My Pregnant Wife Laura Fucked By Friends 4

My Pregnant Wife Laura Fucked By Friends 4Laura explained to me how Kay and Kate gave a little nod to Bill and Tony to let them know it was their turn to have their way with my wife, while Geoff and Paul dragged me away from Kay and Kate and got me to enter into the drinking game again.Looking back I should have known something was wrong. I should have gone to the rescue of my darling wife Laura, but I remember being too wasted to know any better. Plus if I am honest the attention from Kay and Kate had my dick hard, and I wasn’t interested in my wife. I just wanted to fuck them. Laura stood up and made me lie down on the floor, she then got into the 69 position with her cum filled pussy still all sticky and messed up. She then told me to lick whilst she played with my little cock and started to inform me of what happened to her next.While you walked away with Geoff and Paul towards the patio area. Kay and Kate just walked over to me and started to pull my large milky breasts out of my low cut dress, they laughed and slapped my tits hard and said these tits are way too nice and big for your limp-dicked husband Dan, you need real men like Bill and Tony. I just looked down with embarrassment as yet again our friends pulled my breasts out and punished them for being so large and milky.Soon I felt larger stronger hands grope my breasts and start to tug at my clothing, my dress was soon ripped from my body, all I had on was my stockings and suspenders, my large milky tits bounced and swayed as Bill and Tony forced me into position by the chair.Kay pendik escort and Kate helped to lift me onto Bills lap lowering my well-used pussy down onto his rock hard 9 inches of uncut fat white cock. I smiled as he filled my pussy and started to bring back the feeling of being filled and stretched to capacity.The girls started to pull and twist my nipples starting off the feeling of pain again, which I know knew would soon turn into pleasure.I was soon brought out of my dream world as I felt Tony pushing his 8 inches of thick-cut hard rippled cock into my ass, now I know Helen had loosened me up earlier by pushing three of her fingers in there, but the fat cut cock of Tony was double the size of her slender fingers. I screamed and begged them to stop, but Bill held me down hard onto his cock, the girls twisted and pulled at my nipples and held their hands over my mouth, and Tony shoved his fat cock into my little virgin ass.Laura moved over my face covering me in other men’s cum as she pulled the skin all the way back on my cock and then slapped it with her free hand. She cried out why didn’t you hear me and come rushing in to save your wife.Laura then continued to tell me how with all the juice running out of her pussy after Tony had pulled his cock out a couple of times and rubbed it around her pussy area rubbing dicks with Bill more than once, the lubrication was more than enough to allow his fat cut cock to enter her virgin ass.Tony didn’t leave it there to allow her to get used to the size and girth, he just started to slam it escort pendik into her as deep and as hard as he could, this got Bill to follow suit and they fucked her deep and hard using the same stroke and rhythm. Laura lifted off my face and told me to lick her ass. As my tongue pushed into her tight ass she continued to tell me how my two friends had fucked her in rhythm until her body went into spasms as her first anal and joint pussy orgasm exploded through her body. She couldn’t control her pussy as the liquid gushed out of her covering everything in a sticky thick juice.Laura explained how the orgasm sent shock wave after shock wave from her nipples, to her stomach, to her clitoris, to her anal canal, through to her pussy then down to her feet and toes, it then went back up through her body making every part of her tingle and feel warm, then glow red and feel slightly itchy until the next wave ran through, and again and again.This must-have sent the guys over the edge as she felt them both start to buck and jerk and fill her up with their cum.All the time Laura explained how the girls continued to pull and twist her nipples until her breasts felt like they were ready to explode, she didn’t understand how they could do this, as her nipples had never been that sensitive before.Laura said at this point Geoff and Paul had helped me into a chair out on the far said of the patio, and now looked as if they would be making their way back into the house.Soon Paul had his cock out and was shoving it down Laura’s throat, Geoff was behind pendik escort bayan her and was fucking her very sore ass for all he was worth. Laura explained how this constant attention didn’t allow her body to recover, so she was constantly rolling through a perpetual orgasm that lasted for hours.I felt the warm flow of juice run from Laura’s pussy down my throat as she continued her story, soon she was in a 69 with one of the girls, while one of the men fucked her well-used ass, this was pushing her face deep into one of the girls cunts as she was forced to suck and lick it clean.Laura believes each of my friends fucked her ass, pussy and mouth at least once each that night, so also believes that she licked, sucked and nibbled each of the women’s pussies at least twice each.When our friends had finished with her, they made her walk over to me as I sat snoring in a drunken state and shove her cum filled pussy down onto my face.Looking back I sort of remember something to do with her sticky pussy being on my face, but being drunk I didn’t realise it was while we were still at our friend’s house. Laura then explained how even as she did as they said, they all stood around slapping, pinching, groping and squeezing her ass, tits, pussy and inner folds. The girls liked to twist and pull her clitoris, then quickly slap or flick it with their fingers causing her to yell and scream out loud, much to the amusement of everyone else.The men then formed a circle around Laura and she was pushed to her knees, the wives then stood to the side of their husbands and wanked their cocks over Laura’s face and tits, covering her with their loads, she was then forced to put her dress on and drive me home, covered with the loads from each of our friends balls sliding and dripping from her face and breasts.

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