My music teacher


I was 16 and went to a grammar school near to where I lived and got there every morning by bus, accompanied by my friends. My timetable for Monday included Music. My music teacher, Mrs. M. was about 31 I guess. She had blond, shoulder length hair and always wore clothes that complimented her wonderful figure.

That Monday’s music lesson started as usual, my class filed into the room, with an expression of morning depression and tiredness. I didn’t like music lessons very much. I didn’t play an instrument and was always a little bit unsure of the tasks given and didn’t always understand them fully.

The lesson continued until a fight started in the back rows over a sheet of paper, Mrs. M. had given the whole class on Friday. One of the pupils squabbling had been ill that day and insisted the paper was his. Of course, Mrs. M. went to the back of the class with a spare copy and reached over me to hand it to the boy. As she bent over I clearly saw her firm tits through her low cut jacket and shirt. I craned my head slightly to get a better look, but she stood up again and saw me staring at her cleavage.

My heart missed a beat, as I quickly looked away and pretended not to have seen anything. She stared at me through her glasses for one more second, then turned around and walked back to her desk. Throughout the rest of the lesson I began to feel normal again and when the bell rang, I packed up my bag and made to leave the room with the others, but Mrs. M. held me back. I nearly had a heart attack as her hand gripped my shoulder firmly.
>> I need a word with you. <<, she said and sat down at her desk as all the others had left the classroom. >> About what happened back there during the lesson. <<
My mind was racing. Would she punish me or tell me off, for being indecent?
I couldn’t say anything, my mouth was dry. Suddenly she stood up, went over to the door and locked it.

I couldn’t believe it. I admit, I had been dreaming about a situation like this and was not sure I liked the idea anymore. She walked over towards me, gripped my hips and pulled me towards her. She wasn’t thin and had it in all the right places and her hips were large. My breath came in short, frantic gulps. Her face was close to mine and she pressed her soft lips on mine. It was an intent, dreamy kiss. I had never Escort Ankara really been kissed by anyone before. Only by my very first girlfriend. But, as we were very young then, neither of us really enjoyed it. But this. this was fantastic. I didn’t even know her first name, but felt content in her presence. She slid her tongue into my mouth and wrestled with mine. Our saliva mixed and we groaned in pleasure.

We broke apart. She looked at me intently for a moment, then slid down my body into a kneeling position and started to open my jeans. They fell to the floor along side my shorts. I was already stiff as a rock and my cock had never been so thick or so long. She gripped it in her right hand and started massaging it gently. Then she suddenly engulfed it in one fluid movement. I nearly came there and then, but held back, so as to make this wonderful experience last for as long as possible.

I groaned and threw my head back in pleasure. Now she was sucking away like a maniac. Her tongue was caressing my cock head with gentle flicking-movements. I was in heaven! We looked at each other and her eyes flashed in lust and anticipation. I could feel my balls boiling, ready to cum and when it happened it was mind bending.
My cock throbbed inside Mrs. M. sopping wet mouth and she pulled me out just as I began to spurt my thick, hot juice out of my pulsating cock head.
>> Uuuuunnnggghh!!! << The orgasm sent spasm after spasm of pure lust through my body and out onto her beautiful face. A few seconds later she was covered in my sperm rich cum. Her glasses had a large spew of it right across them, another over her left cheek and into her hair, but most of it had gone in her mouth. She swirled it around with her tongue and some of it slopped over her chin and into her cleavage.
She swallowed and took her glasses off to lick them clean. >> Mmmmhhh…Your cum tastes so good…<< >> My turn, now. <<, she said, got up and kissed me again. I threw my trousers aside and started to undress her. First her jacket, then her shirt, which revealed her large tits in a lacy red bra. Mrs. M. reached behind her back and opened it and it fell away softly to the floor. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Her tits were firm and big, with large brown nipples perched on top. >> How about this then? > Far better than Ankara Escort through the shirt! <<
I could only nod. Then I gripped her tits in my hands and started to massage them gently. It felt amazing! She closed her eyes and I flicked her right nipple. She hissed in pleasure and began to unzip her own trousers. I began to suck on her nipple, while caressing her other with one of my hands and helping her to undress with the other one. Finally her trousers slid down her long legs and revealed a tight thong in the same design and colour as her bra.

We kissed again. Then she lay down on the desk and lifted her legs so that I could see her ass and soaking wet thong. I hesitated. With an encouraging smile she pleaded me to continue. So I reached forwards and pulled her thong from underneath her ass, over her thick thighs and up over her black high heels.
She had shaven her pussy and left a neat triangle of pubic hair over her clit.

>> Do you want to know, what a woman feels, smells and tastes like? <<, she asked, purring.
I thought it to be odd, doing this with a teacher, but this was my first ever experience with a woman and my brain had succumbed to animal instinct. I fell to my knees and came closer to her dripping wet pussy. The smell of her womanly juices met my nose and it made me wild. I caressed her inner thighs and slowly reached her lips. I prised them apart and stroked her big clit. She groaned and I proceeded to push my right middle finger into her lovehole.

>> Yes! Right there! Oooohhhhh!!! << I was now finger fucking her intensely and quickly added two more fingers. I already knew a lot about sex and found her g-Spot with a hearty rub. She arched her back in lust and pleasure. I brought my face down between her legs and tasted her pussy. It was wonderful. Her clit was pulsating and I sucked it hard. Within a minute of licking she came. >> Yeeeeees!! I’m cummmmmiiiing!!!!! Aaaaaaaaahhhh!! << She shuddered and her steaming hot girl cream gushed out and over my face and hand. I slurped up as much of it as I could. She was still screaming as I looked up at her. Her face was screwed up in pure ecstasy.
I got up and she said panting:

>> Fuck me!! Fuck me!!! Please fuck me hard!! <<
She didn’t have to tell me twice. I prised her legs apart and guided my Ankara Escort Bayan cock towards her dripping pussy. She was so wet and I had a lot of Pre-cum on my cock, so I slid into her effortless. She groaned again. I started to pull out slowly and push back in again. Her tits were bouncing up and down on her chest with every thrust.

>> Fuck me yes!! Harder!! Harder!!! Just like that!!! Fuck me fast and hard!!! <<
I rammed into her and my cock started pistoning in and out of her tight lustful hole. I had already come once so I could hold on a little longer. Mrs. M. on the other hand couldn’t. She let herself be overpowered by her second, more powerful orgasm. Her legs clamped around my body as it ripped through her. Her pussy was contracting around my cock and she screamed again.

After becoming still again she said:
>> I’ve never been fucked like this before!! That was amazing!! <<
I smiled and bent over to kiss her. My now bare chest met hers and we embraced each other tightly.
>> Take me from behind!! Fuck me doggy style!! << We got on the floor and she got on her hands and knees and stuck her ass up. I gripped it with both hands and pushed my insanely hard cock into her pussy. I thrust in and out of her in mechanic lust. Her tits swung forward and her glasses fell of her nose. Her hair hung down over her face and she was panting
>> Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! Just like that!! Fuck your teacher hard!! Fuck me!! << >> Yeah, you hot bitch! Do you like my cock? I’m going to fuck you as hard as possible!! <<
In my uncontrollable motion, I accidentally slipped out of her and slid my cock through her crack over her asshole. She moaned and I took that as an approval. I spat on her ass and slowly pushed my cock head into her tight asshole. She hissed in pain but quickly started to rock against my cock, egging me on. So, I rammed forward and pushed my whole dick, ballsdeep into her. After two more minutes I was coming again. And so was she.

We were both covered in sweat and cum. One final, deep thrust of my throbbing cock into her ass triggered our orgasms. We both shook in insane pleasure as I shot my second load into her big ass! We were as if one single body; Connected in pulsating orgasm.
I slid out of her and my already softening cock landed with a splat on my upper thigh.
Her asshole was leaking cum and it mixed with her pussyjuices on the floor. We cleaned up quickly and got dressed.
I left the classroom with an unforgettable memory. It had felt the best big break ever.

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