My perfect life


This is my first time writing anything like this. This happened to me early in the summer of twenty nineteen. My husband and I have been married for six and a half years, we have a rampant sex life and, I have never thought about straying. I am thirty-two and Kevin is thirty-six. Kevin is a service director for a car dealership. I am a freelance hairstylist. I am slim, thirty-four-inch bust and, shoulder-length brunette hair, I weigh just one hundred and twelve pounds. My piercing green eyes are, in my opinion, my best feature although my husband disagrees with that, he says that my toned body is the tops for him.Kevin came home one Friday evening and, told me that he has hired a new service manager for the dealership. My husband is training him for the following three months. He started to tell me about Phillip. He had relocated from Florida, and he was room sharing with a friend of a friend of his. Kevin was telling me that this new guy was alone in the city, he has no friends here and, no family.My husband asked me if I would object to him inviting Phillip, over one evening the following week for a meal? Of course, I didn’t object.He told me that Phillip was a young black man and that he was all alone here. I immediately felt sorry for him, my husband told me that I would find him handsome and, easy to get along with because he has a voice that draws you in.”He saw your picture on my desk,” Kevin informed me, “he thinks you are very attractive.”I blushed and smiled.The following Monday, I was working in the area of my husband’s dealership, I decided to take him and, Phillip a coffee. I was anxious to meet this guy and see if what my husband had told me about him was accurate. I walked to my husband’s office and, saw Phillip sitting at his desk in my husband’s office. I saw his eyes get bigger when I walked in.Don’t ask me why but, I had a strange feeling come over me, a feeling that I had not experienced for many years! I was excited about meeting this guy. I told myself, that I am a happily married woman but, I was excited.My husband greeted me with a kiss and, a grab of my ass.”Amy, this is, Phillip,” Kevin said as he pointed to the black guy who was now smiling, “Phillip, this is my wife, Amy.”Phillip moved from his seat, and to my surprise, he came and hugged me!Now, I am sure that it was just my imagination running away with me but, I felt certain that his hand, traced my bra through the back of my vest.He was gorgeous, a very handsome man indeed, and he smelled amazing! His voice was so soft and calm, I could listen to him talk all day long.He stood about four inches taller than me, his hands on my back felt very strong but, it was his eyes and smile that melted me. Big brown eyes and a smile that beamed from ear to ear. My heart was pounding in my chest, and at that moment; I wished that I had worn a summer dress rather than my tight-fitting, blue “Levi” boot cut jeans, and the pink vest.I sat and talked to them both for about thirty minutes, I could feel Phillip’s eyes staring at me the whole time and, every time that I looked at him; he smiled at me. My crotch was uncomfortably wet now, I tried so hard to stop my nipples from pushing the thin fabric of my lacy bra and vest out. I dared to look down at my boobs and, I realized that I had been unsuccessful in my efforts to conceal my erect nipples!I could feel myself blushing as I moved slightly and faced my husband. He saw my predicament and smiled, nodding his head to motion me to look down at my boobs!I excused myself and hurried to the ladies restroom. The moment that I closed the door, I found my hand had started to rub my pussy area, I went into a cubicle and pulled my jeans and, thong down. I found instant relief when, without a moment’s hesitation, my finger slid deep inside my now, soaking pussy. What was happening to me? Why was I so excited? “Calm yourself, Amy,” my mind was telling me, “you are a happily married woman.”Just then, bahis şirketleri I received a text message from my husband. I quickly pulled my jeans up and rummaged through my purse to find my phone.The message read, “Are you in there trying to calm your nipples down?””Yes!” I replied.”Don’t, they looked fucking hot! I knew that you would like Phillip.”I tried to soften them by thinking of, grocery shopping and stuff like that but, my mind kept going back to the black stranger!I even tried to put some toilet tissue down the front of my bra but, it looked awful!I returned to my husband’s office and he was smiling at me, I was still blushing and, very conscious of the cotton fabric being pushed outward by my hard nipples.I decided that it would be best if I left them but, Phillip’s voice was mesmerizing!He had a way of making you want to listen to him, he was very intelligent and just had a knack for drawing you into his conversation. He could charm the birds from the trees and, he certainly had my attention! I was drooling and had to keep bringing myself back to reality. I think that I would have been powerless if, he had told me to strip naked right there and then. Finally, I told them that I had to get going. I kissed my husband goodbye, and Phillip came from his desk to hug me again. This time, I was certain that his hands were tracing the back of my bra.”Bye, sexy,” Phillip said softly as we ended our hug and, I blushed even more.By the time that I had got to my car, my husband had sent me a text message.”You like him, don’t you?” he asked.”Oh my, he is nice,” I replied, “he is gorgeous.””Was it him who made your nipples hard, I hope so?”I replied, “Was it that obvious? Yes, it was him who did that to me!”It was very difficult to concentrate for the rest of the afternoon, my mind kept wandering to Phillip.It was just after five-thirty when my husband arrived home from work, usually, I have supper ready for him but, today, I wanted something else before we ate!We made passionate love on the dining table, I was hot, I was wet and, I needed a hard, stiff, cock inside me. I couldn’t wait, I just pulled my jeans and, thong down and pushed his penis inside me.He ejaculated within five minutes and, asked me, “What brought that on?”I explained that I was feeling horny.”Because of, Phillip?””Maybe,” I replied, “he said, bye sexy, when I left this afternoon.””I know, I heard him,” Kevin smirked, “I told you, he thinks you are very attractive.””Well, I think he is adorable too,” I informed my husband.Kevin told me that he had arranged for Phillip to come to dinner the following evening. I was super excited to hear that news! Throughout that evening, my mind would be filled with thoughts of this black stranger. That kept me very wet all evening!We had incredible sex again that night, I didn’t want foreplay; I just needed to be fucked hard. As soon as we were in bed, I pulled my husband on top of me, he was surprised to find that I was so wet already. After we had finished, he questioned me, why I was as wet as I was?I played it down and told him that I was horny.”Were you fantasizing about, Phillip?” Kevin asked.”Possibly, he is very nice,” I answered, “would you mind if I was?”He confirmed that he was thrilled with me fantasizing about another guy.Throughout the following day, my mind would wander to impure thoughts, I had to keep reminding myself that I was a happily married woman. I decided that I was going to wear a pink, short, cotton, summer dress that evening. The dress was flared from the waist and, it had flowers printed all over it. It was sleeveless and had a neckline that showed my modest cleavage.”That should hide my nipples if they get hard,” I thought.I chose a sexy, pink lace, thong, and matching bra to wear under it.Kevin had decided that he would cook steaks on the grill, it was a beautiful, warm summer’s day. I had already prepared the side salad and baked potatoes when he arrived home. He bahis firmaları told me that Phillip was running home to shower and change, he would be here in about an hour. I showered and, shaved my pussy for the second time that day. When I joined my husband in the backyard, he approved of my attire. He also pointed out that, if I bend over too much; the cheeks of my ass could be on display, at least the bottom of them. I replied that I had better not bend over too much then, my husband, who was already horny at this point, stated that; I should not worry if I show a bit of cheek! I had already drunk two full glasses of wine and, I was feeling excited, and happy. Kevin was cooking the steaks and I was in the kitchen, checking on the baked potatoes when Phillip arrived. Suddenly, my heart started beating faster, I could feel my nipples start to swell. I ran to the door to let our guest in, he stared at me and said, “Wow, don’t you look stunning.”He handed me a bottle of white wine and, hugged me tightly. Again, I felt his hands, trace my bra under my cotton dress. He kissed the side of my face while he was hugging me. My nipples were harder than ever as he slid his hands down my back, they nestled on my hips. My hands were gripping his back and he kissed my cheek again, I knew that he was feeling the waistband of my thong through my dress. We broke from our hug but, his hands were still holding my hips, I felt his right hand move a little lower, he was touching the side of my left cheek.My perfect life took a turn when I leaned forward and gave his lips a gentle kiss. It was only a peck but, his hands moved inwards and landed firmly on my ass.”That was nice,” Phillip said as he quickly kissed me again.I stuttered, “Kevin is out the back, cooking the steaks.”Phillip, gave my ass a playful slap as I broke away from the hug.We walked to the backyard and my husband. Kevin greeted his friend and I gave Phillip a beer.”Wow, you have a hot tub?” Phillip said with excitement in his voice.Our back porch is covered, like a breezeway, it is about twenty feet wide and approximately forty feet long., Kevin has a workshop opposite our back door and our hot tub is in front of his workshop, it is completely covered and, we have two padded benches, one either side. You can sit and chat with the person who is sitting opposite you on the other padded bench, it is great for entertaining.”Yes, we have a great hot tub,” Kevin answered, “we use it every night, you are free to use it as often as you like.”I had sat down on one of the benches and said, “I like the hot tub, the bubbles are amazing.”Phillip looked at me with his incredibly sexy eyes and smiled, “I bet you do.”I realized what I had said and, blushed. “I didn’t mean that, well they are nice there as well but, I meant they are soothing.”The innuendo made me blush and my nipples grew even harder.”I am going to cut the bread and get the potatoes out of the oven,” I declared, eager to get away and hide my excitement.”Need a hand?” Phillip asked.”You can get the potatoes out for me, while I cut the bread,” I answered as I walked into the kitchen.I started to cut the bread, unaware that I was obstructing the oven. Phillip gently placed one hand on each of my cheeks and, guided me over a little.My heart was pounding out of my chest.”Your beautiful body was in the way,” he said softly, “I couldn’t open the oven.”I made a hash of cutting the bread while he removed the hot potatoes. He closed the oven door, again; his hands gently held my cheeks as he glided me back to my original position.Supper was a success, the steaks were cooked to perfection and we chatted and laughed all the time that we were eating.I cleared the dinner stuff and got the boys another bottle of beer, then my husband and I sat on one of the padded benches, Phillip sat opposite us on the other.I had snuggled in my husband’s chest but that meant that I had to keep turning my head to talk to, Phillip.I kaçak bahis siteleri sat upright and told my husband, that I was not comfortable sitting like that.He suggested that I lay like I usually do when we watch TV.”What, nude, you mean?” I joked.”No, silly,” Kevin joked, “well, I don’t mind if you get naked. I’m sure our guest wouldn’t mind either but, I meant; lay with your head on the arm of the bench. Put your feet on my lap, like we do when we watch TV, I can massage your feet then.”I instantly realized that would give, Phillip a nice view of my legs.I nestled my shoulders on the arm of the padded bench, I put my feet on my husband’s lap. My face was now perfectly in line to look at Phillip. I could see that he was staring at my legs and thigh. Kevin started to massage my feet and ankles as we talked and laughed with our guest. Every time that I looked at, Phillip, I could see that he was looking at my legs and thigh, we smiled at each other often, especially when he saw that I could see where his eyes were focused. It was a beautiful and warm summer evening, a slight, warm breeze but, this girl was feeling hot!It was just after eight o’clock when I saw Phillip empty his beer bottle, and, being the good hostess that I am; I asked him if he would like another beer?”I would but, I’m driving,” he answered, “I would like a bottle of water though, if that’s okay?”This is where my perfect life took yet another turn!Kevin was massaging my right ankle, I was laying with my left side facing outwards. I slid my left foot off of my husband’s lap and put it on the concrete. I knew full well that by doing so, I would open my legs and give our guest a perfect, unrestricted view up the front of my dress. I was too nervous to look at him for a few seconds but, I could feel his eyes on me. I waited about four seconds before I said to my husband, “Kevin, I need my other foot. I am showing our guest what I am wearing under this dress.”I found the courage to look at Phillip and, I was correct; he was staring up my dress and at my thong.He saw me looking and he smiled at me, I smiled back. My heart was beating fast and my nipples were as hard as they could get.Kevin released my foot and I pulled it down to the concrete, I stood up and, my husband raised the back of my dress enough to see my thong. Phillip couldn’t see because I was facing him.Kevin said, “Oh he saw those white panties then?””How long have we been married?” I joked, “you should know by now that I only ever wear thongs and, they are not white.”Phillip chirped in, “They are pink, pink lace.””See, I told you that I was showing him,” I laughed, “he saw it all.””So, they are clean,” Kevin joked, “it’s a pity that you wore any.”I blushed and went into the kitchen, my aching pussy was on fire. I took an ice-cold bottle of water from the refrigerator for Phillip.I pushed the cold bottle up the front of my dress and, nestled it against my hot pussy. I felt instant relief when the cold bottle hit my thong. I squeezed one of my boobs as I enjoyed the ice-cold bottle cooling my hot pussy.I took Phillip his water and, got back on the bench with my husband, I put my feet on his slap like before. He suggested that I slide down a little, he wanted to massage my knees.I love my knees being rubbed, especially the backs of them, it is one of my erogenous zones for sure.Now, any decent girl would have pulled her dress down as she slid down the bench, not this girl; I was hot, excited and, wanted to show more. I slid down the bench until my knees were on my husband’s lap. In doing so, my dress rode up at least another three inches. My neck was now resting on the arm of the bench and I looked over to Phillip.His eyes were glued to my thigh, he looked up at me briefly and smiled. I smiled back, letting him know that I knew what he was looking at and, that I approved. Kevin was watching the TV that was mounted above the hot tub and, was lost in a program.It was just after nine-fifteen, the outside lights had come on and, Phillip had drunk his water, he picked up his phone and said that he should be leaving.”Do you have to go right now?” I asked.”I had better, we have a busy day at work tomorrow.”

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