My Motherly Duties Ch. 06 – GameNight


Hello! This is the 6th installment of this series, however, if you haven’t read the other 5, no worries; this story contains all the necessary details to get you horny. And who knows, you might even smile 🙂

However, if incestuous polyamorous relationships, proper human proportions, secrecy, and slight cum-drinking aren’t your cups of tea, I suggest you find another story.

And of course, all characters of the story are consenting adults.

Now that all that’s out of the way, I won’t delay your pleasure anymore; so get comfortable! Drop your pants, spread your knees, grab some lube if you have it, and have fun!

Cheers 😀

My Motherly Duties Ch.06 – Game Night

As Cass opened the door and stepped into her house, she was greeted with a series of noises: several wet and throaty gagging sounds, the deep groan of a man, and lastly, the giggle of a woman.

Cass lived alone with her mother and her brother. Coming home and hearing such sexual sounds should have been a surprise in any household. However, this was not just any household; this was home of the Miller family – a home where clothes were not only optional but discouraged. A home where you could ask Mom for both a beer and a blowjob, and she’d happily give you both. Handjobs were more common than handshakes. More kisses were on the lips than the cheek – and all were wet.

The one thing that made the Millers even slightly ‘normal’ was the fact that the siblings didn’t tell their mother about their sex lives – but this is because the siblings were having sex with each other! And that was Mom’s one rule: no vaginal sex. She felt that that was the kind of thing that made people fall in love and want to get married and she worried about what everyone else would think if they found out they married their siblings. And after each romp she had with her brother, the more Cass realized that the love she felt for him wasn’t just familial.

“She’s here. Get up!” said the man, who Cass knew to be her loving brother, Brad.

The woman – her incestuous mother Heather – almost too quiet for Cass to hear, responds, “Who cares.” she giggles again. “Hey!”

The creak of a chair followed by the strong footfalls of Brad walking to greet her at the front door made Cass’s heart happy.

And as he turned the corner, she was faced with the lovely image of the rugged, nude body of her brother striding towards her. His muscular arms swung with purpose and his toned thighs were the perfect frame for his domineering erection that bobbed with each step. When her eyes met with the goofy grin plastered on his face, Cass sighed in contentment.

As he got close, he spread his arms and Cass followed suit. Stepping into his hug, she pressed her lips to her brother’s in lovers’ embrace.

She felt the throb of his erection against her exposed midriff before pulling away and descending to one knee. “Heather must’ve sucked you good, huh?” she stated, addressing the stiffy’s spit-shellacked state.

“I would be hard right now regardless of what I was doing before,” he said quickly, almost guiltily. Using her sleeve, Cass quickly, yet gently patted down his cock, drying off his mom’s saliva.

“Did you cum in her mouth?” Brad’s sister asked before getting to work; replacing the saliva with her own.

Looking down at the love of his life claiming his cock with her mouth, Brad couldn’t help but crack a smile. “I always try and save myself for you – you know that, babe.”

The corners of her mouth curved upwards as her sister looked up at him. She slipped him out of her mouth with a small plop. “Babe? You’re so weird – I’m your sister!” She kissed his tip, smudging her lips with the sheen of his precum, as she guided his hands to the sides of her head. “Now shut up and fuck my face.”

“Trust me, I’d love to fuck every hole of you,” Cass’s asshole twitched at what that could entail. “But Mom’s gonna hear us,” Brad said dejectedly.

His sister exhaled. She opened her mouth to speak before getting up, defeated. The siblings briefly kissed again before getting her naked and meeting Mom at the dinner table, a hand on the others’ asses as they walked, side-by-side.

Mom greeted her kids with a kiss – on their lips, of course – before falling to his knees before her son – much to Cass’s dismay. “Cass, would you be a dear and get the supper ready? My son clearly needs some help with something,” she eyed her son’s equipment hungrily.

She took a swig from a cup of a sugary drink and rinsed her mouth with it to make her spit the stringy consistency that she knew her son liked. She sat on her haunches with perfect posture: her shoulders were back as she thrust out her breasts, her back was arched so that her ass popped, and her knees were on the outside of Brad’s legs so her pussy was on full display. She then spits on her hands and – with her pinky up – started jerking off Brad and replacing Cass’s saliva with her own.

Brad watched as his sister’s expression fell and she traipsed towards şişli elit escort the kitchen. Looking down his mother’s hungry eyes, he knew that he was in for a powerful orgasm. But seeing Cass like this, he knew he wouldn’t be able to enjoy it. “Actually, Mom,” he called, causing her head to whip up.

“Yes, what is it, baby?”

“Cass just came back from class. I think she needs you much more than I do.” After having said that, he noticed his sister’s face light up like a Christmas tree: her eyebrows shot up, her eyes became saucers, her cheeks flushed, and her lips curved into the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. Seeing her like this excited him greatly as he felt a bead of precum escape his slit as he got up. “I’ll get the supper ready,” he said, taking a step back from his downcast mother.

His mother was, admittedly, disappointed. But she had to admire her son’s generosity. Letting his sister borrow her like that was such a selfless act that made her want him even more. She let him know this as she grabbed the base of his shaft as he tried to leave and flashed him a begging look. “If you ever need anything from me, all you need to do is ask. These lips aren’t just for kissing you goodnight, you know.”

And as Brad grinned, took her face in both hands and pulled her in for a kiss, his mother thought she had won. She thought that had changed his mind. She thought she was going to be able to suck off her son after all.

Until he spoke.

“What I want,” he pried her fingers from his member. “Is for you so have that same energy for Cass.”

That was when the butterflies in Cass’s stomach took off. She was frozen with affection as Brad started walking towards her. He put one hand on her lower back, and one between her legs. She only unfroze when he pressed his lips against hers.

“Thanks,” she whispered as she rubbed her thumb across his cheek, slowly encircled her digits around his shaft, and dragged her thumb from its base to the tip, squeezing a small glob of his fluid, which she caught on her finger.

“Any time.” He quickly dipped a finger into her depths, making her silently gasp. “Now shut up and go get this pussy eaten.” He pulled away, grinning.

Making eye contact, the siblings simultaneously slipped their fingers past their lips, tasting each other.

Cass then grinned and turned around, thankful to see that their mother, Heather, hadn’t seen the incestuous act that had transpired between her kids.

Cass sat at the dinner table so that she was facing the kitchen, and thus, her doting brother, Brad. She sat with her knees hooked over the armrests of the chair with Heather’s meal at the edge of the seat. Heather seemed uninterested at first, but quickly, she got into it with her lips, tongue, and fingers working in harmony to achieve their goal. She even started rubbing her own pussy midway. Everything she did was great, but most of her daughter’s focus was in the kitchen, where Brad, having already set all the food on the table, had found interest in the act between his mother and sister.

Her brother was pumping his shaft in his hand as he watched. Cass must have felt risky right then as she made the blowjob innuendo with her hands and her tongue against her cheek, calling her brother to come and put his cock in her mouth. But considering the proximity of their mother, someone who didn’t know about, and was completely opposed to the idea of her children engaging in incest, Brad decided that what he was doing was risky enough and continued to jack off to his sister getting licked by his mother.

Cass settled to focus on his handicraft, but quickly grew fully immersed in it. She paid rapt attention to him, ingraining every tiny detail to memory: his cock was skin-colored at the root, but the skin gradually became a tender pink the closer it was to the head. With each stroke, he’d expose the translucent white layer of precum on his tip. She licks her lips, reminiscing at its taste. His bulbous balls hung loose in his sack, the right one higher than the left, but only barely. They swayed in an elliptical motion from his ministrations on his cock. On the upstroke, he’d twist. Downstroke, tighten his grip. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Cass subconsciously licked her hand before making the same stroking motions as he did. He seemed to like that as he audibly gasped.

Heather seemed concerned. “Is everything alright in the kitch-” she began to say before Cass abruptly pulled her head into her.

“Close,” she breathed.

Same. he mouthed. On three.

His sister nodded.

Neither of them made it to three.

He brought a magenta mug, Cass’s mug, to his cockhead and started thrusting his hips into his fist, and that’s when his sister lost all control and came all over her mother’s face, grinding her clit against tongue and screaming a slur of obscenities that she had to try her best to exclude her brother’s name from.

This spurred on Brad to follow suit as he şişli escort came shortly after his sister with his hand a blur on his shaft. Even though he was in the kitchen and was trying to be silent, Cass could still hear his strained breathing and the splattering of his semen into the mug and if it weren’t for her thighs clamping down on Heather’s head, she feared that she would hear it too.

* * *

After the siblings’ simultaneous orgasm, Cass thanked her mother before scurrying over to her brother to suck out his last few drops.

Dinner was relatively uneventful with very little conversation, although Heather did bring up her newfound interest in haikus before Brad changed the topic.

“Have you found the results of my econ exam, yet?” Brad asked.

“Yes, actually, but that’s a story for another chapter,” she replied. “Wait, what?”



“Hey, Brad, I’m kinda thirsty,” said Cass. “Can you get me my mug?”

He blinked, slightly grinning. “You mean the magenta one?”

“Exactly,” she giggled deviously.

Brad sprung up from his seat with his erection springing up with him and brought her the mug.

The brother and sister maintained eye contact as she slowly lapped up the cup’s contents while their mother continued to chat about board games, oblivious to the fact that her daughter was swallowing her son’s fresh cum right before her eyes.

“Pinky up, Cassandra,” was all her mother said. “That’s not very lady-like.”

* * *

A few hours and several drinks later, the family was gathered in the living room playing charades. Brad’s mother undoubtedly had one too many drinks as she was now sensually gyrating her hips into his lap. He could feel her wet pussy against his balls, and that made him more than just a little hard. But especially with Cass right there, he had no intentions to get his dick wet, so he held it firmly away from his mother’s bare gyrating hips.

“Lap dance!” his sister called, winning the round, forcing her nearly drunk mother to get back to her seat. Brad hadn’t drunk half as much as Mom did and was feeling a little buzzed. Cass, on the other hand, was completely sober because she didn’t want to wash down the “drink” from earlier. That loyalty alone made me want to give her another drink straight from the source.

Next, it was Cass’s turn to act something out. But when she pulled a slip of paper from the hat and read it, she immediately looked at Brad and blushed, looking away. For a moment, she seemed to think about if she was really going through this. She met eyes with her brother, almost asking for a sign.

A sign that Brad provided; grinning, he gave his stiff member a quick stroke and slowly nodded.

But Cass wasn’t ready. She teetered on her toes, she bit her lip, and she reread the two-syllable word on the slip again and again. In any normal circumstance, she’d have no problem doing what it said – but never before in front of Heather. Cass didn’t know if she could do this and was just about to forfeit the round when he spoke up.

“Cassandra Miller,” her normally clement brother thundered, surprising both the women in the room.

Yes, daddy? she mouthed, tearing her eyes away from the seven-letter sloppy sex act on her slip to meet his piercing gaze that turned her legs to jelly.


While Brad hadn’t said much, it wasn’t about what he said, but instead, it was about how he said it. And that one word was said with such authority, that it could have turned a professional dominatrix to a submissive – and Cass was quite the submissive already. That word, coupled with the look he was giving her, worked on her the same way a pottery artist works on clay: first, she got wet, and then she started moving.

It was as if she were under a spell as every fiber of her being was compelled to do exactly as her brother had said. And before she knew it, she was in front of him, down on one knee, one hand on his thigh, another on his shaft, and two lips wrapped around his shaft which was sliding deeper with each bob of her submissive head.

She looked up and saw Brad looking at her – but gone was the commanding look. Instead, the face that looked back at her was the playful look of care that she had grown to love. And as he pushed a lock of hair behind her ear and flashed her a smile – which she returned. And for a brief moment of bliss, she’d forgotten why she’d been so hesitant to resume her blowjob from earlier.

And then she was reminded.

“Cass, what the hell are you doing?” Heather exclaimed.

The daughter then froze, before slowly pulling her lips from her brother’s erection with a wet smack and nervously facing her mother. She gulped. “Playing charades?”

“No,” her mother responded. “You’re giving the weirdest looking blowjob I’ve ever seen,” she said as she fell to her knees beside Cass in front of Brad. “And I know that ‘blowjob’ was the word you were trying to make me guess, but that does not şişli eve gelen escort mean this is over. You got my son’s dick wet so you’re not allowed to get up until his sperm is swimming around in that college-belly of yours. Do you understand, young lady?” she rebuked.

Her daughter looked away. She only ever wanted to impress her mother, but hearing her disapproval at her cock sucking had crushed her. Unable to form words, a whimper was her only response.

“Use your words, lady! I asked, ‘do you understand?'” Heather thundered, making Cass wince.

“I understand.”

Upon hearing that, the mother’s entire demeanor changed as she grinned reassuringly. “Good girl. First, we gotta deal with this knee situation. Both knees on the ground and spread!” she instructed.

“But one knee is more comfortable -“

“That doesn’t matter! It’s really weird!”

“But -“


The mother and daughter exchanged looks before the younger one gulped; conceding. “Fine.”

Brad then watched as his sister was poked and prodded into somewhat of the spitting image of what his mother looked like when she sucked his cock:

“You wanna bring your shoulders back so that your chest looks a lot better – Brad loves that.” She cupped Cass’s breasts from behind and was right: he was already close to cumming; but he had to hold off as to see how this went.

“Open your legs so that everyone can see how warm and wet your pussy gets while helping your brother.” She pressed her hands against Cass’s upper inner thighs, pushing them apart.

Brad watched and listened to these gorgeous women kneeling at his feet – one touching and feeling the other in ways that made his manhood throb with the other tended to it with her fingers, lips, tongue, and throat. This was much better than anything either had made him feel by themselves and he wondered if he could have this treatment from the two of them at once more often.

“And lastly, when you stroke him, keep your pinky up.”

Cass couldn’t seem to believe her ears. “What – wait why?”

“It’s not very lady-like.”

“Ok, no – there’s no way I’m ever doing that in my life.”

His mother seemed a little hurt but continued with her lesson.

She leaned in and told her daughter to deepthroat. As she did that, her bounteous bosom squished around one of his knees while his sister’s perky boobies pressed against the other. They both felt exquisite, although, his Cass’s throat game wasn’t as strong as Mom’s for sure.

“Heavens, Cassandra, quit gagging on his cock; that’s not very lady-like! It should be smooth – like this,” she instructed in full teacher mode.

Wide-eyed, Brad could do nothing but watch as his naked mother guided his equally naked sister’s lips to the root of his throbbing dick. He changed his mind – this felt much better than what his Mother had ever made him feel!

His sister seemed just as surprised as he was: she had never taken him so smoothly before!

“Wow!” Cass exclaimed. Her face was completely lit up. “How did I do that?!”

Their mother chuckled. “It’s a little trick I learned in my senior year in high school: making a fist and pressing your thumb inside is a pressure point that disables your gag reflex!” she revealed by holding up Cass’s fist. Her daughter was clearly in awe at this newfound ability as she was speechless. Heather then took this opportunity to trudge forward in the lesson. “Remember to play with his balls too, hun: cup them, savor their weight, and have fun! I like to put my middle finger between them and move them around…like a magician does with coins.”

Cass blinked before nodding. “Yes, Mother,” she smiled, turning to her mother for her reaction.

Now it was her turn to be speechless. “You – you called me ‘Mother,'” she paused, taking it in. “You never call me ‘Mother,'” she beamed.

Cass shrugged. “Well, you’re teaching me so much right now, and, well, at least for now, I’m proud to have you as my Mom.” She tucked her hair behind her ear.

“Aww,” her mother gushed. “Come here, you,” she said as she hugged her daughter.

It was a long, warm embrace. Yet, as Brad watched the women of his life hug, he realized that one of Cass’s hands hadn’t left his member and was rhythmically stroking it throughout this wholesome mother-daughter moment – but this time, pinky up.

His cock twitched against her fingers.

Cass, feeling the pulse in her hand, broke the hug to tend to it. “This thing’s a needy dick, isn’t it?” she quipped as she continued stroking, but started playing with his balls this time, moving them around with her fingers just like a magician with coins and just as her mother had instructed.

Heather couldn’t help but just watch her daughter work her son’s cock exactly the way she taught her too. The look on her face was of pride and joy. “I’m proud to have you as my daughter, baby – you’re such a fast learner… If I didn’t know better, I’d think this isn’t the first cock you’ve sucked before!”

Cass winks at Brad and takes him back into her mouth.

Brad grinned back, getting the message. “There’s no way, Mom – Cass is a good girl. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the first cock she’s ever sucked … and hopefully the last.” He looked at her expectantly.

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