My Mother, My Daughter, and Me


My Mother, My Daughter, and Me

Amber, sexually attracted to her father, teases and seduces her dad, Wes, who’s sexually attracted to her as well.

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Author’s Note:

This is a true story that 18-year-old Amber asked me to write about her having incestuous sex with her 47-year-old father, Wes. Instead, hoping he’d take the hint, make next move, and have incestuous sex with her, she continued flashing him her totally, naked body until he finally got the hint and had incestuous sex with her. Fearful of having sex with his daughter, this was his daughter and not some whore. Then, knowing he wouldn’t get in trouble, it took him a while to realize that she sexually wanted him as much as he sexually wanted her.

Like grandmother, like granddaughter, they were cut from the same cloth. Amber was just like her grandmother, Karen, in her sexual desire of her father in the way that her grandmother was sexually attracted to her son. Just as Wes was doomed to have incestuous sex with his mother, with his daughter not taking no for an answer, only a matter of time, he was doomed to have sex with his daughter, too. In the way that her grandmother enjoyed controlling her son with exhibitionism and sex, Amber enjoyed controlling her father with exhibitionism and sex, too.

Hidden from everyone while hiding in the shadows, no one, not even her mother, knew about their father and daughter incestuous affair. With her not home, leaving them alone while traveling on business, it was inevitable that they’d be having sex. Their dirty, little secret, what they sexually did behind closed, bedroom doors was their business and none of anyone else’s business. Starting innocently by flashing one another and masturbating over one another, their incestuous teasing continued and blossomed into them having a father and daughter, incestuous, sexual relationship.

My drunken, whore of a mother sexually abused me as an 18-year-old teenager. Too young and too sexually inexperienced to understand what was happening, instead of stopping it, I willingly and consensually went along with it. Back then, I was filled with testosterone and too dumb to realize that what my mother did in taking sexual advantage of me and sexually abusing me was wrong.

Instead, I masturbated every morning and every evening over my sexy mother exposing herself to me. Indeed, not thinking there was anything wrong with my mother flashing me her naked ass, her naked tits, and her pussy, I was too sexually excited to see my 46-year-old MILF of a mother in all manner of undress. Returning the favor of her exhibitionism with my exhibitionism, not thinking there was anything wrong with flashing my mother my erect, naked cock, I was too sexually excited not to expose myself to her.

With her continually sexually teasing me by flashing me her nearly naked and naked body, three decades later, my daughter gave me plenty of sexual imagery to masturbate over, too. After taking her shower, Amber knew that I was there watching her drying her hair while topless. Then, with her bedroom door partially open, she laid across her bed wearing earplugs and reading while she was naked, totally naked. Alas, instead of seeking professional, psychiatric help, with me already possessing a history of sexual abuse, I continued the sexual abuse cycle by sexually abusing my 18-year-old daughter, Amber.

Not having to force her to strip naked, with my daughter willingly and consensually exposing herself to me, I returned the favor by exposing myself to her. Allowing her to catch me stroking my cock, I masturbated over the thoughts of my daughter naked and having sex with me. Shamefully perverted for a father to do that to his daughter, after she played soccer, I made her special, protein shakes. I ejaculated cum in her drink before serving it to her. I received a sick, sexual thrill watching my daughter guzzle the load of cum that I ejaculated in her drink.

# # #

Wes’ story:

My sexual abuse started nearly, thirty-years ago with my thirty-six-year-old, MILF of a mother, Karen. A single mother with no man in her life, with us living out in the boonies and her working from home, she was content living alone with me. Back then, not part of the everyday dialogue, no one talked about sexual abuse in the way that they talk about it now. Yet, even today, they mostly discussed sexual abuse with how it related to women and not to men.

Like grandmother like granddaughter, in the way that my mother sexually abused me by sexually teasing and sexually seducing me, nearly, thirty-years later, my 18-year-old daughter, Amber, sexually abused me by sexually teasing and sexually seducing me. Seemingly, doomed to be sexually, albeit consensually abused by mother, I was doomed to be sexually, albeit consensually abused by my daughter.

‘What is it with women sexually teasing men? Clearly, they derive sexual pleasure in exposing themselves to men while making their flashing appear unintentional and/or accidental. Between upskirt views of their panties and their naked pussies Taksim Escort and down-blouse views of their cleavage, low-cut bras, and naked breasts, what is it with women exposing themselves to men? Always flaunting their sexy and shapely bodies, women are always showing men all that they hoped to see. Then, strangely enough, they shame and embarrass the men for looking.’

Not my fault. I was a victim. I was molded by my long history of sexual abuse, first by my mother, Karen, and then by my daughter, Amber. Is it any wonder why I’m addicted to sex? Sex, sex, sex, my entire existence is sex. When I’m not having sex, I’m thinking about having sex.

My sexual abuse started with my MILF of a mother, Karen, and continued with my 18-year-old daughter, Amber. Not breaking the cycle but continuing the cycle, I had no idea what sexual abuse was until it happened to me. I had no idea that I was their pawn in their game of sexual seduction. Naïvely, I thought that only women could be sexually abused but I was wrong. Naïvely, I thought that only women could be sexually seduced but I was so very wrong.

# # #

Ripe for my daughter, Amber, to sexually seduce me, my long history of sexual abuse started with my mother when I was 18-years-old. As if waiting for me to come of age, as soon as I turned 18, she started sexually teasing me by exposing her semi-naked body and naked body to me. With my mother a beautiful woman with a sexy and shapely figure, what man wouldn’t look at his mother when she was flashing him her naked ass, her naked tits, and/or her naked pussy. What man wouldn’t masturbate over seeing what he shouldn’t be seeing of his sexy and shapely mother?

Suffice to write, continually walking around the house with an erection, I was as shocked as I was sexually excited to see my mother in all manner of undress. After she exposed her nearly naked and her naked body to me, it goes without saying that I’ve always been sexually attracted to my mother. Unable to stop myself from doing so, quickly becoming part of my daily routine, I masturbated over all that I saw of my mother every morning and every night. Always so horny, when I wasn’t masturbating, I was thinking about masturbating.

She turned my head from a loving mother and son relationship to the dark, incestuous, side of forbidden sex. Having never wondered about such things before, she made me wonder what it would be like to have sex with my mother. The first women that I saw without her clothes, with her exposing herself to me every day, multiple times a day, she made her flashes appear accidental and unintentional instead of deliberate.

Feeling perverted and guilty, I berated myself for looking. How dare I sexually lust over my mother? What’s wrong with me to want to have incestuous sex with her. As horny as I was sexually excited, I continually masturbated over seeing my mother in her sexy nightgowns, in her bra and panties, topless, and naked.

Deliberately flashing me, giving me a semi-naked and naked, daily show, even with me standing in her bedroom doorway watching her, she never closed her bedroom door when dressing or undressing. She wanted me to see what I shouldn’t see of her. Every day, accustomed to seeing my mother in some manner of undress, I saw her numerous times in her bra and panties, topless, and naked. Finding any excuse to talk to her, and to delay my stay with her, I’d stand in her bedroom doorway talking to her while watching her dress and undress.

She was so beautiful. She was so sexy. She was so shapely. She was my sexual fantasy and dream woman come true and rolled into one, fine looking woman. With me having fallen in romantic love with her, if I could have married my mother, I would have. If I could have impregnated her and had a child with her, I would have done that, too. I wished I could have spent the rest of my life with my mother. Yet, not to be. She had other plans that didn’t include me.

# # #

Back then, with me 18-years-old and my mother 36-years-old, nearly thirty-years ago, she had such a beautiful body with big, D cup breasts and big nipples. She had a firm, shapely ass and a brown, bushy pussy. As if they were my trophies collected from her panties, I collected errant strands of her dark, brown, pubic hair that remained stuck inside of her panties.

She had so very many pairs of panties and I loved them all. I never wanted to wear my mother’s panties, I’d much rather masturbate while holding and sniffing her panties. I’d rather cum in my mother’s soiled panties while imagining that I was cumming in my mother’s pussy.

She had all colors and all styles of panties. I even liked the word, panties. Panties, panties, panties. Just the mere thought of my mother’s panties gave me an erection. My mother’s panties sexually excited me enough to make me want to masturbate and cum while holding her panties and imagining her wearing them.

Something that I was fond of doing, I’d masturbate over imagining her naked and having sex with Ümraniye Escort me while holding and sniffing her panties. While holding her soiled panties to my nose, I’d masturbate myself and ejaculate cum in her panties while imagining fingering my mother’s pussy and licking her pussy. I loved my mother’s panties. I loved the musky smell of my mother’s pussy.

I can’t count how many times I masturbated over seeing my mother’s naked breasts, her naked pussy, and her naked ass. Yet, as much as I loved seeing her topless and/or naked, she looked best when walking around me in her sexy bra and revealing panties. She was so sexy in her low-cut colorful bras and in her colorful, form fitting, bikini panties.

# # #

After a while, taking me time to get there, while flashing her my erect, naked cock, I returned the exhibitionistic favor of her nudity with my nudity. Daring myself to do so, I was as embarrassed as I was sexually excited showing my mother my naked prick. As if daring her to touch me, stroke me, suck me, and/or fuck me, I’d stand in her bedroom doorway in plain view of her while stroking my naked cock in front of her and while staring up at her.

With her staring at me and watching me masturbate myself, I lost count how many times I exposed myself to my mother. I lost count how many times I ejaculated for my mother. Instead of just exposing herself to me, I wished that she’d reach out and wrap her soft, warm hand around my naked prick. Instead of just sexually teasing me, I wished that she’d stroke me and masturbate me. Instead of just sexually seducing me, I wished she’d move to her knees and take me in her mouth. I so wanted to have sex with my mother.

Yet, unfortunately, her having sex with me wasn’t her style. She just wanted to sexually tease me by sexually abusing me. She just wanted to continue to flash me her beautiful, naked body. Surely, she must have derived some sexual pleasure in flashing her semi-naked and naked body to me. In the way that I masturbated over her, she must have masturbated herself over me seeing all that I shouldn’t see of my mother’s ass, tits, and pussy.

No doubt, waiting for me to make my sexual move, I imagined that she wanted me to push her back on her bed, strip her naked, mount her, and fuck her. Yet, with me sexually inexperienced and with me having too much respect for my mother, I could never sexually force her to sexually do something that she didn’t want to do. I was so naïve. Little did know that my mother wanted to stroke me, suck me, and fuck me. Little did I know that my mother was playing me.

“Be careful not to cum on the carpet, Wes,” was the only thing she ever said to let me know that she not only saw my naked prick but also, she saw me masturbating myself. “Don’t make a mess, please. Use a Kleenex to catch your cum.”

# # #

Then, whenever she was drinking, which was nearly every night, she’d always fall asleep on her bed and in her sexy, low-cut, short, and nearly see-through nightgown. With her nightgown hem nearly bunched to the top of her pubic hairy, and with her not wearing panties, I received a nightly view of her naked, bushy pussy. With her nightgown straps half off, at least one of her naked breasts was always exposed. If it wasn’t enough seeing my mother’s naked ass and her naked pussy, I loved seeing her big, naked tits.

Daring myself to do so, I so wanted to move between my mother’s shapely thighs. Taking in the musky fragrance of her naked cunt, I so wanted to finger her pussy while licking her cunt. I so wanted to rub her clit and fingerfuck her pussy. I so wanted to masturbate my mother. Something that I never heard or saw before, I so wanted hear and see my mother have a sexual orgasm brought on by my fingers and tongue. Controlling my mother with sex in the way that she controlled me with sex, I so wanted to give her a sexual orgasm.

Whether deliberate or unintentional, with me horny back then and filled with testosterone, my mother gave me plenty to masturbate over later. I lost count how many times I masturbated over seeing something of her beautiful, semi-naked and naked body that I shouldn’t see of my mother. Every day, sometimes multiple times a day, she deliberately exposed some part of her naked body to me. Every day, taking the images of her naked body to bed with me, I’d masturbate while imagining her naked and her having sex with me.

‘Oh, Mom, I want you. I want to make out with you while touching and feeling you everywhere through your clothes,’ I thought while masturbating myself in my bed before going to sleep at night. ‘I want to strip you naked. I want to touch and feel your beautiful, naked body everywhere that a son should never touch and feel his mother. I want to make sweet and slow love to you. I want to fuck you. I want you to blow me. I need to cum in your beautiful mouth.’

Eventually, building the courage to sneak in her room, I’d stand beside her bed watching her sleep. Then, with the nightlight plenty bright enough for me to see all that I wanted to see of my nearly naked mother, I carefully removed some of the covers to see more of her naked body. Then, whenever she was drunk enough that she wouldn’t know nor remember what I was doing or what I did, I started touching her and feeling her in her sleep.

Only, little did I know that she wasn’t sleeping. She was pretending to be asleep. She was aware of every sexual thing that I did to her beautiful naked, body. She wanted me to touch her. She wanted me to feel her.

Eventually, I masturbated over her while she was sleeping, or in her case, pretended to be sleeping. Standing next to her bed, when I wasn’t cumming on her naked tits, I ejaculated on her naked pussy, and/or even on her face.

Sometimes, when she was snoring with her mouth was open, I’d masturbate myself and when ready to cum, I’d lean over her and cum in her mouth. Daring myself to do so, I’ve even stuck my erect prick in her sleeping mouth. As if she was dreaming of giving someone a blowjob, my mother sucked me in her sleep. Yet, little did I know that my mother wasn’t sleeping. She was wide awake while waiting for me and expecting me to cum all over her face and in her mouth. She loved giving me a sleeping blowjob.

# # #

I’ve taken my mother’s hand, wrapped her long, manicured fingers around my erect, naked cock and, while rocking my hips back and forth, I’ve had her masturbate me while she’s feigning that she’s asleep. Unable to control myself, sexually excited over it, I’ve ejaculated in my mother’s sleeping, open mouth several times while she pretended to be sleeping. Mounting her, with her dead to the world and not awakening because she was drunk and/or sleeping it off, while hoping to make her pregnant, I slid my cock inside of her and ejaculated in her pussy a few times, too.

Always wondering if my mother knew that I sexually abused her in her sleep, she never said anything to make me think that she knew. Yet, with the joke on me, I suspected she knew that I had sex with her in her sleep because she was always wet. Pretending she was the one being sexually seduced instead of her being the seducer, definitely, without doubt, my mother was wide awake when I was having my sexual way with her beautiful body.

Always lying on her back or on her stomach, while giving me easy access to her body, she wanted to have sex with me as much as I wanted to have sex with her. Yet, this was my mother and not some woman that I picked up in a bar. For her sexual seduction to work, she needed to pretend that she was sleeping. She needed to pretend that she had no idea that I was sexually abusing her in her sleep. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have the confidence to do all that I sexually did to my mother in her feigned sleep.

Further proof that my mother was wide awake and not sleeping, she was plenty wet enough for me to easily slip my cock inside of her naked pussy. With her nipples totally erect, indeed, I suspected that she was pretending that she was sleeping. Something that I wouldn’t have done on my own without her encouragement, she wanted me to touch and feel her. Something I wouldn’t have done without her sexually seducing me, just as she wanted to have sex with me, she wanted me to have sex with her.

With my dried cum all over her face, across her naked breasts, and/or in her naked pussy, as my proof that my mother was wide awake, she never admonished me for cumming on her or in her while she was sleeping. Whether deliberately or unintentionally, she sexually seduced me by allowing me to touch and feel her passed out, drunken naked body through her nightgown. With her continually flashing me, while waiting for me to make my sexual move, clearly, she wanted to have sex with me as much as I wanted to have sex with her.

Every night she was drunk. Every night, I’d stealthily sneak in her bedroom and quietly climb in her bed to lay beside her while holding her and spooning her. Every night, as if an incestuous game we played, I’d masturbate while in my mother’s bed and would ejaculate cum on some part of her sleeping body. I loved having incestuous sex with my mother without her knowing that I was having incestuous sex with her. Only, the surprise was on me. My mother knew all along what I was doing while she pretended to be asleep.

Then, lowering her nightgown straps and pushing down the bodice of her nightgown, I touched, felt, and fondled her big, naked tits while fingering her erect nipples. I lifted her nightgown to her waist to expose her bushy, naked, brown pussy while rubbing her clit and fingerfucking her pussy as she slept. I’d lift her nightgown to the small of her back to expose her sexy naked ass. Then, while cuddling against her and spooning her, I’d rub my naked cock against my mother’s shapely ass.

When I wasn’t feeling her big tits, I was cupping her naked pussy, rubbing her clit, and squeezing her naked ass. When I wasn’t masturbating cum on my mother, rubbing her clit and fingerfucking her pussy, I was masturbating her. I liked to think that she was sleeping but now that I know better, the joke was on me. My mother pretended to be sleeping while I had my wicked, sexual way with her. Nonetheless, whether or not she was sleeping or was fully wide awake, my sexual fantasy come true, I enjoyed having sex with my mother.

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