My Guys then Dad


This story, as is all stories, isn’t written for everyone. If you enjoyed it, thank you very much and you’re welcome. If not, thank you for visiting.


My mom said, “Ginny, Is Jerome or Jerry coming over?”

I walked in the kitchen and said, “I think Jerry is, probably about 8.”

I’ve been thinking about saying something to mom about Jerome and Jerry. I figured I might as well do that now. Dad was at work and it was just us two. Jerome and jerry and I are friends, more like buddies. Maybe just hang around buddies. We’re school buddies although we’re out of school for good now but we live near each other. Jerome is 19, he’s a year older than Jerry and me. Lovers we are not. I like them a lot and I tease them some. They like that a lot and I let them tease me. I kind of like that. They’re not jealous of each other or anything like that because we’re not beholding, just buddies. They even worked out how to get their arms not to interfere with each other when one was on one side of me and one on the other.

“Mom. What do you think about Jerome and Jerry and me? I worry some about you and dad not liking it. I mean, I suppose Jerome and Jerry get a little forgetful you’re here. They kind of get engrossed.”

Mom came over, smiling. She said, “I know you three are playing around. I wouldn’t worry if I did see that. I don’t think your dad would mind but I’m not sure. Don’t get pregnant.”

“Mom, that’s terrible,” I said. “We don’t do anything like that.” I think I got a little blush on me but I was smiling back.

Mom said, “Well my first response is ‘why not?’ but I know you’re not into it that far and I don’t need to invade your privacy that much.”

“It started with kissing. We were never like that in school. They can both kiss like the dickens. Very intimate and very sexy. They both go slow and let it get better. One time I got into kissing Jerome and I guess I was distracted and didn’t even notice what Jerry was doing. Jerry was on the other side. They both had an arm around, one shoulder, one waist. I felt Jerry’s fingers on the inside of my thigh up around my shorts. It felt really nice. He didn’t get inside but he started running a finger really slow and softly right up my middle and down. That I noticed and it really felt so good.”

Mom was smiling and nodding her head but she didn’t comment. She wanted more.

“I think one distracts me and the other makes advances or it seems like that. One evening later we were on the sofa and Jerry was kissing me and Jerome was running a couple of fingers on my boobs, pushing in on my nipples. I was turned towards Jerry and let Jerome go ahead. The third time we got together they were distracting or double teaming me. I got one hand on Jerry’s crotch and one on Jerome’s. I was going to see what they did. Mom, you would not believe how big they are, both of them. I totally forgot about seeing what they would do. From then on we were officially teasing each other I guess.”

“Don’t you prefer one over the other,” mom said. “Usually men don’t share like that. One tends to edge the other one out.”

“We’re not lovers, just teasers,” I said. “I’m sure they’ll slowly tease me further and further but I don’t think either one wants me for himself. Oh, at the end of the last time they switched. The one on my boobs started feeling me up on my shorts and that one played with my boobs. They share me. Maybe that’s it, they’re sharing me with each other. That makes more sense than anything else.”

“That’s a good thing to do with your boobies,” mom said.

“Mom,” I said. “You never cease to amaze me.”

“Ginny,” she said. “We don’t use our breasts unless we’re raising babies. Letting your guy have them keeps them exercised and in working order, besides, it makes them happy and it feels good to us. You should consider not wearing a bra or getting one that hooks in front and I would always wear a button up top in either case.”

“I don’t know,” I said. “I’ll think about it.”

“Ginny, thanks,” she said. “That’s wonderfully titillating. I just love it. Keeps me young. I’m going to love seeing what happens, if you don’t mind my meddling. I’ll try to be invisible but thank you. It kind of turns you on doesn’t it.”

Mom got up and went on to her stuff. Did I just get my mom turned on? I think that was a first.

Jerry came about 7:45. We raided the fridge and sat and talked with mom. When Jerry was looking at me mom was checking his pants and smiling. I didn’t think she was going to give my comments away but it was a moment. Mom checking to see how big Jerry’s dick was. We had a big den with tv and stuff and a smaller reading room that was kind of private with a sofa facing a double window so the back shielded us some. That’s more or less why mom couldn’t see us or watch us. Only our heads and a little shoulder but not much.

Jerry said, “Jerome didn’t come over because we thought we should give you a chance to have some fun with just one of bakırköy escort us so we’ll swap then do two doubles. If that’s ok.”

“Nope,” I said. “I appreciate it but I think maybe one of you then doubles twice then the other then doubles twice, like that. Its fun with you both so I think that would be better if it’s ok with you and Jerome.”

“Ok,” he said. “We already decided we would always defer to you so that’s great.”

“Thanks,” I said. “I have a startup request. After that have fun. Kiss me twice like we do. While we’re at it slip your hand up the back of my top and undo my bra.” I thought I would see how this went then maybe try what mom suggested.

Jerry smiled and put an arm around my waist on my back. He liked my waist and Jerome liked my shoulder. He slid his hand down so he could get up under my top and accidentally got down in the top of my shorts and pants and got the top of my butt crack. I could feel him stiffen up a little but he came back up to my waist. He was getting in position. His hand started up just before our lips got together. He was anxious. So was I.

Jerry had the best lips for kissing. Formed perfectly, curved perfectly, moist perfectly, quivered perfectly, and his tongue lived on my tongue. I was shocked the first time I encountered his tongue. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him stick it out. It’s very long like a lizard. Sometimes when I have my tongue touching his about in the middle it spreads out like a hand and he can turn it over and back. One time I thought he was going to get my tonsils but he held back. He had more.

Towards the end of the first kiss my bra came loose and my boobs breathed free. That felt so good I got my hand over on his lap and he was up higher than normal. He was down his right leg. He had long pants on but plenty of room. He could pull himself back up if needed without loosening his pants. I got his free hand and put it on my stomach and rode it up under my top and right under my bra on his side. My bra floated right out clear. He was treating my boob like a water balloon, very tenderly without squeezing that much. Fingertips mostly and right on my nipple. Jerry wasn’t nipple shy.

I got back to kissing and let him enjoy both my breasts. I squeezed his dick in all the right places. I’ve never seen it but I pretty much had it mapped out. Mom would love all this. I never knew she enjoyed it as much as she does. I don’t know about dad. I didn’t know if mom was telling him all this or not. I don’t think he owns a shotgun. We do have a couple of meat cleavers. I won’t mention that to Jerry or Jerome.

We were both really turned on and deeply breathing. We finally broke from kissing. Kissing with Jerry or Jerome never hurt my lips. They never got tired. We could go on forever. I had an arm around Jerry’s waist and looking right in his eyes I slowly slid down pulling him down with me. The top of our heads were still peeking over the back of the sofa. I took my hand off his lap and slowly pulled up my top, catching my bra and getting them both up around my neck. Bare boobs for jerry. I wanted to put my hand on the back of his head to direct him to my nipples but no need. He went there. I got my hand back on his dick.

I don’t know if he knew the saying ‘whatever you do to one breast you have to do to the other’ but he was switching and I felt the cool air evaporating the moisture on the other one. His pants seemed loose enough so I got my fingers on the sides of his dick and started pulling his loose skin up and down, not too fast. When it seemed the right time I pulled my hand up to his bare tummy and slipped my fingers down in the top of his pants. His dick was down his leg but I could play with his pubic hair. I didn’t get to the base of his dick. I could feel him flicking his dick waiting for my hand.

We slowed down and got ourselves together. I put my bra back in place but left it undone. We went out holding hands. Dad wasn’t around but mom was watching tv. Jerry said hi again and we light kissed and he left.

I turned around and said, “Mom, could you hook my bra for me?”

In a moment she got up and lifted up the back of my top and hooked it. I turned around and she had the best grin going and sat back down.

I said, “I think I’ll sit up with you. Jerry seems to get me too nervous to sleep. Its ok, I got him back. I played with his pubic hair.”

Mom broke up laughing. She laughed so hard it got me to laughing and we couldn’t stop. She went and got me one of my soft drinks. We sat and talked about a lot of stuff and all I mentioned about the guys was our arrangement. Mom was smiling at it. I was amazed at how much fun mom was having with all this. She didn’t seem like a prude at all. Just the opposite. It was great for me, I could get comments and suggestions.

“My mom used to call that getting hot and bothered,” she said. “She probably got that from her mother. You’re the one that gave Jerry your breasts başakşehir escort and you’re the one that played with his pubic hair. I loved that one. So you’re after some sex just like they are. You’re probably worried about me and your dad seeing you. Don’t be. We know all about doing that and aren’t shocked. Our problem is giving you your privacy, not accidentally walking in on you. So I guess they’re going to double team you next. That should be fun.”

We talked some and I said goodnight and went to bed. It seemed extra special taking my clothes off getting ready for bed. Jerry and Jerome weren’t football players or anything. They grew up in solid middle class controlled family neighborhoods like I did. We were playing with each other so we could play with each other. They were both over a couple of days later. I wanted to ask if they talked about or made plans but didn’t. I was amazed they were so comfortable sharing me and staying calm and tender with the little bit of sex were doing.

I was going to put on really thinner shorts but I couldn’t find a pair that didn’t look like I was doing a stage show with a pole so I got a skirt that was the right color and shade but was way thin. It went down almost to my knee sitting down and had a lot of room. I could pull one edge way out without it pulling the other side. Inner thigh right there almost. I put on some small very thin pants.

Jerome was on my left. He usually was. Jerry seemed to prefer my right. He kind of liked my bottom. The routine we seemed to be in was I paid attention to one, kissing and feeling around, and switched to the other. The one I wasn’t kissing ranged around and had some fun finding places to let their fingers explore. Neither one has gotten in my pants yet. Jerome and I started kissing and I pulled my knees up on the sofa together and pushed my backside towards Jerry, not fully. I was always distracted kissing but I felt Jerry rubbing around on my buns.

He slowly played over my butt crack. A little later I felt his hands going down the back of my thigh. Jerome never seemed to look to see what Jerry was doing. Jerry got to the bottom of my skirt and pushed his fingers between my thighs a little. He pulled them out and moved up rubbing along where they merged. He got higher and I tried to tune him out and concentrate on Jerome but it wasn’t that easy.

Jerry got a lot more of my inner thigh and went on up. He got up to my pants and slid up on my buns. I was jacking Jerome’s dick as much as I had room, not fast or that noticeable. I felt Jerry’s fingers start to roam around my buns. He pulled my pants slowly down my buns under my skirt. Jerome couldn’t see. I lifted a little so he could get them under my hip. He pulled them all the way down below my crotch. It sure didn’t take long for Jerry to find something to play with. Jerome and I were switching between boobs and nipples and kissing and tonguing each other but I kept on his dick. I didn’t want to let it get away.

I was shaven so I was baby smooth. Jerry started running a finger down my butt crack and played with my butt button for the longest time. Very softly, pushing to tease me. I squeezed him every now and then to let him know I liked it. I had an arm around Jerome’s waist and since we were all good with where we were I slid it down in the back of his pants on his bare buns and got a finger in his butt crack. None of us were pushing our hips or anything all over the place or even a little except Jerry on my butt button so softly, and me jacking Jerome so softly.

I could smell sex but I knew they would figure it was me getting excited. It was. I started on the pill a long time ago and I lost my hymen a long time ago so I didn’t have any worries there. I broke kissing with Jerome and talked with him so Jerry would know we were going to switch. Jerry pulled my pants up. Jerome pulled my bra in place and my top down. We waited for each other to slowly sit up and get comfortable. We had some sodas or water. Jerry had on light loose pants and I thought I might could get his dick out. His turn. I turned his way and tilted over on my hip like I did the other way. With my knees up his lap was almost hidden.

Jerome was rubbing up my back and kissing my neck. Jerry and I got to kissing. Jerry is as good with his mouth and lips and tongue that Jerome is. Neither one wears out my lips. I felt Jerome down my back and on my butt like Jerry. It was pushed out for him. I lifted my upper knee over on Jerry’s lap and started down in his pants. I unbuttoned and unzipped slowly so I didn’t make any noise. His dick was upwards and over a little. My knee was hiding us.

Jerome was moving up under my skirt by now and got his palm on my ridges pressing lightly. He liked my front. HIs fingers got going and he was rubbing me through those really thin pants. I got a hand around Jerry’s dick and started jacking. My first bare dick. I remembered his head so I stopped jacking and bebek escort went for it. My first dick head in the flesh. It was wet too. I pulled Jerry’s upper leg over towards me and under my knee so I could get my crotch open more. Jerome appreciated that no end.

I don’t know why but I whispered in Jerry’s ear ever so softly, “Jerome is up under my skirt like you were. I only rubbed his dick on the outside of his pants. Am I doing this ok?”

He started shaking his head yes and said, “Perfect. Don’t make me cum.”

“Ok,” I said.

I loved us teasing each other. I hoped they both relieved themselves later. If they weren’t they would both be in agony with their balls swelling up with semen so they must be. Nobody was coming by to check on us. It was impossible to sneak down the hall without being heard. The doors squeaked and the floor made a noise in one section. Dad said it was where the floorboards were end to end. We could mostly do what we wanted.

I slowly got out of Jerry’s pants and zipped him up but he buttoned up. I moved my legs a little and Jerome pushed in once for good measure and pulled his fingers out. I sat up and put an arm around each shoulder and we hugged a little.

I said, “I absolutely loved that. You two do a great job. I hope I’m holding up my end.” They smiled but didn’t say anything. “Listen. You guys aren’t talking very much. You’re very quiet. Is everything ok? Is what I’m doing ok with you? Should I stop or change something? Give me a hint.”

Jerome spoke first. “Gin. It’s the best. I love it too. As long as you’re good with it I am too. I’m ok, you know, with where you’re taking us.”

Jerry spoke second. “He’s right Gin. We’re lucky and we know it. I’d marry you if I thought I could get away with it. You’re the best. Thanks.”

“I gotcha,” I said. “Give me a kiss and don’t stumble home.”

I got one arm around them one at a time and kissed them while squeezing their crotch. The other one couldn’t see. They were off. It was early so I went to find mom. She was relaxing with a book.

“Hi mom,” I said. “We had fun. You should have seen them smiling.”

“You’re smiling a bit yourself,” she said. “Are they gone already? You should bring them by to say goodnight. It’ll make them more comfortable.”

“Oh,” I said. “I didn’t even think of that. I will next time. You might not think too well of me with this one. Both of them got up under my skirt. Jerry seems to like my buns. Jerome loves to play on my front. I got on Jerome on his pants but I unbuttoned and unzipped Jerry and got inside. He’s big like I said. Very big.”

“Ginny,” she said. “Any time you need more privacy and a big bed let me know. You dad and I can go shopping and things.”

“I’m not sure we’re going to go that far mom,” I said. “We’re just teasing each other.”

“I know but we can plan just in case,” she said. “You bring it up if and when you want to.”

“Thanks mom,” I said. “I’m going to bed. Sleep well.”

I was in bed, playing with my clit some and somebody tapped on the door. I pulled my pjs up and said to come in. Mom came in and climbed in bed with me and settled on a pillow.

She said, “I figure you have to be thinking about Jerry’s enormous dick.”

We both smiled. Mom got closer and put an arm over my waist and a knee way over mine. I opened my leg out further and her knee moved up on my bump and her lower leg dropped between mine.

She put her head on my shoulder and looked down me. I was looking at the top of her head and felt her arm move. She got on my stomach and moved her hand right down on my clit and on my hood and got going.

She said, “You’re probably a little turned on. I got a little turned on earlier.”

She dipped into my vagina and lubed my clit and did it again. Mom sure knew how to do all this. She started pulling my hood up and got to a good speed. She was right, I was turned on for sure. It started going very good and I was starting to get active. A few seconds before I had an orgasm she got right down to my vagina with two fingers in and went like crazy.

I almost exploded. She kept going. I could hardly take it. She kept going. My orgasm wasn’t stopping. My whole body was useless. Just about the time I was going to start crying over how good it was she quit. She held me close and let me breathe it down then she went back to bed. I fell asleep bang and didn’t wake up until the next morning.

When I saw her she said, “Morning dear. Sleep well?” I nodded yes and she said, “A couple of guys can do that to you.” She had breakfast for me ready.

Jerome and Jerry and I were out one evening seeing friends. On the way back Jerry said, “Gin. Jerome and I would like to do something.” He was looking at Jerome when he said that. They did that a lot when they were going to do something together. He said, “We would like to make you happy. You know, with the sex we’re doing. We think it’ll be great. I mean we have to figure a couple of things out but it’ll be great. Are you ok with that? We’ll go slowly like we always do.”

I got this big smile on. I couldn’t say no. They were certainly entitled after all I’ve gotten them to do to me, slyly but they came through. I said. “I would love to. Anything I should do?”

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