My Landlord Ch. 02


I was feeling quite relaxed. I could not locate where I was lying, nor what time it was, but a sweet light was shining all over the room in a cool temperature. Slowly I became conscious that a morning erection was on, under the sheets I was lying in. In the meanwhile, a soft aroma of coffee hit my nostrils; and finally a female voice was whispering my name.

“Guy… Guy… It’s 8.30 am, time to wake up.” I recognized Barbara’s voice.

I opened a single eye, then the other. “What?”

“Hey, it’s 8.30 am… and I have to go meet a few people.”

I looked harder and I saw Barbara sitting by my side. She was completely dressed, with a dark grey dress and a white blouse on. My eyes fell on her cleavage; she was wearing a white bra.

“Here is some coffee, I have put no sugar in, I don’t know how sweet you like it.”

“Oh, so sweet from you,” and I leaned on to kiss her. She offered her lips. “Now I can put my lipstick on,” she said.

I got out of the bed in order to sit down and have my coffee. In so doing, my hard-on became evident.

“Wow, Guy, good morning again!” and she gently stroke it with her right hand, from the tip down to the balls.

“I am so sorry, Barbara.”

“Why be sorry? It’s only natural… and I would love to start it all again, but really I have no time right now. And I guess you have to study,” she hinted.

I held her hand while she was stroking me, following her movement.

“Tonight it was fantastic, Barbara. You are unbelievable.” I was honest about it.

“Oh you make me blush,” she said while walking toward the door, “Who knows how many young hotties you have had, they are surely fitter and dirtier.”

“Not really,” I swore, “I have focused on the studies, so I have had not much time for the girls, apart from the summer. Anyway, you are the sexiest woman I have been with.”

“Yeah, only because I am older, so I must have been the first woman among many girls! Anyway, I know I can be rude, but time is running thin, so we will continue this conversation in a different moment.”

So I gobbled my coffee and gathered my clothes.

“Hey Barbara, tonight there is the other semi-final. I am sure you don’t want to miss the Dutch!” I teased.

She opened her eyes. That shade of light blue made my heart stop. “Please say it!”, my heart begged.

“Sure I will be watching it,” she said, “if you want, you may come over here at 8. No need to bring any wine this time.”

“Yeees!” I shouted between myself. “It’s okay,” that’s all what I mumbled.

I followed her through the apartment, gazing at her rather athletic calves and her high heels. Before she opened the door, I kissed her softly on her lips again.

“Now Rize Escort I have really to go,” she said.

We took the lift together, before splitting up at the ground floor.

The match was scheduled at 10, so we would have had time for something more before it.

Getting my mind on the books was rather hard that morning. Hard was the proper adjective, since my dick kept being erect most of the times. I don’t know how, I managed to get my senses together and finally get back to the studying mood. The exam was not difficult at all, and most of all it was my very last exam. I had got an excellent mark in the important exam, this one is just a complementary of, so I was confident I would have made it out somehow. The mark I would have got was not meant to be a factor, after 22 exams my average would have not changed that much. So I kept on reading, and repeating. And dreaming of Barbara’s breasts.

Just before 7 I closed my books and took a shower. Minutes ticked on so slowly, but right after 8 I rang up. She opened the door and her perfume got all over me. I got barely the time to see what she was wearing, a black sleeveless blouse with khaki shorts, her feet in sandals. And right after she closed the door, Barbara was all over me (or maybe it was me who jumped over her). Our tongues started to fight furiously, with my hands on her back and her hands probing my buttocks. She pressed me against her body, with my already erect dick trudging against her. As we stopped, I opened my eyes and I could see she was not smiling, she was almost ready to fight. She made the footstep that leads to her giant living room, holding my hand, and took me to the couch. She began swiftly to undo my shirt, while my hands cupped her giant breasts. “How rude from me, maybe I should ask you if you want something to drink,” she said before making her mouth available to my tongue. “I am just hungry of you, Barbara,” I made clear, while taking off her blouse and reaching for the bra.

With a swift movement she got free from my arms and reached for the belt of my trousers. She undid the belt and then the buttons, with my bulge aching to be set free. “Off they go,” she ordered, and I got rid of my shoes and trousers. She slipped her fingers inside my underpants, with her nails gently probing my erection. While her tongue licked my face, she slowly took off my underpants, finally getting hold of my dick. “It’s since this morning that I craved to have it all for me,” she hissed. I let my head down against the couch and let her have her way. It was what I had been dreaming of all day long, hoping it would have happened. Now my dick was engulfed in her mouth, her tongue playing with it. I thought I would Rize Escort Bayan have lasted only a few seconds, but she masterfully furthered the pleasure, until her hands started to frantically stroke my shaft, that could not resist any more. She pumped all the seed I had been mustering during the day, swallowing it with lust. “You have the sweetest cum, Guy,” she murmured, before kissing me, her tongue making her way into my mouth, letting me share the taste of my own seed.

She cuddled between my arms, her hands getting accustomed to my body. Then she stood up, and said, “Time to have some prosecco.” I took my underpants with me and followed her to the kitchen, examining her body once again. She must have been flattering in her prime, and now some pounds on her sides showed her age; but her body was still really sexy, made to be touched and fondled. Before she poured the wine, I hugged her from behind and I made her turn, putting my mouth on hers and whispering “You’re so sexy, Barbara,” before lowering the right cup of her bra and taking the nipple in my mouth. She giggled and walked free, “Hey, Guy, show a little patience.” From the fridge she took a bottle of prosecco, a bottle of water and a bowl with cold pasta with pesto and tomatoes. We sat out and had dinner.

Conversation wandered from my studies to her life after the divorce, and it managed to be lively. But I was not there to just have a chat. When I felt it was due, I slipped my hand over her hand and leaned my head forward. She answered the call and let me kiss her. I stood up from the stool and reached for her, who accepted my embrace. I started to kiss her down her mouth, slowly lining down to her breasts. I adored her boobs, so sexily huge and completely tanned. I lingered on keeping as much flesh I could in my mouth, my hands probing her buttocks and then nearing her thighs. She was wearing white panties, and I bowed to kiss her. She sighed and I took them off. She opened her legs and I probed her pussy with a finger. It was wet, a thing I couldn’t resist. I dipped my tongue in, inhaling the aroma, while her body shook a bit. She pulled me up and whispered “If you want something, you can ask, Guy”.

“Your time to choose, Barbara.” I conceded.

“I want you to fuck me from behind.”

Those sheer words made my pole even stiffer. It’s the position I do love the most. We went to other side of the room, where she leaned on a dining table. She showed me her back and opened her legs. Then she took my dick in her hand, guiding it inside her. I propped myself on her wrists and began to push.

“Come on, Guy, put on the higher gears,” she quickly ordered. My hands grabbed her boobs and could hardly contain each Escort Rize of them. To get a better hold my hands had to get back to her wrists and I kept on pushing frantically. Her moans gave evidence she was fully enjoying it; she kept prompting me to push harder and harder, until I warned her that I was about to cum. “Shoot all you can, Guy!” she ordered, and I complied.

The heat and the exercise made our bodies covered with sweat. She took me to her bedroom, where we lay side by side.

“Hey, the match must be already on!” she cried.

“Do you really care?” I really didn’t bother about football by then.

“Not at all,” she assured.

“How was the sex?” Well, it went straight out of my mouth without even thinking.

“Please, Guy, don’t try to be a “real” man. You are alright, really,” she rebuked.

“You sure?”I knew I was blushing.

“I am,” and she smiled.

I kissed her on her cheek. She smiled again. Then she stuck a finger in her pussy, before taking it into her mouth. “You still taste sweet,” and she giggled. “Don’t you believe it?”

“Oh, if you say so,” I don’t know what, but that remark sounded funny.

“So you don’t believe it.” And she sighed. “Remember, I won a bet last night”.

“I recall.” Sooner or later, I knew she would have made me pay for it.

“Now it’s time or you to start paying it back,” she taunted sort of ominously.

“Do you want a glass of wine?” I offered.

“Ha ha silly boy! You will service me in a different way”. She jumped on her knees and swatted over me, her pussy over my face.

“Look what all that exercise is good for!”

Her pussy was dripping wet over my mouth and I had no choice than lick her out. She moaned her satisfaction, until she came. She reached down for my lips and kissed me, her tongue exploring my mouth. Her left hand grabbed my balls and tested my penis, that was swelling fast by then. With her nails she made it hard in a while. “Oh, you are ready once again. You are an animal.” She climbed on top of me and fucked me like I were a dildo. She directed the speed as she liked, climaxing at least twice, her moans building up my orgasm.

After I cummed, I almost passed out.

I woke up at 6 am and Barbara was watching me.

“Did you sleep well, hun?” she sweetly asked.

“Yeah,” I purred.

“Good. You have an exam to prepare, and I am afraid I have demanded too much from you.” The blue of her eyes seemed a tad darker.

“Last night it was fantastic,” I swore.

“Yeah, it was. But now you have to focus on your exam. It’s just a day away. And anyway, tonight I won’t be at home,” she whispered.

“Are you dumping me? My heart began to accelerate.

“Not really,” she added. “Simply, you won’t be seeing me until Friday evening, at the soonest. Hey, since you have waken up, I can prepare some breakfast, so you can start studying earlier.”

I had already learned that she had a strong character.

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