My Mom Left Me


My name is Michael, and I would like to tell you a story involving my family. I was in my senior year of high school when this incident took place

I am 18 years old and the “baby” of the family. I am also the only boy. My dad and I get along great. We are both heavy into sports and we consider ourselves two very macho men. We are both decently good looking and are healthy and well built although we don’t work out or anything, we do look like it.

My two sisters have both moved away from home. The oldest one, Connie, is 30 yrs old, and very unhappily married. She lives in the suburbs with her stupid husband. Fortunately, they don’t have any children. Connie is about 5’9” tall, about 135 lbs, nice body (Good shape) black hair, brown eyes that are big and stunning. She has a nice big “bubble butt” and 38D breasts. (I sneaked into her dresser once to find out)

Connie’s husband is some sort of consultant and stays on the road or at work all the time, or is holding down the couch at home. He pays her no attention at all. That’s why she is so unhappy. (I’ll tell you more about that later)

The youngest sister is Becky. She is 24 yrs old, and is shacked up with her boyfriend out in the country in the next county, on a small farm. Becky is a hot little number too. She is about 5’5″ tall, 115 lbs, also has a bubble butt, (must be in the genes, Mom has one too), and very sexy 34C breasts. She also has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her butt drives me nuts. It is so perfectly round and sticks out just right when she is wearing those tight jeans, I just want to grab each cheek with my hands and hold on!!! (More about that later too)

Mom and Dad aren’t getting along real well right now, and I am in the middle of it too. Mom constantly tells us both that we are the reasons the girls moved so far away from us. We are too obnoxious and too loud and too insulting. Also she will throw in there that we are “rude, crude, and socially unacceptable”.

All because when Dad and I are together, everyone else does not exist! We feed off each other. We love our sports and “Don’t even think about touching the TV when a game is on!” If they interrupt one of our games or our conversation, we will insult or put down or whatever it takes to get them out of the way. Sometimes it might be that we will have burping contests, or something like that when we feel good and have just had a good meal laid out by the women folk. Hey, ain’t that their job?

We also used to irritate the girls when we would be watching a regular TV show or movie, and we would compare the bodies of the stars to those of our family. Of course the stars always rated higher than the family. No one was exempt from our evaluations either!! Dad was forever comparing “whoever” on TV to my sisters and referring to their butts, their boobs or whatever. And of course that just kept the women upset at us all the time. Our evaluations even get carried over to the mall (when they have been able to con us into going shopping with them. Of course some of those evaluations get pretty rude and crude. But hey, it’s just us guys!!!!!

I guess the one thing that got under Mom’s (and the girls too I guess) skin the most, was that Dad and I were always talking about the women on TV and talking about how we’d like to get some of that “Strange”. Dad especially liked to talk about the young ones on TV as “Strange” and how he’d like to make them climb the wall, and such as that. Well, of course, being my Dad’s son, I went along with all this. Even though I was still a virgin! (Thank goodness Dad didn’t know that!!) I talked trash just like he did, just like I was well experienced in the act of sex!

By the way, Mom and Dad’s original plan was to only have two children, one boy and one girl. But since the first two were girls, Dad talked Mom into having one more. Of course when I was born, Dad had his little boy, so he was satisfied.

Mom is always calling one of the girls and complaining about Dad and me. I have overheard some of her calls and from what I hear, they always invite her to come stay with them for a while to loose some of her stress. Especially fulya escort Becky! She wants Mom to come visit her bad!

I picked up the extension phone in my room once and heard Becky telling Mom that her boyfriend was always telling her (Becky) how much he would love to get between Mom’s legs. Becky says that really turns her on when he talks like that. Mom just laughs it off.

From the looks of things around here, I mean I see a lot going on here, I don’t think Mom and Dad are doing it anymore. They just don’t go to bed at the same time, they never have anything nice to say to each other, nothing like that!

Last Friday we were having dinner, and Mom asked Dad and me to bring in some firewood so we could have a fire in the fireplace. It was going to be a cold miserable weekend and we might as well do something to make it a little better. Well, Dad wasn’t very nice about it at all. (Someone had pissed him off earlier that day I guess), but he told Mom if she wanted firewood, to get it herself, that he wasn’t her fucking slave.

Well, needless to say, that really sent Mom off. She jumped up from the table and told him to go to hell and she ran out of the room crying. I was stunned. That had not happened before, not in front of me anyway. But dad just laughed it off and said she’d be alright in a little while. “Women are that way!” He’d say.

Well, we had just settled down to watch the game and the news people were on posting a weather forecast for the night and for Saturday. It was to be heavy snow and high winds.

Just after the game started, Mom came through the house with an overnight case. Dad looked up and said, “Going to find some firewood?” Then he laughed.

Mom said “Not in your fucking lifetime asshole!” And out the door she went. I heard her Explorer start up and the garage door open and she was gone. Dad was still just looking at the door she just went out of. She didn’t even bother to close the garage door when she left. I got up and went over to the door and pushed the button to close the garage door.

At half time, I went to my room and called Mom’s cell phone, but she never answered.

It was around midnight, I guess, long after the game anyway, I went and tried her cell phone again, still no answer. So I started calling my sisters. Neither of them would answer. The TV people were steady telling everyone to stay off the streets because it was getting bad out there. I was getting worried about my Mother. Yes, I know, I am a macho asshole too, but I do care about my Mother.

Finally about 1 AM Becky answered the phone. (I had called at least 20 times by then) All she said was, “What the fuck do you want? Leave us alone!”

I said “Becky, it’s Michael!”

“SO? What the fuck do you want, you pip squeak asshole?” She said in a very irritated tone.

I didn’t think my sister would ever talk to me that way, and it hurt my feelings, even if I am macho. I said “Becky…(Then I heard screaming in the background)..Becky what’s going on? Who’s being hurt? Becky?”

Becky laughed and said “Dipshit, that is your mother having an orgasm!!”

I was listening hard then and I heard mom scream “Oh god YES! Fuck me hard! I need to cum so much!!”

I said “Becky, what’s going on? What is wrong with Mom?”

Becky laughed again and said “You stupid asshole, Jeremy is fucking Mom like she has never been fucked before. So fuck you and daddy and if you call again, I’ll unplug the phone, so leave us the hell alone, you understand?”

I said “Becky…”

But then I heard the line go dead. Becky had hung up on me. Now I was really pissed off. Jeremy was fucking Mom. I had wanted to be the one to make Mom scream. I wanted to give her what Dad wasn’t giving her. I just knew she would love getting screwed by her little boy, especially since I have a 7 inch long dick.

But I was still worried about Mom. I would go out there tomorrow and check on her. They wouldn’t throw me out, surly!!

The next morning I got up and watched until the streets had been scraped and then I told Dad that I was going to see gebze escort a friend and I’d be back later in the day. He didn’t seem to care, so I took the Jeep Cherokee (4 wheel drive) and took off. I drove out to Becky’s house.

As I drove up Becky’s driveway, I saw Mom’s Blazer and Connie’s Suburu parked in the drive. So they were all here! I parked and got out and went up and knocked on the front door.

Becky answered the door in her bath robe, which was hanging open and all she had on under it was her bikini panties. I was stunned. She was Gorgeous!!

“Well, what the hell do you want? I told you to leave us alone, asshole!”

I said “Becky, Please, let me see Mom! I know you hate me, and I’m sorry, but I need to see Mom!”

I heard Mom inside say “Let him in Becky.” And Becky stepped back and let me in.

When I stepped in the door and looked around toward the living room, I saw Mom sitting there in a robe too, with nothing under it. Oh fuck she was beautiful!! I walked over to her and knelt down on my knees and said “Mom, are you alright? I was worried sick about you!”

Mom closed her robe and said “Yea, worried that no one would be your fucking slave anymore, you and that scum father of yours!”

I started to sniffle, (I wanted to just bawl like a baby) and said “No Mom, I love you. I want you home. I don’t want to live there without you. I want to be your lover from now on, not Dad.”

Mom just laughed out loud! “My lover? Are you crazy? You and your Dad will never get this pussy again!”

Jeremy walked in and saw me and said “Becky, what’s the asshole kid doing here?”

Mom said “It’s ok Jeremy, he was worried and came to check on me. Is that right son? Or did your stupid assed daddy send you here?”

“Yes ma’am, I came on my own. Dad thinks I am at a friends house. But I was really worried about you. It took you so long to get here!!” I answered.

Jeremy said “Well, asshole, did you finally wise up and leave home too?

“Well….No I haven’t yet, …..But I just might…” I said, and looked back at Mom and said “Did you have any trouble getting here Mom?”

“Well, not if you don’t count two traffic tickets and a little accident ‘trouble’! She laughed as she answered me.

I said “Mom…What do you mean a little accident?”

“Oh, I just ran off the road once, nothing big, just lost it when I orgasmed, I guess!” She laughed again.

“Orgasmed! Mom!!” What …” I started.

She laughed again and said “I had just heard about Jeremy’s big cock so many times, and I started over here and got to thinking how good that thing would feel inside me and started fingering myself and lost it!!”

“Mom, you didn’t have to leave to get that! I would have gladly fingered you, or screwed you or eat you even, all you had to do was ask!!! I said.

She laughed and Becky and Jeremy both laughed too. “Not hardly Michael!! Not me and you , not me and your daddy!!! Not ever!!!” Mom said. “Neither of you can compare to the big delicious love stick that Jeremy has and uses to make us all scream with joy! Now I think it is time for you to get on back to your loving daddy.”

I said “Mom….”

She put up here hand and said “Now go on son. Don’t piss us off, just go on home!”

I got up and started for the door and Connie walked in and she was completely naked! I froze and looked her up and down…she too, was gorgeous. And she had cum on her left thigh sliding down toward her knee. Jeremy had just fucked Connie and his cum was sliding down her leg.

“That should be my cum on her leg” I thought. I wanted to fuck all three of them, they were so beautiful and sexy, and they were all my family!!!

I turned and started toward the door. Becky was still standing there at the door, but her robe had come open. As I approached, she reached over with her right hand and hooked her thumb in the waist band of her panties and pushed them down and looked me in the eyes and said “Want a taste of this too asshole?”

I just jerked the door open and left. I could hear Becky laughing as I left.

I went back home gültepe escort and walked in and dad was watching tv, as usual. I said “Heard anything from Mom yet?”

“Hell no, and I don’t care if I ever do! She can’t just walk out on us and then think she can just waltz back whenever she wants to. Fuck her, she can stay gone for all I care!” He answered.

Yeah, I agree! Her and Connie and Becky can stay gone. We don’t need them!” I said.

I went up to my room and while I cried, I jerked off to the memory of the three hot pussies I had just left. And I shot off harder than I ever did in my life!!! I even thought about sneaking back sometime when Jeremy wasn’t there and break in and rape Becky, and then go rape Connie too. Both were so fucking gorgeous!! But I also knew that they would have not problems at all putting my young ass in prison!!

Monday morning Dad went to work as usual, but I called and played sick so I could stay home. I was lost. Was I going to stay here with Dad, or go beg Mom and my sisters to let me come with them? I went down to the living room and started watching a porn movie that Dad had “hidden” in his room, and thinking about the scream that I had heard from Mom over the phone, and then the three hot bodies that I had seen there in the house. I wanted to love my sisters and my Mom so much!!! They made me so horny!!! I pulled out my cock, then decided to get naked, and then just laid back on the couch and started jerking on my cock. Damn I was horny for my sisters and Mom and the more I thought about those girls bodies the harder I beat on my dick. I shot a load all over my chest. And I was exhausted! I laid my head back and closed my eyes.

“MICHAEL!” The shout woke me up. ( I must have fallen asleep). Mom was standing in front of me with her hands on her hips with a very stern look on her face.

“Mom….” I started. Then I realized that I was naked and started to look for my clothes to cover up with.

“Who were you jerking off to, Me? Your sisters? Some whore off the street? That movie? You’re as much a pervert as your father!” Mom said.

“Yes Mom, seriously, you and the girls! I really want all three of you!! I want to LOVE you three Mom, not just fuck you! Honest Mom! I said as I was pulling on my jeans. “Please Mom, just let me show you how much I love you!”

Then, just like she’d seen Dad and me do, she reached down, got a handful of her crotch and said “Forget it Michael, You’ll never get any of this pussy!”

Then she turned and walked away and went to her bedroom. Shortly, I heard her shower running. I got up and went and tried her door, but it was locked. I went back to the kitchen and got me some Pepsi and sat down at the table.

Later, she came out to the kitchen, made some coffee, looked up something in the phone book, and went back to her room. I followed her. She had her suitcases out on the bed and was packing.

I said “Mom, what in the world are you doing?”

“What the hell does it look like? I’m leaving you assholes!! I’ve just hired a lawyer, so you and your “loving” Dad can stay here and rot!”

“Mom, don’t, Please! I’ll do whatever you want, just don’t leave me!” I begged.

She ignored me, finished packing her bags and carried them out to the garage to her car. Then she came back in with a cardboard box from the garage, which she carried through the house taking things she wanted, took it to the car, got in and drove away.

She didn’t even say “bye” to me.

Mom and Dad divorced. I stayed with Dad…..mainly because I had nowhere else to go.

I can still hear the screaming that my Mom was doing when I was on the phone with Becky. I have never heard a woman scream, even in porn flics, like she was screaming. And I still jerk off to that memory, and the wishful thought that it was me making her scream like that. And to, the memories of my sisters the last time I saw them, showing me what I couldn’t get.

If they only would talk to me, I would tell them that I would become their slave if they would just let me, and love me the way I love them. But I know that will never be.

Parts of this story are true. I will leave it to you to decide what you want to believe. A second chapter is in the works about other family member that I hope you will also enjoy. This was written by Tinman69s with the basic story coming from my good friend Mike. Thanks Mike.

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