My Husband He is my Cuckold PT2


My Husband He is my Cuckold PT2My beautiful wife Danielle has a new boyfriend. His name is Jason. Jason has a really big cock. He also likes me to watch them together. I get to watch her satisfied and then I get to clean them up afterwards.It’s a perfect arrangement. I get to dress up in my prettiest lingerie and watch my wife get a good screwing. Then I get to taste the results of their lovemaking.Jason is bigger than me and lasts longer. Luckily I have a cock cage so I don’t cum. I can tell when Danielle is in a good mood. She feeds Jason pineapple. When she is angry with me she feeds him asparagus. I can hear you asking why this indicates her happiness. Well, when I clean his cum out of her well-fucked pussy, I taste both of them. His cum after he has eaten pineapple is sweet and creamy. But after he has eaten asparagus it is terribly bitter and awful. Try it yourself. Eat asparagus and then go pee. Smell your piss. It smells terrible. That’s the taste of cum after Jason has eaten asparagus.The other day I was serving them dinner and I spilled Danielle’s wine on her skirt. She didn’t say anything but I knew she was unhappy with me. I was dismissed and sent to my room. Later I was made to suck Jason’s cock. Sometimes they make me do this. Unbeknownst to me Danielle had fed him asparagus while I was in my room in disgrace. His cock was a beautiful nine inches and I loved sucking it. He must have been really horny because he came really quickly. It tasted awful. I wanted to spit it out straight away but Danielle held me against him and I was made to keep it in my mouth. They wouldn’t let me swallow straight away so I had to keep it in my mouth. The bitterness was overwhelming.Eventually I was allowed to swallow but Danielle refused to allow me to brush my teeth that night. I woke the next morning with the bitter taste of Jason’s asparagus flavoured cum in my mouth.One day Danielle was happy. She danced güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri around the house singing and humming. I knew better than to ask why she was so happy. It was not my place to question her. If she wanted me to know she would tell me. When Jason arrived home there was a fruit platter on the table for him that Danielle had prepared. It was mainly pineapple. That night I was invited into their bedroom and I was allowed to suck Jason’s cum out of her pussy after he fucked her. It tasted so sweet. It was like the nectar of the gods. Pure bliss!My beautiful Danielle has made me into a cuckold. I loved it. As long as she was happy, so was I. Her happiness was the most important thing in my life. I knew that I couldn’t satisfy her in bed so I made sure she had boyfriends who could. We chose that I should dress in lingerie and use make up so her boyfriends didn’t feel intimidated or shy because we both sometimes liked me to watch and learn from her friends. I usually wore black lingerie with stockings and heels. Sometimes I wore red. Danielle was keen for me to wear pink because it was such a girly colour.I wore heavy make up with bright red, or bright pink, lips. Danielle liked them to look like they were ready to suck cock. Her last boyfriend had a gay friend who let me suck his cock and who took my anal virginity. I never realised how excited Danielle would get watching me get fucked in the ass.Jason mentioned to Danielle that he had gay friends who would love to spend time with me. That excited her so she asked him to organise a party where his gay friends would get to meet me.So he did. He teased me in the lead up to the party saying hat his friends had huge cocks and would wreck my ass. He said they were taking Viagra for the night and that they loved group sex more than anything. He also invited his straight friends and told Danielle that she would be fucked by them güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri too if she wanted. She wanted! The day of the party arrived. Danielle dressed me in new pink lingerie for the occasion. Wispy pink knickers, sheer pink bra, pink stockings and suspenders, topped off by a sexy hot pink dress. 5 inch pink stilettos completed the look. My make up was soft pink blush, dark smoky eyes and bubble-gum pink lipstick.Danielle wore black. Her backless dress didn’t allow for a bra and she decided against knickers too. If she leant over too far her pussy and ass were on show because her dress was so short.Her legs looked like they were encased in silk but they weren’t. It was just that her legs glistened from the lotion she applied. She had on black stilettos.When we arrived the party was in full swing. It didn’t take long for Jason to grab Danielle, lift her dress up and fuck her from behind. She came almost straight away. While she was being fucked a couple of guys introduced themselves to me and told me I looked beautiful. They were both tall, muscly and handsome.One pushed me to my knees and made me fish his cock out of his trousers. I did so eagerly and began to suck my first cock for the night. His friend went behind me and slipped my knickers down. His huge cock was at the entrance to my boy pussy. He pushed and entered me. Thank God Danielle suggested I lube myself at home before we left.Jason’s friends were passing around Danielle. They took their turn fucking her or being blown by her. His gay friends did the same with me. I assume they were all gay because they either fucked my ass or had me suck them off. It was a full-blown orgy and Danielle and I were the main courses. We loved it. Whenever we got a moment we found each other and compared notes. We kissed passionately and cleaned each other up.I had so many cocks in me that I lost count. Danielle was the güvenilir bahis şirketleri same. She was fucked by almost everyone. At one stage one of the girls sat in front of her and spread her legs. Danielle didn’t hesitate. She dove right in and licked this woman to a massive orgasm. I even had a woman prop in front of me for a tongue-lashing. That was a nice surprise. At times I just sat and watched my beautiful wife being ravaged. She was in heaven. I don’t know how many times she came that night but it was a lot. Finally, we were fucked out. We lay together in the middle of the floor, tenderly kissing each other. I was more in love with her at that moment than ever.We cleaned ourselves up as best we could and went home. We slept until the middle of the next day and after showering we sat down to discuss what had happened the night before.Danielle began. “That was the most intense night of sex I’ve ever experienced. I never thought I could be so fulfilled. I hope Jason invites us to more parties just the same.””I hope so too,” I replied. “I love you so much Danielle and to see you so happy is what I want. As long as you are happy then so am I. I love dressing up for you and letting your boyfriend’s friends fuck me. But that’s a bonus. If you weren’t being fulfilled then I would hate it. I just want you to be happy.”She threw her arms around me. “You are the best husband a girl could ask for. I love you and I always will. Thank you for looking after me so well. I’m glad you are getting something too. It was really hard to just cuckold you when we were here at home. Sure I was getting great sex but if you were sad it hurt. I’m glad you’re not sad.”It was a strange marriage but it worked for us. Jason would visit and he and Danielle would act as husband and wife while he was here. I lived in the spare room in my cock cage and frilly lingerie. Every so often Jason would bring someone to fuck me in the ass. I usually got to clean up after them. Usually I tasted Jason’s sweet cum because Danielle fed him pineapple. Sometimes, though, I would piss her off and he would eat asparagus. Fortunately those times were further and further apart. I’m sure Danielle gave him asparagus just to keep me on my toes.

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