My Naught Sexy Cousin


My Naught Sexy CousinMY Sexy Cousin, who was a few years old than me would kind of baby sitme when I was a young teen. She would love to play games with me!”I want You to be your Naughty horny s*s*** & M***** & we can play lots of naughty fantasies together, We would long just to be together, & we walk & we kiss & touch & then we find a place for us to rest & make love. I kiss & brush my lips upon her lips, “I can smell how excited you are!” I would say, & as she showed me,I kiss & lick you all around her neck & shoulders, 1st with gentle butterfly kisses, then more pressing & wet as I want to drink her dry! I opened her clothes & my hand explores her body, with ease & care my fingers gentle touched your breasts & stomach & then her thighs & around her sweet delicious Honey Pot, teasing her sweet little clit, with teasing little touches, all the while my mouth is upon her mouth, reaching out to touch me as she opened my shirt & trousers 1xbet yeni giriş & taking hold of my cock in her loving hands & just holding it & squeezing it, as my fingers find her sweet clit, & I dip my fingers into her rich & wet ‘honey pot’ I stopped kissing you for a moment to enjoy the rich sweetness of her ‘hot cunt’ the warm wetness I taste makes me wild for more, but I wait. I want to steal the sound of her cumming I want my mouth over her mouth as her dripping hungry cunt rides on my hand, I stroke your honey pot with gentle care,, I wanted to make her sing & scream with pleasure. This would drive me wild with desire.I Work harder & press her pussy with more passion & desire, & then she would start to cum hard & hot all the spit flowing from her mouth into mine, & my fingers are wet & crinkle with the sweet juice from her hungry cunt, which needs me more & more & is trying to eat my hand! I’m so excited that 1xbet güvenilir mi I smear the sweet hot cunt juice all over my face, I breath in & taste her the pussy smell invigorates me & her taste & smell is all I want. She would cum hard & fast & for a long time & I take the screams & the sweet release of her orgasm into my mouth like a screaming soul released from the pits of the Earth. I would go wild with wanting to fuck her & to be inside of her, but I wait! & my mouth slowly works it’s way down to her pussy, she would say that she can’t take more, but I gentle lick & kiss her swollen cunt, teasing it back into wanting more & more, & my mouth takes her ‘pussy into the whole of my mouth, so that none of her juice is wasted, & her sweet little clit I take between my lips & suck hard on it.I ask her to you use her fingers at the same time, so that you can feel how much I need to lick & taste your hot yearning cunt.She’d 1xbet giriş cum again, & this time I take my cock & slowly make her take it into her sweet hotness, I wanted this moment to last for always, ever so slowly , I slide into her sweet wetness & she’d watch me disappear into her, I push & as deep as I can! I’m enfolded in her hungry & loving wetness of her flowing honey pot. & she would guide my cock into her ass too! & she would love to see it disappears into her, then she would take my cock & slide back into her pussy alternating all the time, driving me so crazy with longing to cum! but she showed me what she needed! & when I could cum!We look at the beautiful moment fascinated & entranced as every delicious stroke of my cock pushing into her, stretching her hot little womb.I begin to cum & I calling her name over & over again telling her how much I need her! & she’d slip off me & take my swollen cock into her mouth & just gently suck as my seed shoots hard & warm into her mouth, on her lips, running down her neck & onto her breasts, she’d waste nothing taking all of me into her mouth, we would I kiss you until we fell asleep, then we start again!Miss those days!

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