My Mother the Somnambulist Ch. 02


Part Six: The Part Where I Suspect Mom Might Remember What Happened

Mom slept in the next morning and didn’t come down at all before I left for school. That had me worried. Had she awakened to find her snatch a gooey mess? Had she figured that there could only be one explanation? Had she not wanted to come downstairs out of anger towards me, or embarrassment? Or was I just making a big deal out of nothing, and she hadn’t even noticed? Or had she just slept in and all the answer to all those questions were still in the future? And what about pregnancy?

I was distracted all day. When I got home from class, Mom wasn’t home so I went into her bathroom and snooped around for any sign of birth control methods. To my relief, I found a container of birth control pills. That marked one of my worries off the list.

I went to my room, opened my laptop and decided to do a little research about somnambulism. I learned that there was a sub-category called sexsomnia, in which the sufferer acts out sexual fantasies, sometimes very aggressively and with far less inhibitions than they might have during their waking hours. There have only been about 100 verified cases since it was first identified in 1986.

One of the symptoms is the inability to remember it the next day, or the denial of it if it is remembered. I had blown that second part; how could she deny it if there was semen dripping out of her as proof? Another point was that a common symptom is the inability of the person to “come out of it” during the episode. As I was reading, I heard her car pull up out front followed by the front door of the house closing a minute later. I decided that I might as well go downstairs and face the music as soon as possible.

When I got downstairs, Mom looked tired and a little disheveled, which was not a good sign, as she was usually very put together. She was putting away groceries, and I noticed a bag from a local sex store on the counter with the grocery bags. I wondered how much her dreams were driving her waking behavior without her being aware of it.

“Hi, Mom,” I started with as a neutral opener.

Mom looked over at me and replied, “Oh, hello, honey. I’m going to make a nice dinner for us tonight, and I stopped at the Red Box and got the new Wonder Woman movie.”

“Great, Mom,” I answered, thinking perhaps I had dodged the bullet. I decided to pry a little more. “I noticed that you weren’t up this morning.”

“Yeah,” she replied. “I think I must have had a big episode last night.” She looked over at me. “Did I see you last night?” That was a tricky question. I knew what the truth was, but didn’t know how much of it I should reveal.

“Um, yeah, for a bit,” I said, trying to be vague. That was a truthful answer to her question.

“Oh!” Mom said, covering her mouth with the palm of her hand, and her eyes going wide.

“I’m just confused. Nothing seems to be out of place in the house, but I know I’ve been sleepwalking.” There was pain and confusion in her eyes. “I have some vague memories, but they’re indistinct, just out of touch. They’re troubling, though. Did I talk to you?” She glanced quickly at me, then looked away.

That was a question I could answer again truthfully. “Yes, but you didn’t make much sense.”

“Oh,” she said again and looked away. “Well, I don’t know…” and her voice trailed off.

I walked over and gave her a hug. “Mom, whatever it is, it’s okay.” I felt her relax in my embrace.

“Oh, thank goodness,” she cried. “I’ve been so worried.” I had no idea how much she remembered, or if we were talking about the same thing, but it seemed that all my worries were unfounded. If she did know, and if she had found my sperm in her, then she wasn’t blaming me, she was blaming herself. Preparing a nice dinner for me was her way of making herself feel better.

I sensed that she didn’t want to delve any deeper into the truth. “It’s okay, Mom,” I reassured her, and gave her another hug.

“Thank you,” she said quietly, and hugged me back. As I held her my cock began to stiffen. It didn’t help when she hugged me even tighter and cuddled into me, evidently feeling safe in my arms. I was confused about whether she knew what we had been doing in the middle of the night or not and I was feeling like I needed to pull away for fear that she would feel my rising cock against her leg. If she did know, then probably it was no big deal. But if she didn’t, it would be really, really, inappropriate.

Deciding to err on the side of caution, I gave her one big squeeze, then pulled away. “Got to study, Mom, if I’m going to get into the U this Fall.”

I studied for a while, then we had a nice dinner. She made one of my favorites, beef stroganoff over wide egg noodles with peas on the side. We finished up the leftover banana cream pie. The only odd part was whereas she had been looking at me when I wasn’t looking at her before and would avert her gaze, I caught her looking at me surreptitiously maltepe escort five or six times over the course of the evening, but she didn’t look away. She smiled lovingly at me when I met her gaze.

The movie was great, and I was safe in my bed by 10:30. I seriously doubted that we would have a third night in a row of sleepwalking. Guess I was wrong.

Part Seven: The Part With Mom’s Bedpost

I hid the car keys in the same place, under my mattress, before bed. I seriously doubted if we would have a third night in a row of sleepwalk sex, so I settled into bed for a good night’s sleep.

At 2:35, I woke up to someone shouting. As I became more conscious I realized it was Mom, and I threw on some pajama bottoms and ran down the hall towards her bedroom. Her door was open and I could hear her talking to someone as I approached her room.

As I got closer, I could hear that everything she was saying was pretty much gibberish. That wasn’t surprising, but I was shocked when I walked into the room to see her wearing a very sheer negligee which was billowing around her as she impaled herself on one of the bedposts at the foot of her bed. With one knee on the bed and the other foot on the floor, she was rising and falling onto the rounded knob of the footboard of her bed. In the dim light I could see it disappearing up her cunt, reappearing wet and shiny as she lifted herself off it, only to again lower herself until it completely disappeared up her shaved twat. She was spouting gibberish as she worked the knob in and out of her cunt.

I quietly went over to her makeup table and sat on the chair she had there. It gave me a perfect view. I wanted to turn on a dim light for a better look but decided that the ambient light in the room would have to do. She stopped and seemed to be listening to some fantasized sound or person, then slid the bedpost completely out of her cunt. She stood right in front of me, her breasts fully in view through the gauzy material of her chemise, her nipples dark against her pale skin. Her eyes had that glazed look, and I knew she was fully asleep.

She said, “Stuff,” and walked towards her dresser. Opening the top drawer, she retrieved the bag from the sex store I had seen earlier. When she turned back towards me, she had pulled a lifelike latex dildo from the bag and held it in her hand. It was shaped like a large penis, complete with veins and a bulbous head. Speaking complete gibberish to some unseen partner, she walked back and resumed her position on the bedpost, slowly sinking down onto it until her vulva rested against the footboard.

I heard the distinct sound of a vibrator start, and watched as she place the head of the buzzing dildo against her clit. Her movements up and down on the bedpost intensified as she began fucking it in earnest while holding the vibrator just to the side of her clit, moving it slowly up and around to the other side periodically.

The bedpost was gleaming wet and I could see that her juice was dripping down the leg of the bed to the carpet below. She was very slowly picking up her pace moving the bedknob in and out of her cunt. I suddenly became aware that my cock had grown to its full 8 inches and was hard, tenting up my pajama pants. I took hold of it, gathering the plaid flannel around it and squeezed as I watched Mom fucking herself with the bedpost and holding the vibrator near her clit.

Her gibberish had been replaced by feverish moans and groans as she moved the head of the vibrating dildo directly on to her clit. Not missing a beat in the rhythm of fucking herself with the knob of the bedpost, she reached down and turned the dildo to a higher speed. The high pitched drone of the vibrator was drowned out by Mom’s shouted expressions of pleasure. I paused and pulled my hard cock out of the fly of my pajamas. Wrapping my hand around its girth, I started pumping as I watched Mom fuck herself.

“Good girl!” Mom shouted, and her eyes opened wide. “Marfogolus, gin, gin, gin, ji.” She often spoke unintelligible words known only to Morpheus, the winged Greek god of sleep, when she was having an episode. She was holding the vibrator against the side of her clit while rubbing it roughly against the slick wooden bedpost.

I sat with my legs outstretched and pumped my cock as Mom started orgasming on the vibrator and bedpost. She was moving her head side to side, her brunette hair flying wildly about her glazed facial expression. She was saying, “Gin, gin, gin” or “Jin, jin, jin” repeatedly while her head and body thrashed around the crushing orgasm sweeping over her. She went stiff, and I swear, her entire body started vibrating along with the dildo as she reached an even higher crescendo. Her staccato “uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,uh,” matched the drone of the dildo as she reached the climax of her orgasm.

In the throes of cumming, she looked directly at me without seeing me. I gave a final few fast pumps to my rigid mecidiyeköy escort cock and started shooting long ropes of pearly cum three feet into the air. I felt like the top of my head was going to blow off with the power of my climax. The final two spurts fell weakly onto my hand, coating my entire cock in sperm and making it, and my hand, slick as I fisted myself more slowly, coming down from my sexual high. It only made me want my mother more.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Mom sitting in a position that had to hurt, with her head slumped against her chest and her full weight on the bedpost, which was still deep in her cunt. I stood up and gently put my arm around her shoulders and said, “Mom, let’s get back in bed,” very quietly and gently. I repositioned myself and put my arms under her arms and held her by her torso, raising her gently off the bedpost. Her loose breasts pressed against my chest as I lifted her.

I laid her back on her bed on top of the covers. Her negligee was up around her breasts so her legs, pelvis, and belly were exposed. Her cunt was an angry red color which I could easily make out in spite of the dim light. I took the dildo gently from her hand and put it back in what I was pretty sure was the correct drawer. Thinking again, I retrieved it and laid it on the bed next to her to give her something to think about in the morning.

She lay on the bed staring, unseeing, at the ceiling. Her pelvis made an unexpected push upwards. She sighed. Then she thrust her pelvis up again. She moaned. She continued to thrust her pelvis, picking up speed. Within two or three minutes, she was laying there being fucked by some unseen partner. Her arms went around his back, she wrapped her legs around him and I could see the outline of his unpresent body in her arms as my mother fucked him, her butt rising off the bed to meet each of his thrusts. She had another orgasm, untouched by any human hands or appendages.

My hands were still gooey with my cum, and I walked over, reached under the top of her negligee, and smeared my cum all over her tits. She’d wake up in the morning with the dildo in her bed and dried cum smeared across her chest.

I waited by the side of her bed until she came down from her orgasm. Again, I was tempted to play with her. She would be putty in my hands. I could have done anything. Instead, I sat tending her for ten minutes or so until she gently closed her eyes and began snoring.

I went to bed and came again before I went to sleep.

Part Eight: The Part Where I Become Pretty Sure She Knows

Mom was her usual chipper self on Thursday. I went out with some friends that evening and didn’t get back home until after 11:00. Friday was an easy day at school, so it was no big deal to stay out a little late. Mom was already in bed, but I could see the light on underneath her door.

I knocked lightly and immediately heard her say “Come in,” from the other side of the door. I cracked open the door, poked my head in and saw Mom propped up with pillows, a book in her hand.

“Oh, hello, sweetheart,” she said.

“Just wanted to let you know I’m home,” I replied. She was wearing the same lingerie she had worn the night before when she had been frigging her bedpost, but had the covers pulled up to cover herself.

“Okay, dear,” she said and smiled sweetly at me. “Do you want to come in and talk for a minute?” I wasn’t all that sure I did want to talk. I feared what the conversation might be about.

“Sure, Mom,” I said as I walked in and sat on the edge of her bed. She smiled at me.

“First, I want to say thank you for covering for me with your Dad,” she started off. “I really have felt better during the day without the meds.”

“No biggie, Mom,” I answered. “I’m glad you’re feeling better.”

“Well, I am feeling better,” Mom retorted. “In a lot of ways.” She was smiling at me and I didn’t know how to take that. I just sat there looking at her, a big lump in my throat. Did she mean sexually?

“I do have a few vague memories of my episodes this week,” she said, still looking directly at me. Her smiling eyes had turned inquisitive. “Although I’m a bit concerned that I might be keeping you up and that you’re not getting enough sleep.”

“Um, not really,” I said, still not completely sure that she was talking about the sex. She wasn’t referring directly to it, but she did say that she remembered some of what had happened.

“You sure?” she asked, raising her eyebrows.

“Yeah, sure Mom,” I answered.

“Okay, then,” she said with the smile returning to her face. “Let’s get some sleep while we can.”

I leaned up and gave her a quick kiss goodnight and went to my bedroom and went to bed.

At just after 3:30 am that morning I woke to the covers being pulled off me. When I opened my eyes, I saw Mom standing over me, her hair wildly disheveled, her eyes wide open and glazed over, deep in a dream, nişantaşı escort completely naked. She stood staring at my flaccid cock laying against my leg. I could smell her sex.

Raising her hand, and pointing, she poked it once with her index finger and said something in her sleep gibberish. She poked it again and this time it moved. She giggled, spoke unintelligibly, and poked it again, moving it further towards my other side. She giggled again. By this time, I was starting to respond and my cock started to fill with blood and harden. Mom kept poking at it as it grew, laughing and giggling like a teenager, and speaking in her unknown language.

She poked it again and leaned down to get a closer look as my cock started to get fully hard and point up. Then she dipped her head down and gave it a quick kiss and giggled again. By now I was rock hard and reached around and began stroking and squeezing Mom’s ass.

Again she dipped and kissed it, laughing and talking. I gave her ass a squeeze. She dipped and kissed again, this time, lingering just a moment longer with her kiss. I ran my hand over her ass and the tops of the backs of her legs.

Still giggling, she leaned down again, and gave my cock a long, wet kiss. I could feel just the tip of her tongue come out of her mouth as she kissed it multiple times, up and down the underside. I kept running my hand over her ass and upper legs.

She picked her head up, giggled a bit, then went right back to French-kissing my hard cock up and down. I started bringing my hand closer and closer to her cunt with each caress of her ass and legs. I ran my hand down the inside of her thigh, then back up until it met her sex. I began slowly rubbing up and down her wet slit. Her kissing intensified and was becoming less lips and more tongue.

She was incredibly wet down there, and my fingers glided smoothly up and down the length of her cunt. I could feel the little nub of her clit at the top of each stroke, and my fingers entered her slightly near the bottom of each stroke. She was still giggling from time to time, but some giggles were replaced with low moans as I made my long strokes up and down her slick lips and clit.

I felt her mouth close around my cock and felt her tongue swirling around the head as she applied light suction. I let my fingertips slide a little deeper into her wet hole on the downstroke, then brought them back up to her clit, which I rubbed lightly a couple of times before returning to the inside of her cunt. With each stroke, I went a little deeper inside her with two fingers. The giggling was gone now, replaced by a deep, guttural moaning with an occasional random word, some of which were real words, but with no context.

I felt my cock pop out of her mouth and she stood straight up. The angle I had on her pussy when she was bent at the waist was perfect, but standing straight, I had no access to her so I resumed rubbing her ass as she stared blindly off into the distance. It was a thousand yard stare in a bedroom that was sixteen feet across.

She giggled and said something. Although the words were meaningless, her tone was not. She was being coy, as if someone was trying to convince her to do something, and she was giving resistance, but only token resistance. She was acting shy, and laughing coyly, resisting yet letting herself be talked into something by some unseen person in her dream.

From the tone of her voice, I got the impression that she was saying, “Well, okay, I’ll try it,” but still being very shy and coy about it.

Still keeping up her coyness, she climbed up on the bed and straddled me. My cock was rock hard and pointing straight north, towards my head. She distinctly said, “Okay,” then lowered the open slit of her cunt onto the length of my hard cock. She pulled up just a bit and giggled. She argued a bit in futile resistance again, then relented and let her cunt down on my cock, this time sliding up and down along the length of it. Although her words were almost complete gibberish, it was clear that someone in her dream was trying to talk her into all this, and that she was giving “good girl” resistance, but not much.

She started giggling and laughing while rubbing her wetness along the length of my cock. She was obviously giving in to the unseen seducer, and was having the time of her life discovering what a cock felt like. She was getting hotter and hotter rubbing up and down my cock. I could feel that she was keeping her clit in contact most of the time.

Then her laughs were replaced with playful, “No, no, no’s”. She would giggle and say, “No,” then laugh and giggle some more. Finally, she said, very clearly in English, “Okay,”, then lifted up just a little bit, squiqqled around until my cock was right at the opening to her cunt, then plunged down on it.

She let out an “Oh!” when it went in, then started laughing and giggling again as she started riding me. Still having a conversation with her seducer in their secret language, she put her hands on my shoulders and raised and lowered herself on my cock, plunging it deep into the farthest reaches of her vagina. She was moving her hips in a very delicious way, not only moving my cock in and out of her, but twisting and turning for the most unique feeling I could imagine.

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