My Half Sisters


I always wonder to myself, is it wrong?

I have an older sister who I do not have sexual feelings for. We had the same parents. We hug and are very close, but do not have sexual urges towards each other.

My 2 younger half sisters though – Lelu is 18 and Remy is 20, while I am in my 30s, and my heart pounds when they are in my arms. I just started to develop a very strong desire for them. My penis throbs, I breathe heavy. I get one of those erections that make you slightly heady, as blood quickly and completely fills your cock to the hilt and your brain can’t function properly.

Those 2 girls in my arms is pure heaven, the way the cuddle in to their big brother, not caring where their hands end up, my lower back, my chest, stomach, my ass, between my legs and dangerously close to my genitals… They are just so loving and happy to be so close to me. Never was there a more mutual feeling. The smell of their hair, the smell of their skin fills my airways, their clean, soft skin and warm beating hearts melt me into the couch and they lay over me like soft toys, stroking my back and legs with their delicate hands.

They are oblivious to the serious erection visibly pushing out from under my loose jogging bottoms. They are too busy talking nonsense to each other, their sweet breath wisps their words at each other across my chest, and they ask me silly questions. I love them more than everything in the world put together. I am so contented to just stroke my hands down the sides of their body, sending waves of caring love through their bodies as my rough skin massages their silken abdomens and lower backs. That feeling of being able to touch them and for them to be able to enjoy my touch so innocently, just simply enjoying the pleasure of touch from the brother that they love so much. The T.V. Mumbles in the background, nothing on the T.V. Or anything else could remotely divert my attention from my sisters. When they look up at me, and their eyes infiltrate my soul. Lelu, with her intense, bright green eyes and Remy with her soothing, sea blue eyes just completes me. I am complete.

Yet, as we caress each other and laze on this Sunday afternoon with the sun breaking through the windows on to the carpet, my urges are always ever present and strong. I want my sisters. This calling of desire from my cock, always erect and spilling precum, is only inches from my sisters’ bodies. I want them in a way so carnal that Satan himself would be ashamed. As this fairytale of sibling closeness is so perfect, I dare not risk asking them for everything, for the very real fear of losing everything that we have.

But bless my sisters perfectness to always distract me when I am at the limit of containing my desire… They start tickling me, jabbing their hands in to my armpits and pinning me down by putting a leg each over mine.

Since I am so extremely ticklish, my body goes into defense and my back arches, my hands tighten their grip and my head throws back. My breath leaves me as I cannot contain my laughter. They have become tickle experts over the years in learning my weak spots and I am at their mercy. I feel their soft breasts bouncing on the side of my body as I struggle and try to worm my way free. My hands grasp in desperation, only this time they were firmly under my sisters perfect buttocks… What follows is almost enough to dissuade the onslaught of tickle sensation as I get 2 beautiful handfuls of sisterly behind filling my hands. It’s so wonderful.. My fingers almost sinking through their summery short skirts and my fingers almost tasting between their cheeks. They shriek and their bodies jolt at me gripping their buttocks, but they giggle and continue as if it’s normal.. As if it has no sexual connotation. In fact they treat is as a signal to up their game, and they press me down and start to attack behind my knees with their expeditious fingers. I wonder how far this could be taken, how far would my hands need to go before they felt their inhibitions kicking in? I lose it so completely, being blissfully tormented by 4 hands, 2 sets of youthful bouncing breasts, my hands filled with my sisters soft rumps…

I cock is just about ready to ejaculate from the overkill of beautiful sensation. I manage a glance down at my trousers, only to notice that they are being tent-poled by my large phallus! If they see that I am in trouble, for sure… But what can I do while they pin me down and their pubic mounds gently rub through their thin clothing against my abs, my tshirt ruffled up to my rib cage meaning even less clothing between my skin and theirs. Once again I wonder to myself, is it so wrong to feel this way about your half sisters?

I couldn’t help myself now, I let out a deep and sexual moan as my sweet sisters fight with my body.

“Ooouh” I moan, in between my hacking laughs as they mercilessly jab their fingers in my armpits and back of my knees. They both giggle naughtily, still seeming oblivious to the fact that I am now enjoying them in a sexual way. They are still encouraged, and Lelu decides a two handed tickle attack on my neck is on the cards.

But, as her left hand swings from under my knee and travels over the top of my leg, Beylikdüzü Anal Escort her wrist bounces off of my thick tent pole, drawing her attention to it. She looks at it confusedly, but not with a frown or fear… Only with a curious smile and fascination. Meanwhile Remy is doing a great job of rubbing against me with her body and poking my armpit continuously. I decide to keep up the facade of being helpless to their tickling, and Remy falls for it, but I am now extremely aware that Lelu has stopped tickling me and is staring down fascinatedly at my crotch. They both cackle softly as I lay there squirming. Lelu has decided to take on this obstruction sticking out from my trousers. She grabs it with her right hand expecting it to just fall over and go away, but what happens is wonderfully surprising to her, and to me.

Her hand makes a good grip around my shaft and squeezes hard, she gets the feeling of my big meat in her hand, albeit through some cottony fabric. She gasps in amazement at the solid and present nature of my shaft under the cotton, having for some reason expected nothing much to be causing the obstruction. My back arches and I exhale as her hand presses intensely around my shaft. Remy looks at me as if to wonder if I have had enough tickling, so I reassure her with a surprise attack of my right hand. I wrench my right hand from under her body where it was trapped and move it in to her armpit, signaling that I am on the counter attack. I get a beautiful stroke of her left breast as she recoils before pinning me again and resuming her tactical strike on my tickly places, giggling happily that play time is still on.

Meanwhile, Lelu has started on a precipice of curiosity from which there is no turning back. She releases my hidden cock from her soft hands and immediately pulls down on the front of my trousers, with a cute, evil smile on her face, as if she has found the holy grail of places to tickle. My crotch is exposed, dark strands of pubic hair pierce her vision, and somehow she is unphased by this new discovery. As she pulls the trouser elastic to its limit, my long, thick, veiny penis is revealed inch by inch, all the way down to my glistening balls, before the back of my trousers suddenly slips over my ass and Lelu completes her discovery. “She stares at it in a breathless silence… A part of her brother she had never had the luxury of seeing before.

This… Thing, almost violent in it’s visual aesthetic, is attached to her loving, perfect brother? Lelu gazes at my thing affixedly, still no fear, no shame, but only joy and curiosity. Remy is still oblivious, assuming that Lelu has gone for my knees or something, still tucking her fingers into my neck. I am so immensely turned on by them both that my penis is heaving and pulsing, sending primeval messages of desire through Lelu’s visual cortex in to her brain, down through her spine and throughout her body.

Lelu clutches my thick shaft in her hand to feel it properly, her heart battering against her chest, her inner desires awakening as she leans down for a closer look. The strong stimulation from her soft hands touching over my sensitive, clammy shaft send me wild, and my right hand slides along Rebeccas flank and under her skirt. This fresh feeling of my hand traveling down her left buttock is surprising, yet she just thinks that I am trying something new to win this tickling fight. She thinks I am hopeless at tickling, as the feeling of my hand running over her bare buttock is really nice to her. She winces with joy and starts to tickle the back of my neck with her fingers. I feel her back arch a little as she enjoys my big hand over her soft rump. She feels so angelically tender and silky to touch.

Lelu clutches my cock in her hands and breathes in my stink, wiping out her lucidity and inhibition entirely. I feel her breathe over my shaft, inhaling the thick smell of my big meat, sending herself into blissful desire. I inhale deeply as she places her lips around the underside of my shaft, her tongue pressing into the soft pipe and pressing my overheating cock into my belly as she begins orally exploring her brothers reproductive organ. I let out deep, pleasurable moans and my hand moves underneath Remy’s skirt, from her buttock to her asshole. She jolts again in surprise at this new sensation, her big brother seems to be going in to some sort of trance, and his fingers feel great over her asshole. My other hand grabs Remy’s breast as Lelu suckles along the length of my cock, a rich new taste filling her mouth that is addictive. Remy starts to finally come around to the idea that playtime is evolving.

She feels my hands gently violating her private areas, her asshole and now stroking at her nipple through her cottony dress. She looks down my torso towards Lelu to see that her sister has somehow discovered her brother’s luxury platter of choice meat, and she is tasting it enthusiastically. For a moment Remy doesn’t know what to do, knowing a little more about adult anatomy and function than her little sister, she knows that somehow this is a naughty thing to be doing. For a few moments she is torn by the shivers of pleasure from my hands on Beylikdüzü Çıtır Escort her body and her sister exploring my cock, and the feeling that this pleasure is forbidden.

But as she turns to look me in the eyes, and sees the bliss and love in them, her mind is made up.

She comes to rest on top of me and leans in for a kiss. Our lips touch. Pure fire and water saturate my senses as I feel her dew covered lips sink into mine, her sweet breath flows into my mouth and her saliva mixes in to mine. I deeply suck her lips in to my mouth and my tongue flings itself in to hers immediately starting a deep, rocking licking motion between our tongues. We both moan and Lelu briefly looks up to only see straight up Remy’s legs, a damp patch on her white undies, and the bumps where my fingers are inside her pants, touching over her asshole. Lelu moves upwards along my shaft to the glans, which is spilling untold quantities of precum out, pooling in my belly button and creating little tendrils between my shaft and abdomen, all the way down to the base. I feel her tongue flicking up towards my glans and react by reaching my fingers down over Remy’s asshole and feintly glancing off of her soft, perfect labia as they dampen from our obsessed kissing. Remy loves the feeling of her brothers fingers over her secret area and whimpers whisperingly at me between kisses, “I love you…”

I press my fingers into her beautiful pussy. “I love you too sis, forever.” We kiss like ravenous beasts, tongues twisting around inside each other and Lelu’s lips begin folding over my glans, subjecting her to the slimy, potent, sweet flavour of my precum coated tip. “Mmmm!” A little moan of pleasure is heard as she discovers possibly the best taste on the planet, along with the best texture. I moan too as my tip is enveloped by my littlest sisters hot, wet, smooth mouth. I press Remy’s body into mine as my cock is sucked and we rub inside each others mouths with our tongues. As Lelu starts to push my clothes off of my legs, I kick them off and begin drawing Remy’s skirt and pants down over her perfect ass. Lelu watches with my cock deep in her mouth as I reveal her sisters asshole and pussy to her, in all her wet and dripping glory. As Remy’s legs are astride my stomach, I simply tear off her skirt and pants, like taking candy cotton from a stick, my muscles shred her clothes off and throw them to the side. Remy and I are modulating our bodies together now as we snog eachother passionately.

Then I take my hands and start to slide her down my body, pushing her wet little pussy towards Lelu and my cock. She now lays atop me with her pussy and ass well within the danger zone of being penetrated deeply with my cock. Then I grab Lelu’s leg and drag it towards my face, getting a peak up her short shorts at her buttocks. She grabs my cock hard for support as she doesn’t want to be taken away from such a magnificent shaft of pleasure. Fortunately since she is lanky and tall, I am able to draw her pelvis over next to my head and she can still have my long hard cock in her mouth. I pull her shorts and underwear from her body, flinging them off from her feet. As she lays on her side, sucking on my cock, she reveals a wonderful, narrow, light pink slit between her legs that has me and Remy staring hypnotically in to. We both lean in to start eating her out, I start on her asshole and Remy starts licking in to her sisters wet slit. She moans gasping for air, before turning my cock towards Remy’s hot dripping pussy.

I feel Lelu’s firm grip over my shaft start to slide my cock across Remy’s thigh towards her bare nude pussy, painting her flank with a mixture of my precum and Lelu’s saliva. Remy feels the wet heat emanating from me as Lelu drags my cock across her and finally drifts my glans over her labia sideways, letting me feel all of her ridges and valleys and the deep lake at the center calling out to me. Remy slobbers her mouth out of Lelu’s pussy and leans in to my mouth for a deep tongue kiss as she feels solid heat thundering across her pussy, and each time Lelu brushes my cock across her labia she opens a little more, spilling her fluid over my shaft and gravitating me towards her inside. My fingers grab for my sisters sexy holes, my left hand starting to ravage Lelu’s pussy while my right hand fingers Remy in her asshole. Finally Lelu pushes my cock into Remy and watches with elated fascination and globs of her horny slime pour out, displaced by the unstoppable mass of my cock sliding in. Her beautiful labia are drawn inwards as she pressed her pelvis down over my shaft, her body orgasms right away and we suck each others tongues.

“Yes Remy I am inside you, I feel like we waited forever…” I can’t control the feeling of sinking so deeply for the first time in to my little sister and knowing that Lelu will take me the same way too. There is not anything you could offer more perfectly in the entire universe than physically occupying the same space as these beauties that are my sisters. Remy shivers with my penis reaching deep into her pussy and stroking past her gspot, coming to rest on me while Lelu runs her tongue up my shaft and over Remy’s pussy lips, Beylikdüzü Elit Escort cleaning the spilling fluid cascading from inside her. I lift Remy’s ass up using my finger in her asshole while we kiss deeply revealing my shaft to Lelu and popping my glans out for her to immediately suck on ravenously with her little mouth. She fucks her throat on my cock a few times and then pushes me back inside Remy, causing another deep orgasm to fiercely overcome her body. “Mmmmm!” She whimpers as we tongue eachother aggressively and she starts to work her pelvis over my cock, starting to fuck her pussy up and down on me, squeezing me with her tight hole and massaging me with her soft vaginal wall. I finger her ass quickly and she whimpers in pleasure at all her holes being overtaken by her big brother.

My cock heaves on her innocent cunt as it drips over my shaft. Lelu sucks on my balls as slivers of mixed cum drip down them from Remy and me fucking our organs together. I push Remy’s rump up and down and feel her pussy travelling over my shaft, thumping my glans in to her cervix each time, feeling my cock throughout her pussy with my finger in her asshole. Lelu’s pussy starts to gush as I finger her rapidly, flowing her innocent honey on to my fingers and hand. Remy is softly roaring in pleasure at the heavy pounding of my phallus inside her vagina. Juicy noises loudly spurt out as our love organs wrestle away. I want both my sisters with my cock now. I suddenly flip Remy on to her back so that I am on top of her and I start fucking her nice and deep in missionary, kissing her passionately on her lips and mining her tongue with mine. I drag Lelu’s pelvis over beside Remy’s neck and then as I fuck Remy hard, I press my face in to Lelu’s pussy and draw a deep breath, taking in her rich, sweet feminine scent.

I draw a line down the centre of her labial mess with the tip of my tongue, finding her sweet little hole and pressing into it. Her legs widen and she receives my tongue into her pussy love hole. I suck her juices from inside and swallow them down, starting to deeply kiss in to her pussy with my tongue and lips. Remy is left breathless as I continue to fuck her tight pussy with my thick, pulsing cock. Her labia are bright red as they caress my shaft traveling in and out of her perfect soft tight vagina. Lelu watches in heaven at the long thrusts I take at her sister’s hard working pussy. The way my balls slap off of her ass with each pounding is ecstasy as she feels my tongue and lips violate her own pink slit of awakened desire. Then suddenly I rend my cock from Remy with a loud slimy gunky noise and move myself over, placing my enraged, slimy and dripping cock hanging over Lelu’s face. Remy’s cum drips off my cock, over Lelu’s lips and in to her eyes. She tilts her head back and opens her mouth wide, and says “aaa” like a good little sister.

Her “aaah” turns quickly into a gurgling as my fierce penis travels in to her mouth. She is such a good girl, having tilted her head back allows my cock to travel all the way down her throat, slowly but unstoppably coming to rest inside her neck, her gullet has firm tight ridges that stimulate my cock to almost climax, but I edge myself in so as not to fill her with semen just yet. Her noise stops and she breathes heavily and quickly through her nose, her head locked back in position by the thick, unbending pole I have sent down her neck. My balls rest over the bridge of her nose and give her a healthy eyeful of male potency. She tastes the caressing cum of her sister wiping over her tongue off of my cock and can do nothing but lay there, pinned by my phallus. I feel her gag reflexing going crazy, getting my cock off inside her neck and feeling her food pipe tighten greatly around my shaft with each swallow she makes. She grabs my flanks with her hands and pushes herself on to me, letting my cock reach even deeper in to her body through her neck. I eat her pussy with aggressive passion and start rocking gently back and forth. She works with me, hanging on for her life and fucking my cock in and out of her neck. She mouths over the remainder of my shaft sticking outside her mouth with her lips, her warm breathe passing quickly through her nose around my balls and her lips sucking weakly on my phallus. Her pussy really flows with hot girl cum and she tastes so great.

Remy sits up and faces me, placing her buttocks on Lelu’s leg and splaying her legs out, offering her pussy to my face. She fingers her own clit and uses her fingers to open her pussy at me, where my cock was making a good mess of only moments before. My tongue flies from Lelu’s pussy and I take a big slurping lick at Remy’s vagina as she spreads her labia for me, all while my cock tightly slides in and out of Lelu’s neck. I nuzzle into Remy’s pussy, savouring her sweet slimy hole with my tongue and sucking out her cum with my lips tightly around her labia. Lelu is starting to struggle with my cock in her so far, choking hard and spit flying from her nose and mouth over my shaft and balls. So I rend my cock from her to let her retake her breath, I stand up and put my arms under her body. I lift her nude, cute body effortlessly into my arms, twisting her body around and placing her legs around my waist. My cock strains up to between her legs and teases her pussy – we share a loving gaze for only a second before tearing in to each others lips with hot desire. She relaxes her legs and her pelvis floats downwards like a feather on to my cock, her cute hole barely able to take me inside her.

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