My Life as a Sex Addict


Amelia Chapter 01. A woman looks back at her life.

Amelia was your typical 29 year old housewife. She cooked, cleaned, and performed her wifely duties, but under the facade of the sweet 1950’s housewife lurked an insatiable hunger. Her long auburn hair framed her porcelain face and accentuated her emerald green eyes, draping over her demure shoulders and kissing the middle of her back. She had the face of an angel, with wide eyes that sparkled like a tropical sea, framed by thick long lashes. Her lips were perfectly shaped. With a full lower lip, that called to someone to kiss them and taste the sweetness within. She was small in stature standing only a few inches over five feet, with firm ample breasts hidden underneath her blouse, her nipples were diminutive yet taut, silken, and a delicate shade of pink. Her waist was petite yet soft, the way a woman should feel. Her hips widened to reveal curves that were almost dangerous, but necessary to support her voluptuous heart shaped derrière. Her thighs were thick but sensual, firm, smooth, and deceptively long for her height. This was surely the body of a goddess.

This particular Monday started just like any typical Monday morning.

The jarring sound of an alarm clock blaring in the corner of her room stirred Amelia from her vivid dreams.

“Good morning Sweetheart,” Amelia said as she kissed her husband Simon on the forehead.

“Good Morning Love.” Simon lightly slapped her bottom in a playful gesture.

“What would you like for breakfast this morning?”

“Whatever is easiest love, it doesn’t matter. I have to get to work a little early today.”

He stumbled naked to the shower that she had already turned on for him the hot water tinting his skin as it beat upon him. While he finished his shower Amelia pottered around in the kitchen preparing breakfast: two eggs over easy, three slices of bacon, wheat toast, and a tall glass of orange juice. She hummed to herself as she set the table and placed the finishing touches.

“Smells wonderful. Remind me again what I did to deserve you?”

Leaning over Simon, Amelia nibbled on his earlobe lovingly “Well what you did last night might have a little something to do with it,” she giggled like a school girl and blushed as she made her way to her seat, picking up a puzzle book on the way.

Simon ate quickly,famished from the previous night’s expenditure of energy. “Any plans for today?” He looked at her as if it was the first time he had seen her looking so radiant.

Amelia responded without even looking up from her morning crossword puzzle. “Nothing special, the usual house work, I need to pick up a few things from the grocery store, and make dinner. Do you need anything while I am out?”

He stared at her, watching her nose scrunch up the way it always did when she was concentrating really hard, and grinned. “No, just curious what exciting things you do here while I am gone all day I guess.” They laughed.

“Well the Queen of England is supposed to stop by about 11 for brunch, then I plan to eradicate world hunger, I should be done with that by Noon, and if I feel like it I may bring peace to the Middle East.”

“Now that is why I love you, beauty and brains.” Simon declared as he stood to walk out the door.

“Don’t forget your lunch.” Amelia walked to the fridge, grabbed the lunch she’d made the night before, and handed it to him. “Have a good day at work sweetie; I’ll see you for dinner.” She leaned into him and they shared a lingering kiss before he walked out the door.

Soon after kissing Simon goodbye she got dressed and started in on the house work and usual errands. Thinking back later, she couldn’t understand what possessed her to do something so out of the ordinary, perhaps it was the wonderful lovemaking they’d indulged in the night before, or perhaps a subconscious need that had not been fulfilled, but for some reason this morning she found herself full of desire. A desire to be touched.

At first she just ignored it thinking it would pass, but the more she tried to fight the urge the more she noticed it building inside her. She fought it as it radiated and pulsed between her legs, aching, calling to her like a siren calling sailors to their deaths. She felt it with every step, the friction of her tight jeans rubbing against her delightful button which had swollen to it’s peak of arousal. With each step she felt a current of lust surge through her, begging and pleading for her to satisfy it’s needs and wants, telling her it would not be quieted until it had been appeased. Looking around the house she was sure that most of her daily chores were done, so, with nothing much left to do why should she deny herself what her body so desperately yearned for?

Making her way to her bedroom she walked past a tall mirror, in it she caught a glimpse of the true woman inside her voluptuous body; the ravenous nymph which lived inside her, caged by her fear of relinquishing control to such a beast. She was afraid of what would become of the image everyone else had of her. görükle escort bayan This sensuous, sexual creature, no matter how alarming, had an alluring, almost hypnotic effect on her. Before she knew it she had undone her jeans and stepped out of them before removing her blouse and bra. Standing completely exposed except for her almost sheer cotton panties she looked into the eyes of this stranger who stood before her.

She allowed her hands to dust across her flawless skin. Tracing each natural curve of her body starting at the nape of her neck,then down to her now hardened nipple. Her fingers danced gently across it sending a shiver through her. Deliberately she slid her hand down the middle of her abdomen like a river flows to the sea, drawn by the strong tides beckoning from her moist place. She had never really noticed the beauty of her nudity, she reached down and caressed herself through her panties which now felt like satin as her wetness brimmed from inside her. She lingered there feeling the smooth freshly shaven skin that lay just beneath, the warmth and softness overtook her and before she knew it she was laying on her satin bedspread. Lying on her stomach she began applying pressure to the beacon of her pleasure. Her legs apart and her sweet and bountiful ass slightly elevated allowing the full weight of her body to push against her hand.

She moved with a purpose and that purpose was selfish pleasure. With each tiny movement she began to breathe more heavily feeling the waves of ecstasy wash over her and undulate through her like wind over wheat in a field. Sensations raced through her.

In her mind she envisions her husband standing behind her, watching her as he undresses himself. Showing himself in all his masculine glory. Tall, dark, lean of body, a sprinkling of hair across his broad chest, in her mind his arms flex as he reaches for her waist.

Turning her over in one movement he wraps his arms around her and buries his face in her neck, smelling her, taking in her essence, tasting her with his mouth, tongue and teeth. Whispering in a raspy voice of his intent to dominate her and use her until she begs him to stop, he grabs her and places her lovingly but forcefully on the bed. His hand travels down to where she had moments ago been touching herself, the heat and scent of her engulfing him. He lifts her backside in the air allowing himself a better view, drinking in her beauty, consuming every ounce he could until his passion forces him to have her.

He slowly traces the seam of her panties that lined her inner thigh, grazing it, slowly caressing her lotus ensuring it is ready to be plucked. Pulling her panties to one side he begins to slide his hardness against her, its perfect head full, firm, and smooth, entering her, she gasps with delight, parting her thighs, offering herself. He tangles his hand in her hair pulling her mouth to meet his in a wanton kiss as he pushes himself fully inside her. Their bodies melting as her rhythm rises to meet his, their mouths hungrily devouring each other, softly nibbling and tugging at their lips. Their pants and moans echo in the room.

She opens herself completely, imploring him to fill her to her very depths, wanting to feel his explosion with hers, and of course her phantom lover obliges, then they collapse together in a heap of heat, passion, and ecstasy. He fills her womb with the spreading heat she has craved and her body responds with firm wet muscles squeezing him in a sporadic rhythm. She grasps the blanket tightly, and releases a scream, silent in her ears, but deafening in her mind, collapsing on the bed exhausted and satiated.

She awoke from her massive orgasm only to realize several hours had passed. Her stomach muscles burned and ached, her heart was fluttering in her chest, her breathing rapid and her lust finally satisfied.

Realizing there was no longer time to solve world hunger and bring peace to the Middle East, she quickly showered, dressed, and started her dinner routine. She rushed to set the table in time for Simon’s return. No sooner was the last utensil is in its proper place than she heard his car pull into the driveway and she went to the door to greet him with an excited smile. She loved seeing him come home each day, as soon as she saw him her face lit up, and she felt a complete person again.

Simon made his way up the drive and saw her there in the doorway, smiling as always; this was his favorite time of the day, coming home to her. As he stepped inside and pushed the door closed, he grabbed her in one arm and swung her around to kiss her passionately. “Honey, I’m hooooommmmeeee!”

Amelia flung her arms around his neck and hugged him hard, “Yes you are my darling,” she said softly.


Amelia had not always been so controlled. There was a darker time in her life, when she was much younger and she had felt herself driven by an innate sexual perversion she believed she was born with. She wasn’t sure when she realized she was different, bursa otele gelen escort maybe she always knew, but something deep within her made her see things in a way that maybe some people over looked. Through her early years she was well behaved, did well in school and was close to a perfect child.

She wasn’t traditionally beautiful, the clothes she wore were second-hand and her family was poor, though not without its pride. She persevered, doing her best to carry herself with dignity, and her brightness shone through the dirt. She had never been kissed, or touched, but she fought the urges buried inside her with all her power, her focus was on getting out of her small town and becoming something, anything. Reinventing herself and killing the girl she was. Little did she know how much she would miss the girl she was going to kill.

Amelia had just turned 18, she was about to graduate and the last few months of school lingered on. Her best friend Simone had invited her to spend the weekend at her house which was not uncommon. That Friday after school the girls hopped into Simone’s car and sped away from the school parking lot. The crisp spring air was invigorating, spilling through the windows as they blasted Pink Floyd to the world on the car stereo. Passing by the budding trees, and new life all around them, Amelia paused to think of the new life that was fast approaching her. In a few months she would be off to Basic Training in San Antonio. This life and the dirt of this small town soon to be a distant memory as she explored cities she only dreamed about and made more money than both her parents combined.

She let the new air fill her lungs and exhaled with a smug grin on her face. Before she knew it they were at Simone’s house getting ready to go to the local skating rink. Secretly Amelia was madly in love with Simone. Her crush on her had developed in the sixth grade, she thought she was the most beautiful person she had ever seen. As their friendship grew Amelia fell hopelessly in love with her, but she could never express those thoughts knowing Simone would not feel the same. That night as they continued primping and changing, applying make up and laughing, Amelia couldn’t help but let her eyes wander over Simone’s body.

Simone stood a couple of inches taller than Amelia, her frame lean and smooth, her perky breasts no more than a mouthful, her sun kissed skin looking like a fine satin, and her long spirals of sandy hair lightened delicately by the sun. Her eyes were the most seductive shade of brown and so deep it felt as if you could see her soul if you peered directly into them. Perhaps the most alluring feature of Simone was the lower arch of her back as it met her voluptuous bottom. The curve which rested there at her back made Amelia think of an exotic belly dancer. Amelia imagined what it would feel like just to touch her.

She tried hard not to stare but she couldn’t turn away. Amelia had never had an attraction to a woman before; she didn’t understand if this made her a lesbian, bi-sexual, or just a freak of nature. These were the days when people were just starting to talk about sexuality and she had no clue which box she fitted into if any. They continued getting ready as Amelia stole lustful glances toward Simone’s nakedness when she could. Although Simone and Amelia were close there were some fundamental differences between them Simone was popular, well off, and had many friends whereas Amelia was somewhat of an outcast, accepted only because of her relationship with Simone.

Simone had decided to invite a few other girls out to the skate night and one in particular acted very badly towards Amelia when Simone wasn’t around.

Brandi was her name, a chubby, box shaped, snub nosed version of a girl, who bore a striking resemblance to the bulldog she was so fond of wearing on her athletic sweatshirts. She belittled Amelia every chance she got and never let her forget she didn’t really belong to this group. Amelia often wondered why she was so cruel to her, was it jealousy? Surely not! Who would be jealous of her? She had nothing to be jealous of! She was still unaware of the body maturing under her clothes. Maybe it was the fact that Amelia shone beneath the dirt that she rose from, while Brandi, who was afforded all the opportunities money could buy, was plain and boring at best and for that reason needed to make sure Amelia knew her place.

They all piled into Simone’s car and headed to the skating rink. The evening started out innocently enough, they skated, flirted with some boys, ate some greasy pizza. Simone and the other girls had secretly planned on doing some acid at the skating rink, and proceeded to drop the papers on their tongues. Amelia couldn’t do it she wasn’t brave enough, she couldn’t let go of her control for fear she may never regain it. Simone perhaps hurt by the gesture began showering all her attention on Brandi being very affectionate towards her. Maybe she knew all along how Amelia felt and now, because she hadn’t bursa escort bayan taken a few hits of acid, she was punishing her.

Amelia’s heart was breaking as she watched someone she loved abandoning her in the heavy atmosphere of the dark skating rink. She couldn’t take anymore and decided to go sit in the corner and think of her options. Without warning a familiar face came into view. Veronica, Amelia’s cousin came and sat next to her. They exchanged pleasantries and parted with a hug. Well that could be an option call and tell her parents she was going to spend the night with Veronica and would be home in the morning. Amelia wasn’t very fond of her cousin but at least it was a more tolerable option compared to spending the night with Simone and Brandi. She skated around and soon after, Simone, Brandi and the clan of acid tripping girls left the rink without so much as a goodbye. Being discarded and thrown away by someone she loved so much, had a strange effect on Amelia. Instead of being sad or crying she became spiteful and enraged, unconcerned about herself, she gave control over to the thing she feared most, her own sexuality.


Amelia’s head was swimming with emotions and conflict, as she continued to skate and sulk. Without her noticing a pair of attractive girls approached her, when she saw them she realized they were twins. Their shoulder length blond hair shone brilliantly, straight and healthy it enhanced their doll like beauty. It was eerie how closely they resembled a pair of Barbie dolls. Their smiles lit up not only their faces but their electric blue eyes. The freckles delicately placed on their noses suited them and gave them a look of misleading innocence.

They introduced themselves. Gretchen the oldest of the twins, and Hannah the younger were both identical in every physical way visible in the dim light of the skating rink. It seemed strange that they all shared the same birthday and were graduating that year. Amelia was relieved she wasn’t alone and hoped meeting new people and making new friends would ease some of the pain she felt.

They talked for a few hours and the three had caught the attention of two young men. One an average looking guy, tall with the build of a jock. Amelia didn’t really focus on him, her attention was immediately drawn to the other young man. His jet black hair the color of black onyx shone , his skin a dark olive tone, smooth and decadent. His eyes were piercing green and exaggerated by his dark features. They beckoned her to him, examined her, and seduced her. She was drawn to him as if in a trance. He had a lean build, but what he lacked in mass he made up for in tone. She felt something she hadn’t felt for a boy before, an ache in an unfamiliar place. Deep inside her she felt a fire burning, it’s heat pulsing through her causing her to fumble even the simplest of responses.

He smiled at her awkwardness causing the dimples around his smile to become apparent. She studied him, wanting to take in all his beauty. They talked for a while; it seemed the twins were equally enthralled with the average Joe. Kevin was the name of this man who enraptured Amelia. She didn’t want the evening to end, she wanted to stay there lost in his eyes; holding his hand as they skated to cheesy love songs.

The twins had to pry Amelia away to get a word in edge wise. They had a plan. Their parents were coming to pick them up soon but if she wanted to spend the night she was more than welcome to stay with them. Amelia had never in her life taken such a risk, never in a million years would she do anything like this, but tonight the stars lined up and she decided she had played it safe for too long. Amelia accepted the invitation and shortly after that the twins told her of their dubious plan.

The boys would ride with them, spend a little time at the twin’s house, then sneak into the shed in the backyard where they would wait for the three girls to join them once the coast was clear. With a plan well established and the boys eager to partake in some mischief, Gretchen called her father to come get them. On the way home Gretchen and Hannah were little angels who could do no wrong. If only their father knew what was to take place at his house only hours later he would never be able to look at them the same again.

Amelia walked into their beautiful two story home, it was the nicest home she had ever been in. An ornate staircase lead to the upstairs, cool clean tile lined the entryway onto plush carpet that almost massaged her feet as she walked across it. Amelia wondered if she would be so welcomed if they knew the name brand clothing she wore didn’t belong to her and that she lived in a small run down shack of a house. She tried to block that out of her mind. Tonight she was a new woman, she wasn’t going to play it safe tonight. She had made up her mind she was going take risks and enjoy life. They went to the girls’ room. It was decked out in all pink and it looked like small children lived in this room, when in fact it belonged to two very mature young women. Amelia wondered if this was part of the act they put on for their father. The five of them played games and put on a charade of innocence. The fun ended when Gretchen’s father informed the boys they needed to leave. The boys said their goodbyes and walked out the door. Not long after the twins’ parents said goodnight and headed to their room.

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