My Mom – My Lover Ch. 07


Brady lay in bed waking up slowly. It was Sunday morning and he had no place to be. He heard footsteps overhead and thought they were probably Dena’s since she wasn’t in bed with him. He wondered if his dad had already left for Phoenix. He rolled out of bed, brushed his teeth, threw on his sweats and made his way upstairs. He was greeted with that wonderful smell of his mom making eggs and bacon. He hadn’t realized how much he’d missed her cooking until he returned home. Or maybe it was just one of those things he never let himself think about when he was in the military.

“Good morning baby.” Dena said looking over her shoulder smiling standing at the stove.

Brady walked up to her, wrapped his arms around her, cupping each of her breasts. “Good morning!” He mumbled still half asleep. He kneaded her breasts as he laid his head on her shoulder.

Dena chuckled. “Can you go five minutes without touching those things?”

Brady laughed. “Nope!” He squeezed them hard feeling her nipples hardening. “Want me to stop?”

“Oh no baby! They’re yours for the taking whenever you want them or need them.”

“Good! I’d hate to have to rape you and take them against your will.” He gave them a last squeeze then swatted her ass before heading to the kitchen table to sit down.

“Actually, that sounds like fun baby. I loved the other night when you ripped my blouse and cut my bra off me. That got me so turned on.”

“Hmm! I’ll have to store that away in my brain for future reference. Dad left for Phoenix already?”

“Yes. He left this morning about 7:00.” Dena answered as she filled his plate.

“Have you two talked since the other night when I had him watch me fuck you?”

“Just briefly. Of course he didn’t say anything about that evening. I’m surprised he spoke to me at all. He said he was going to be gone at least a week, maybe two. I think he’s taking his secretary with him. He hinted at having someone else going with him.”

“Good for him. I hope he’s fucking her senseless. He needs someone.” Brady took the plate and began inhaling his eggs and bacon.

Dena was slightly taken back by his response. “You’re glad for him?”

“Of course I am. He’s a man with his own needs. Just because I don’t understand him doesn’t mean I want him to live a miserable life. I hope he finds someone the way I found you.” Brady didn’t even look up as he ate his breakfast.

Dena sat down next to him at the table. “You didn’t find me.” She smiled. “You just took me.”

He looked up from eating. “Yes I did. And now I’m taking your bedroom.”

Dena’s eyes revealed the shock at his brazenness. “I know you’ve proven your father’s spinelessness. But don’t you think you’re pushing this just a bit far? Are you trying to get us kicked out of the house?”

“If we get kicked out, so be it. I’m not trying to make that happen. I’m just taking our relationship to its logical end. He’s forfeited you. He refused to stand up to me. He doesn’t want to be the man of the house. So be it.” He leaned closer to Dena as though he was going to whisper a secret. “I’ve taken his bitch. Now I’m going to take his bed and fuck his bitch in it.”

Dena bristled. “I was never his bitch!”

Brady stared at her expressionless. “Point taken. But you are my bitch!”

“Yes I am.”

“Let’s get dressed then. We have a full day ahead of us. I want all his stuff taken down to the basement and all my stuff, along with whatever you have down there, taken up to the master bedroom.” Brady carried his plate over to the sink. “And no panties or bra for you.” He swatted her ass again as he walked by.

The two of them worked throughout most of the day transferring John’s stuff into the basement and Brady’s stuff upstairs into the master bedroom. It wasn’t a difficult move, just tedious with many trips between the basement and second floor. Brady grabbed and fondled his mom as often as it was convenient. Her body was his for the taking, and he was going to take at his pleasure. He liked keeping her braless. They finished about 4:00 in the afternoon. “Let’s get cleaned up then we’ll go out to eat. I feel like Chinese tonight.”

“You go shower first. You’re faster than me.”

Brady walked into the master bathroom and opened the shower door. The shower stall was big enough for two people. “Get in here!” He yelled as he undressed. Dena walked in. “Get naked.” Brady stepped in the shower once the water was hot enough, Dena right behind him. Each lover lathered and scrubbed the other down, taking extra time between their legs. Brady spent extra time on her breasts. After they had finished bathing each other, Brady took her in his arms and kissed her passionately, dropping his hands to her ass, cupping her cheeks, pulling her into his body. They kissed for a couple minutes as their hands roamed all over each other’s body.

Brady finally broke the kiss and pushed her back to the corner of the shower stall. He dropped to his knees, lifting her left leg, draping etiler otele gelen escort it over his shoulder. The water was cascading over their bodies as he dipped his head between her legs and sucked in her clit and pussy lips. Dena moaned her approval as she put both her hands on his head to keep herself balanced. HIs lips and tongue teased her womanhood till she was on the verge of climaxing. Dena’s head tilted back, her mouth open, but no sound was coming out. Brady could feel her body tensing in anticipation of climaxing. He looked up and saw the look on her face. He pulled his mouth off her pussy and stood up.

Dena looked at him. Her face a mixture of shock, confusion, frustration and disappointment. “Oh baby! Please don’t make Mama wait. Please don’t do this to me!” She begged him.

He grabbed a fistful of her wet hair and kissed her passionately. “It’s time you start really understanding what it means to be owned by me. What it means to have a Master who controls every aspect of your being.”

Dena stood there with the water running down her body. Her clit throbbing from need. Her heart pounding like it was going to explode. Her mind racing a thousand miles an hour. “Yes sir!” She gasped, not knowing what else to say. She knew arguing would be useless.

Brady leaned forward and kissed her as he slipped his hand between her legs and caressed her swollen clit. Dena’s whole body shuddered in need as she moaned.

“You be a good girl the rest of the day and I’ll give you what you need when we get home from dinner.” The response he got from her was not what he had expected.

She started to weep as she stood there. “Oh baby! You have no idea how much I love you! I don’t think you know how much you’ve filled my life in ways I never thought possible. You’ve taken control in ways I’ve only fantasized about most of my adult life. You haven’t just denied me pleasure. You’ve shown me you’re the man I’ve always needed.” She was about to drop to her knees when the hot water ran out.

“Let’s get out of here!” Brady yelled as the water turned cold.

Stepping out of the shower, Dena took her towel and threw it on the floor. She was so turned on she wasn’t going to be denied his cock. She knelt on it, her body dripping, and pulled her boy to her. His cock was already at half-mast. She devoured his cock with her mouth. She wrapped her arms around his thighs as she began a furious sucking of his cock.

Brady took her wet head in both hands and started to fuck her face with the same ferocity. Dena squealed with delight as Brady took control of her movements. “Suck that cock you dirty whore! Oooohhhh fuck! My mom’s a dirty cumslut! My dirty cumslut!”

Dena never pulled her mouth off his cock to say anything. Not that she could have. Brady held her tightly. He felt his balls boiling, nearing that moment he would coat the back of her mouth and throat with his cum. There was nothing gentle or loving the way he was using her. That was the way neither of them wanted it right now.

Brady pumped her head back and forth, harder and harder as he felt his orgasm building. He felt her drool running down his shaft and over his balls. Dena hummed and gurgled as he fucked her mouth, occasionally coughing when the head of his cock entered her throat. Brady’s grunts got louder with each thrust of his cock. “OH FUCK!” He screamed as his cock filled her mouth with his cum.

Dena did her best to keep up with what seemed like an endless supply of his cum being pumped into her mouth. It began running down her chin and all over her swaying tits. She loved the feel of his cream on her flesh.

He continued to use her mouth as he descended from his orgasm. Dena knew how to love him in ways no other woman ever had. She knew how to bring him down slowly allowing him to savor all those post-orgasmic aftershocks. Dena had always had these skills in her. It just took the right man to bring them out in her.

Brady fell back against the wall and slid down it till he was sitting on the floor in front of his mom. He watched as his mom scooped up his cum from her tits and fed it into her mouth. She gave him a seductive grin. “Like what you see?”

“Nope!” He waited for the pout then laughed. “I LOVE what I see!” He leaned forward and took her face in his hands. “Do you know what you do to me?”

Dena smiled as she reached for his face to caress it. “Probably the same as what you do to me?”

“Do you know what you mean to me?”

Dena started to tear up. “Oh baby! I never knew I could feel this way about someone. I’ve never felt so complete, so wanted, so owned, so loved.” She paused. “I know we’re mother and son. I know what we’re doing is . . .”

“Incest!” He completed the sentence she couldn’t.

“Yes. I wrestle with it everyday.”

“What do you wrestle with? Our relationship and what we have together? Or what people will say if and when it becomes public?” Brady asked sitting etiler rus escort back with legs crossed. Nothing seemed more natural than the two of them, mother and son, sitting naked together and talking like two lovers.

“Oh baby! I never question anything that we have. I never want to lose you as my lover. No. It’s not us. It’s what people will say. What will Kevin and John Jr say? How will they react?”

Brady sat silent for a few seconds, then stood up. He gave Dena his hand to help her up. She stood up and Brady took her in his arms. He kept his left arm around her waist as he brought his right hand between them, cupping her breast and fondling it.

Dena giggled. “You really can’t keep your hands off of them, can you?”

Brady smiled down at her. “You’re just now figuring this out?” He dipped his head. Their tongues played together as Dena’s hands roamed up and down his back. Brady finally broke the kiss to Dena’s moans. “The bathroom is not the place to deal with what you’re struggling with. Let’s get dressed and go get something to eat. I’m starving.”

They sat down and ordered their meals. “It’s been a long time since I’ve had Chinese.” Brady paused as he took a long drink on his beer. “Now, here’s my take on those things you struggle with. I’m not trying to minimize your concerns about those things. But as far as people go, I say fuck ’em. I don’t give a shit what people think about us. But if it becomes something you can’t bear dealing with, then we can move away. Go someplace and start all over.” He reached across the table and took her hands. “I want you to enjoy what we have. You won’t be able to do that if you live with the anxiety of dealing with the people around here.”

“Now as far as John Jr and Kevin go, I don’t think it’s going to be an issue for either of them.” He chuckled. “Hell! Kevin might want to join in. I think he’s always had a thing for you like I have. But I’ll deal with him when the time comes. John Jr, will probably care less. We hardly ever see him anyway. I haven’t seen him in a couple years.”

“Do you really think Kevin might want to be part of what we have?”

“He might! Does that scare you?”

“Yes! I love what you and I have. I don’t know how bringing Kevin into it would affect things. I love Kevin. But not the way I love you.”

“Don’t worry about him. I’ll take care of Kevin.” Brady chuckled as he thought about the fantasies they had shared as teenagers.

“What’s so funny?”

Brady wasn’t sure if he should tell her. ‘What the hell!’ he thought. “I was thinking we could try and get him and Aunt Jean together.”

Dena’s eyes widened at the idea. “What?! Why would you bring my sister into this?”

Their food arrived and as usual Brady devoured his meal like it was his last. In between bites Brady revealed their mutual lust for her sister. “Oh mom! Kev and I had such huge hard-ons for Aunt Jean when we were teens. She was the full package. Great personality. Great body. Gorgeous. And a great set of tits both of us jerked off to as we fantasized about fucking them. Probably about the only time I wasn’t thinking about Aunt Jean was when I was with someone else, like Michelle, and I was fucking them.”

Dena sat silently as she ate her meal, not knowing if she should tell him of her conversations with her sister over the years. All those conversations came flooding back into her mind. The two of them had talked about sexual matters as freely as any two sisters would. But their conversations always came back to what each of them thought about Brady and Kevin. ‘What the hell!’ she thought. “Well you two boys weren’t the only ones taking notice.” Brady looked up from his meal. His interest piqued now. “Jean and I used to talk about sex quite a bit. We always took notice of the two of you. I always had a thing for you, and Jean always had a thing for Kevin. She always enjoyed teasing him with the things she would wear.”

A light went off in Brady’s head. “You mean like that pool party they had at their house about 12-13 years ago? I remember when she walked out with that black swimsuit on. I think the only thing that suit covered was her nipples. Everything else was hanging out for display.”

Dena giggled. “Yep. That’s exactly what I mean. She knew exactly what she was doing. She knew you boys were watching her.”

Brady laughed loud enough to draw the attention of most of the patrons in the restaurant. “Why that teasing bitch!” He said more softly. “We both walked around with hard-ons that day. If I remember correctly we took turns using the bathroom that day to jerk off. By the way, how big are Aunt Jean’s tits? I know they’re not as big as yours.”

“She’s put on a little weight over the last few years. Not a lot. But I think she’s a DDD now.”

“Mmmmm.” Brady was getting turned on just thinking about his aunt. “I used to fantasize about mauling those two sweet tits of hers. Squeezing them, sucking on them, biting them and then etiler türbanlı escort sliding my cock between them till I shot my load all over them and her face.”

Dena felt herself getting turned on as Brady described what he’d always wanted to do to Jean’s body. “You two really were dirty boys.”

“You have no idea mom. We were boys who knew what a woman’s body was meant for.”

“And how did you two learn how to use a woman’s body? I know you didn’t learn it from your father.”

Brady looked at her a little dumbfounded. “You serious? You ever heard of porn? A great teacher.”

“I would hardly consider porn a great teacher for how to have sex.”

“Don’t go getting all moralistic on me now. I haven’t heard any complaints from you for the way I take you.” Brady smiled at her. “So why don’t you shut-up and finish your meal so we can get home and I can finish you off like I promised earlier.”

Dena’s pussy was gushing from their conversation. She was worried there would be a huge wet spot on her jeans between her legs when she stood up. She focused on finishing her meal until Brady gave her a command she wasn’t expecting.

“I want you to call Aunt Jean on the ride home. Feel her out for possibly joining our happy little troupe. And that’s not a request or suggestion.”

Dena felt her pulse quickening. “Yes sir! What about Kevin?” She didn’t want to share Brady with her sister. All those old sister rivalries started coming back to her. “Do you think he’ll be interested?”

Brady looked at her amazed at how naïve she was in some areas. “You have got to be kidding me. If Aunt Jean is of a mind to join us, offering her to Kevin will be like waving that red flag in front of a raging bull.”

“Pussy all wet?” Brady asked as they walked back to his truck from the restaurant.

“What do you think? You really got me turned on in there thinking about all that stuff.”

“Good. That’s the whole idea.” When they got to his truck Brady reached in the backseat for a few clean shop rags and laid them on the passenger seat.

Dena sarcastically asked, “What? You afraid I’m going to mess-up your brand new truck’s front seat?”

“Damn right I am! Now get up in there!” Dena did as she was told. As Brady held the door open, he looked around. He saw an older couple getting out of their car. The man looked at Brady and his truck. He turned to Dena. “Now pull your jeans and panties down to your ankles.”

Dena just stared at him. Then she looked over his shoulder at the couple who were now watching them.

“I said NOW!” Brady said sternly.

Jean’s hands were shaking as she unbuckled her jeans and slid them along with her panties down her legs. She had never considered herself an exhibitionist. But the thought of being watched by the couple that were probably around her age was really getting her excited.

Brady closed the passenger door and turned to walk around the front of the truck to the drivers side. He saw the couple still staring. “The food in there is great. But I’m not really impressed with their desserts. So my slut here will be my dessert this evening. You folks have a great evening.” Pulling out of the parking lot, Brady noticed they were still staring at them.

When they were on the main highway home Brady leaned over and slipped his hand between her legs. Dena obediently spread them further apart. He ran his middle finger the length of her slit, stopping at her swelling clit. Dena’s body jumped slightly. He rubbed it gently. Dena moaned with need. “Now call your sister.”

Dena pulled her phone out of her purse and dialed Jean’s number. “Hey sis. How are you?” Dena asked trying to control her reactions.

“I’m doing ok! I’m making myself some dinner. How are you doing?”

“Brady took me out for dinner this evening. Now we’re heading home.”

Jean thought she heard some excitement in Dena’s voice. She knew Dena had always favored Brady. They’d even shared some fantasies over the years. “What? John decide not to go with you two?”

Brady curled his middle finger inside her gushing pussy. Dena’s body twitched. She moaned softly momentarily forgetting Jean was listening. “Oh no! No! John left for Phoenix this morning. He’ll be gone at least a week. Why don’t you come over for dinner tomorrow night? Brady would love to see you.”

“I’d love that Dena. I’ll bet you’re glad to have him back home?”

Brady rotated his finger inside her, feeling the walls of her pussy. Dena moaned. “Oh yes! You have no idea how much I’m glad he’s home.” She laid her other hand on Brady’s hand and caressed it. “He’s been taking such good care of me since he got home.” Brady worked a second finger into her pussy. Dena lost all self-control. “Oh baby!” She moaned with head laid back and eyes closed. “You do know how to make Mama feel good.”

Jean laughed. “What’s going on Dena? Is that boy of yours REALLY taking good care of you?”

“Yes he is! He’s taking real good care of me.” Dena looked over at Brady. “I love you baby! Please don’t tease your Mama anymore.” Her arm dropped to the arm rest, still holding her cell phone.

Brady worked his fingers harder and faster. Knowing she was on the phone with his Aunt just made it that much more fun. The sloshing and sucking sound coming from her pussy filled the truck.

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