved behind Diane and pulled her dress off her shoulders giving Mary a great view of Diane’s trim body. I pulled her dress off and then worked my way up her long sleek legs licking my way to her tight firm butt. Diane was moaning now and I noticed that she had shoved two fingers all the way up Mary’s sopping cunt and was thrusting her fingers in and out of Mary’s very wet pussy as Mary licked Diane’s tits and worked her fingers up Diane’s shaved pussy making Diane thrust her lith body against Mary’s insistent fingers. I spread Diane’s tight ass cheeks and ran my tongue over her pink anal pucker making Diane moan with pleasure as she and Mary worked their way to climax. Seeing the girls enraptured with each other I worked to bring them off together. 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Jane and Kim were on the floor with two guys getting their pussies reamed hard. I was first a bit jealous at seeing Jane and Kim getting so well fucked by these two guys but decided the with four women there was plenty of pleasure to go around. Mary did the introductions introducing her husband Jim who at the time was reaming his daughter Kim’s pussy with hard pounding strokes making her young firm tits shake and jump with each hard plunge into her tight pussy. Jim was well hung and his big dick stretched his daughters pussy as he rammed it up her sweet slit making her moan with pleasure with each thrust. Jane was perched on a young teenage boy who like Jim was nicely hung for is apparent age. Jane was reaming his stiff prick up her pussy as she rode him pounding his cock up her slippery pussy as he pulled on Jane’s bouncing tits. Mary introduced her son Rob and told her sister to make sure she left some stiff cock for her. 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