My Pony


It’s always too long between sessions for us. I may be reconciled to that, but it doesn’t make it any easier for me. There are others that I play with (as you know, I like teasing you with the knowledge), but you are the only person that I indulge in pony play with. It’s not that no-one else would allow me to harness them. There are very few submissives that would deny me what I ask for. But I don’t want pony play with them, I want it with you.

In the last few minutes before you arrive, I’m shaking and wet. And then the doorbell goes and – bam – I’m not shaking any more. Wet, sure. Excited, certainly. And a little angry.

I press the door buzzer and you’re in. Open the door to my apartment, standing slightly behind the door as you come inside. You’re in your usual fuck off world clothes, looking, despite your age, like a student. Taller than me, thinner than me (much), blonde hair too long for fashion, blue eyes. All cheekbones and chin, hard angles in your face and body. All bone and muscle and bodily denial. The contrast is delicious, of course. When you’re here, it’s not about denial – unless it’s about teasing and denial.

We hold onto each other for long enough for the pounding in my heart to ease a little. Always too long between sessions, you know that. Sometimes it’s because you’re too busy. Sometimes it’s because you’re trying to stay away. Sometimes because it’s the control that you get to exercise. But you’re here now.

I’m as tall as you in my boots. Laced up over my pvc catsuit, made to measure to ease over my hips, to hug my arse and show off my breasts. I love it, it heats me up just to put it on. My long hair is down, down to the middle of my back.

I’m torn, wanting to talk to you, to find out everything that’s happened to you since I last saw you. But there’s something more urgent that I have to do. Both my hands in your hair, inhaling your scent. You go very still. I’m kissing your lips, hard, still it’s not enough. My hands tug your hair, down, and you go on your knees quickly. I want to come, how I want to come, but I want to tease you first.

“Clothes off”

Still on your knees, you tug off that disreputable t shirt, slide off your shoes and trousers. Nothing on underneath, ever. Almost a pity, sometimes I could enjoy another layer. But now you’re naked and on my floor and very still.

“Say hello properly, slut”, I growl.

Of course, I haven’t defined what properly is. Is it kisses on those boots, or on the zip that covers my clit, that I’m almost desperate to unzip already? You settle for the boots, but make sure to rub against me, your shining blonde hair against the black of my catsuit. Beautiful. My hands go back into that hair, holding you still again.

“Come with me”

I tug you after me into my room, up onto the bed. On all fours.

“That’s better, that’s how you should be for me. Naked and on all fours. Although now you need to be harnessed.”

Pony play.

You seem to enjoy it almost as much as me, if that’s possible. I’ve asked you why, before. You tell me it’s because of the humiliating way you’re dressed, as well as the tail and the arse fucking that you get.

I know that I just love pushing that tail in. As soon as my fingers start rubbing gently on your arsehole, your cock starts dripping.

I’ve laid everything out on the bed. Your own catsuit, no sleeves so I can see your arms and feel the strength in them. All those useful zips too … the tail of course. A large butt plug with a long horsehair tail, real horsehair I might add. A chest harness, with buckles and straps to easily restrain you. And a gorgeous bridle, with a leather blindfold built in.

I want you in the catsuit, but first I have to play with your arse just a little. My hands are dripping in lube already, my right middle finger rubbing against your arsehole and you’re moving, just slightly back against me.

“Eager, are we slut?”

I know that you enjoy being verbally humiliated and teased as much as you enjoy the physical humiliation of the pony gear. And of course, the physical pleasure of the stimulation. One finger pushed Bycasino into your arse, moving slightly. I want to use a vibe on you, use my fist on you. I want all sorts of things, but today it’s pony play and that’s what I have to focus on. Focus. Right. Deep breath. Take the finger out.

“Turn over and lie on your back, slut, show me that dripping cock.”

You quickly turn and lie back down, legs down off the bed, hands down by your side. Eyes shut.

“I said, show my that dripping cock, hurry up and play with it for me.”

Oh, just a touch of colour in your face at that. I love making you play with your cock, love that there is something that embarrasses you just a little.

“Hurry up slut, it should be hard already, as well as wet. It’s just pathetic now.”

Mmmm, loved that reaction. Your hand starts stroking your cock, it does get harder.

“Stop it.”

You stop immediately, letting your cock bounce away from your hand. I pick up the thin rope I have on the bed and trail it up your thigh.

“As your cock is completely useless to me, time to get it out of the way before I harness you.”

Tightly around your ball, around the base of your cock. I know you’re better at this, I could ask you to arrive like this (and I do enjoy that too, knowing the anticipation it adds for you). But sometimes I too like to play with your cock – and it’s the only real pain I get to inflict with you.

Your cock is starting to get red. By the time we’ve finished it will be purple and swollen and sore. If I could scratch my name on it I would. If I could brand or tattoo your arse with my mark, I would. Sometimes I want to hurt you so badly I have to step away.

Pull you back upright, turn you around to face the bed, my tongue in your ear, yanking you back just a little off balance.

“Get dressed slut. I want to see you in that catsuit. And leave the zips a little undone when you’re finished.”

Standing back, leaning against the wall, watching the catsuit go on. It’s tight of course – not that you mind that – and against your hair and pale skin, it looks amazing. It makes you look like the fetish player you are. When you’re done, I push you roughly back onto the bed, back on all fours again.

Before I do anything else, the collar. High necked, black with blue to match your eyes. Locked on. Hands full of that luscious hair as I adjust it, my breath ragged in your ear again. I want you so badly now it hurts.

Back behind you again, and my fingers start playing with your arse again, opening you up enough for the plug. Not too much, I want the plug to hurt a little going in, to make you feel full. Three fingers. Your cock is dripping again no doubt, encased in pvc and tightly bound as it is. You are moving back on my hand again, I love it. Lubing up the plug with my other hand, then pulling out my fingers. You know what’s coming now. The plug starts to go in, you push back against it. It slips in almost quickly, and once it’s in, I tap it, jerk it just a little, to make you move. Smooth out the tail, zip the zips together almost closed. Beautiful.

Chest harness on quickly, fumbling a little now. I know it’s almost time for me to come and can’t concentrate until after that’s happened. You know it too. I’m in front of you, my breasts in your face.

“Like that, slut? Want to touch me?”

yes, miss, you say quietly. Mmm, yum. I bend back down and say softly not yet, slut, you haven’t earned anything yet, you’ll have to wait. You need to be teased, you crave it.

I want the bridle on you, just for a little while. It’s too much to keep on for too long – apart from how it feels for you, I enjoy your mouth far too much to keep it full of rubber for long. On it goes, buckled around your head.

A final touch. Leather straps around your thighs, red strap on dildo attached. Like an erect pony. If a pony was dressed in pvc and had its own cock tied up, that is. You look ridiculous, pathetic, laughable. You look gorgeous and fuckable and vulnerable. When I come at night before I go to sleep, this is the image in my head.

“Down off the bed.”

I Bycasino giriş tug on the reins, carefully bring you down off the bed. Go down on my knees beside you.

“Do you want to please me pony?”

You grunt behind your bit and bridle and push your head against me, rub your body against mine. You know that I like this and you do it over and over.

My clit is swollen and hot by now, my cunt is like an aching bruise. I can’t wait for much longer. With you on all fours, I straddle you, push my pvc encased body against you. I know that you’re stronger than you look, but I’m too self conscious about my own size to let you carry me like this. But as soon as I’m in place, you move, slowly forward. I don’t let you go far, you are blindfolded after all. But I do like being carried.


You stop immediately and stand there on all fours, head a little down. I reach behind and tug at that plug, just a little. Time to take the bridle off. I know you like it, but I need your mouth back.

“I’m taking off the bridle now. I’ll put it back on when I fuck you, but now it’s time for you to please me. Do you want to please me now?”

yes miss, please let me.

Bridle is off, I’m guiding you back to the bed, sitting down, with you on all fours at my feet.

“Up on your knees”

You’re up, hands at your sides.

“Open your eyes for me”

Eyes open, your face a little dazed – that’s the effect of the bridle – and I’m zipping my catsuit open a little more, leaning forward to put my breasts into your face.

“Please me slut”

Your tongue on my nipples straight away, a hint of teeth and then more than a hint, you’re sucking and I’m moaning already.

“You can use your hands too slut”

I’m hopeless really. I get so distracted at the thought of coming myself. What I should really be doing now is pushing your face down into the carpet, one boot on your back, calling you a useless slut, making fun of you. But all I want to do right now is come. After I do I’ll be able to think of what you need again.

And you have told me over and over again about how much you like to make me come, after all …

Decision made.

“Unzip me, lick my clit, make me come slut, quickly.”

Instantly your hands are on the zipper, undoing it, tipping my pelvis forward and pulling me into your mouth. You’re so good at this, you know exactly what will make me come. My hands are already balling up the sheets, and I grasp your arm, one of your hands comes up to hold mine, hard.

I hold off as long as I can, I want to make you work for it. But it’s not long before all my muscles go into meltdown, my clit feels like it’s going to explode. I come, hard, making noises I can hardly believe. You don’t stop of course, you know I can come over and over and your tongue is already licking up my come and seeking more. Sucking on my clit, just a little, both your hands keeping mine in place now. So good. I’m coming again.

I have to have your fingers in my cunt, now. Which I tell you, gasping a little, while you tug one of your hands out of mine and start pushing your fingers in, twisting slightly. I don’t know what the hell you’re doing, have tried to explain it to others with absolutely no success. It sets me off instantly, my body starts shaking as I come this time. It hurts and I love it. You keep going, I know you’ll keep going until I tell you to stop. Even when I do, I have to grab your hair and pull your head up to stop you, you are completely lost in the sensations yourself by now.

“Stop, stop”, I’m panting now.

You’ve said before that you would be happy if that’s all you did, for hours on end. Make me come. It seems a little unfair, particularly as you’re the one dressed as a pony, with a plug in your arse. Surely you deserve some fun – but you assure me that you love doing this. Good. We’re both happy.

But now I need to get some reactions from you and I know the best way to do that.

“Time for you to get fucked now. Would you like that?”

yes miss.

“Yes miss, what?”

whatever you want, miss.

“That’s a pathetic Bycasino deneme bonusu response slut. Do you want to be tied up on the hook outside and be fucked?”

yes miss.

At least I heard the excitement in your voice that time. It’s so hard to make you lose your cool, that’s why I try to do it every time.

“Well, then, slut, you’d better put the dildo inside me if that’s going to happen.”

We both enjoy this one, although I do have to hold it on with one hand once I get really excited. Well, hold it in, that is. One of those ones with a plug inside my cunt.

You pick it up, ready to put it in, but I take it out of your hand and push the plug end into your mouth. You’re sucking and looking up at me out of those eyes and all I can think of is grabbing someone else’s cock and shoving it in your mouth too. Soon.

Back to this moment, I pull the dildo out and hand it to you, telling you to put it in me, ready to fuck you. You push it in steadily, big enough to give me another jolt. As soon as it’s finished, I push your head down onto it again.

“Suck it slut, it’s the only extra lube you’re going to get for that dirty whorish arse of yours.”

You slurp up and down the cock, concentrating now. Gorgeous. I can’t wait any longer. I grab your hair to stop you again, push you back down on all fours.

Buckle your bridle back on, wish I could see your cock right now, bet it’s dripping. You know this means you’re going to get fucked hard, up on the hook outside on my terrace. I’m pulling you by your head, my hand in your hair as I half drag you forward, out through the doors, then up to your feet. My heels still on, I’m the right height for this.

I’ve looped a piece of rope off the hook and now I tell you to hold onto it.

“You don’t need to be tied up for this do you pony? I think you want to be fucked, don’t you?”

You half grunt / half moan and push your arse back into me. Clearly you do want to be fucked.

I grab the base of the plug and slowly pull it out. I’ve already lubed up the cock properly of course, dry fucking you is no fun for either of us, so it’s easy for me to press it against your arse and push it in. I start pushing forward and back, a little raggedly because after all, this feels so good for me. I’m talking to you, murmuring filth into your ear and you’re leaning back against me, that’s right, and I come again, so hard I can hardly stand up, my legs shaking and muscles spasming. You’re still holding onto the hook as I pull the dildo out of myself and slam it back into you. I can hear you moaning in pain, but you’re not clicking your fingers or trying to stop me, so I don’t stop. Your body is really moving now and I know that you want to come, but you’re not coming like this. Not this time.

I stop, leaving the dildo in your arse, telling you again how ridiculous you look, reminding you (again) how fuckable you are. Tell you to bring your arms down from the hook, march you back inside the house, occasionally (and roughly) pushing the dildo back inside you.

Pull the bridle off.

“Have you come yet slut?”

no miss

“Do you want to?”

yes miss, please, please, yes

“What would make you come now slut?”

please, touch me, touch my balls, squeeze them hard, please keep fucking me

I’m pulling off the strap on that I didn’t get to use this time, then ripping the zippers open to get at your cock. It’s so sore looking, so swollen, covered in pre-come. You smell of sweat and come, and as I unzip you, I keep playing with the dildo in your arse.

miss, i’m going to come, miss

I stop. I don’t want you to come like that.

Actually, who am I kidding, I do. Just a bit slower.

“You could really come just from that dildo in your arse? You’re such an arse slut that you don’t even need me to touch your cock or balls?”

yes, miss … falteringly now.

“So if I keep doing this, you’ll come?”

I’m pushing the dildo back into you now, pushing you back on the bed, your legs back and tucked over my shoulders, my body pressing down on you. I’m not touching your cock, I can see it sore and weeping and dark purple now, but I’m still fucking you and you’re saying, miss, miss, miss …

And you make this noise that I love, you’ve come, from being fucked in the arse, it’s despairing and amazed at the same time.

And we’re both happy.

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