My Pretty Little Slaves – Chapter 12 – Training Continues, Nadia’s wish for her friend


My Pretty Little Slaves – Chapter 12 – Training Continues, Nadia’s wish for her friend

Characters Introduced:
Abigail, 27, Pharmacist, white, 5’4 Blond Deep blue eyes 36DD, swan like neck
Mandy, 18, Abigail’s sister, white, 5’2 Blond Blue eyes, 36D breasts, swan like neck
Fred, 55, Ford Dealer, white, 7” cock
Jolene, 16, 5’4 Blond Blue eyes, 36D breasts daughter of Fred
Dr. Emily Johns 28, friend of Nadia, white, 5’8 Black hair Green Eyes 36D breast. Swan like neck
Julia Johns, 13, daughter of Emily, white, 5’0 Black hair Green Eyes 32C breast. Swan like neck
Joe Johns, 34, husband of Emily stepfather of Julia, white 6’0 4” cock

Story picks up two days after Ben Jr’s celebration….

Nadia comes up to Ben who is sitting by the pool in a lounge chair relaxing with some of his bed slaves. Elfie is sucking on BIG FELLA as Rachel and Ben make out. “Master, I have got to get back to Tuscaloosa to my practice I have patience to see in the morning. I want you to come down and meet my friend when you get done training Martha’s family or you get a break”.

Ben “OK give me three weeks and I will be down there. I got to train Martha and her girls asses next, except for Cam and Calla. I then have to do Suzy and the Hawaiian girls asses. By the way I need you to move up here in the fall permanently. I have an office building that I am building and have office space set aside for you and Doctor Reynolds”.

Nadia “OK, Master. My friend is a dermatologist and does laser hair removal. I thought she could be of some use to the family. Also she is beautiful and her daughter is stunning. She is Nadine’s best friend and I would like them to grow up together in our family here. I want her to be your slave just like Nadine and myself”

Ben “OK, I will hold off on Nadine’s training until I get back from Tuscaloosa. I will not force your friend or daughter to be my slave Nadia!”.

Nadia “Once Emily sees BIG FELLA and sucks on your cock she is going to fall for it just like me”.

Ben finally cums in Elfie’s throat and she gets off of BIG FELLA after licking and cleaning it up. “Nadia, I want to have sex with you before you leave, come over here and get me hard again, Please!”

“Yes, Master” Nadia says as she kneels before her Master and lover and starts worshiping BIG FELLA. Once erect she gets on top of Ben and inserts BIG FELLA into her wet pussy. She bounces up and down on BIG FELLA as Ben starts to suck on her large 36D breasts. The fuck for over an hour before Ben cums inside of her. Nadia collapses onto Ben “God I love you, Master. You are a fucking GOD” Nadia whispers in his ear and then kisses him. “I am looking forward to seeing our baby, I want you to get Nadine pregnant along with her friend Julia, Master. I want them to share that with each other”

“I will see what I can do, my lover”.
Ben goes and gets Becky and Laurie his two soul mates and wives, “I need to talk to you two in the den please”. The three of them head to the den and Ben asks his confidants “Laurie already knows what I am about to tell you Becky, Suzy made her husband her cuckold and really embarrassed him when I was training her pussy. I am going to complete her training, eventually, do you two think I should punish her for treating Darryl so badly? I really like Darryl and am going to start a transportation business with him. I need him to be as happy as he can be with this arrangement”

Becky “If I may, I know you like Darryl. You love Suzy’s breast and her fat ass. She needs to know that she must obey her Master and Mistresses! That if she wants to be a part of this family that she must agree to that. I don’t know what her punishment should be. I cannot be anything sexual, she would just love that. Maybe a chastity belt that we would make her wear for six months, with a hole for a catheter so that she can urinate and a removable butt plug that can only be removed by using a key that only the three of us have”.

Laurie “That is wicked, if she does not agree to it we will banish her from the family. What about Darryl?”.

Ben “I have already set my plans for him in motion. I will continue them, that would be great punishment for her. Seeing her husband being successful in a business that he is good at, while she cannot have sex with anybody. What about her mouth? We could put her in a mask so that she could not suck on a cock or eat pussy”

Becky “Lets think about it for a while, She should be completely trained before we do anything to her. Ben are you staying here tonight? Your bed is getting a little cold without you. The bed slaves are getting a little restless without you with them. They miss sleeping with you and waking up with you”.

Ben “Let’s go and talk to them. They need to know that I love them, all of them. After we come back from our cruise on spring break I need to go to the Cayman Islands to do some business, I was hoping to take some bed slaves, Nadine and some of the girls that are not in school, Laurie of course. I was thinking of taking Renee, get her out of the house and on a trip with me and a couple of the other ladies. Need to make it look like we are a family, legal family”.

They go and find his bed slaves Sarah, Sam, Elfie, Alex and Carly. “Girls, Becky told me that you are lonely and have been missing your time with me. Is this true?” Ben asks.

Sarah “Yes, Master. We know you are busy training Martha’s family. I know there are a lot of women to train. We just miss being with you every night in your bed. We feel safe and loved when we are sleeping with you. Like nothing bad can ever happen to us”.

Ben “Do all of you feel this way?”.

They all nod yes. “Well lets go up to bed and rectify this situation. We can all watch a couple of movies together and cuddle. Maybe even suck some virgin pussy” Ben tells his bed slaves.

“Master, I want you in me” Elfie says. “You need to get me pregnant. I want your baby”

“Jesus, does everybody want my babies?” Ben says as they head to his room. All the women say yes in unison. They reach the master suite and climb into bed. They all attack Ben as he climbs into bed. They pull him down and Sam starts sucking on her Master’s cock while Sarah straddles his face and grinds her pussy on his mouth. Ben sucks and licks on Sarah’s sweet twelve year old virgin pussy. When BIG FELLA is erect Elfie mounts him and starts grinding away, cumming almost immediately. She fucks him through five orgasms before Ben is done with giving Sarah her three ear shattering orgasms. When she gets off of his face and gets the other girls to stop sucking and licking on his chest, he flips Elfie on to her hands and knees and starts drilling her deep and fast. “Master, fuck me hard. Fill my womb up with your beautiful seed, I want your baby. I hope his or she is as beautiful as Ben Jr.” Elfie says in between grunts and moans. Ben starts jackhammering his 13 year old slave. “Elfie, baby I saw your dad today. He told me he misses you and when he last talked to you he said that you told him that you wanted my child. You need to talk to him, call him regularly from now on. Because when I am done with you, you will be pregnant and he will be a grandfather”.

“Thank you Master, my love” Elfie says as Ben continues to push and pound her pussy. He finally pushes through her cervix and starts popping in and out of her cervix. “OH GOD MASTER, THAT HURTS sooo good” Elfie screams out, “Get ready baby” Ben tells her as he starts to ejaculate inside her womb, when he is done fifteen minutes later he pops out of her cervix and it closes. Sealing in Ben’s huge load inside, he rolls his lover to her side and he rubs her belly. “Baby, you have a belly full of baby batter. I love you sweetheart” Ben tells her as he rolls onto his back. Elfie snuggles next to her lover, master and husband kissing him as Amber walks into the room.

“Master, you are home” she says as she gets on the bed and starts sucking on BIG FELLA. When Ben is erect she takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth with a loud pop and tells her Master “My period starts next week Master, you promised to get me pregnant. I am going to fuck you until you cum in my womb. GIVE ME YOUR SEED!!”. She tells him as she straddles him. She bounces up and down on BIG FELLA as Ben starts to suck on her nearly perfect eighteen year old 36D breasts. “Amber, I love your breasts” he tells her as she starts to put some flavored lotion on her breasts. Ben licks and suck on the lotion, “MMM, Amber that is good. Cherry flavored my favorite”

“Oh, Ben my love” Amber says as she starts to climax hard from bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA as Ben sucks on her breasts. “I love you, you are a beautiful caring man. I want to have your child. I love you and want to share this with you and the rest of our family”.

“OH GOD, I am cumming again” Amber says panting and groaning. Tiffani comes into the room and watches the action as Ben rolls over with BIG FELLA still inserted deep inside her pussy. Ben starts to fuck her like a jackhammer, for twenty minutes he does this. Ben starts to stiffen and Tiffani lubes her fingers and inserts them into Ben anus and messages his prostate as Ben pushes through Amber’s cervix and starts to cum inside of her womb. With Tiffani help Ben cums for over a half hour before he is done.

“Damn, Tiffani. I have never climaxed like that before. What did you do massage my prostate?” Ben asks. “Yes Master, did you like it?”. “Yes I did, how about you Amber?”

“Master my womb is full, my pussy feels well used. I am pleasantly fucked. I love you all. Ben, Dr. Reynolds has given me fertility supplements for two months now. I hope to have multiple babies for you. I know how you love your twin slaves. I want to give you your own twins or triplets” Amber tells Ben.

Ben kisses her and lays between his two lovers, Amber and Elfie, as Tiffani picks up BIG FELLA and starts to suck on him. Becky comes in with her husbands pills and little junior. Ben takes his pills and then holds his son.

“Becky, my darling little angel you did good. How is my beautiful son?” Ben asks

“He is doing good, eating and sleeping all the time” Becky says. “I want to sample some of that milk too lover. Son look at grandma work on your father’s cock” Ben says as Tiffani looks up from her working BIG FELLA over. She finally makes Ben cum after fifteen minutes. “Master, lover I needed that. I want BIG FELLA in my ass while you suck on Becky’s breasts” Tiffani says.

Tiffani sucks BIG FELLA hard and then pushes it inside of her anus. Becky then lovers her breasts to Ben to start sucking as he gives junior over to Amber. He sucks on Becky’s breast drinking her mothers milk. He stops and she lays beside him as her mother Tiffani smiles and continues to grind BIG FELLA in her ass.

“Ben, we have quite a family here. I can’t wait for your baby to be born this summer. I love you more than you can know. You have made me and my sister very very happy” Tiffani says as she starts to cry. She lays down on her Master, lover, husband, and son-in-law with BIG FELLA still moving in and out of her ass. “I love you with all my heart!”. “I know you do Tiffani, I love you and all my girls. I have never been so happy in all my 30 years before you ladies came into my life” Ben tells everybody that is in listening distance. Ben cums hard in her ass.

Jess and Hope come into the room “Master, you promised me that you would breed me. I am not pregnant yet. I am not leaving your side until you impregnate me like my daughter. I love you and want your children in my womb. I have been taking the fertility drugs Dr. Reynolds has been giving me.” She starts sucking the cum off of Ben’s cock that has just been up Tiffani’s ass without hesitation when he is hard she starts grinding on him. “Master, I am fertile now. I want you to put at least four loads in your willing slaves womb, make love to me. I am yours”.

After a while he turns Jess over and start pounding deep inside her love channel pressing against her cervix until it gives and then pumping a huge stream into her womb. “Can somebody get my pills and two little blue one. I am going to pound Jess until she is unconscious” Ben tells her as he plops out of her, Sam sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard while Sarah gets his pills. Once hard he is back jackhammering Jess. He fucks her for sixteen hours straight before she finally loses consciousness. Ben has cum inside her womb twelve times and she is full to extended belly.

“Master, I do not think an egg could escape the load you left in my mother. Thank you for doing that for her. I love you, let me take you into the shower and clean you off. I want to take care of you, my loving Master” Hope says as they get up and go to the bathroom. Ben’s knees are weak from the sex he has been doing the last five days. He has not left the bedroom since he first brought his bed slaves up there. After a nice hot shower the two of them go down the hall and fall asleep in the first bed they can find. Ben sleeps for a long time when he wakes up he notices Hope is not there but Jess is sleeping next to him. He gets up and goes back to his bedroom where his bed slaves are waiting for him.

“Master, are you alright?” Sarah asks him with concern on her face. “Yes my love, I need to get my supplements and vitamins” Ben tells her as he goes into the bathroom and swallows them and then comes back to his bed and crawls into bed. “I though Jess was going to kill me!” Ben tells his slaves. “Can we just cuddle for a while until I recuperate, my lovely bed slaves?”. “Yes, Master let us take care of you”.

His bed slaves are all there to take care of him the next day or so until he gets his strength back. “Becky baby, I got to stop these marathon sex sessions. Non stop for what five days in a row. God my balls hurt like hell afterward”. Ben tells his wife “Ben, Martha called and asked when could she expect to see you back there to finish their training?”

“Tell her two days, I am taking Laurie with me” Ben says “OK, Master” they both say as Laurie sucks on BIG FELLA. She licks on him and makes him cum deep down her throat. “I have a place to put BIG FELLA so that he is safe and protected while you rest Ben, My pussy” She mounts him and inserts BIG FELLA deep inside her pussy. She lays on top of her lover “Now rest up, BIG FELLA is protected and is not going to be molested anymore my love” Laurie’s 34c breasts squishing on Ben’s chest as Becky’s milk filled 38c’s are to his right and Amber’s 36d’s are to his left. Sam, Sarah, Elfie, Alex and Carly are between his legs and next two the other lovers. All tangled in one heap as they all rest. Sam licks on Ben’s balls from time to time. “Master, we love you. We can’t wait until we are all under the same roof so we are always together. I miss you” Alex tells her lover.

“I could stay like this forever with my lovers caressing my body” Ben says as he starts to drift off to sleep “Alex I can’t wait either. Wait till you see the bed I have planned for us”.

They sleep for eight hours as Ben wakes he sees his lovers waking up and Jess nude form in the doorway with her daughter Hope. They come over to kiss him when Becky and the other girls get up to go to the bathroom to take a shower.

“Master, I hope I am pregnant. I need to get a pregnancy test” Jess tells Ben.
“I believe there are some in the bathroom, ask Becky” Ben tells Jess as Hope comes over and lies with her Master. “Can you feel your child in my womb Ben?” Hope asks as Ben starts to rub on her almost four month pregnant belly. Hope kisses Ben and strokes BIG FELLA, “Can I have a ride on BIG FELLA, please? “Hope sweetheart ride to your hearts content, do not pass your cervix. Please be careful, my love. I don’t want to harm our baby”

“I will my love” she tells him as she sucks on BIG FELLA getting him hard as a rock, Hope then starts to straddle him and rock back and forth on BIG FELLA. She is rocking on BIG FELLA, grinding out one orgasm after another as she collapses on top of her lover kissing him as her mother Jess comes in.

“Master, Hope baby good news it is positive, it is positive!! Baby you are going to have a little brother or sister. Hopefully it will be twins for our Master” Jess says as she runs and lays next to her lover and baby daddy “I love you Master, you made me so happy. I always wanted to have more children. Thank you my love, I am going to enjoy raising my babies with my daughter and her babies. I love you so much”

“Jess, honey, I need you to go see Dr. Reynolds tomorrow to get a check-up and make sure you are all right. Need to put you on those vitamins for healthy babies” Ben tells his lover as Hope and Jess shower him with love and kisses. “Master, you are our family now. I love you and want to be with you always. I want more than just one child with you” Hope says as they kiss each other and Hope kisses her mother Jess on the lips “I love you mom”. They exchange passionate kisses between each other, more lovers than mother and daughter. “I love you too, baby, with all my heart” Jess tells her daughter who is still bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA. “We have a man who loves us and takes care of us” Jess says looking at her lovers. She sees that Ben is about to cum and she gets in between his legs and Hope’s legs and starts to suck on his balls, cock and her daughter’s ass.

“Damn, Jess that feels good real good” Hope tells her lover. “What ever you are doing dear, please don’t stop, Jess love” Ben tells her. They stay that way for the next hour Hope bouncing up and down on her Master with her mother licking and sucking on her ass and his cock and balls when all of a sudden Jess feels Ben’s balls start to tighten as he is about to cum. Jess watches as Ben pumps load after load into her daughter’s ass, BIG FELLA pulsating with every shot of cum. BIG FELLA plops out of Hope’s ass and Jess immediately starts to suck him clean. She licks and sucks BIG FELLA clean and then starts to suck on her daughter’s anus which is starting to leak Ben’s seed.

“No reason to waste Master’s beautiful seed is there?” Jess says as she licks her daughter’s legs clean and then starts to suck on her starfish. She sucks and licks her clean. Hope’s asshole is gaping wide from BIG FELLA as her mother sucks her clean of cum.

Becky comes in and see them, she has a glass of ice tea. Jess asks Becky can she have a couple ice cubes and Becky gives them to her not know what she is going to do.

Jess after taking the ice cubes starts to twirl them around Hope’s anal ring and the puts them inside of her. “Damn Jess, that is cold!” Hope says to her lover “I thought it my be soothing to you baby” Jess replies as she continues her assault on her ass. With all of Jess’s licking and sucking as she works her way to her clit and slit along with her anal ring Hope climaxes hard, twice before Jess stops.

“Mistress, I think Hope liked that. What do you two think?” Jess asks Ben and Becky. “I think she loved that a lot” Becky says and Ben agrees “I need to rest up for tomorrow, lovers. I need to complete Martha’s family’s training and Suzy’s also. The Hawaiian babes will have to wait to start training when I get back from Tuscaloosa. Nadia wants me to meet someone down there. I need to check on my girls down there also”

They all get up and go to the pool to cool off, rest and relax. Ben swims a couple of laps in his indoor pool and is met in the shallow end by Renee’s two sets of twins Reanna, Rachel, Sarah and Sam. “What’s up the loves of my life?” Ben asks the four of them. “We just want to be around you, Master” Rachel says as she starts to kiss him. Renee comes into the pool and comes up behind Ben as he tries to back up to the edge of the pool. He bumps into Renee “Hey love, your girls are attaching me” Ben tells Renee. “Ben, my girls have shown you their affection to you. I am not completely healed yet. But I am free of disease the doctor just told me. I am going to complete my oral training before you go to Martha’s house. Dr. Reynolds tells me that with luck I can get pregnant. He put me on fertility drugs. When I am healed in four weeks, you are going to get me pregnant. We are going to have a baby. I love you, you have done so much for me and my girls. Mistress Becky, my niece, loves you with all her heart. She provided you with a heir, we all are going to give you children. I want to do my part to provide you with all the love and children that I can provide”

“Renee, I love you. Your girls, my girls, my wives are special to me. Are you sure that you are ready for this? I love you no matter what” Ben asks her. “Ben, you are my Master. I love you, I want to show you”. She starts to kiss him as does her girls “We all love you” Reanna tells him as she strokes BIG FELLA. “It is time that you give our mother BIG FELLA. She needs it bad” Sam tells Ben. “OK, OK. I get it” Ben tells them. “Ben, baby you are going to get it for the rest of your life. Master, you are going to be the most fucked man in the world. We are all going to worship you for the rest of your life. Now get out of this pool and let my mother suck your balls dry” Rachel tells her lover as she kisses him. Ben gets out of the pool and the girls dry him off and they put him on a lounge chair as Renee attacks BIG FELLA.

“Master, I have been waiting for this for months” Renee says as she starts to suck on BIG FELLA. “Breathe through your nose and swallow when he get hits the back of your mouth” Reanna tells her mother. She takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth “Baby, this is not the first cock I have sucked, the biggest, ten inches bigger than your useless good for nothing father. Let me show you where you get your skills from”. She sucks BIG FELLA until he gets hard and then sucks on the head for about five minutes until Ben erupts. After he finishes cuming Renee takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth with a pop. “Girls, you suck and lick around the head and then lick real fast under the head when you want the cock to cum fast, let me show you girls another trick. Oh, by the way Master you are going to need your pills today. I am going to show my girls all the tricks” Renee tells everybody. The next time Ben cums Renee makes him raise his hips off the lounge chair.

“Jesus Christ, Renee I thought you were going to suck my balls through my cock. Can somebody get my supplements? Renee is in the process of draining my balls” Ben says “How many do you want lover?” Tiffani asks. “The rate your sister is sucking my cock the whole bottle” Ben tells her. “I better bring you something to eat and some Ensure” Tiffani says giggling. “Master, Baby you thought Reanna could suck cock. She came by it naturally, What is Reanna’s record number of consecutive blowjobs?”.

“Renee, Reanna sucked Ben off 40 times in a row” Becky says. “Master, before you and I part that record is going to be destroyed. I am going to suck your cock a hundred times in a row” Renee says as Reanna looks on “NO, way I would love to see that”.

Ben “OH, SHIT. You ladies are evil”. Renee starts again. She makes him climax five times before Tiffani comes back with his pills. For the next two days Renee and Ben are inseparable, she makes him cum twenty times by the pool then takes him by the cock to her bed as her girls watch him cum thirty more times before they go to sleep and Tiffani comes in and watches her sister suck him off ten more times. Becky delivers his pills and notices that he is out and has Janet go get a refill from the pharmacy.

Upon returning Janet tells Becky that the Pharmacist Abigail needs to talk to you about all the pills that Ben is taking. “Becky, the Pharmacist is freaking beautiful. Huge breasts, nice dick sucking lips and a really long neck. I can just imagine seeing BIG FELLA stretch her throat. I would not mind sucking on her breasts” Janet says. “Do you think she would make a house call when Ben is done with Renee?” Becky asks. “You mean when Renee is done with Master? Yes I believe we can convince her. We need to get Doctor Reynolds over here also. Once she takes a look at BIG FELLA she is going to want him”.

Becky “You think?”.

Janet “I wanted BIG FELLA from the moment I saw it. I found Ben very handsome, but when I saw BIG FELLA I knew me and my sisters had to be his. He is the most caring, generous man I have ever know or even heard about. He cares for us all equally, except for you our Mistress. He loves you above everybody else”

Becky “I know, I fell in love with him when we had lunch the first day I was in town. I was scared the first time I saw BIG FELLA, being the first cock I had ever seen. He is the only man I will ever have sex with. I have given Ken a blowjob a couple of times but Ben is my soul mate. I love to provide him with as many women as he can handle. I think I am going to stop soon. I have a girl in the works for him. If this Pharmacist comes on board that would be sixty-nine women he has. That is quite a harem”.

Janet “Yes that is a few women that he has to keep up with. That is probably why we need this Abigail on our side. To keep him supplied with his supplements and his little blue pills. Have you noticed he only needs he pills when he is training a new slave?”

Becky “Yes that takes it out of him, at least when he is fucking the asses and pussies. The problem with all these women is that we all want to have multiple babies with him. I know I told him I want more than just junior. I told him at least six,, how many do you want?”

Janet “Besides the one inside me, I would like to have at least two or three more. I would love to have a set of twins. Maybe next time I can get Doctor Reynolds to put me on fertility drugs”

The go and give Ben his supplements. “Master, how many times has Renee made you cum so far?” Janet asks. “I lost track but she is not letting up, ask her after you give me my supplements”. Ben says. “How many do you want?” Becky inquires. “Twelve”.

“I have made him cum sixty times with at least forty more times to go” Renee says. “He is going to be here for the rest of the day and probably be done tomorrow”.

“You girls are suppose to be my slaves, I feel like I am the slave” Ben tells his lovers.

“Baby, you started this. You have a lot of women that want you, sexually body and soul” Becky says. “Yes, I know. I just think Renee is going to suck the brown of BIG FELLA” Ben says sarcastically. “You might need to get the tattoo touched up again, she is doing a great job” Janet says.

“Master, I got your prescriptions and the Pharmacist Abigail questioned why you were taking so many of the supplements. I have been talking to Becky and we think we should invite her over and show her why you need them. What do you think?” Janet asks.

“Becky, honey I need you go check her out. If you like her invite her over this weekend. We will invite Doctor Reynolds and if she reacts like every other woman that sees BIG FELLA he can do a blood test right away. What does she look like Janet?” Ben asks as BIG FELLA is being sucked by Renee.

“Master, she is gorgeous. Five foot four blond hair blue eyes, with a rack on her that must be 36DD. She has a really long neck , just like you like them. I would love to suck on those breasts. Before I joined the family I never thought I was bi-sexual, but with all these beautiful women around that I love I feel very comfortable being with a woman. Master, thank you for accepting me and my sisters into your family. I know we all say it to you but I LOVE YOU” Janet tells her Master and Baby Daddy as she leans in and kisses him deep on his lips.

“I will go with Janet tomorrow and see if she would be compatible with our family. We might take her out to Antonio’s for a meal if that is OK” Becky tells Ben. “That’s fine with me sweetie”. They leave Ben as he climaxes again. This goes on the rest of the day and night. The next morning Ben is exhausted and has climaxed 125 times in a row.
“Renee, I can guarantee that record will never be broken. Nobody will ever attempt to break it, and I will never let anybody do me more than thirty times in a row” Ben tells her as he gets up and tries to go to his room. Becky sees him and helps him into the bedroom.

“Becky, love can you draw me a nice hot bath so I can soak. BIG FELLA has been sucked raw and my balls ache. I probably need my pills and supplements. I do not want anybody touching BIG FELLA for the rest of the day and night. I am going to go to sleep after my bath. Tell everybody to leave my cock alone” Ben says as Becky runs his bath. She helps him get in the tub and she tells him that she will instruct the bed slaves to stand guard. She also tells him he needs to eat and get some nutrient in his system. She goes down and gets him something to eat from the maid and brings back the food with a Gatorade and a bottle of Ensure.

Ben’s bed slaves come to his room after he has eaten and stand guard over their Master. They massage his tired muscles as he drifts off to sleep. The next morning Becky and Janet head to the Pharmacy to meet Abigail. Becky takes prescriptions for maternity vitamins and fertility drugs for a family member to get filled. Janet introduces Abigail to Becky and tells her that she is Ben’s wife and mother of his child. They chat for a while and go shop around the store, getting some douches and pregnancy tests and the always useful feminine hygiene products. After making their purchases and taking them to the car they go back and get their prescriptions.

Becky “Abigail, we are going out to lunch would you like to go with us?”

Abigail “Sure, my lunch hour is in thirty minutes.”

Janet “We will come back for you, need to make another stop”.

Becky and Janet go to the adult bookstore in town and pick up some supplies, anal lube and butt plugs for the new girls. The store owner shows Becky the new flavored lotions that he just got in and Becky gets two of each and then sees that he has cherry flavored lotion. She tries it and buys him out of it. They then go back to the pharmacy and pick up Abigail.

“Abigail, have you ever been to Antonio’s. It is one of our families favorite restaurants?” Janet asks.

“Yes, I love that place. I go there when I get a chance” Abigail says. “Good, I am hungry for some great Italian food” Janet says. They go and eat, Antonio comes over and greets Becky and Janet giving them each a kiss on the cheek. They introduce Abigail to him and he greets her. He asks them to say hello to Ben and ask him to come in more often. They finish their meal and Jenny comes over with their desserts compliments from Antonio, complete with gelato in Becky’s and Janet’s favorite flavors. He sends them tiramisu also. Jenny kisses Becky on the cheek and tells her she will see her at home.

“Becky, Jenny lives with you?” Abigail asks. “Yes, she is part of our family. We have a big loving family. Would you like to meet everybody?” Becky replies.
“You can come by and meet Ben, and see why he needs all of his supplements and vitamins that we get” Janet adds.

“Well I am off this weekend, I can come by on the way home from work Friday. I get off work at 9 if that is not too late” Abigail says.

“Sure that would be fine, let me give you the address. I will let the family know you will be there. We can watch a movie and have a late meal so that you can meet everybody” Becky says. Becky then goes and talks to Antonio and comes back and they leave.

“You didn’t pay the bill did you. I need to give you some money” Abigail says. “No it is our treat, we put it on our tab. The family has an account at Antonio’s restaurant”. They go back and drop Abigail off at work and tell her they will see her on Friday. The arrive home to the mansion and go see Ben.

“Honey, the Pharmacist Abigail is beautiful. I think she will be a good addition to our family, I want to suck on those big breasts just like Janet here” Becky says to Ben.

“You girls have got to stop trying to add women to our family. I can’t keep up with the ones I have. I love you all but there is only one of me. When is she coming over?” Ben says.

“She gets off work tomorrow at 8 and said she will be here at 9” Janet says.

“I plan on getting her off by 9:30. When she meets you Ben she is going to fall for you. I want to suck on those titties. I might have to shave her beaver. Will suck her pussy to get her ready for you when I do it” Becky says.

“You are a little nympho my lovely wife” Ben tells her as he kisses her. “We need to stop adding women soon. I can afford all of them but I do not believe I can satisfy too many more”.

“Ben, my love, we all love you and agreed to share you. Oh, by the way You are going to get me pregnant again after we move into the new mansion” Becky tells her Master and lover. “Yes dear, I might be the Master in name only. Sometimes I feel like the slave in this relationship”.

“Slave to love, and great sex. Yes you are a slave to your women sexual desires” Janet tells him.

Friday night comes and Antonio has setup dinner for the entire family when the door bell rings, Becky goes and answers it.

“Welcome to our humble home, Abigail” Becky says, when she is inside Becky takes off her robe and tells Abigail that there are a few rules to the house. The first one is no clothes are to be worn in the house. She tells her to strip, Abigail reluctantly agrees and is standing in front of Becky as naked as she was when she was born. Becky tells her the second rule of the house is no hair allowed below the neckline. That she will need to have her pussy shaved clean, they then go to the master bathroom. Becky proceeds to shave Abigail clean. “Abigail that is one beautiful pussy that you have, good enough to eat!”. Becky then proceeds to suck and lick on her pussy. Abigail has never been with a woman before this and is enjoying Becky’s oral skills. After Abigail comes down from her orgasm, Becky takes her downstairs to meet the family. She walks her into the living room and everybody is there. Doctor Reynolds is there with his testing equipment, just in case.

“Abigail, I would like to introduce you to my husband and our lover Ben Barnes” Becky says to her. Abigail looks around the room at all the women and realizes the reason Ben needs all of his pills, she sees the pregnant ladies. Ben is busy with Missy bouncing up and down on BIG FELLA as he sucks face with Sophia. “Ben, this is Abigail the Pharmacist. She came by to meet you” Becky tells Ben. Missy gets up off of BIG FELLA after climaxing hard and sits next to Ben. She holds an erect BIG FELLA in her hand and looks at Abigail. Ben reaches out his hand to shake Abigail’s hand. Abigail is just staring at BIG FELLA, mesmerized by it size.

“What’s wrong Abigail?” Becky asks her. “Oh, nothing”. “It is nice to meet you, Abigail, my wife Becky tells me that you have questions about why I need my supplements”.

“Mr. Barnes, I had questions but I have all the answers I need” Abigail says not taking her eyes off of BIG FELLA. Missy start to move it back and forth and Abigail follows it with her eyes. A little drool is coming out of her mouth. “Is there anything else you would like to ask?” Ben asks her.

“MMM, how big is it, Mr. Barnes?” Abigail says dropping to her knees in front of him. “My cock, is that what you are referring to?” “Yes, it looks huge. Beautiful”. “It is 16” long and 5 1/2” wide” Ben tells her. Abigail takes it in her hands “Can I have it, I want to suck on it, feel it inside of me”

“Of course, Becky already gave her approval. You just have to get checked out for diseases” Ben tells her. “Mr. Barnes, I am clean. I haven’t had sex since grad school. Kind of sworn off men. That has been four years ago”. “Doctor Reynolds has a testing machine here to test your blood, if you want to have sex you are going to need to get checked out. I have to protect my family, you are a beautiful woman and I would love to pound your pussy into submission, but I have to protect all my women. Are you willing to get your blood tested?”.

Abigail sticks out her arm and says “Have the doctor draw as much blood as he needs, I want this”. She has BIG FELLA in her other hand, she looks at the top of BIG FELLA’s shaft and notices the tattoo “That is very appropriate tattoo”.

Doctor Reynolds draws her blood and starts running it through his machine to test for HIV and STD’s. After about fifteen minutes he tells Ben she is clean. Upon hearing those words, Abigail starts to suck on BIG FELLA.

“Tell me what you want Abigail? All these women are my slaves, I love them and take care of them. They are mine, my property. Look at their tattoos” Ben tells her as he shows her their Property of Ben Barnes tattoo, their Queen of Spades tattoos and other tattoos. She takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and tells Ben “I want to be your lover, I want BIG FELLA inside of me”.

“Abigail, if you are going to be my lover you are going to have to be my slave. You need to come to the decision on your own” Ben tells her as he picks her up and takes her to middle of the living room. He puts her on her hands and knees and pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy. Rachel comes over and goes between her legs and starts to lick on her clit as Ben pumps her pussy. “Give me your arms Abigail”. She complies and Ben pulls her back as Becky and Janet start to suck on her breasts. “Tell me what you want, Tell me what you want Abigail. You know what I want to hear!!”

“OH GOD THIS FEELS SO GOOD” Abigail says as she start to have an orgasm. “Tell me what I want to hear, Abigail” Ben tells her as he continues to pound her pussy hard with long deep strokes that are tapping her cervix with every stroke.

“I want to be yours, I am yours please. Please make me yours. Oh GOD this feels so good” Abigail tells Ben. “That is not what I want to hear, Tell me what I want to hear”.

“BEN, you are my master. I am your slave, my body is yours. OH GOD, I am cumming again. Master, I am your slave. Do with me as you want” Abigail tells her new master.

“Abigail, your new master is going to train you. You are going to be trained in you pussy, ass and mouth. You are going to be trained just like the rest of us, well some of the girls still need to complete their training. Your new master is going to have sex with you in your pussy ten times in a row without interruption then he is going to fuck you in the ass ten times without interruption. Finally you are going to have to give him a blowjob twenty consecutive times. Do you agree to the terms?” Tiffani says as she watches Ben pound her pussy. He has pounded her for forty-five minutes without interruption having made her cum five times while Rachel sucks on her clit and Becky and Janet suck on her breast.

“Yes, GOD Yes. Master Ben can fuck me however long you want. I am yours, my body belongs to you” Abigail says as Ben starts to push through her cervix. “OH, God Master that hurts”. Becky and Janet are replaced by Janie and Jenny. Becky tells her “Master is pushing BIG FELLA through your cervix. When he fucks you he puts all sixteen inches inside your pussy. You are going to get use to it”. Ben then starts to cum inside of her womb. When he is finished he pulls out of her womb and her cervix closes, trapping his cum.

“Abigail are you on Birth Control?” Ben asks “No, Master I am not! I don’t care I want BIG FELLA as many times as you are willing to give him to me”.

Abigail gets up and kneels before Ben, “Master, I am yours. Please train me.” She then takes BIG FELLA and starts sucking on him. “Abigail, you are going to need to learn how to deep throat BIG FELLA” Becky tells her “You need to swallow when the head taps the back of your throat and breathe through your nose. Ben is your Master now. I am the mistress of the house. Laurie is also the mistress when I am not around. You will obey us, do you understand”

“Yes, Mistress Becky” Abigail says “Welcome to the family, Abigail”. Abigail continues to suck on BIG FELLA as she attempts to deep throat him. She finally does and Ben pulls her off and then puts her back on her hands and knees he has three of his ladies Crystal, Faith and Peggy come over. Peggy and Crystal are instructed to suck on her breasts and Faith is told to suck her pussy as she pulls Abigail’s ass checks apart. When everybody is in place Ben takes Abigail’s arms and pushes BIG FELLA past her anal ring and into her rectum stretching it. Ben rears back as Abigail starts to scream that it hurts “It will get better my pretty slave, it will get better” Ben tells his new slave girl as he continues to stretch her ass to accepts all 5 1/2” width of BIG FELLA. He fucks her ass for two hours, she has gotten use to the pounding and stretching of her ass. Crystal and Peggy are replaced by two other ladies after 45 minutes and this goes on.

When Ben finally cums deep in her ass he leans over and tells Abigail “You are mine, I am going to fuck you until you have completed your training. My ladies are going to suck on your breast and pussy. You are mine. After we are done my tattoo artist is going to mark you as mine. You are going to be mine for the rest of your life. You are going to be my fuck slave. I do not have one of those yet. You will provide me with children and make love to my women. I will take care of you for the rest of your life. You will need to continue to work at the Pharmacy, we need an ally there”.

“Master, I am yours to do with as you like” Abigail says.

“Becky, sweetheart can you get my pills. I am going to finish training Abigail’s pussy tonight and then start her anal training tomorrow” Ben says.

“Abigail, you are going to need to keep your place until we move into our new mansion. Then you will move in with us, permanently. All my slaves will be under one roof” Ben tells her.

“Yes, Master” is her response. “What car do you drive?” Ben asks “I have a 90 Honda Civic”. “That is not going to do. What is your favorite car, if you could pick just one?” Ben asks her.

“Master, I love the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. That would be my fantasy car” Abigail says as Becky comes back with Ben’s pills and gives them to him. Abigail sucks on BIG FELLA to get him hard and when he is hard she gets on her hands and knees and looks at her new master as says while shaking her ass “Master, lover come and get it. Train this pussy, put BIG FELLA where he belongs. Fucking pound me”. Ben pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her pussy which elicits a loud moan “Fill me up Master” he pumps and pumps her pussy as he instructs three of his ladies to start sucking on her breasts and her clit. All his women take turns as Abigail has orgasm after orgasm every ten minutes like clockwork. Ben fucks her for the rest of the night. He doesn’t finish her training until one in the afternoon. At which time they both collapse and sleep until 9.

They eat and take a shower together. Abigail tells her Master “Time to train my ass, my love. The pussy training was intense. I have never climaxed that hard or that often in my life. I am going to enjoy being part of this family”

Ben “Do you have a family that lives close by?”
Abigail “No, my younger sister just turned eighteen. She lives a sheltered life, her name is Mandy, our parents are very religious. They put her in an all-girls school. She just graduated early in December. I have been trying to get her out here”.

Ben “Does she want to go to college, what does she want to do with her life?”

Abigail “I don’t think so right now, I will get her a job at the pharmacy if she ever gets out here”.

They begin the anal training with Abigail sucking on BIG FELLA and then she puts him in her ass and starts to grind on him. “Master, I want to take care of my sister. Get her out from under my parents”. Ben continues to pound on her ass “I will see what I can do, get her out here. She is eighteen and can do what she wants. Where does she live?”

“Master, Bolder Colorado” Abigail says. “I will send my plane this week to pick her up and bring her back here. Tell her to pack whatever she wants and take a cab to the regional airport I tell you, I will wire her money if she needs it for the cab. She will be here within a couple of hours”.

“Master, she has a car, she can drive that to the airport” Abigail says.

“Well if she comes out here she needs to attend school and get an education, Abigail. She will have to live with you” Ben says as he continues to fuck Abigail with long deep strokes, after an hour he finally cums deep in Abigail’s ass.

Missy, Michelle and Hanna come over and start sucking on her breasts and pussy as Missy starts to suck on BIG FELLA getting him erect again. They five of them continue to fuck and suck on Abigail for 14 hours until her anal training is done. Abigail has a so many orgasms she cannot count them all.

“Abigail, that was amazing. I seemed like you came every five to ten minutes” Becky tells her.

Abigail leans over and kisses Becky and then her new master and tells them “I love you two, Master I am your slave I love my new family. I now know why you need all those prescriptions. Can you make love to me now? I want BIG FELLA in my pussy. I want to feel you hot semen in my womb again”.

Becky goes gets his pills and two little blue babies. She puts on his cock ring and gives him his pills with an energy drink. Becky then sucks him until he his hard.

“When is your fertile period, my new lover?” Ben asks as he pushes BIG FELLA deep inside her and starts to pump her hard. “Right now Master, I want to give you a baby my love. I want children and I want you to be the father. Your cock is the only one I want inside of my pussy. I will fuck other guys but only if you want them to. I ONLY WANT or NEED you Ben. I have been looking for you my whole life. OH GOD I AM CUMMING. AHHHH. AHHH. I love you guys. Love my new family”
Ben fucks her pussy for three hours and then cums deep inside of her womb. “Do you have a picture of Mandy, Abigail?” “Yes Master, I have one on my phone let me show you” She shows her new master the picture. “Send this picture to my phone so I can give it to my pilot so that he knows who his is picking up in Bolder” Ben tells her.

“Master, will you make her your slave also please?” Abigail asks.

“Only if she wants to be. She is very beautiful. I am happy with or without her being my slave as long as you have your sister with you. I will support you two and send her to university” Ben tells her.

“Master, she is still a virgin. I want you to be her first, I want you to pop her cherries. If you do she will be your lover just like me. I still have my oral training to complete, so that I can be tattooed as your slave and property. Although I do not need that to be done, I am yours and will always be yours with our without the tattoos. MY body is yours, now lets make love again and get another load inside my womb” Abigail tells Ben as Becky and Laurie come back into the bedroom “Mistresses Becky and Laurie make love to me while Master pounds another load in me, please”.

They look at other “Sure thing” Becky gives Ben his pills and sucks on BIG FELLA as Laurie makes out with Abigail. When he is erect Ben pushes BIG FELLA inside of Abigail, “OH, Yeah Master pump your willing slaves pussy” as she starts to cry, Becky and Laurie suck on her breasts. “Are you alright, Abigail?” Laurie asks.

“Yes, I love you guys. I have never felt so much love in my life” Abigail says.

“Lover, you are part of our family. We love each other with all of our hearts You will be loved the rest of your life. I bet you will be pregnant soon and your child will be raised with the rest of our children, Our kids will want for nothing, have the best education and be loved with a large loving family” Becky tells her.

Ben fucks her for the next four hours pounding her pussy fast and then slower. He varies his speed of his pumping as the three of them continue to suck and fuck her without interruption. When he has finally climaxed in her womb, after cuming for thirty minutes, he rubs Abigail’s belly and tells her “I do not think your eggs have a chance of getting through those loads my lover”.

“God, I hope not” Abigail says as she kisses Ben and then Becky and Laurie “I was telling the truth when I said I love you guys”

“I know, I need you to go to see Sheila my tattoo artist and get your tattoos tomorrow night Abigail. You are going to get a Queen of Spades tattoo on the back of your neck and on you mound. You are also going to get a Property of Ben Barnes tattoo on you back above your crack. You can pick anything else out that you like”

“Master, Ben all I want is you and your love. Everything else doesn’t mean a thing. I will call my sister tomorrow and arrange for her to be at the airport in Bolder” Abigail tells him

“I will come by and see you tomorrow around lunch time, I will have the details then OK” Ben says.

They then go and take a shower together, a very sensual passionate shower caressing each others bodies. Becky and Laurie join them and they all kiss and caress each other. After the shower Becky changes the sheets and they get into bed and go to sleep with the bed slaves.

“Thank you for accepting me into your family Ben, Becky” Abigail says. “I love you, we all love you. If you ever need anything we are just a phone call away. I will explain at lunch” Ben says as they drift off to sleep. The next morning they all go to the dinning room for breakfast.

Elfie “Did you like lunch on Friday, Abigail?”

Abigail “Yes, I did I love that restaurant, always very good and fresh. The owner is very nice. I like eating at Antonio’s Italian Restaurant. Why do you ask?”.

Elfie “Well, that is my father. He is the co-owner, I guess. Our Master is the real owner”.

Abigail looking at her stomach “Are you pregnant?”. “Yes I am, cannot be happier. I love my master Ben with all my heart. I can’t wait to be a mom and give Ben a beautiful baby. My dad is excited about being a grandfather also”.

“Didn’t I see you making love to Antonio on Friday?” Abigail asks. “Yes, Ben allows me to make love with my Daddy without a rubber as long as I am pregnant. I love my Daddy. He has been without my Mommy for over ten years. I think he has a thing for Viki, she works at Victoria’s Secret” Elfie says.

“Is she one of Ben’s slaves also?” Abigail asks. “Yes she is, go over and see her and get some things to wear, although when you are at the mansion you are to be naked always. I could hear that you really enjoyed BIG FELLA” Elfie says.

“Master has a really nice cock and really knows how to use it. He is bringing my sister to town to stay with me this week. Hopefully she can experience BIG FELLA, once she does she will be hooked” Abigail says.

“Our Master is very generous passionate lover and friend. Missy, Rebecca, Michelle and I are going to college because of Ben” Hanna says, she continues “we love him and he loves each of us. I know I speak for everybody here we will never leave him. We are all going to give him children, us four after we get out of college. He has probably twenty children being born this year maybe more. It is hard to keep track”.

“Master, How many slaves do you have?” Abigail says.

“What is the latest count Becky, seventy?” Ben says. “That sounds about right, give or take a couple” Becky tells him. Tiffani comes in and kisses Ben and Becky good morning. “Good Morning, Mom” Ben says. Tiffani shoots him a evil look. “Should I say, grandmother? That has a ring to it Mom, Grandmother, Mother, Lover”.

“That is enough of that, my love” Tiffani says rubbing her pregnant belly “Abigail, Becky is my daughter. Renee is my sister and Reanna, Rachel, Sarah and Sam are my nieces. Becky is the only one legally married to Ben, but we are all his wives. Once your training is over you will be his wife also. We all are his slaves and he treats each of us like his wives. We have to show you our pictures and movies from our trip to Hawaii last year. Ben is a great man”. She kisses her man on the lips and then drops to her knees and sucks on BIG FELLA. “Master, I need some loving today” she sucks BIG FELLA until he cums hard.

“That is what I call a hot meal?” Tiffani says as everybody laughs. “I need to get dressed and get to work, My clothes are in a pile on the floor. Can I borrow some from you guys?” Abigail says. Renee leads her to her bedroom and they get her some clothes. Renee picks her out some things bra, panties and nice dress. “We are going to have to take you clothes shopping, Master likes to have his ladies in the finest outfits”.

They go downstairs and she kisses everybody goodbye. “I will see you around noon, Abigail, I love you. You are now mine. I take care of my own”. He kisses her passionately and she tells him she loves him. They part and she leaves for work.

“Becky, Laurie and Tiffani come with me please” Ben asks as they go to the den. “I need to get her that car and get her a credit card. I also need to find the regional airport in the Bolder, Colorado area. Need to get Mandy here for Abigail soon. You ladies need to get a shower and get dressed we are leaving in an hour. I have to call Sheila and make an appointment for Abigail to get her tattoos done” Ben tells his three most trusted lovers. “Becky hang back for a minute”

“Yes, Ben” Becky asks as she sits on her husbands lap. “That was a really great weekend. I loved it very much. So much passion and love. Abigail is going to make a great slave. We are all going to love making love to her”

“We need to stop accepting new slaves” Ben says.

“Lover, Ben I love sharing you with other beautiful women. I think you can handle about a hundred women” Becky says.

“A hundred women, all wanting children. Multiple children that is a lot of people” Ben says.

“Ben, I think you will have at least 500 children before all is said and done. You wanted a big family and I want to give you a big family. I am thinking I have at least ten children in me. I love you and want to give you as many children as I can” Becky says as Ben shakes his head.

“I love you above all. You know that. But sometimes you are evil” Ben says. “I think once I go down to Tuscaloosa and meet with Nadia I will have a new slave to train. I got to train you girls to stop recruiting other women. We are going to go to the jewelry store and get her, her engagement and wedding rings, you girls are going to go get her some decent attire while I buy her the jewelry. We are then going to the Ford dealer to get her the Shelby that she wanted. Get dressed as I check on the regional airport and order her a credit card”.

She goes and gets dressed and comes back with Ben’s clothes and they all are ready for their day. Ben gets the rings for Abigail and sees some other jewelry he likes and makes his purchases. He then goes to see Laurie, Escort Bayan Becky and Tiffani shopping for clothes for Abigail.

“We found dresses in Abigail’s size. We also found things we like, it is going to be a while” Becky says. “We need to make it to the Ford Dealer before noon girls. Becky come here for a minute”.

“Becky, I think we need to take the crew to the fashion show in New York in April what do you think?” Ben asks. “What do I think, I will show you my love” Becky says as she kisses him “I love you baby. You are too generous”

She runs over and tells Tiffani and Laurie. Tiffani shakes her head and Laurie comes over and kisses her husband. “Lets finish up here and go to the Ford Dealer and get the car” Ben says as they take there items to the register and head to the car. When in the car Ben gives each a box with a necklace with charms on it. They each kiss him and tell him he is too generous and that they love the necklaces. “I love you guys and there is nothing to much for you ladies”. They go to the Ford Dealer and get out of the Expedition and the owner comes up to Ben having seen him on the monitor.

“Mr. Barnes how can I help you today?” Fred asks.

“I want to buy that Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 you have there in blue” Ben tells him.

“That is just for show, we are getting a shipment in this fall” Fred tells him “that is the new model that is coming out in August”.

“How much” Ben

“It is $115,000” Fred says “But I cannot sell it to you, it is not on the market”.

“It is now” Ben tells him as the manager goes back inside. Ben calls a friend in Detroit and the manager gets a call from the Corporate offices in Detroit.

“Mr. Barnes, it seems like you have some powerful friends in Detroit. They told me to give it to you for 95k. Let me get the paperwork ready for you” Fred tells him. Becky and Laurie go speak to a young girl in the showroom.

Becky “Hello, how are you. I am Becky Barnes, my husband is buying that Shelby”

“Hi, I am Jolene, my father is the owner of this dealership. I have seen you two in here buying cars a lot”.

“My husband likes to buy cars for our family. Would you like to come over and swim in our indoor pool and watch a movie?” Becky says “This is my sister Laurie”

“Hi Laurie, that sounds like fun. I am bored to death here. Let me tell my Dad” Jolene says. She goes and tells her Dad that she is going to go over to Becky’s house.

Ben signs the documents gets the keys and hands them to Tiffani and tells her to meet him at the Pharmacy. He calls and gets insurance on the car and motions for Becky and Laurie to come with him. They have Jolene in tow, “Becky, who is beautiful young woman?” “Ben, my love, this is Jolene. She is Fred’s daughter and she is coming over to the house to go for a swim and watch a couple of movies with us”.

“OK, I will drop you off before I go to the Pharmacy” Ben tells them. When at the mansion Laurie takes Jolene inside. “Becky, what did we just talk about. No more acquiring of new slaves”.

“She is just a playmate for me and Laurie. Tell Abigail I said hello. Hurry home after wards” Becky says. Ben shakes his head and tells her he loves her.

He arrives at the Pharmacy and gets the keys from Tiffani and with his two boxes of rings in his pockets he goes in and goes to the Pharmacy desk and asks for Abigail. She comes out and kisses him.

“Can you take a break for a minute?” Ben asks. “Sure can” is her reply and they go outside and Ben shows her the new Mustang Shelby GT500. “Ben, that was just a fantasy car. I did not want you to buy it for me” Abigail says. “Lover, I cannot have you drive around in that old piece of crap, give me the keys I am going to call the junk yard to come pick it up” Ben tells her as she starts to cry “I love you Master, you do not need to buy me things. Just let me have BIG FELLA from time to time” The go back inside and she wipes her eyes. When they approach the Pharmacy desk Ben says hold on one minute. He gets down on one knee and produces the engagement ring and tells her “Will you be my wife?” She says yes and kisses him as he gets up. She whispers in his ear “You can’t legally marry me, Becky is your wife”.

“Abigail, All my slaves are my wives and I treat them all the same, and love them all the same” Ben whispers in her ear.

“I love you, I love you Ben Barnes” He then gives her her wedding ring. “Come by the house tomorrow night after work” Ben tells her. “Give me your sisters number, I will see if I can get her out here for you”. She give him her number and kisses him again. “I got to get back to work the manager is looking at us” Abigail says.

Ben calls his pilot and tells him to get his plane ready. He then calls Mandy and introduces himself to her and tells her that her sister would like for her to move in with her. She is excited. “Can you be at the regional airport in Bolder tomorrow at noon?, I will have a plane waiting for you. Pack only what you need. We will buy you clothes when you get out here, just pack mementos” Ben tells her. “I am Ben Barnes, your sisters husband. Call her and confirm all this tonight. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow”.

Ben then goes back home with Tiffani. They strip as soon as they get into the house and go to the pool area. Ben jumps in and swims to the shallow end and looks and sees Becky with Laurie and Jolene they are making out. Ben gets out of the pool and Jolene sees BIG FELLA.

“Damn, your husband’s cock is huge” Jolene says.

“Yes he is, Ben is a wonderful lover” He lays down next to Becky. “Ben, Jolene is a virgin. Jolene would you like to get your cherry popped. He took my cherry. I just gave birth to Ben Jr.”

“He took my cherry also Jolene, I love him with all my heart” Laurie tells her. “Jolene, I am trusting you with this. Can you keep a secret?” she replies yes. “Ben, makes love to us all”

“I don’t know. He is really handsome” Jolene says “Why don’t you just let him eat you out, Ben loves virgin pussy” Becky says as she motions to Ben. “OK, I have never had a guy do that” She says as Ben starts sucking on her pussy “OH GOD HE IS GREAT.” Ben opens her pussy and licks her hymen and she gushes and torrent of girl cum in his mouth. “Ben, oh god that is good. Don’t stop” He sucks on her pussy for a half and hour before she tells him “FUCK ME, GIVE ME THAT HUGE COCK OF YOURS”. Ben tells her she has to suck on it to get it hard. She sucks on BIG FELLA for about fifteen minutes before he is hard and then he pushes deep inside of her. Ben starts to pump on her as she asks Becky “Are all guys this big?”

“No, Ben is by far the biggest cock you will ever see” Becky tells her. He pump her for a good two hours before he pushes through her cervix and pumps a load inside her womb.

“That was amazing” Jolene says. “Can we do that again, sometime?”

“Anytime you want” Ben says.

“Jolene, in order for Ben to continue to fuck you. You will need to agree to be his slave. His lover and only his lover. You will not be able to make love to any other man without his permission. If you are willing to do this and commit to him. He will take care of you for the rest of your life. You will have to be trained before you become a slave. Training consist of having sex with Ben ten times in the pussy consecutively and ten times in your ass. You also need to give him twenty blow jobs in a row. No more no less” Becky explains to Jolene “Becky, sweetheart that was a nice addition to the instructions about the oral training” Ben tells her.

“Jolene, you do not have to make a decision just yet. I think you should try anal sex before you make a decision” Ben tells her “Don’t you agree Becky?”

“Yes, let me get some lube for her” Becky runs and gets the lube as she does Jolene get instructed on how to take BIG FELLA down her throat and starts to practice. Laurie and Tiffani start to suck on her big 36D breasts. Rachel sucks on her pussy as Ben face fucks her. When Becky comes back she sees the family enjoying her gift. “I never had anything that big down my throat before. I didn’t know I could get it all the way down my throat” Jolene says “You didn’t you only got half way down. We have plenty of time for you to perfect your deep throat technique, Jolene” Ben tells her as they all get off of Jolene and Ben puts her on her hands and knees as Becky lubes her anus and BIG FELLA.

Ben then comes over and pushes hard on her asshole. Jolene starts to scream as he starts pushing harder and harder and finally pops through and sinks ten inches inside of her. “Breathe, Jolene, breathe it will get better” Ben tells her. “It hurts like hell. It burns” Jolene tells him. He puts more lube on BIG FELLA as he starts to pump her gentle at first then harder and harder. “OH GOD IT IS STARTING TO FEEL GOOD” He fucks her ass for a good 90 minutes before blowing his load in her ass.

“So what do you think of anal sex Jolene” Becky asked. “It hurt at first, but it got better after a while. Ben, I am not ready to commit to being your slave yet. I would love to be exclusive with you. I know you have sex with all these ladies, but I only want to have sex with you. Can you live with that until I make a decision?” Jolene asks

“That is fine with me Jolene. You can make your decision anytime, but you have to keep our lifestyle a secret” Ben tells her. “I will Ben, I will as long as you make love to me again. I want to ride your cock this time” Jolene tells him “I need to call my Dad and tell him I am not coming home tonight”. She calls home and leaves a message tell her Dad she is alright and staying the night at Becky’s house.

“Ben, I want to try and get your cock all the way down my throat” Jolene tells him as she takes his cock into her hands. She is kneeling in front of him and notices for the first time his tattoo on his cock. “BIG FELLA, that is very appropriate Ben” Jolene says as she kisses and licks on BIG FELLA.

“That was my idea about the tattoo Jolene” Becky tells her with great pride. Jolene is forcing and erect BIG FELLA further down her throat with every bob of her sixteen year old head.

“I want you to make me cum in your mouth Jolene, I want you to taste my cum” Ben tells her as she takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth. “OK, Ben” Jolene says as Renee whispers in her ear instructions and five minutes later Ben climaxes in her mouth. “Swallow sweetheart, swallow it all” Ben tells her. Jolene swallows his whole load and takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth when she is finished. Jolene smiles and tells Ben “It was OK, a little salty. I can get use to swallowing your cum, Ben”.

“Becky, can you get my pills and something for us to eat. I am going to make out with my new lover” Ben asks. “Yes Master” is her reply.

He picks up Jolene and takes her to the living room and they start making out on a plush rug. “Oh, GOD. Ben you are amazing” Jolene says as Ben sucks on her pussy making her cum repeatedly. After she has climaxed for the sixth time Ben works his way up to her ample 36D breasts. Nibbling on her nipples and squeezing them he then starts to kiss her and suck on her lips. Jolene whispers in his ear “OH, GOD Ben. I love you. You make me feels so good. I am yours. I don’t know if I want to be your slave, but I know I don’t want any other man”.

Ben gets his pills and two little blue babies takes them as Becky puts his cock ring on and sucks BIG FELLA till he is hard. Becky lays next to Jolene as Ben moves between her legs and puts them over his shoulders and pushes BIG FELLA deep into her tight sixteen year old pussy. “AHHH, OH GOD I love it when you fuck me” Jolene says “Baby, you are mine. You want only to be my lover is that right Jolene?” Ben asks her.

“Yes, I want to be your lover. Only yours. I am yours” Jolene says. “That makes you his slave, Jolene. You are his now. He is going to love you and fuck you for the rest of your life” Becky tells her. “Oh, GOD Ben. Just keep fucking me I will be whatever you want. I will be your slave. Your whore or whatever as long as you fuck me” Jolene says

Ben continues to pound her pussy. He fucks her for two hours and asks her “Tell me what I want to hear Jolene”. “I am your slave, you are my Master. I only want you to make love to me. BIG FELLA is the only cock I want inside my body. I love you Please let me be your slave” Jolene tells her new Master almost out of breath. He fucks and fucks her until two in the morning.

“Jolene, you are now part of the family. You are mine. You are my slave and my lover. I am going to make you a bed slave. When our new mansion is built you will move in with us. You are going to get pregnant with my baby and provide me with as many babies as you can” Ben tells her.

“Yes, Master. I am yours. My body is yours. I love you” Jolene says as Ben and Becky kiss her. “You keep fucking me like that and I will be pregnant very soon. What are we going to do about my father?” Jolene tells them.

“For right now, just tell your father that you are Becky’s girlfriend. Does he spend a lot of time at home with you?” Ben asks.

“No, he is always at work or at that damn track. He has a gambling problem. I take care of my four sisters they are two sets of twins fourteen and twelve. Josie and Janice are fourteen, Claire and Clarice are twelve” Jolene says.

“Are they virgins?” Becky asks as Ben shakes his head. “Yes they are just like I was” Jolene says in response. “Can I ride BIG FELLA, Master?”

“Yes my sweet little lover” Ben says as he rolls over. Jolene straddles her new Master and lover. She bounces up and down on BIG FELLA until she has an earth shattering orgasm. “God, I love you Ben” Jolene says as she passes out on Ben’s chest with BIG FELLA still impaled in her womb.

“She is beautiful isn’t she, Ben?” Becky says. “Yes she is. Very beautiful we are going to have to be careful how we introduce her into the family” Ben says.

“Yes, I know. Tiffani and I will go over an meet her sisters when we take Jolene home. Maybe we can introduce them before we confront Fred at the Ford Dealership” Becky says.

“I will only have anal sex with the twelve year old twins, the fourteen year old twins will be trained all the way if they want to join the family. I could always use two more virgin pussies to suck on. Go and meet them tomorrow after I pound the crap out of her in the morning. I want to fuck that sweet ass of hers again and fuck her throat again” Ben says.

In the morning Ben feels a familiar sensation and looks down to see Jolene sucking on BIG FELLA. “Good Morning, Jolene” Ben says. Jolene then takes an erect BIG FELLA out of her mouth and straddles Ben and pushes him deep inside her pussy.

“I was wondering when you were going to wake up my love. I want to ride some more on your wonderful huge cock named BIG FELLA. I want you to shoot a huge load inside my womb again. I love you and your wonderful BIG FELLA” Jolene says as she bounces up and down, “I want you to make my sister your slaves. I see that you take care of your women. All my sisters are having their periods now. We can all give you babies. I want to have your babies growing inside me”.

“What about your father, Jolene?” Becky asks her.

“After my mother died he kind of lost it. He buried himself in his business and did not pay any attention to me or my sisters. I was left raising my sisters all by myself” Jolene says.

“How long ago was that Jolene?” Tiffani asks her. “Eight years ago almost, Tiffani. We are really close, I love them with all my heart. I want them to share this loving atmosphere with them” Jolene tells them as Ben rolls her on her hands and knees and starts pounding her in the doggie position.

“Master, pound my pussy. Fill me up” Jolene says as Ben thrust hard into her womb as Jolene matches his strokes. He pounds her for an hour and then cums in her womb.

They fall onto the plush rug. “Baby, I will take care of you. We have to be careful how we do this. I will take care of you and your sisters, eventually. You can always bring your sisters over here and get something to eat and stay if you are bored” Ben tells Jolene. He gets up and motions to Becky and Tiffani to go with him.
They go into the den and Ben asks them “When you take her home today, take an inventory of how their house looks and what state their clothes are in. This is the exact situation my mother stated in her will. For me to take care of women and girls like Jolene and her sisters. I am going to make inquires about Fred’s business and his gambling issues”

“Ben, you are so generous. That is why Becky and I love you so much” Tiffani says.

“That and a sixteen inch cock that stretches your pussy and ass out” Ben says to her.

“How dare you! I love you Ben, not that cock between your legs. I love you. All of you. I love sharing you with my sister, daughter and nieces” Tiffani says. Ben gets up and kisses her passionately on her lips “I know Mom, you love me with all my heart. I love you too, can’t wait to see our baby in July”.

“Quit calling me Mom, for Christ’s sake, I am younger than you” Tiffani says.

“By two years, grandma Tiffani” Becky says with a smirk.

“Just you wait, in about fifteen years Ben Jr. is going to be spreading his seed around this house getting everybody pregnant” Tiffani says.

“That is the plan mom, Ben Jr. is going to be the next Master of our little community. I hope he has 9 brothers all with huge cocks like their father’s” Becky tells her.

“Have you ever though how many children are going to be running around here in the next year or two? Probably at least fifty or sixty if not more” Tiffani says.

“I know, I was thinking on adding on to the Mansion of Love next year. Shit we have not even moved into the place and we need more bedrooms. Lets get back to Jolene and get her cleaned up and take her home. I am going to make some calls and do the inquiring about Fred and Mandy and arrange for her to be here tonight for Abigail” Ben tells them.

They go back into the living room and Tiffani brings in a platter of fruit, eggs and bacon. She also has Ben’s pills. After they finish eating Jolene asks Ben.

“Master, Can I have some more of this?” she is holding BIG FELLA, half erect. “I want as much of this as I can get before I have to go home”. “Sure thing sweetheart, I want to fuck your ass again Jolene” Ben tells her.

She leans down and takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and starts sucking on him. She starts to take him down her throat, you can see BIG FELLA’s head bulge her throat out as she works BIG FELLA back and forth. She takes BIG FELLA out of her throat and straddles Ben. She spreads her ass cheeks and forces BIG FELLA into her ass. Jolene has a tear in her eye as she says “I am going to get use to this, Master. Look at my belly. It is full of your sperm. I hope I get pregnant with your baby” Jolene says as she bounces up and down on BIG FELLA. When she feels BIG FELLA swell up she jumps off and deep throats BIG FELLA milking him of his cum. She gets off BIG FELLA and takes a drink of juice and then impales BIG FELLA into her pussy. “This is where BIG FELLA belongs at all times, Master, imbedded in one of your slaves” Jolene tells Ben as she rubs his chest and starts to kiss him. She is squeezing BIG FELLA erect in her love canal.

“Damn girl for someone who just had her cherry popped you really know how to work your pussy, Becky she is squeezing the hell out of BIG FELLA. Jolene if you ever need to go to the doctor you need to use the family doctor, his name is Doc Reynolds and Becky will get you his card” Ben tells Jolene.

“OK, Master. Hopefully he will confirm that I am pregnant soon. I do not think you have anything to worry about my father, he has shown no interest in his children. I have felt more love since I have been here then I have since my mother died. Aside from my younger sister who look at me like I am their mother”.

“Jolene, I am leaving for Tuscaloosa next week on family business, if you need anything call Tiffani or Becky. They will give you their cell numbers. If you father does anything that make you feel scared or threatened in any way. Call them, we have police officers that are in the family. I will have you and your sisters safe with me when I get back from Tuscaloosa. Jolene, you are loved here. You do not have to keep having sex with me for me to take care of you. Although it is amazing. You are a passionate lover, very giving. I will take care of you and your sister even if they do not want to have sex with me. I told you that you are mine now. I take care of my own. I also take care of my enemies, pray that your father does not become my enemy” Ben says to her as she rides BIG FELLA.

“I love you Ben, I don’t want to be a part of your family if I can’t have BIG FELLA inside of me. I realize I cannot keep you to myself. My sisters are horny all the time. I will bring them over to meet my new “boyfriend” when you get back. I will make sure they have their pussies shaved before they come over” Jolene says as she forces BIG FELLA into her womb. “Come for me my lover, put that beautiful seed of yours inside of me. YES, there you go. I am fertile this week. I hope it is a boy so that Ben Jr. can have another brother to play with. I hope BIG FELLA is hereditary passed down from one generation to another” Jolene tells her lover as she collapses onto his chest. “I wish I could stay here for the rest of my life between your powerful arms” Getting up she looks into Ben’s eyes “Master, has anybody told you that you resemble a mythological god. Nice big arms to protect your women, nice firm ass, beautiful legs. I feel like I hit the lottery when you said you loved me and accepted me. I am at peace” Jolene says as she falls asleep with BIG FELLA still imbedded in her womb.

Ben rolls Jolene off and lays her on the plush rug on her back. He looks between her legs and notices not a drop of liquid is coming out of her pussy. He goes to the den and makes his phone calls to the his pilot to make sure he is on his way to pick up Mandy from Bolder. He is and should be back at 5. Ben tells him he will meet him there at 5 and to take care of the precious cargo.

Ben call Martha and asks her to come over to the Mansion with her gang tonight, he calls Viki and asks her to come to the mansion also. He also places a call to Alice for her crew to come to the mansion tonight. He tells them all to be there by 8.

Ben calls his private investigator and tells him to investigate Fred, telling him it is high priority. Put as many people on it as possible. Look at financial records, rumors everything. He tells him he wants to know everything about the man from womb to present time. He needs the details quickly.

He goes to the living room and notices that Jolene is still asleep. He talks to Becky in the pool area. He tells her that he should have results of an investigation into Fred in two weeks if not sooner. Ben tells Becky that he will make him a deal he cannot refuse.

“Becky, I am going to tell Fred I can be a friend and help him with his financial problems, or be an enemy and show him the DVD of Renee’s captors. Either way I am going to tell him that he is going to sign custody of his children over to me. I can provide for them better than he can” Ben says as Jolene comes through the door.

“Master, Ben I think he will sign us over without any problems. He doesn’t seem to care that he has children anymore” Jolene tells him as she comes over and sits on his lap. “Thank you for taking care of my sisters and me, Becky can we go to the Pharmacy on the way to my house today. I want to get a couple pregnancy tests and a couple of other things that I need in the house”.

“That reminds me I need to call the bank and get cards made for you Jolene, Abigail and Mandy” Ben says as he picks up the phone and calls his bank and tells him he wants three credit cards all with 200k limits on them. He tells them the name on the cards and asks for them to be ready in two hours.

“Jolene, do you have a purse, wallet? I am going to give you this credit card to buy essentials. You have to keep it away from your father. I am going to take care of him within the month. You and your sisters will be mine. I am going to take care of you. This credit card has a 200k limit on it but do not go crazy. Do you have a car?” Ben asks

“Of course, I have a wallet. I drive an old Ford Taurus my dad gave me” Jolene says.

“What kind of car do you really like?” Becky asks.

“I like the Kia Soul” Jolene says

Ben makes a call to the Kia dealership and asks for the owner “What color do you want it in, Jolene?” “Green” “Hello, this is Ben Barnes, I need brand new Kia Soul fully decked out delivered to my house today. Bring the paperwork I will sign it to when I get back from the airport”

“You can just call and get a car delivered to you Ben?” Jolene asks.

“I am wealthy Jolene. I told you I would take care of you. You need to keep this car here until I straighten out your father. Can you and your sisters be here this weekend?” Ben asks.

“Yes, My father is going out of town for a couple of weeks” Jolene tells him.

“When he leaves come over with your sisters. You are going to stay here until he gets back. That is abandonment” Ben tells Jolene. “Lets go take a shower and clean up. You need to get going and I need to head to the airport” They go to the master bathroom and Jolene loves the shower. She washes her new Master. Washing BIG FELLA, and then Ben’s shoulders back, ass and then legs. Jolene then sits on the bench and takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and sucks him down her throat. Looking up at her Master the whole time. She makes him cum and then takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth. “Master, my sister are going to love you and their new family. I love you and your beautiful huge cock” Jolene then puts BIG FELLA back in her mouth and gets Ben to cum in her mouth. She swallows his huge load and washes off BIG FELLA.

Ben then starts to wash Jolene her hair, he soaps up her back, her ass and then legs. He then washes her large breasts and stomach. He washes her pussy and then starts to eat her out. She starts screaming “OH GOD I LOVE MY MASTER. OH GOD I LOVE MY MASTER” when she finally comes down from on high. She kisses Ben and tells him that if he does that to her sisters they will be his also. “Master, I want you to get my four sisters pregnant along with me. I to raise our children together”.

“Jolene, only if they want me to. It is their decision. I usually wait till the girls are thirteen before I take their vaginal cherries. If they ask me when we are alone to take their cherry I will do it but it has to be their decision Jolene” Ben tells her. “Master, lover I will tell them how you made me a woman. How wonderful a lover you are. That should convince them along with seeing BIG FELLA” Jolene tells him. “We need to get dressed. Tiffani and Becky are taking you home. Show them around your house” Ben tells her “I will master”.

They get out of the shower and get dressed. Becky and Tiffani come in and Ben asks them to take Jolene with them. He has errands to run and tells them he will meet the two back home at 7 with their special guest from Bolder.

Jolene goes with Becky and Tiffani when she is in the car with them she asks “Who is the special guest?”

Becky “You know when Master told you that he takes care of his own, and that he will take care of you. He means it, he is making a wish come true for one of his newer slaves. You will meet them this weekend when you bring your sisters over to stay till your dad comes home from his trip”.

Ben heads to the florist to pick up some flowers for Mandy. He heads to the adult bookstore to pickup Becky’s “GIFT” for Suzy. Ben enters the bookstore and the owner greets him. Ben asks for what his wife ordered and the owner takes him to a small room and shows him the items. Ben laughs hard and tells the owner that he needs a few “toys” for his women. He takes a cart and picks out what he wants for them. He takes his items to the counter and tells the owner that he is having a little party this weekend with his ladies. The owner says he is a very lucky man.

“Be careful of what you wish for. I always wanted a big family and love women. Now I have way too many women and they are recruiting others to join them” Ben tells Harry, the store owner.

Harry “Mr. Barnes, your wife Becky is a very beautiful woman, she is like an angel. When she comes in here she brightens the whole store. I would give that woman whatever she wanted whenever she wanted and however she wanted. The contraction is not for her I hope, if I may be so bold”.

Ben “Oh, no. it would never stay on her” shaking his head, “this is her gift for another of my newer girls for disobeying me. Becky has a little evil streak in her”.

Harry “Oh, I almost forgot. I have the flavored oils, creams and douches that your wife wanted. Do you have your Expedition with you?”.

Ben “Yes, I do why? How much did she order”.

Harry “A case of each flavored douche, cream, and oil, three extra of cherry flavored. I will have my employee load it into your vehicle”.

Harry “How is your baby coming along, Ben Jr. right?”

Ben “Yes, he is growing strong everyday. Damn woman wants to get pregnant again. I love Becky with all my heart, sweet little angel darling. Junior is a chip off the old block”.

Harry rings up his stuff minus his discount. The say their goodbyes and Harry ask Ben to give his regards to his lovely wife. Ben goes out to his Expedition and sees it is packed with the luggage rack packed tight too. He puts his purchases next to him in the Expedition and decides to head back to the mansion and unload. He calls his girls and tells them to meet him out front.

He arrives home and the girls are waiting for him. They unload the boxes. And he gives Janet his package and hands Laurie Becky’s “GIFT” for Suzy. Laurie smiles at Ben as she looks at the items. “Suzy is going to love this!” she says with a laugh.

“We are going to present it to her this weekend after she completes her oral training and gets her tattoos” Ben tells her.

“I got to go, I am running late in picking up Mandy at the airport” Ben tells his lovers. “Be dressed when I get back, too much of a shock if we are all naked at the same time. Abigail will be here after her shift at 7”.

Ben heads to the regional airport at arrives in time to meet his jet. Sheila exits the plane with Mandy and introduces her to Ben.

“Ben this is Mandy Alameda”. “It is nice to meet you, I am your sisters boyfriend Ben Barnes. Welcome to my town. Your sister is going to meet us at my house after she gets off work”. Ben loads her luggage and stuff into his Expedition and opens the door for Mandy. He says thanks to the pilot and Sheila.

“Thanks for Tahiti, Ben it was beautiful Jamal and I loved it” Sheila says.

“Your welcome” Ben replies as he goes and get in the drivers side. “Mandy, do you mind if I drive you around and show you my meager little town?” “No, Ben that would be enjoyable. How long have you know my sister Abigail?” Mandy asks as they start to drive.

“A little while, I love her very much. She is a beautiful person, as are you. She is going to meet you at my house at 7” Ben tells her as he drives around town and then heads to the mansion. He shows her the sights of his small town, Antonio’s Fine Italian Restaurant. The shopping district and the mall. They arrive at the mansion at 6:30, “Mandy, I want to introduce you to my family. You sister is a part of my family and I hope you will join our loving family” Ben tells her as they pull up to the mansion.

“Ben this is your house? It is beautiful” Mandy states, “Thank you, yes it is I am having a lot bigger mansion built over the hill. It will be completed this summer and be ready to move in. I can’t wait until I have my whole family under one roof”.

They go in and Ben introduces Mandy to Becky and Ben Jr. along with the other girls. “Ben, are all these women your family?” Mandy asks “Yes, Mandy I love each and every one of my girls. Your sister Abigail is part of my family. I love her and care for her” Ben replies to her question.

“Ben, I see that a number of the women are pregnant. Is that your plan to get your ladies pregnant?” Mandy asks.

“Mandy, we love Ben with all our hearts, he is our lover. We all want to get pregnant at one point or another. My mother, Tiffani, is due in July like several others and it was her choice” Becky tells her.

“Tiffani is your mother? Wow” Mandy says as Abigail comes into the room completely naked.

“Master, Master thanks for bringing Mandy to me. GOD I love you” Abigail says as she runs up and kisses Ben. Then goes over to Mandy and hugs and kisses her. “Abigail why are you naked?”

“Mandy, when we in Master’s house we are to be naked. I can’t believe everybody else isn’t naked?” Abigail says as everybody starts to undress. “Sis, when did you get all those tattoos?”

“Monday, I passed my training this weekend and Master requires all his slaves to have these tattoos” Abigail tells her as she describes each one. “Master, I have great news. I took a pregnancy test and it came back positive. I am going to see Dr. Reynolds before work tomorrow to get confirmation” Abigail tells them.

“Congratulations, Abigail welcome to motherhood” Becky tells her as she comes up and kisses her. “Abigail, you call Ben Master. What is that all about?” Mandy asks her. “Mandy, I am Master’s slave. We all are. We submit to his will, we love him and trust him with all that we are. When we submit to his will he then trains us to be his slaves. He fucked me ten times in a row in my pussy and then ten times in my ass. I still need to complete my oral training, I have to suck him off twenty times in a row. I am his, Mandy, he takes care of me and loves me completely. I came to work and proposed to me and gave me this ring and a wedding ring. I am his slave, lover, wife and hopefully now his baby momma. He is going to take care of you too. If you become a slave or not”.

“That is a lot to take in” Mandy tells her sister. “I think it is time for you to meet BIG FELLA” Abigail tells her. As she goes over and undresses Ben, she takes his cock out of his boxers and Mandy’s mouth falls open.

“Mandy, there are a few rules to our house. First when you are in the house you are to me completely naked. Secondly, you cannot have any hair below the neckline. Time to get naked” Becky tells her as she strips reluctantly.

“Mandy, you are a very beautiful person” Ben tells her as Abigail sucks on BIG FELLA. She takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and looks at her sister. “Time to get rid of that bush, Mandy. Becky can you take care of that for me. Are you still a virgin, Mandy?”

“Yes, I am” Mandy says “Good, I love sucking on virgin pussy” Ben tells her. Becky and Tiffani take Mandy to the Master Bath to shave her pussy.

“Mandy, Master will not force you to become his slave. He did not force your sister. He will take care of you and your sister regardless of your choice. But while you are living with us you need to keep your pussy clean shaven” Becky tells her as she begins to shave her bush.

“Becky, I come from a very religious home, very strict parents. Ben is very handsome, I am not ready to make a commitment like this right now” Mandy tells her. “That is alright, he still wants to suck on your virgin pussy if you let him” Becky tells her.

“I have never had anybody do that, I have never been naked in front of anybody before” Mandy tells her. “Mandy, you are a very beautiful woman. Incredibly beautiful and sexy. Lets go down and see what Abigail is up to with Ben” Tiffani tells her.

They go back to the living room and see Abigail riding Ben. “Mandy go over and straddle Ben’s face and let him sample your pussy” Becky tells her “Yes, Becky”. “Mandy, Becky is the Mistress of the house along with Laurie. Ben is our Master” Tiffani tells her. “Yes Mistress Becky” is Mandy’s reply as she straddles Ben he sticks his tongue in her slit and starts licking and sucking on her. Mandy starts to moan and groan as she rock her pussy on Ben’s talented mouth.

“Damn, this feels great” Mandy says to her sister who is humping on BIG FELLA. They start to kiss “I love you, Mandy. I want you to enjoy our new family” Abigail says. “I love this man, he is such a good man. He is caring, loving man. I want you to try BIG FELLA Mandy. I want Ben to be your first lover”.

Abigail grinds on BIG FELLA for a long time while Mandy has a orgasm from Ben’s cunnilingus. Ben continues his assault on Mandy’s virgin pussy as he sticks he tongue deep inside her hole stroking her hymen several times. Ben starts to swell in Abigail’s pussy and she jumps off and tells her sister to move down to Ben’s crotch as he starts to shoot his load onto both girls and his stomach. “Lick it up and suck it down with me Mandy, Master’s cum should never be wasted!” Abigail says as she starts to kiss her sister and lick the cum off of her face and breast, Mandy starts to do the same as they clean each other off and lick Ben’s stomach. Mandy climaxes hard and starts squirting into her lover’s mouth. When she finally comes down from cloud nine her sister instructs her to lick BIG FELLA clean.

Abigail instructs her sister to start sucking on BIG FELLA. Becky goes and gets Ben’s pills and comes back with twelve supplements and his vitamins. She see Mandy taking BIG FELLA down her throat with help from Abigail pushing on the back of her head. Becky gives Ben his pills as Alice and her crew come into the living room, Next to arrive is Martha’s crew and then Crystal’s crew.

“Mandy, straddle Ben and take BIG FELLA into your pussy sis” Abigail tells her sister. “This is going to be a little painful when he breaks your hymen. It will get better, trust our new Master”

Mandy does as she is told and Abigail pushes her down on BIG FELLA, she pushes ten inches into her. “Oww, that hurts. Abigail” Mandy says as she starts to shed tears. “Let me take care of you baby. I won’t hurt you Mandy. I have this Abigail” Ben tells his two newest lovers as he takes Mandy’s hips into his large hands and starts to bounce her up and down on his erect member. He feels her pussy start to stretch out a little. He looks at her pussy and sees a little flow blood from her hymen. He rolls over with her so that she is in the missionary position with her legs above his head.

Ben starts to stroke her with long deep strokes, with every stroke he hits her cervix. “Oh, you are so big Ben, I feel BIG FELLA stretching me out. It is beginning to feel better” Mandy says as she sees her sister smiling next to her. “Mandy are you ready to become our Master’s slave?” Abigail says as she witnesses Ben pump her sister really hard.

“Oh, GOD what is happening to me. I am cumming Ben, I am cumming” Mandy tells her lover as she creams all over him. They feel a tongue on their love making and look down and see Abigail licking the shaft of BIG FELLA and her pussy lips. “Damn that feels good, Abigail” Ben tells her. Mandy is on sensory over load. Ben pounds on her pussy for ninety minutes before he pushes through her cervix and begins fucking her womb eliciting a load scream “Oh GOD, where did you put BIG FELLA?”

“Mandy, Ben is in your womb. He is going to put his seed in there” Becky tells her. “OH, GOD I never knew sex could be this good”. Ben pumps her womb for thirty minutes before he starts pouring his cum inside. When he is done he pops out of her cervix and lays next to her with fir FELLA still deep inside her pussy.

“How was that my love?” Ben asks Mandy. She kisses him and tells him “It was great, Master. It hurt at first but got better and better”.

“So you want to be my Master’s slave, sis?” Abigail asks

“I think I already am. I want him to fuck me some more. Ben will you have me as a slave, take me as one of your own? Make me your willing slave” Mandy tells him.

“Are you sure you want this lifestyle? I do not want to pressure you” Ben tells her.

“Master, I am falling in love with you. I want to be yours, to love you and be loved by you. I want to take care of you” Mandy says

“What do you think, Becky? Is she a breeder, fuck or bed slave?” Ben asks his wife and Mistress of the house. “I think we should breeder her and make her a bed slave” is Becky’s reply.

“Master, what is a bed slave? You want to breed me” Mandy says.

“A bed slave sleeps with Becky, Laurie and myself in our bed. And yes we are going to breed you with your sister. You two are going to be pregnant together for the rest of your lives. I want you two to have at least six or seven babies each” Ben tells Mandy with Abigail rubbing her belly.

“Master, I will have as many babies as you want to put in me!” Abigail tells Ben. “I love you, thank you for bringing Mandy into the family. I can’t wait to raise our children together. I love you Mandy”. They kiss and Mandy tells her sister that she loves her too.

“Master, I want to get pregnant also. I have stopped taking my birth control pills and am fertile right now. Please give me you baby, please” Amber tells her Master. “I love you and want your child growing inside of me”
“Come to me my love. Get BIG FELLA hard and lets make a baby. What do you think, three loads would do?” Ben tells Amber.

“I think five would do better, Master, thank you my love” Amber tells him as she starts to suck on BIG FELLA. “Need more supplements, Abigail now you know why I get all those pills” Ben says. “I see that now, Master” Abigail says as she crawls up next to his and starts kissing him along with her sister. “I love you Master, I look forward to my training” Mandy tells him as she kisses him and caresses his chest. “After I give Amber here a couple loads I am going to take your anal cherry, Mandy” Ben tells her. “Yes, Master. My body is yours to do as you wish”.

With Ben being erect Amber starts to ride BIG FELLA, squeezing bouncing up and down on her Master’s large cock. They fucked three times like this and then twice more in the doggie position before Ben finally gets Mandy on her hands and knees and starts to push through her sphincter muscle. Mandy starts to scream as Ben pushes and pumps her ass. “OH GOD, MASTER IT HURTS. MY ASS is on FIRE!!!”.

Becky comes over and pours some anal lube on her asshole and on BIG FELLA. “Is that better sweetheart?” Ben asks her. “IT is getting better Master” is her reply as Ben continues his pounding of her once virgin ass. “There you go baby it is getting looser, you are adapting to BIG FELLA” Ben tells his new slave.

“Master, can I have some of that next. I really miss you” Peggy says as she kisses her lover.

“Sure thing my sweet little Peggy” Ben says.

Mandy looking around sees Peggy “OH, Master I can’t believe I am cumming from you fucking my ass. That little girl can take BIG FELLA, Master. What is her name Peggy?”.

Peggy “Yes my name is Peggy, and yes I can take as much BIG FELLA as my Master and lover will give me. Although I cannot convince him to take my pussy. I want BIG FELLA in my pussy badly, but he loves eating my pussy more. He loves virgin pussy”.

Ben still pumping hard into Mandy’s ass kisses his petite 4’8 lover and tells her “I really love sucking on your pussy, Peggy, it is so sweet and delicious. Amber get over here I got another load for your womb”. Amber struggles to come over, her belly showing the signs of over 6 loads of Ben’s powerful sperm. She gets on her hands and knees with her butt in the air. Ben pulls out of Mandy’s ass and Peggy sucks it clean and then pushes it into Amber’s waiting pussy. Ben thrusts over and over until he pushes through her cervix and releases a torrent of cum. “That should do you for a couple of days my love, Amber in three days take a pregnancy test and see if you are pregnant baby”.

Ben rolls off of Amber and tells his little lover to give him some of that pussy. “I have the taste for some virgin pussy, come over here baby. Mandy watch this” Ben tells them as Peggy straddles her man. “I love it when he sucks my pussy, Mandy” Peggy tells her as Ben starts.
After about 10 to 15 minutes Peggy goes off and starts screaming and howling. “What the fuck!!!” Mandy yells. “That was just a little one, Mandy, wait till the next one. My daughter climaxes really hard for our Master” Crystal tell Mandy.

“Peggy is your daughter? Your pregnant with Master’s baby?” Mandy asks.

“Yes, Peggy is my daughter, I am pregnant along with my eldest daughter here Faith, Cloe and Jill are my daughter’s also. We are all Master’s slaves and have never been happier. We all love him and take care of him when we can. We can’t wait until we are all under the same roof. I want to give my lover as many children as I can. I hope that is at least five. Cloe wants to get pregnant when we get into the new mansion” Crystal tells Mandy.

“Mandy we all love Ben, our Master with all our heart. He provides for us and we provide for him. My sister and mother are down in Tuscaloosa. They are both pregnant with Ben’s children, they love him. My father has accepted this lifestyle. I have slept with him several times. He is only about 9” long and has had a vasectomy so he can fuck us in our pussies without a rubber. Master lets his friends from time to time have sex with us, only if we agree and they have a current HIV/STD certificate from Doctor Reynolds. It is your choice if you want to have sex with Ben’s friends” Laurie tells her.

“I have had sex with Ben’s friends, in particular the movers, although they are not quite as big as BIG FELLA they still feel good. I have even done double penetrations and spit-roasting with them” Isabella says to Mandy “My two daughter’s here Emma and Ava love that also”.

“Damn, that sounds kinky. I think I will stick with Master for now. Are you pregnant, Isabella?” Mandy asks

“Not yet, but am willing to give him as many children as he wants” Isabella says.

Emma and Ava come over and start worshiping BIG FELLA. “I want some of this Master” Ava says. She doesn’t wait for his answer and straddles him and pushes down on BIG FELLA. “OH MY GOD, I LOVE IT, BIG FELLA IS STRETCHING ME OUT!!” Ava says as she starts to bounce up and down on Ben. She leans over and kisses her sister lover Peggy.

Peggy has one of her loud screaming orgasms as Mandy looks on “That sounds like she likes what Master is doing. Look at her body shake and quiver”. Peggy then starts to get up and shows Mandy her stream of cum coming out of her pussy.

When Peggy is done cumming Ben licks her pussy clean as Ava continues to grind out an orgasm on BIG FELLA. When he is done cleaning up Peggy he flips over and puts Ava on her back. He grabs her legs and throws them over his shoulders and begins to jackhammer her.

“There you go Master, pound your slaves pussy. Give me your cum in my womb” Ava encourages her lover. Ben pounds her for 45 minutes before pushing through her 14 year old cervix. Ava climaxes every five to ten minutes while Ben pounds her. After he finishes cuming in her womb he passes out next to her. Ben is exhausted as Becky comes over and moves him onto his back, She lays next to him as his bed slaves surround him and they all go to sleep. The girls that live in the mansion go to their beds and take a couple of their sisters with them. The ones that cannot find a bed sleep on go and sleep on couches.

Ben is sleeping on the plush rug with his bed slaves, his new slave Mandy, Ava and Emma. Sarah and Sam are between his legs and are cuddling with BIG FELLA between their lips. The involuntarily lick and suck on their Master’s cock while they sleep. They wake up before Ben and start to suck BIG FELLA back to life. They take turns deep throating BIG FELLA until he erupts in Sarah’s throat.

“I love waking up to you two sucking on me” Ben tells his lovers as he looks around and kisses his wife, his second wife Laurie. He rubs Mandy’s shoulder and runs his hands through her beautiful blond hair. She wakes up and looks at her new Master, “Good morning Mandy, welcome to your loving family. I love you we all do” Ben tells her as he leans in and kisses her. All the other bed slaves come over and kiss their new bed partner. They welcome her and tell her she is loved. Becky gets up and goes and gets Ben’s pills and some breakfast for him. He eats and takes his pills as Emma takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and sucks him hard.

“Master, Can I take a ride on BIG FELLA” Emma asks her lover. “Sure, Mandy come over here and let me eat you out” Ben tells them, “Yes Master” is Mandy’s reply as she straddles Ben’s face and he starts to suck her pussy. Licking her from stem to stern from her clit to her asshole. “Master, you are a expert at eating pussy” Mandy tells him.

“Our Master has had a lot of practice, Mandy” Becky tells her. “This is his job, to make love to beautiful women all day and night. He does other things, mostly involving family business, but this is his first love. Making love to his women”.

Emma is rocking back and forth on BIG FELLA and finally pushes all the way down to the base of BIG FELLA. “Damn, I missed you Master” Emma says. Emma’s 34c breast are bouncing as she rides her lover. Peggy and Nadine come over and start sucking on her breasts and then take turns on Mandy’s 36d breasts.

“It looks like you are enjoying our new family, sis?” Abigail asks Mandy.

“OH GOD, Abigail, I love my new family. I think I have had at least five orgasms so far this morning. Ben is great at cunnilingus” Mandy tells her.

“I know, I know. See you tonight after work. Love you Mandy” Abigail tells her.

“I love you too sis, I love Master Ben and my new sisters” Mandy says as she starts to scream out an orgasm.

When she is done she gets up and lays on the couch next to them. “Abigail, I am finishing Martha’s family training today and for the next couple of days. They have their oral training to complete. Would love it if you would witness it” Ben tells her.

“I am coming back after work. Call me if you guys need anything from the drug store” Abigail tells them. Ben then rolls over with BIG FELLA still engaged in Emma’s sweet pussy, he puts her legs over his shoulders and starts pounding her hard and fast. “I am going to cum in your womb my lover” He tells her.

“Master, that is where your cum belongs. Get me pregnant if you want, it would be my pleasure to give you a child” Emma tells her lover and master.

“I am next, I want a load in my womb also lover” Ava says.

“Master get us all pregnant if you want. I am never going to take birth control again, neither are my girls” Isabella tells Ben. “I want to be pregnant with my daughter’s, when you are in Tuscaloosa give Mary my love sweetheart”.

“I will Isabella dear, you sure you want all three of you pregnant?” Ben asks her. “Yes, Master. We love you and want our children with you. I want another child. I hope my baby is a boy and grows up to be strong and handsome as his father” Isabella tells him “I need to get your pills, Master”.

Isabella leaves and goes gets his pills with sixteen supplements and two little blue babies. She goes and gives half to Ben as he finishes with Emma, dumping a load into her for ten minutes. Sophia comes over and sucks BIG FELLA trying to get him hard again. She takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and tells her Master, “You need to train me, Master. I want to get my tattoos and become a full fledged member of this family”.

Ben picks Sophia up and pulls her up onto his chest. With her large breast squished on his chest his kisses her and tells Sophia “Baby, I love you. I wanted to give you time to adjust to your new family. Your father abused you and mistreated you. I will never mistreat you, I will always honor and love you as will the rest of your new family. You ARE a member of this family. I LOVE YOU, and I will train you along with Nadine and the Hawaiian girls when I get back from Tuscaloosa. Is that OK Sophia?”

“Yes, Master. I love you” Sophia says to Ben as she starts to passionately kiss him and then kiss down his body until she gets back to BIG FELLA. Isabella comes back with his pills and he takes them. “Sophia, I am going to have sex with you after Ava if that is alright with you” Ben tell her as she has gotten BIG FELLA hard. “Master, my body is yours. Yes that would be wonderful. I look forward to having BIG FELLA back where he belongs. Inside of me” Sophia tells her Master as Ava comes over and straddles BIG FELLA.

Fourteen year old Ava rides her lover and kisses her sister Sophia, “Sophia, you are loved. I love you. We all love you. You are my sister in love. Oh GOD I am cumming already”. Ben lets her ride BIG FELLA for about forty-five minutes and 8 climaxes before he turns her over and puts her on her back and starts throttling her hard fast and really deep.

“Fuck me, FUCK ME, FUUUCK ME. MASTER, Ben I love it” Ava says as he fucks her like this for about thirty minutes before he lifts her up and turns her over and puts her on her hands and knees. “Do me doggie style lover, pump that baby batter into my womb, get me pregnant you FUCKING GOD, Master. Pump your willing slave long and hard give me it all, I want to feel BIG FELLA in my womb” Ava says.

Ben does as he is instructed by his lover “God, Becky she is squeezing the fuck out of BIG FELLA. Where the hell did you learn to do that, Ava?”. Panting Ava tells him “I read about using your PC muscles on the internet. Do you like it?”. “Hell yes, my love”. Ben then picks Ava up and slams her down and pushes BIG FELLA past her cervix. “AGH, GOD that hurt” Ava says as Ben renews his assault on her young womb. “Ahhh, Master I can feel you in my womb. Put your beautiful seed in my womb. Get me pregnant. I want a December baby, with my sister and mother. Get me pregnant lover” Ava encourages her lover.

“Damn, all my women want to have my children” Ben says. “You got such a rough life” Tiffani tells her son-in-law, lover and baby daddy, “You have all these women that love and crave you”.

“Ava, I want you to teach everybody that technique” Ben tells her as he pumps a huge load into her womb. When he is done her stomach is bloated with his load. Ben rolls off and lays on his back with BIG FELLA laying on his belly. Sophia comes over and licks her Masters balls and cock clean. She sucks BIG FELLA back to life and starts to push herself down on it. “Damn I love how BIG FELLA stretches me out, I love you Ben. I am safe with you and feel loved. I am yours body and soul” Sophia tells her lover and Master.

Sophia rides her lover to eight orgasms and then Ankara Escort collapses on his chest exhausted. Ben rolls them over and starts to throttle her hard and fast. The deeper he goes the louder she screams, he fucks her like this for over an hour and then cums in her womb. He gets out of her and she looks up at Ben “Master, that was awesome” she then rolls over and goes to sleep.

Ben gets up and goes to the pool and jumps in to get refreshed. Isabella, Emma, Nadine, Ava and Becky follow him into the pool. “Ben that was some great fucking. You never stop amazing me” Becky tells her husband as she swims up to him and takes him into her arms. “I love you, you are an amazing man. We are all better off from knowing you and loving you. Mandy and Abigail are going to be amazing slaves. We need to get a couple more tickets to the cruise”.

“You might want to book ten more tickets and five rooms. I have a feeling that Nadia has somebody down in Tuscaloosa for me. I am going to make love to Isabella here and then start the oral training of Martha’s and her girls tonight. I think I am going to start with Suzy. I need to finish their training before going to Tuscaloosa. Isabella are you ready?” Ben says.

“Master, I am always ready for you” Isabella says as she comes over and kisses her Master and Mistress. They get out of the water and go to the lounge chairs by the pool. Isabella drops to her knees in front of Ben. She takes BIG FELLA into her hands and looks Ben in the eyes “It’s my turn with you, Master you thought my girls wore you out. Just you wait”. She then sucks on BIG FELLA licking and sucking on the head she then starts to deep throat him.

Ben then lays on the chair as Isabella straddles him and inserts BIG FELLA into her wet pussy. “You girls aren’t into foreplay” Ben tells her. “Master, we are into BIG FELLA inside of us. Pleasuring you pleasures us, my love” Isabella tells him as she starts to grind on him. The fuck for two hours changing positions a couple of times. Ben finally cums deep in her womb.

“I need to take a nap before I start the training. Can you make sure I am not disturbed for a couple of hours, Becky?” Ben asks. “Can me and the my girls sleep with you Master?” Isabella asks. “Sure if sleep is all that you want” is his reply.

Isabella, Ava, Emma, Sophia and Nadine go with Ben to the master bedroom and take a nap with him. Isabella and Sophia on either side with the other three in between his legs and resting on his chiseled chest and his six pack abs. They sleep for six hours and Ben is awoken with the pleasure of Ava, Emma and Nadine sucking, licking and stroking on BIG FELLA. He finally erupts and cums all over them.

The girls lick the cum off each other, kissing each other. “Girls, I love waking up to beautiful women sucking on my cock” Ben tells his young lovers. Becky comes in and presents her husband with his pills. She has food for everybody and tells them they all need to get in the shower that they smell like sex.

“Great sex with Master” Emma says.

They eat and head into the extra large shower, “You think this is a big shower, the shower stall in my new master bathroom will be able to hold at least fifteen of us” Ben tells them as they wash each other off. As usual, each girl takes her turn washing BIG FELLA, he washes each of his girls pussies, asses and breasts. “Girls, I know I tell you this all they time. I love you with all my heart and soul”.

“We love you too, Ben. We are yours and you belong to us. We all love you and want to take care of you and have your babies and grow old with you, don’t we girls?” Isabella asks.

“Yes we do” they all say. They finish up in the shower and dry off. They head downstairs together and they go into the living room where the training will begin.

“Suzy, you are first up. You will need to make me cum twenty times in a row by blowjob. Are you ready to start and complete your oral training?” Ben asks her.

“Yes Master” is her reply. “Get onto the table, I am going to face fuck you for a couple turns” Ben tells her and she obeys without question.
Once on the table Ben walks over and places BIG FELLA in her mouth and she proceeds to suck on him until he gets hard. Once hard, Ben brutally face fucks her. He fucks her throat hard for over an hour before cuming down her throat. He gives her two minutes to recover and starts over again. This time he throat fucks her for two hours with out pause. She gags and spits and Ben is unmerciful in his treatment of Suzy. When he finally cums he asks Becky for his pills. He throat fucks her like the for the next thirteen times. Every two or three times he cums he takes more pills. Suzy’s belly is swollen with all the cum by the time the thirteenth load hits her belly. As he face fucks her he tells his other girls to suck on her pussy. This drives her crazy.

After the thirteenth throat fuck he rests for an hour, he tells Suzy to stay on the table. She just nods, not able to speak. When he is revived he throat fucks her violently for the next six turns. He has been fucking her throat for over 36 hours. Her throat is raw and sore. The last throat fucking he puts on his cock ring and throttles her for over eight hours before cuming for thirty minutes.

Ben asks “Suzy, I know you cannot speak. Just nod. Do you still want to be my slave?” she nods, “Will you obey every order I give you?” she nods, “I am going to get Sheila over here and give you your tattoos. I have a surprise for you when they are done”. Suzy says real low “Thank you Master”.

Ben takes the girls to the pool area and tells each one “You ladies that have not been orally trained yet, that is not how I normally do the training. Suzy disobeyed me and my wishes and cuckold her husband Darryl. I like Darryl and told her to respect him, she disobeyed me twice when I told her that. Becky and Laurie have a chastity belt for her to wear for six months. She is to wear it at all times unless she is reliving her bowels. I will not treat the rest of you this way, Martha, rest assured. I only want the best for my women. I will not ask you to do something that is not in your best interest. I need some rest and I will start with Martha next, then I will do the next oldest of your children. I love all of you with all my heart, please use this as a learning experience”.

They all nod. Ben the goes to his room and sleeps for eight hours. Becky calls the Sheila and she comes over and tattoos Suzy. She does her neck, lower back, and groin tattoos while she is still passed out. Becky has her pierce her nipples, belly button, clit and pussy lips. When she is done with all that Becky revives Suzy and Sheila pierces her tongue in three places. When she is done they take her to the couch and she sleeps until Ben comes down.

Ben is awake and comes downstairs and kisses his wives Becky and Laurie. “You girls ready to get Suzy into her chastity belt?” “Yes lover, we are going to love torturing her. I think she should sleep on the floor at the foot of your bed. What do you think of that idea?” Becky says.

“I like it. It will remind her of what she is missing” Ben tells them as they present him with the chastity belt for her to wear. They get Suzy awaken and get her up.

“Suzy, because you disobeyed me and belittled your husband Darryl, I am going to make you wear this chastity belt for six months and sleep at the foot of my bed” Ben tells her as Becky and Laurie get her in the belt and lock it in place. “You are to wear this at all times. You are not allowed to have sex in any form for six months. You can only take this off to go to the bathroom. Do you understand?” Ben asks Suzy.

“Yes, Master. I am sorry I disobeyed you” Suzy says.

“You need to apologize to your husband. I think he will enjoy seeing you in this chastity belt” Ben tells her.

“Yes Master, I will do it the next time I see him”.

Ben the goes and sits on the couch and calls Martha over and she starts her training as the rest of his ladies watch. This goes on for hours. After each lady is finished her training Ben takes a nap for a couple of hours with the lady that just pleasured him twenty times. After Martha is finished next up is Victoria, followed by fourteen year old twins Candy and Cynthia, then the twelve year old twins Alexis and Alileen, finally the ten year old twins Cam and Calla the twelve and ten year old twins Ben 69’d them several times. Giving them orgasms as they give him orgasms.

“Girls that was my favorite oral training so far. I love virgin pussies” Ben tells them.

Ben checks on the construction site the next day after sleeping with Martha’s girls in the living room. They are all in one big pile, they wake up and have sex with the older girls and he sucks on the virgins pussies making them go nuts. Peggy comes over and gets her virgin pussy sucked. Becky and Laurie make Suzy watch the orgy as her punishment.

After checking on the new mansion with Becky and Laurie, they go to the architects office and get an update on the office building and school plans. The architect tells him that they will be ready to break ground in May on the office building. Ben tells him that Ken is in charge of that also. He wants it up as quickly as possible. He tells him that it will be six to nine months before the tenants can design their spaces. He tells the architect he will have the tenants get in touch with him on their spaces after construction starts.

The school is going to take a little longer the architect tells him. It probably will not be ready to begin construction until next April. Ben tells him that he wants to begin construction on an addition to the mansion. He wants an additional four story addition off the guests suites that are now for the family. He wants the four story building on the other side of the greenhouses. Ben tells him that he wants a large garage for at least forty cars on the opposite side of the current garage.

Ben tells him to start plans for a single family home with a large master suite with his and hers walk-in closets. He wants seven other bedrooms four bathrooms. A large living room, dining room and kitchen. He wants a huge man-cave. It also needs to have a four car garage. The architect tells him he will have the preliminary plans to him in a couple months. Ben tells him to keep this from Ken. They asks about the guard houses and receive the plans. They leave and when they get back to the car Ben tells his wives “The separate house is for Ken and Carol and their children”.

“Ben, is Carol pregnant?” Becky asks. “No not yet but I hope they start to have children soon. I want their kids to grow up with ours. Let have dinner with the family at Antonio’s tonight. Call everybody and I will call Antonio and have our room setup” Ben tells them.

Ben has one last meal with his family before he heads to Tuscaloosa, he calls Nadia and tells her that he will be down there the following day. When he arrives home after dinner he takes Nadine into his bed and makes love to her. Pounding her for four hours.

After he is done cuming in her womb he tells her “Nadine, I am going to see your mother in the morning. I will tell her how good you have become and how sweet you are. I love you and will train you when I get back”. “Master, you know I love you and I hope you will get me and my momma pregnant. The way you just pounded me it might have happened tonight. I am not on birth control and am not going to go on birth control. I want your child in my belly. I love you hurry back home soon” Nadine tells her lover.

“I will my love” Ben tells her as his other bed slaves come in and go to sleep with him one last time before his trip. The next morning he gets up and takes a shower. Becky has already packed his bags with his pills.

“I love you Ben, hurry back soon” Becky tells her husband, “Keep me informed on what is going on down there, Laurie”. She tells her sister wife. She then kisses both of them and they leave to go to Tuscaloosa.

They arrive in Tuscaloosa and call Nadine when they get to town and go to her home. Nadia asks Ben “Master, do you like my hairless pussy?”. “Yes, my love I do why do you ask?”. “My friend Emily is a doctor who specializes in hair removal, she is a dermatologist and I had my pussy done as an example for you. I am sure she would be more than happy to remove all my sisters hair around their pussies and armpits. I have setup and appointment for us, Laurie would you like to get your pussy done, it looks like it is time to shave?”.

Ben “OK, I will meet her, but she is not touching Laurie or anyone else until I check her out and make sure she will not hurt my girls”. “You are so protective of us. I would like to get my hair permanently removed, Nadia” Laurie says. As Ben starts to go between Nadia’s legs to suck her pussy he tells them “I will let her remove my hair on my chest, armpits and groin and if she is OK I will let her perform the procedure on my girls, do you have her certificates and credentials?”

Nadia “Yes, she has gotten a HIV/STD certificate also, her limp dick husband doesn’t fuck her anymore. I told her to get her certificate in case you want to have sex with her”.

Ben “Nadia, I cannot keep up with the women I have now. I try, I really do. I love each of you and I do not think I am giving each of you all that you need, I do not need anymore”.

“Ben, I love you. I love making love with you. Your cock fills me and all the my sisters pussies up, you stretch us to the breaking point. I will take whatever you want to give me”. Nadia says as Ben starts to suck on her pussy. Ben licks her slit and sucks on her clit and then licks her from her anus to her clit, he does this for about ten minutes until she finishes cuming for the third time. BIG FELLA is erect and he pushes it inside of Nadia’s warm wet pussy. “Emily is my best friend, Ben, how can I deny her a chance at the happiness I have with you and our family. Nadine loves it at the mansion with her sisters. AHHH, yeah pump BIG FELLA in me Master. Nadine love you and her time with you when you to are making love. You still need to train her though” Nadia says as Ben starts to fuck her really hard. Laurie is lying next to her in bed and smiles as Ben works her over. Nadia is panting and moaning as Laurie starts to suck on her nipples, she squeezes and kisses her large breasts. “Master, cum in my mouth. I want to swallow your seed” Laurie tells her husband. Ben is pumping Nadia hard pushing deep inside her pussy, after about 30 minutes he pushes through her cervix and pumps her for another 30 minutes. He shoots two ropes into her womb and then takes BIG FELLA out of Nadia and finishes cumming in Laurie’s mouth. When he is done cumming Laurie smiles and swaps the load in her mouth with Nadia.

Ben lays down with his two lovers, “Master, that was fantastic. Emily has a daughter that is Nadine’s age. They are friends and have been for most of their lives. If Emily becomes your slave I want you to take her also. Emily’s husband is a little disinterested in sex these days she tells me. He goes down on her a lot but doesn’t fuck her anymore. I think Ben, when she sees BIG FELLA she is going to want it inside of her. Our appointment is for tomorrow at 4. The last appointment of the day”.

Ben “OK, lets bring the other girls in and make love all night and me and Laurie can get some rest tomorrow while you are at work, we will me you at Emily’s office at 3:45. Leslie, Vivian, Kaitlin, Beth come into the room and they all kiss their Master and lover and they take turns sucking on BIG FELLA and fucking Ben. The next morning they are all together sleeping on one another.

Ben looks at Vivian as she is the only one that is awake “Vivian, I love waking up with my lovers all around me”. She kisses him and tells him that he is loved. “Master, when we get the others up will you please fuck me in my ass?” “Yes lover I will”.

Slowly the girls wake up and they all kiss their lover, husband and master. A couple of them give a tug to BIG FELLA. Kaitlin and Beth start to suck on BIG FELLA together as Ben smiles “There is nothing finer than two beautiful women that I love sucking on my cock”. Kaitlin goes down deep on BIG FELLA as Beth kisses him and tells him she loves him and can’t want for the summer so they can all spend more time together. “I love you too Beth, I can’t wait to see our baby. You too Kaitlin, I feel like the luckiest man on earth”. When they get done with getting Ben off they suck him hard again and Vivian tells him it is her turn. She straddles him and separates her ass cheeks and pushes down on BIG FELLA. “Ahh, GOD Master that feels so good” Vivian tells him as he starts to fuck her while she bucks up and down on him. The fuck for an hour before Ben climaxes in her ass, Vivian has orgasm after orgasm. They lay still lodge together for a while until Leslie comes in and tells them to get a shower, that Ben’s appointment is in a couple of hours. She takes him to the master bath and she washes him and sucks on BIG FELLA. “I need some of this, Master” Leslie tells him. “I am all yours my love. I love you my sweet”. Ben caresses her head as she begins to take an erect BIG FELLA down her throat. After she gets him off she tells him, “I miss you when we are not together. I know I have to finish my degree but I long to feel you inside me, touching me, making love to me”.

They kiss and Ben rubs her pregnant belly, “We are going to have a wonderful life together. We are all going to be together soon Leslie. Mansion should be ready in September and we will spend our first Christmas there. I do want you and your mother with me always, but you need to finish your degree”.

Ben gets out of the shower with Leslie and then gets dressed, Leslie goes off to class. Ben and Laurie get ready to meet Nadia’s friend. “Laurie, I love you baby. You know that don’t you?” Ben tells her. “Master, Ben we all know that you love and care for us. Each and every one of us. Why do you think that Nadia gave you her daughter, My mom let you have me after you had already taken Leslie. They know that you have a big heart and love and respect all of us. Nadia wants you to make Emily and her daughter your slaves also, you know that” Laurie says.

“Yes I know. You girls love to share me. I cannot keep taking all these women and making them family. There is only so much to go around. Come here baby” Ben tells her. They start to kiss and make out. Ben rubs her face, “My God you are so beautiful, Laurie. I love you with all my heart. You are going to be at my side forever”. They go to Dr. Johns office and check in. Nadia meets them there and they kiss. The receptionist tells them they can go back that the doctor will be with them shortly.

Nadia “Emily, this is my lover Ben Barnes. The one I have been talking to you about. This is his wife Laurie”.

Emily “Laurie is your wife and Nadia is your lover Mr. Barnes. MMM interesting, what can I do you for today?”.

Ben “My lover here says that you removed her hair under her armpits and her pussy. She wants you to do that to her sisters also. All my lovers that is. Before I will allow this I need to know it does not hurt my women, that it is not dangerous. I want you to remove my hair from my chest, armpits and groin. Anywhere else my lovers?”

Laurie “I would love if you would do his legs, back and ass also”.

Emily “OK, let me see what I have to work with Mr. Barnes, undress to your boxers and lay down on the table”. Ben undresses and gets on the table, Emily is smiling at Nadia as Ben looks at her. “You like what you see doctor?”.

Emily “Very nice muscle tone, nice six pack. Let’s see under your arms” she does a thorough job at inspecting him notes that he has hair on his chest, a little on his back and buttocks, legs. She rolls him over and looks at BIG FELLA for the first time, “Oh MY GOD. Nadia you were not kidding. He is huge”.

Nadia “Yes he is, he is my Master, my lover and my friend. I love him as does the rest of his women. We all willingly became his slaves and lovers. His first wife Becky just had a baby a couple weeks ago. I am trying to get pregnant. Nadine is his, she just loves him to death”.

Emily “Let me start to get this hair removed, Ben, I want to suck your cock after I am done. If that is OK with you”.

Ben “As long as you have a clean HIV/STD certificate you can”.

Emily “After I am done, and finished with Laurie with you approval I am going to take you home and you are going to have to fuck me. I have my certificate in my desk. My husband has not had intercourse with me in five years. Bastard lost interest in that. He loves to eat pussy, but I need a dick in my pussy”.

Ben “I will see what I can do, will he be jealous when he sees what I am packing?”.

Emily “I do not care. I want this” grabbing BIG FELLA “Let’s get started” She carefully and skillfully removes his hair under his arms and chest then he moves to his legs. She turns him over and removes the hair off of his ass and anus. She then turns him back over and does his groin. After all his hair is removed she asks “That was not that bad was it Mr. Barnes?” “No, painless was no discomfort at all. I am really protective of my lovers”.

“Speaking of that, it is time I sampled some of Mr. BIG FELLA there” Emily says as she grabs big fella and starts to lick the head and suck on the shaft. She tries to get the head in for a couple of minutes and when she does she looks up and smiles at Ben. She starts to go further down on his cock until it reaches the back of her mouth. Nadia comes over and tells her to swallow and keep swallowing. To breathe through her nose while she is deep throating BIG FELLA. She does and after about twenty minutes of trying she finally gets BIG FELLA to pop down her throat. The buzzer rings and Emily gets off of BIG FELLA with a pop as the head exits her mouth. “Yes”. “Mr. Barnes is the last client, do you need us to wait on you or can we all go home”. “Go home and lock up before you leave, I will be fine back here alone with Mr. Barnes and company, goodnight”.

She hears her staff leave and goes back to sucking BIG FELLA down her throat. Nadia tells her that Nadine would love it if Julia would come and stay with Ben. Emily chicken heads BIG FELLA for about thirty minutes before he cums down her throat. He climaxes for over ten minutes.

“Never ever had a man cum that hard and long for me before, You want to make my daughter your slave? You want me to give her to you so that you can fuck her” Emily says.

“Master, doesn’t really want anymore girls, lovers or slaves. Emily we are his slaves, his lovers and he treats each of us with respect and love. You just have to submit to him and ask him to be his slave. I have no regrets becoming his slave. He is a tremendous lover and provider, he is very generous and kind. Nadine loves him, and I want you to enjoy him also, you are my best friend and I want to share this with you and Julia” Nadia tells her friend.

“My daughter Julia is a virgin, I don’t know. Let me try him out when we meet tonight at my house. Julia is staying at a friends house tonight, I will get my husband prepared to witness Ben fucking me. Meet you guys at my house at 8 tonight? Let me finish with Laurie here and then we can me up later” Emily says.

Later that night Ben, Laurie and Nadia go to Emily’s house and knock on the door. Emily answers in a robe. They enter the house and she takes off her robe and she guides them up to the master bedroom where her husband Joe is strapped to an armchair. Emily then takes off her teddy and starts to strip Ben.

Emily “Joe, watch this” as she frees BIG FELLA from his boxers. “Joe, this is a real cock. I am going to be sucking on him and he is going to fuck me, hopefully all night long” Joe is staring at BIG FELLA as Emily starts to suck on him she gets him hard and Ben puts her in the bed and starts to suck on her pussy after getting her wet he pushes BIG FELLA between her legs, he pushes it into her love tunnel eliciting a loud moan and scream as he stretches her. “OH GOD, Master you are stretching my pussy out. Joe he is so much big and longer than your little cock. Not that you have given it to me in a long long time. Master Ben keep pounding my pussy, make it yours. Oh GOD this feeeels fucking gooood. I am yours”. Ben leans down and whispers in her ear.

“Emily, tell me what you want? Do you want to be my lover? If you do, you can only have sex with me and people I approve of. You cannot have sex with your husband anymore. Tell me what you want?” Ben asks her “Ben Barnes, I want you to be my Master, my lover. My body is yours to do with as you wish” Emily yells out so everybody can hear. “Emily, to be my slave you have to submit to training, I will train your pussy and your ass ten times in a row without interruption and you will also need to give me a blowjob twenty times in a row without interruption. Are you willing to do this?” Ben tells her so that Joe can hear her. “Yes Master, just keep fucking me” Emily tells him almost out of breath as he continues to pound her pussy, stretching her to new limits. “One more thing. I require you to give me Julia to take home with me after I pop her cherries here in your house. That is not negotiable, it is a requirement. I must have Julia, Nadia and Nadine want her with them. I must have her”

“OH GOD MASTER, You are way to big for my little baby girl. BIG FELLA would rip her in half” Emily says. Ben then proceeds to turn her over and he starts to fuck her from behind. He pushes deep inside of her entering her womb. “Give me your daughter, Julia Emily. I am going to be her Master and her lover. I am going to be her only lover. My cock belongs in that little pussy and ass of hers. GIVE ME YOUR DAUGHTER EMILY” Ben tells her as Emily has her fourth orgasm. When she comes down from high she says “She is too little” “GIVE ME YOUR DAUGHTER, I AM GOING TO BE HERS”. He cums deep inside of Emily after pushing past her cervix.

“EMILY, GIVE ME YOUR DAUGHTER, or this is the last time I will ever fuck you” Ben tells her as she starts to cry. “No, Master. I need BIG FELLA inside me again. I am yours, please” she replies. “GIVE ME YOUR DAUGHTER” “OK, Master”

Nadia comes over and kisses her master “Master you should have seen Joe’s face as you fucked Emily. He really loved it. He was really into each stroke you gave her pussy”. “Emily, when does Julia come home?” Ben asks her. “Tomorrow, Master, she will be home tomorrow around 6”.

“Good, that gives me time to fuck your pussy several more times and pound your ass into submission before I will take Julia’s virginity. I am going to take her all next week here in your house before I take her home with me. She will become my lover. You will see her on the weekends when you come up to my house and by this summer you will move to my town permanently. You need to give me her passport and legal custody of her” Ben tells her.

“Yes Master, Please let me worship BIG FELLA again so that we can fuck again”. She sucks BIG FELLA getting him hard as she watches Joe. When she gets off of BIG FELLA she looks over at Joe and asks him “Do you like the show Joe?”. “Hell yes, it is like a live porno show. That is one fucking huge cock going into your pussy. I can’t wait to see him fuck your ass and take Julia’s virginity”.

Emily gets on her hands and knees and tells her new Master to fuck her hard. He goes over and puts BIG FELLA on her ass and looks over to Joe as he pushes it into her pussy making Emily moan and grunt as he fucks her hard. Joe sees his wife’s pussy being stretched trying to accommodate BIG FELLA. “Nadia, how big is Ben’s cock. It looks huge, looks great stretching Emily’s pussy” Joe asks. “Joe, he is 16 inches long and has a 5 1/2” girth. He has great stamina also. Well sometimes he uses some little blue pills if he is training, but the rest of the time it is all Ben”. Ben continues to pound away at Emily who is starting to get accustomed to being stretched out by BIG FELLA. After about two hours Ben finally pushes through her cervix again and dumps a huge load into her womb. “Master you keep fucking me like that you are going to get me pregnant” Emily says.

“That would be alright with me” Ben says as he pulls her into bed and snuggles with her for a minute. “Laurie get me my pills please and some water for the two of us while we rest before our next round. I think I am going to get Emily to ride BIG FELLA. What do you think Emily, do you want to take a ride?”

Laurie goes to get his pills as Emily rolls over and kisses Ben on the lips “I will do anything you want Master, I love you. You make me feel so wonderful. I have never ever cum that many times or that hard. If you get me pregnant I will welcome it. I love how BIG FELLA fills me up, fills my pussy stretching it to new limits” Laurie comes back to the room with the water and his pills and his cock ring. She gives him his pills and water and gives Emily water and a couple of stimulants so that she can keep up. Emily does not even question what she is taken, she just wants to fuck some more. “Master are you ready you need me to suck on BIG FELLA to get him up”. “I am ready”. Emily straddles her new master and pushes BIG FELLA inside her and starts to bounce up and down. She grinds out three orgasms back-to-back-to-back. “I want you to give me your daughter Emily. I want her to be my slave also, Nadine needs her girlfriend with her. You are my slave and I want to take your daughters virginity when she gets home tonight” Ben tells Emily.

“Master, My baby is only 13 and so innocent. Nadine is your slave also?” Emily asks her new master. “Yes Emily. Nadia gave me her daughter, she is mine. I have sex with her often. I love her and she is very special to me. She told me the other day that she misses her friend Julia. Nadia confirmed that it was your daughter. If you want me to be your master, you must give me your daughter. I will be gentle with her when she gets home tonight” Ben tells his new slave. She starts to whimper and cry a little. Nadia lays next to her as Ben continues to pump BIG FELLA in and out of her pussy showing her no mercy.

“What’s wrong Emily? You love what Ben is doing right? How he is making you feel, how he is stretching your pussy?” Nadia asks her best friend. “Nadia I feel Ben’s cock stretching me out and it feels great. Like nothing I have ever experienced before. I am just scared for Julia. She is so little I don’t think she can handle BIG FELLA inside of her”.

Ben continues to pump in and out of her pussy and then pushes past her cervix and pumps a huge stream of cum in her womb. “Emily, I have taken Nadine’s virginity. She is so small only about 4’10. I can only get a little bit more than 8 inches inside of her pussy and over 9 inches in her ass. I have not trained her yet. I love her as do I all my women, she is an excellent lover. As will be your daughter. I take care of my lovers all of them. This is her wish that she has her best friend with her, as was Nadia’s wish. I love Nadia with all my heart. Do you love me Nadia?”

“Yes, Master. Ben I love you with all my heart” Nadia tells Ben as she kisses him and then kisses her best friend Emily on her lips. “I love you Emily always have and always will. I want this for you and our girls. We are all going to get pregnant with Masters babies. We are going to be one big happy family. I cannot wait to see our daughters pregnant with us”.

“You are trying to get pregnant, Nadia? You want Nadine to get pregnant also?” Emily asks her. “Yes I am trying to get pregnant. I always wanted more children and it will be special if I have a child with my daughter. I love her and my lover so much. I want this for you and Julia also. Master will not force Julia but he is very persuasive. Once she sees BIG FELLA pumping in and out of your pussy she will get horny as hell”.

Nadia sucked the juices off of BIG FELLA, she could taste both her master’s and Emily’s cum. She licked and sucked on BIG FELLA until Ben got hard again. Nadia puts Emily on her hands and knees and starts to suck on her slit and her anus. “Master is going to fuck you in your ass now, Emily. Have you ever had anal sex before?” Nadia asks her “No, I have not. Always a little afraid it would really hurt”.

“Laurie can you get me the lube, Emily I am going to loosen your ass up a little before I put BIG FELLA inside your ass. It will probably hurt at first but it will be very pleasurable once I get you loosen up. I am going to put a finger in your ass then two then three.” Ben tells her as he inserts his finger inside her ass and then the next one. He is pushing them in and out until she starts to respond and push back. Ben then lubes up her ass and squirts lube inside her anal cavity. He then rubs it on BIG FELLA and then pushes the large bulbous head of his cock into her anus. Emily starts to scream and cry. Ben looks over to Joe and he is smiling and he encourages him to pound her hard.

“Relax, Emily, the pain will go away as I loosen you up” Ben tells his new lover. “God, MASTER you are so big” Emily tells him as he continues to pump her ass when he feels her push back he starts to fuck her harder and then harder. “OH GOD MASTER, IT FEELS GREAT!”. Ben fucks her once virgin ass for over two hours before he drops a huge load inside of her colon. “You did good my lover, Emily. Julia is going to do great tonight”.

Ben and Emily lay there with BIG FELLA still inside her ass. They fall asleep and wake up a couple of hours later still engaged. Ben gets erect and starts pushing in and out of her anal cavity with great velocity making Emily moan and grunt. “Master, Julia is going to be home in a couple of hours. Don’t you think we should get cleaned up after you cum this time?”

“Yes lets get this place cleaned up so that it is fresh when I take Julia’s virginity” Ben tells her. He then starts to jackhammer her ass as she continues to grunt and groan. She has orgasm after orgasm until he finally pushes all sixteen inches inside of her. He pumps load after load inside of her. After about thirty minutes the lovers get up and go to the shower as Laurie and Nadia clean the room and change the sheets. It is a half an hour before Julia is due home.

Ben tells Emily that he wants her in bed with him when Julia comes home, Nadia is to bring her in the room as Emily sucks his cock. Nadia goes downstairs to wait for Julia to come home. When they hear her from upstairs Emily does as her Master instructed her to do and starts to suck his cock. Nadia talks to Julia “Julia, I want to introduce you to my new boyfriend. He is amazing, very handsome and well-endowed”. They open the door to the master bedroom and walk in Julia sees her mother naked on the bed sucking on BIG FELLA.

“Julia, this is my boyfriend, my Master and my lover Ben. He is now your mother’s Master also” Nadia tells her as she has her mouth open looking at BIG FELLA. “Honey, this is my new lover and Master. I am hoping you will submit to him also. I am in love with him. You are going to go live with him. Nadine is there waiting for you baby. She is his lover also” Emily says. “Mom, you are sucking on that cock. What about Joe? You want me to give him my virginity, let him fuck me?”

“Honey, Yes I am sucking on his huge cock, whose name is BIG FELLA, Joe has a really small cock and he never got me off and yes I am giving you to Ben. He is our lover and Master. You are going to move in with him when we are done here. Now get undressed and meet your lover”.

Julia is very shy and tentatively takes her clothes off and goes to the bed. She lays down next to Ben. Ben kisses her and rubs her 32C breasts, he is erect and he starts to suck on her breasts then moves down to her pussy. He sucks her pussy licking her slit and sucking on her rapidly swelling clit. Julia bucks her hips as he continues his assault on her virgin pussy. He sticks his long tongue into her extremely tight pussy and strokes her hymen making her climax hard and loud.

“Julia, lover are you ready for BIG FELLA?” Ben asks her as he puts his cock at the entrance of her vagina “Go slowly please, don’t hurt me?”. “Baby I will never purposely hurt you. When I break your cherry it will hurt a lot then it will get better” Ben tells her as he pushes his 7” cock head into her virgin pussy causing her to scream and cry. Emily consoles her daughter telling her to breathe, it will get better. Ben pushes past her hymen causing a trickle of blood to come out of her pussy. Ben continues to push until he reaches her cervix and rest there. “God momma, that hurt when Ben pushed through my hymen” Julia tells her mother with tears in her eyes. “Julia, he is your Master now, you are his slave as am I. We belong to him”

Ben begins to push back and forth in Julia’s tight pussy. Slowly stretching it out to accommodate his extra large size as Emily watches. Julia is wincing in pain with every stroke. Ben pumps her for over two straight hours slowly increasing his pace as he goes. “Baby is it getting better, you feel so good” Ben asks his sweet little lover. “Master, it is getting better. I am going to be sore when you are done with me it feels great” Julia tells Ben. He picks up his pace and starts to jackhammer her for an hour before picking her up and taking her over to a wall. Ben starts pumping hard inside of her pussy trying to break through her cervix.

“Julia, you are mine. I love you. I am going to make you a bed slave just like your girlfriend Nadine. We are going to make love all this week. Emily is going to need to get me a few things this week before we can go home to my mansion. You want to be my slave and join Nadine?” Ben asks her. “Yes Master, please continue to fuck me. It feels really good. It hurt like hell at first but I am starting to enjoy it. Master, I want to be your slave and spend the rest of my life with you and my best friend Nadine” Julia says.

“Julia, I am trying to get pregnant with Master. Nadine is going to get pregnant with me also. I want you and your mother to join us. I want us to raise our kids together. I love you and your mother and our Master, Please consider this” Nadia says to her. “If Master keeps fucking me like this I will eventually get pregnant. I am not on birth control yet. Has Nadine started to get her period yet?”

“Yes, she just started having them. I put her on a fertility drug so that she will be sure to get pregnant. I am going to get you and your mother on them too if you agree” Nadia tells her.

“Well what do you think, Mom? You want to have another child? Joe isn’t going to do anything he is just sitting over there with a grin on his face while BIG FELLA is stretching my pussy. I guess he watched you also?” Julia says to her mother as Ben continues to pound on her pussy making it his. “Julia, Joe watched me have sex with Ben five times and twice in my ass. You will be experiencing that shortly. I do want to have another child. I love you and always wanted you to have a brother or sister. Nadine filled that role but I think it would be fun. Master, I live down here and my practice is down here. I want to be with my daughter when we are pregnant and raising our children with Nadine and Nadia”.

“I was thinking that you might open an office in my town, we live on the Georgia boarder. I am looking in building an office building in town. I have my family doctor that is going to move into that building. My Psychiatrist lover is going to move in the office building hopefully. I was hoping that you and Nadia would open practices up there also. We are going to have a massage parlor on the ground floor”. Ben tells them.

“For Kiki, Kali and Mami right Master?” Nadia says “Yes my love. Nadia I need you to stay part-time at least down here in Tuscaloosa so that you can monitor my slaves at the University until they graduate. OK?”

“Yes Master, I love you” Nadia says “You fulfilled my dream of having my best friend and my daughters best friend join us”.

“Master you have more slaves down here in Tuscaloosa?” Julia asks. “Yes baby, Laurie’s sister and mother are living down here while she is in school. Six other ladies are down here also. You and Emily will meet them this week. I think we are going to be in bed until at least Wednesday. Oh by the way Julia, you are not going back to school down here” Ben tells Julia and Emily.

“Master, I will get you here passport from the bank on Monday. I will call my lawyer about the custody documents. Nadia, I want to have Ben’s baby if Julia will have one with me?”. “I will” is her answer.

Ben starts to jackhammer Julia trying to get past her cervix after about ten minutes he finally pushes past her cervix and bottoms out in her womb “Julia you are mine, I love you and am going to take care of you for the rest of my live. You will want for nothing” Ben tells her as he starts to pump her womb full. He cums for twenty minutes before popping out of her womb. He rubs her belly which is full of his seed. “God you are so beautiful, Julia, so innocent and sweet”.

“Master, I am not so innocent any more. You are going to have to do that to me some more. My pussy is yours, I loved having BIG FELLA inside of me” Julia tells her new master.

“Baby let Nadia and Laurie teach you how to deep throat BIG FELLA, Emily watch also. I want you two to practice it for a while. Joe go call us some take out, what do you girls want? Chinese food or do you know someplace good that delivers? Joe gets instructions and Ben hands him two hundred dollars and sends him downstairs while Julia and Emily learn how to deep throat BIG FELLA. They work on BIG FELLA for over an hour before he cums deep down Julia throat.

“Julia baby, after dinner we are going to work on your deep throating technique. Emily do you have a digital camera here. I want to record your daughter and you deep throating so you can see it. I love it when you Julia has BIG FELLA in her throat pushing out on her throat as I fuck her face” Ben asks as Emily.

“Yes Master, I will get it” Emily tells him. “Master, my throat is a little sore from having BIG FELLA stretching it out” sweet little Julia says to her master. “Do you like tea, that will be soothing while we eat after some more exercise it will not be as sore. Am I telling the truth Laurie Nadia?”

“Yes Master, the more you stretch her throat the better she will get at it. Julia after your exercises I will get some soothing ice water for you. Maybe even a milkshake” Nadia tells her. “Sweetie, your throat will get accustomed to BIG FELLA’s length and girth. You will be able to feel it move inside your throat and eventually you will even be able to squeeze him with your throat muscles. I love having BIG FELLA down my throat” Laurie tells her new sister slave.

“Nadia I think when I am sucking on BIG FELLA I will be getting a milkshake” Julia tells her as she starts to suck on BIG FELLA. Starting with the head then working her way down slowly to the base. After Julia makes him cum three times, Ben starts to face fuck her to two more ejaculations before dinner arrives.

They all eat and Julia gets some ice cream to sooth her throat. “Master, I want to worship BIG FELLA for a while” Emily says. “OK, but when I am about to cum I am going to put it in your womb. I want both you ladies to be pregnant” Ben tells them and their response is “Yes Master” with a smile. Emily sucks him and deep throats BIG FELLA to five loads into her womb before Laurie gets his pills.

While she does that Ben asks Joe “Joe, I am taking Julia home with me. Emily is going to stay here until the end of May when my other girls are out of school then she will be moving to my town. You have two choices, one you can divorce Emily and never see her again or you can move to my town on a couple conditions. You never have sex with Emily again or any of my other ladies, you have all your hair permanently removed from below your neck, you have a vasectomy performed, have your cock restrained at all times, have your scrotum pierced in several places, have your tongue pierced three times and elongated for better cunnilingus which is what your job will be. To orally pleasure all my women at their request. You will suck their pussies, lick their assholes. You will have to quit your job and do this permanently. What will it be Joe, Option 1 or Option 2?”

“Master, I choose Option 2. I love to eat pussy, I never fulfilled Emily’s desires when I had intercourse with her. That is why I worked on my oral skills. I would love to suck Laurie’s beautiful pussy if she would let me. I would take instructions also. I want to be the worlds best pussy eater” Joe tells his new Master.

“OK Joe, Emily how is Joe’s technique when he eats you out?” Ben says as he cums down Emily’s throat.

“MMM, Master he is okay, he will get better with instruction from my sister slaves. I will remove his hair on Monday after he quits his job”.

“What was your occupation, Joe” Ben asks.

“I am/was in construction business. Can I eat Laurie out?” Joe asks. “Only if you follow her instructions. She is the Mistress of the house along with my wife Becky. You are to obey them at all times, Is that understood?” Ben tells him.

“Yes, Master. Thank you Master” Joe says as he spreads Laurie’s legs out and begins his new occupation. He sucks on her pussy licking from stem to stern. Laurie gives him instructions on how to do it better. Laurie makes Joe perform cunnilingus on her until she has five orgasms and then tells him to go to Nadia and follow her instructions. While this is going on Ben is face fucking Julia through ten orgasms. He takes his pills and starts to fuck her pussy, first in the doggie position then after he has fucked her hard to five orgasms he then picks her up and has her bounce up and down on BIG FELLA for another five orgasms. He then takes her to her bedroom and pounds her relentlessly for the next three days. Nadia and Laurie come into the room every few hours to give them food and water. When he is done with Julia’s pussy her belly is really swollen. Julia has a huge smile on her face.

“Laurie sweetheart, I think Julia has passed her oral and pussy training. I am going to take her to her mothers bed and sleep for a while with her. I want you to clean these sheets and make the bed again for me. After we wake up I am going to start her anal training”. Ben picks his new lover up in his arms and takes her to the master bedroom. “Baby, lets get some sleep before we continue your training” Ben tells Julia, “Master, I love you. You are amazing lover not that I have anyone to compare you to. Don’t ever leave me”.

“Baby, Julia you are mine. We are always going to be together. I love you” Ben reassures her as Emily comes upstairs. “You two are finally out of the bed. Are you alright Julia?”

“Mom, I have never been better, our Master has made love to me for how many days? God I love him. I am his mom, I going to have his child. With all this sex I am bound to get pregnant” Julia tells her.

“Emily we are going to sleep for awhile and then I am going to train Julia’s ass. We are going to fuck her ass into submission” Ben says. “Master, I am already submissive. My body is yours to do with as you choose” Julia says as they go to the bedroom and go to sleep.

“I love you two, sleep tight” Emily tells her lover and her daughter as they go to sleep in each others arms. When the sheets are dry and Julia’s bed is made, Ben and Julia are still asleep. Laurie, Nadia and Emily go to the Master bedroom and go to sleep with their Master and lover.

The next morning they wake up. Emily is sucking on BIG FELLA. When Ben is awake he asks Emily “How did Joe’s hair removal turn out?”. Emily makes Ben cum and tells him “He does not have a hair left on his body. He is using moisturizer to make his skin soft. I took him yesterday to get a pedicure and a manicure. I had his hair cut and dyed black. I bought him his jewelry for his tongue and his scrotum. I also bought him some rings for his nipples. When he gets better at cunnilingus I want him to get a tattoo stating that fact. I picked up a book at the Adam & Eve store in town when I bought him his cock restraint. I had to get a small one. The book is on cunnilingus and he is reading it now”

“Go get him and let’s see what he looks like with the restraint on” Ben tells her as she gets up and goes get Joe. Joe comes into the room as Julia wakes up and starts to stroke BIG FELLA.

“Master how do you like my transformation so far, no hair anymore” Joe asks his new master.

“Very good, Emily has some suggestions that we will get done in my town” Ben tells him.

“You mean the jewelry, and nipple rings, Master?” Joe asks. “Yes, Joe” is Ben’s response.

“Anything else you want me get done down here, Master?” Joe asks. “No, that is it. You can go back downstairs and continue studying your book” Ben tells him “Yes Master, have fun today”.

“I plan to, with Julia. Let’s get breakfast and start your training baby” Ben tells Julia.

“Master, let me get you all breakfast. It would be my pleasure while you continue to make love to your women” Joe tells them. “OK, Joe” Ben tells him as Joe runs off to cook them all breakfast.

“I think he is going to take to this new lifestyle, Master” Emily says with a smile.

“Do you think you will have a hard time adjusting to Joe’s new position in life, Emily?” Nadia asks.

“No, I am looking forward to it. If it does not work out will Master fix it for me?” Emily asks as Ben starts to fuck Julia’s in her ass. “Emily, if Joe does not work out I will send him packing. I will make him an offer he cannot refuse” Ben tell her and the tells Julia “Give me your arms, Julia. I am going to push deep inside of you”

“Yes, Master” she replies and gives her master her arms and he grabs her wrists and pulls her back. Julia arches her back and Ben pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her colon, jackhammering her as Laurie climbs under her and starts to suck on her pussy. Poor little Julia is having one orgasm after another as Ben pounds her for over an hour and then pushes deep inside her pussy after Laurie cleans his cock off with her mouth. He then dumps his huge load into her womb.

“GOD DAMN, that was some good fucking Julia” Ben tells her as he exits her pussy. Nadia comes over and sucks him back to life and Ben inserts BIG FELLA into her asshole again. “Round two baby”

“Master, that was fantastic. I want more, all that you want to give me” Julia says to Ben as Joe comes in with their breakfast. They all eat and Emily gets dressed for work. Julia is fed by Nadia as Ben continues to pound on her ass.
Ben is really getting into pounding her ass hard and fast. Julia is moaning and groaning “OH, GOD MASTER”. Ben fucks her all day and all night always cuming in her womb. He finally passes out the next morning. They sleep until noon and then Ben takes her into the shower and proceeds to clean her head to toe. Ben then separates her legs and pushes BIG FELLA deep into her pussy. He fucks her hard in the shower and cums inside of her. They get out of the shower and dry off.

They go downstairs and get something to eat and then start making out. They are fucking on the couch when Emily comes home from work. “Master, you seem to be enjoying your new lover. I want some too”

“Get undressed and get over here my love” Ben tells her. She strips and comes over to the couch and kisses Ben and her daughter. “Emily, I love you and my Master” Julia says. Emily looks at her funny. “We are sisters now, you are still my mother but we are now lovers. We both love Ben and when he starts to fuck you I am going to be making love to you also Emily”

“Julia has completed her anal training, Emily. Have you been able to get her passport and her guardianship papers yet?” Ben asks. “Master, I have her passport here at the house, my lawyer said it will be the end of next week before he can get the guardianship papers completed” Emily tells them.

“I will start your training tomorrow night when you come home. I will start with your pussy, are you fertile now?” Ben asks. “Yes Master, I am” is her response. “I think I already have gotten Julia pregnant” Ben tells her. “I will get a couple pregnancy tests from the drug store tomorrow after work” Emily says. Ben finishes cuming inside of Julia and pulls out. Emily comes over and sucks on her pussy. Laurie gets up and goes and gets Ben’s pills. Joe is in between Nadia’s legs sucking her pussy. “Joe you are going to give me at least ten orgasms before I let you up” Nadia tells Joe “Yes, Mistress. It is my pleasure to serve you”.

Ben is throttling Emily’s pussy at this point after Julia has gotten BIG FELLA hard again. “Cum in my womb, my love, that is where your cum belongs, Fuck my pussy hard. FUCK FUCK FUCK got I love it. Ben you are amazing” Emily tells Ben as she pants and moans through it.

“Don’t you just love how BIG FELLA stretches out your pussy, Emily? I know I love it. He is so huge” Julia asks her mother and her new lover. “Baby, I have never ever had anybody else fuck me as deep and had my pussy as wide as our new master”.

Ben fucks Emily for the next two hours and finally dumps an extra large load into her womb. He then takes both Julia and Emily upstairs to the master bathroom and takes a shower with them and then heads to bed with both lovers. He fucks one then the other. Pounding each one and dumping load after load into their wombs. Emily doesn’t get any sleep that night and in the morning she takes a shower and goes to work. She takes Joe with her.

“Emily, take it easy as you can at work. I am going to fuck your pussy ten times straight before I let you sleep again. I will then wake you up after a couple hours and start your anal training. I will cum every time in your womb. You will be pregnant before we leave next weekend. On Monday, I am going to take Julia shopping with Nadia and Laurie. Most of her clothes you are going to have to donate to Goodwill, she is only going to dress in the finest dresses. All my women dress in proper attire when we are out. This includes you, Nadia and Laurie will go through your wardrobe and make subtractions” Ben tells her.

Ben then takes Julia to her room and starts to fuck her as Laurie and Nadia strip the king bed and wash the sheets and make the bed. They then sleep for a while as Ben continues to make love to his new thirteen year old lover. They fuck all day and Julia ask Ben almost out of breath “Master, you really have a lot of stamina. You are amazing, the sex is wonderful”. “Do you want to rest a bit before Emily gets home?” Ben asks her “Yes, I would” Julia says as she goes to sleep. Ben whispers in her ear “I love you Julia, I really do”. She smiles and says “I love you to my love”. They sleep until the hear Ankara Escort Bayan the door open and see Emily come in.

Julia is sleeping cuddled with her lover, Emily notices cum leaking from her ass. She goes over and starts cleaning her off with her tongue. Julia wakes up and looks down on her mother, “What are you doing, Emily?”. “I am cleaning you up Julia. No reason to let Masters cum go to waste.” Emily tells her. Emily separates Julia’s ass cheeks and notices her anus is gaping wide from BIG FELLA. Her asshole starts to blink at her. “Damn, Master you really blasted Julia’s asshole. It is blinking at me”.

“She came five times this last time we fucked. Did you enjoy me fucking your ass Julia?” Ben says

“Hell yes, Master. I loved it. My body is yours and I will except BIG FELLA in any hole you want to put it in me. I love you, Ben Barnes I really do. You think Emily is ready for a her pussy training?” Julia asks Ben.

“Yes my love she is going to get it tonight. Have Laurie bring me my pills will you lover. I am going to eat Emily’s beautiful pussy until you get back” Ben tells Julia as Emily lays down on the bed with her legs up, “I am ready for you lover. My body is also yours to do with as you choose. Julia I have several pregnancy tests. After you come back with Master’s pills take one when you have to pee. OH, GOD MASTER, You SUCKKKKK PUSSSSY GOOOOD” Emily states “Don’t hurry back Julia”.

Julia goes and gets her Master’s pills. Everybody is naked in Emily’s house, even Joe who is getting instructions from Nadia on how to perform cunnilingus better. “Is Joe getting better at that Nadia?” Julia asks. “Yes, baby Joe is taking instructions very well”.

Julia looks between Joe’s legs at his little white dick, erect it is only five inches and very thin. She goes upstairs with Laurie with the pills. “Laurie, I am so thankful I have Master in my life. His cock is so much bigger than Joe’s. Are all white men that small?”. “I don’t know I have only seen Master’s and my father’s cock who is 9” long and feels good when he is inside of me. I have seen a friend of the family’s cock, he is one of Ben’s slaves father. He is 8” long. I have never had sex with him. Ben’s buddies are all black and all hung between 10” to 14” long. Some slaves have had sex with them. But they have to get a clean HIV/STD certificate from our family doctor before they have sex with any of us and they always wear a rubber when they are in our pussies” Laurie informs her as they get to the door and see Ben having a field day on Emily’s pussy. They hear her screaming from down the hall.

“Emily, you seem to be enjoying your new Master. You love what my husband is doing to you?” Laurie says.

“Yes Mistress Laurie, I love my new Master. I am ready for my pussy training” Emily tells her. Ben pulls her to the end of the bed, puts her legs over his shoulders. He takes his pills, 12 supplements, and a little blue pill with his vitamins and energy drink. BIG FELLA is erect and he pushes it deep inside of Emily’s wet pussy. “Pound my pussy, punish me lover. Give me that beautiful baby batter in my womb, Master”.

Ben does just that, he jackhammers her pussy stretching it out and making it his. Emily has screaming orgasms every ten minutes as Ben fucks her for ninety minutes before he pushes through her cervix and starts to fuck her uterus. “OH GOD MASTER, I LOVE IT WHEN YOU FUCK ME DEEP LIKE THIS!!! YOU ARE A FUCKING GOD” Emily yells.

“I can’t tell you how many times I have heard that exact statement” Ben says. “Master, lover it is true” Julia says as Ben starts to pump his load into her womb. Julia notices that it takes Ben twenty minutes to finally finish blowing his load. He then exits her womb and Julia comes over and sucks on Ben’s balls and shaft as he exits Emily’s pussy. Julia sucks BIG FELLA clean and then sucks Emily’s pussy for any straggling cum. “Are you ready for round two Master? Can I get BIG FELLA hard for you lover?” Julia asks. “Yes and Yes my love” is his reply. They fuck all night like this, Ben would pound the crap out of Emily making her climax between five and ten minutes and he will cum in her womb. It would take Ben between 90 minutes to two hours to orgasm.

Ben fucks Emily’s pussy until the early afternoon before he quits. Emily’s belly is bloated, her pussy is red and swollen. All three lovers fall asleep in each others arms. Ben sleeps until ten that night and takes a shower with Julia, fucking her in her pussy twice. He gets out of the shower and takes his pills and gets the lube.

“Master, you ready to pound Emily’s ass. I want to help you lover” Julia says as they go back to bed. Ben and Julia put several pillows under her and puts her ass in the air. Julia licks and sucks on her pussy and asshole. She then lube up three fingers and pushes it deep inside her anus. Ben is watching as gets very hard. He then puts BIG FELLA to Emily’s anus and tells Julia “Watch this” as he pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of Emily. He fucks her ass for over two hours before he exits her ass and pushes deep inside of her pussy and into her womb. “This is where my seed belongs, Emily”.

Emily is groggy and looks over at her Master and Julia and tells them “Your seed belongs where ever you want to put it. I will take it in my womb. Get me pregnant with your baby lover. I am yours, body and soul”.

The fuck until Monday morning. Emily gets up and takes a shower with Ben and Julia, “Baby, I think we are going to enjoy are new family and lifestyle”. “Emily, I love my new lifestyle and my new lover” Julia tells her as they wash each other. “What do you have on your agenda today Master?” Emily asks.

“I am going to sleep with Julia and rest a while. We are then going to go shopping for some new clothes for Julia and a few other things. I need to go to the Adam & Eve store and get Joe is cock cage. Maybe we can get some toys for the girls. Take it easy at work today” Ben tells Emily as they dry off. Ben then takes Julia to her bedroom and they go to sleep in each others arms. Emily goes to her room and sees Laurie and Nadia taking off the dirty sheets and making the bed with clean sheets. She gets dressed as they go to sleep together in each others arms kissing and making out.

“Yes, Emily we are bi-sexual. Ben’s slaves pleasure each other when they get the chance. See you later today” Nadia tells her best friend.

Joe goes with Emily to work which is becoming a common thing. About two everybody gets up and gets ready to go shopping. Nadia tells them where the nice department stores are to buy dresses for Julia. “We are all going shopping, if you find something you like we will buy it. I need to get jewelry for your piercings Julia. You and Emily, I also need to get your ears pierced and some earrings emerald earrings with diamonds will look good in your ears. What do you think?” Ben asks.

“Master, I have clothes. Are you really going to buy me earrings, diamond and emerald earrings?” Julia asks.

“Not only that, I am going to buy you and your mother wedding bands and engagement rings. You are my slaves, but you are also my wives. I love you with all my heart. We will shop the jewelry stores also. When we get home we will go see Viki at Victoria’s Secret for some panties and bra’s for the two of you. Your clothes are inappropriate for one of my women. You are to only dress in the nicest clothes. You are my woman and you will dress accordingly. We will take what you are not absolutely attached to to goodwill by the end of the week. Does that sound good Julia?” Ben asks

“OH, yes Master. I love to shop” Julia states. “I haven’t met a woman yet that did not love to shop”. Ben tells them. “That is true, Master. It is in our DNA” Nadia replies.

They leave the house and go shopping. They buy Julia twenty different dresses and two dozen outfits. They buy her shoes, purses and other lady things. They go to the jewelry store. Ben buys each lady beautiful necklaces with diamonds and emeralds. He buys two sets of emerald earrings with diamonds around it. He buys two wedding bands and two engagement rings with huge stones. The lady at the jewelry store looks amazed. Ben drops over fifty thousand at the jewelry store alone. He then goes and get their jewelry for their tongues, nipples, clit and navel. They drive to the Adam & Eve adult store and go shop for Joe’s cock cage and a few toys. Ben buys each lady a clit vibrator. He buys Julia her own egg vibrator. They head back to the car and Julia says “I am starving why don’t we stop for dinner”.

“Let me call Emily and have her meet us at Evangeline’s Restaurant” Nadia tells Ben. She calls and makes reservations and then calls Emily and tells her to meet there for dinner. They all eat dinner like one happy family. After dinner Ben informs Emily that he is taking Julia with him to his house in town so that she can meet the other slaves. When they leave the restaurant he gives Emily her rings and tells her that she is his. He tells her that he will see her Friday. He is going to take her to go shopping. Emily says she loves her rings and her earrings and kisses Ben goodbye. She kisses her sisters goodbye also, first Laurie, then Nadia and finally Julia and tells them she loves them.

Ben tells Joe “You are not to sleep in the same bed with Emily, sleep downstairs on the couch”.
Joe says “Yes, Master”.

Ben and crew get into the car and head to his house in town. Nadia says to everybody “Joe, is really taking this very well”. “Yes, he is becoming a very good cuckold. He still needs work on his cunnilingus, but with practice he will be better” Laurie says.

“I am just so happy that I have Master to make love to me. I never want another man. I hope that I am pregnant, but if not we can always practice some more my lover” Julia says to Ben. “I plan to take you and Laurie to bed after you meet my girls down here” Ben tells her.

They arrive at the house and go in the front door. “Hello Ladies, I am home” Ben calls out. His girls come running to him, all naked and beautiful in their pregnant state. Ben introduces Vivian and Leslie as Laurie mother and sister. Both being pregnant Leslie due in July and Vivian due in September. Next up is Kaitlin and her Aunt Beth, Kaitlin being pregnant and do in July.

Next is Laura and her mother Joyce, Laura due the same time as Leslie and Kaitlin. They all kiss their Master and as Beth and Joyce come to kiss him they tell him they are fertile and want to get pregnant while he is in town. “I will see what I can do” is Ben’s reply.

Next up are Mary and Marty the kiss their lover and he rubs their pregnant bellies. They are due in July. They all greet Julia and tell them they have never been happier than they are with Ben as their Master and Lover.

The girls tell him they want to transfer to UAB in the fall. “We want to be closer to home, to you and the rest of the family. We miss you Ben” Leslie tells him and they all shake their heads in agreement.

“OK, see if you can transfer. If you all can transfer up there then I will accept it. I do not want to leave one of you down here by themselves” Ben tells them. “The mansion should be finished this summer and be able to move into in September or October. I look forward to having my whole family under one roof. OK Beth and Joyce come with Laurie, Nadia, Julia and myself to the master bedroom and let’s see if we can get you two pregnant. Julia, go and take a pregnancy test in the master bathroom when we get there”

“Yes, Master” Julia replies and when they get to the master bedroom she goes and pees on the pregnancy test as Ben starts to make love to Beth and Joyce. Laurie gives him his pills as they hear Julia scream. She comes running in and shows Laurie the test and she nods. “Master, I am pregnant” she jumps up on Ben and kisses him “I love you Master, now we have to get Emily and Nadine pregnant. I mean you have to get them pregnant”.

“That is great news my love, I love you and cannot wait to see our baby in January” Ben tells her.

“Master, I will take Julia to work with me tomorrow and make for sure” Nadia says. “Very good sweetheart”. Ben starts to fuck Beth with long deep strokes as she starts to moan and groan “OH YEAH, FUCK ME MASTER. God I love you” Ben pounds her and pounds her with long deep strokes. Each slamming into her cervix. Ben thumps her for over an hour before finally pushing through her cervix and dumping an extra large load inside of her womb.

Kaitlin comes in and sees her Aunt pant and BIG FELLA pumping in and out of her. When Ben exits Beth’s pussy Kaitlin comes over and cleans it off with her tongue and mouth. She tastes both her Master’s and Aunt’s cum. “Get her pregnant Ben baby. You want me to get BIG FELLA hard again so you can pound Joyce?”

“Yes, Kaitlin please do so. I want some of your sweet tight pussy before I go back to the mansion!” Ben tells her. “My body is yours my love. You can have my pussy, ass or mouth anytime you want”.

Kaitlin sucks BIG FELLA back to life, full staff, Ben then puts Kaitlin on her back. He licks her slit sucking on her clit and then pushes his tongue inside her tight tunnel. When she has her second orgasm he sticks BIG FELLA deep inside her pussy, right up against her cervix. “That is as far as I can go my love, I don’t want to hurt our baby. I love you girls and I love you Kaitlin”.

“Master, Ben I love you and our daughter is going to love you. She is going to enjoy growing up with Ben Jr. and the rest of her brothers and sisters” Kaitlin tells him as he strokes BIG FELLA in her extremely tight pussy. “I am going to have a baby girl, God I love girls. They are so sweet. Do you have a name picked out, Kaitlin?” Ben asks.

“I was thinking of Kayla. Kayla Becky Barnes, do you like the name, my love” Kaitlin asks as she looks up at Ben and sees him crying. “I think that is a wonderful name, Becky will love the middle name. I love you”.

Ben continues to make love to his baby momma when he is about to cum he tells Beth to come over and get on her hands and knees. He exits Kaitlin’s tight pussy and pushes deep inside of Beth’s pussy pushing past her cervix. He strokes for about ten minutes and then spews his load into her womb again.
Laura comes over as Ben exits Beth. She gets down on her knees and licks BIG FELLA and Beth’s pussy as BIG FELLA exits. Laura then cleans off BIG FELLA and then Beth, when she is done she tells her Master “I want some of that action too”.

She then takes BIG FELLA into her mouth and proceeds to suck him hard again. “My pleasure my love” Ben tells Laura. When he is erect he gets Laura on her back with her legs spread. He pushes BIG FELLA into her pussy making her squeal in pleasure, “OH, Master. I forgot how good BIG FELLA feels in me. Pump your willing slaves pussy, but be careful of your son”.

Ben continues to stroke her pussy with deep strokes to her cervix, Laura uses her PC muscles to milk Ben’s cock. “I have another son, are you doing OK Laura? I love you sweetheart”.

“Yes I am doing fine in school, and with carrying our son. I just miss you a lot. Mom get over here and get our Master’s load in your womb” Laura says as Joyce comes over and gets on her hands and knees. “Have you picked out a name yet, Laura?” Ben asks

“Obviously Ben Jr. is taken. I was thinking something like Garrett Ben Barnes. How do you like that, Master?” Laura says as Ben continues to stroke her pussy. He slows down and rubs her belly “Mmm, what do you think Garrett? I like that name, almost as much as I love you and Joyce”.

“We love you too” Joyce tells him. Ben then takes BIG FELLA out of Laura and pushes a rock hard BIG FELLA deep inside of Joyce. He starts fucking her, “Give me your arms Joyce, I want you to try this”. Joyce gives her Master her arms and Ben pulls her arms back making her back arch. Ben starts fucking her really deep make Joyce scream “OH GOD, MASTER, I can feel BIG FELLA stretching my cervix. OH YOUR IN MY WOMB”

He fucks Joyce like this for twenty minutes, Nadia and Laurie come over and start sucking on her large 36D breasts when he begins fucking her womb. “Master, you guys are making me climax over and over again…FUCK ME. FUCK ME. OH GOD”

When Ben finally is ready to cum he releases Joyce’s arms making her fall onto Laurie and Nadia. Ben holds her hips as he pumps his load into her womb, it takes him over 15 minutes to stop cumming. When he is done he lifts Joyce’s right leg and turns her around so that she is facing him. He kisses her and tell her that he loves her. Laura comes over and they go to sleep with Joyce still having BIG FELLA lodged in her pussy. Laura on the other side. Laurie and Nadia go to Joyce’s room to sleep as Julia curls up in between her Master’s legs and Joyce. They sleep until morning when Nadia comes in and wakes up Julia who has Ben’s balls in her hands licking on them like they are a lollipop.

“Hey sweetie it is time to get up and come to work with me, so that we can get you checked out. I will bring you back her at lunchtime” Nadia tells Julia. They go get a shower and Julia starts to kiss Nadia and suck on her breasts. “Nadia, I love you. I think I am really going to love being Ben’s slave. I thought I was horny before I met Ben. Now all I want to do is fuck, have BIG FELLA inside of me”. “I Love you too Julia, always have and Yes we are going to have a good time with our new Master” The finish up and get dressed. Julia puts on her jewelry and rings. She puts on a push up bra that makes her 32C breast look fuller. “Nadia, do you think I will get big breasts like you and my mom?”

“Yes you should. Your breasts are going to get bigger when you are pregnant. I am going to prescribe maternity vitamins for you and Emily. These will help you with nutrition and make the baby healthy. Master’s chef know what to cook that is healthy for his ladies that are pregnant. I think we all should start taking these. I will talk to Ben about ordering a large supply so that we all have bottles on hand”.

They leave and go to Nadia’s work where she confirms that Julia is pregnant with blood test. She takes care of her morning patients and then takes Julia back to Ben’s house. Julia asks “I do not know too much about being pregnant, what should I expect Nadia? When will I know the sex of my baby?”

You should know the sex by the middle of the summer, usually after three months. I will get you a book on pregnancy “What to Expect when you are Expecting”. I will order multiple copies for all the ladies”. They talk all the way home to Ben. When they arrive at the house Laurie answers the door as they walk in they hear a woman’s moaning coming from upstairs.

“Who is getting time with BIG FELLA now?” Nadia asks. “That is Leslie, next is Vivian’s turn. You should go up and see Beth and Joyce’s bellies. They are really swollen with Master’s semen. How did you guys make out? Is your pregnancy confirmed Julia?”

“Yes, I am pregnant and cannot be happier. I am going to tell Master the good news Mistress” Julia tells her as she heads upstairs to the bedroom with the noise coming out of it.

“She is a very beautiful girl, thanks for getting her for Ben” Laurie says. “She has always been family, I could not move up to Ben’s town without her and Emily. I would be like leaving my right arm down here in Tuscaloosa. I need to get back to work. I am going to order the pregnancy bible “What to Expect when you are Expecting” for our sisters. How many copies should I order?”.

“I would say at least fifty” Laurie tells her.

“I was also thinking with all these pregnant women we should get a case or two. I will see what kind of deal I can get. I love you Laurie see you tonight” Nadia says as she kisses her goodbye.

Meanwhile, Julia goes into the bedroom and sees her Master pounding the crap out of Leslie. She smiles and comes over and starts sucking on Ben’s balls and shaft as he pulls out of Leslie and pushes it back into her. Ben is mindful not to go to deep.

“Is that you Julia?” Ben asks, “Yes it is Master, Nadia confirmed that I am pregnant. Do you mind if I lick your balls and shaft as you make love to my sister slave?”. “No, I don’t mind. Make sure you get Leslie’s pussy while you lick”.
She starts again and licks around Leslie’s pussy lips as Ben pulls out and reinserts deep inside of her. “Damn girl that is driving me crazy, keep doing that I love it Julia” Leslie says. They keep fucking for twenty more minutes before Ben tells Beth to get on her hands and knees.

Beth does as she is told as Vivian gets her pussy wet by sucking on her slit. Ben then moves over and pushes deep inside her, he pounds her for about ten minutes before pushing through her cervix and dumping a load in her womb. Julia is massaging his prostate by putting two fingers in her Master ass. Ben cums long and hard as Julia “milks” his prostate.

“Damn, Julia, where did you learn that? When did you learn that move?” Ben asks after he finally pulls out of Beth. “I did some research today at Nadia’s office while I waited for her. Did you enjoy it Master?” Julia tells him. “Hell yes, that internet is a great thing. That was a long hard climax” Ben says as he rubs Beth’s swollen belly. She lays down on the bed and motions to her Master and he comes over with Leslie, Vivian and Julia. Ben kisses her passionately on her lips and then does the same to the three other ladies.

Ben lays next to Beth and asks “Are you ready to be a momma, Beth?”. “Yes Master, I can’t wait to raise our child with the family. Our children will not have to look far for someone to play with”.

“I have a school for our children in the design phase. I also have an additional bedroom being designed. I think we need to have a couple of large playrooms built for all these children. They are going to need a game room also” Ben tells them. “This Christmas is going to be special in our new mansion. I am thinking about inviting Missy, Rebecca, Hanna and Michele’s families down for the holidays. Hopefully we can all move in the mansion in September. I need you girls to pick out bedroom furniture designs. I am taking Becky and the girls back home to North Carolina to go custom furniture shopping. Need to place our order soon”.

“I am going to take a shower and get cleaned up a little, Beth take it easy and let my seed soak in. I need to give Joyce a couple more loads today. I am thinking if I give you both two to three loads a day till I leave you should be pregnant” Ben tells Beth and the others. He takes Kaitlin and Julia into the shower with him. They make love in the shower as Ben sucks on both girls pussies making them cum hard. He then picks up Julia and lowers her onto an erect BIG FELLA. “Julia, baby, I love you and Kaitlin. My mother would have loved you two girls. I love all my women but you two there is something about your spirit that reminds me of my mother. I think you know this Kaitlin but I will tell both of you now. I was adopted by this rich white couple. Long story short I fell in love with and fathered a child with my adoptive mother. My adoptive father could not have children so he gave me his blessing on making love to his wife. She was my first love. She taught me everything I know about make love to a woman and giving a woman pleasure. She looked a hell of lot like Becky, it is almost like she was reincarnated into her. There are differences but she looks a lot like my mother. My mother last wish was for me to take care of women, especially the ones that cannot take care of themselves. Our family doctor suggested the slave thing. You ladies are free to leave me at any point. You are all set for life. Julia, Kaitlin knows this, when you accepted to become my slave you became an instant millionaire five times over. You will never need to use that money if you stay with me. When you give birth to my child he or she will be a millionaire also. I do not like to talk about my money but I am worth roughly over 150 billion. Give or take a billion, although I need to call my investment guy”. They finish washing each other and get out as the water gets cold. They dry each other off and Julia says to Ben, “I don’t want your money, Ben, I want you. You can keep the money. I see how you take care of your women. Nadia has told me a lot about you. You can put that money in my name, but all I want is you. I love you. I did not know about your money nor care about it now. I want you”.

“That is why you two are in my inner circle. I had a feeling about you two. Also I love Kaitlin’s incredibly tight vagina. I have fucked her at least forty times and it is still as tight as when I first popped her cherry in Hawaii” Ben tells them “Julia, Kaitlin gave herself to me completely in Hawaii without reservations or inhibitions. I fell in love with her right then and there”.

“So what were you guys doing in Hawaii? How did you meet?” Julia asks

“Well, I was walking on the beach with Leslie, Laura, Marty and Mary plus several other girls from school here and we came across Ben and Becky. Master was wearing this banana hammock that really showcased BIG FELLA. Master’s cock was positioned like this” Kaitlin puts BIG FELLA on Ben’s left hip, “Imagine the bulge in that tight swimsuit, it got me and my friends hot and bothered. Becky took us into their house and showed us BIG FELLA. To a girl we all wanted BIG FELLA inside of us. Becky told us to get our HIV/STD certificates and come back in three days. We did and Ben fucked all eleven of us. He took the virgins first which Laura, Leslie, Mary and I were. Marty had sex before. He fucked me so hard and good, I nearly passed out several times. When he pounded my cervix and broke through for the first time I thought I would die. Then it got to be very pleasurable. I knew right then Ben would be my lover for the rest of my life. He got me pregnant on that trip. I think of the eleven girls you got us all pregnant except for two. I left and went back to my hotel only to come back and got trained over three or four days. I knew Ben was the only man I would ever love” Kaitlin tells her.

“The family was in Hawaii to celebrate my marriage to Becky. I got a lot of women pregnant on that trip. I am probably the luckiest man on the face of the earth. All these beautiful women that want to be with me and make love with me” Ben tells her. The leave the bathroom and head back to the master bedroom.

“I am next, Master. I want BIG FELLA inside of me” Mary says. “How are my mom and sisters doing?”

“They are great, I was just with them. I think the three of them are now pregnant. You will see them on Spring Break when we all go on the cruise. Where do you want BIG FELLA, Mary?” Ben asks.

“In my ass lover, go easy on me. Loosen me up it has been months since we made love” Mary tells him. Ben gets the anal lube and puts some on her ass. He has Kaitlin suck on BIG FELLA until he is hard. Ben in the meantime pushes a finger in her ass then two and finally three fingers. Ben then pushes an erect BIG FELLA into Mary’s ass pumping eight inches in her at first. He then takes her arms and starts to hammer her hard. He tells Joyce to get on her hands and knees next to the bed. He fucks Mary until she climaxes three times and then takes BIG FELLA out and pushes it deep inside of Joyce. Ben fucks her hard for twenty minutes and pushes into her womb and spews his load inside her womb for fifteen minutes. Out of breath Ben asks Mary “Do you know if you are having a boy or a girl?”

“Master, I am having a boy. I was thinking of naming him Aidan Thomas Barnes. Do you like that name my love?” Mary asks him. “I love it” is Ben reply “Just like I love Aidan’s mother”.

“Master, can I get you your pills and have a ride on BIG FELLA?” Marty asks. Ben tells her yes and she goes gets his pills. Marty gives him his pills and then sucks BIG FELLA until he is erect. She puts her Master on his back and pushes BIG FELLA inside her pussy. She rides him for over an hour before Ben is ready to cum. Ben then pushes deep inside a waiting Joyce and cums in her womb as Nadia comes in.

“Master, did you get anything to eat today other than pussy?” Nadia asks. “Not yet” is his response as he continues to cum deep inside Joyce. “How does lasagne sound to everybody?” Nadia asks and everybody nods yes.

Nadia goes downstairs with Vivian and makes two pans of lasagne, she goes to the store for salad and garlic bread. When everything is done she calls everybody to the table. She has a present for everybody. Two bottles of maternity vitamins and the book “What to Expect when you are Expecting”.

Nadia holds up her water “A toast to family, love and a huge loving family”. Everybody says cheers. “Marty do you know if you are having a boy or girl?” Ben asks. “Well, Master, if Nadia is correct it looks like I am having triplets all girls. I was thinking of naming them Alia Samara Barnes, Salena Kayleak Barnes and Belia Tyesha Barnes. Do you like those names?” Marty asks.

“Marty I love those names. I think we need to buy some baby name books” Ben tells them. “Are you girls ready for the Spring Break cruise?”. They all nod and Leslie says “Hell yes, I am ready to go back home and see all my sisters. Other than Julia and her mother Emily, are their any other new slave sisters Master?”.

“Oh yes, we have several new ones that you will meet. Abigail and her sister Mandy. Jolene and probably her sisters. I have made a concerted effort to stop accepting new slaves. Although, some of my ladies love giving me presents” Ben tells her.

“Master, you are such a great man. A wonderful lover and provider that we all like to share. I don’t know about my sisters, but I had to bring in Emily and Julia. I did not expect Joe to come along, but he is adapting very well to being the designated pussy-licker. I think we should get that tattooed on his back or maybe Mr. Cunnilingus. What do you think about that?” Nadia says.

“I think I like Mr. Cunnilingus on his lower back and Pussy-Licker on his chest. Ladies, Joe is Julia’s stepfather and has a really small cock. Emily found it very useless. We have put it in a cock cage. He is going to get his tongue pierced three times, his nipples pierced and then presented to Becky as her slave boy. He is to perform cunnilingus on any willing slave” Ben tells everyone.

“Julia, are you alright with your stepfather’s new role in life?” Vivian asks her.

“It is OK with me, I don’t see what my mother ever saw in him. I saw his cock and it is very tiny. Master’s is huge. Are all white cocks that small?” Julia asks.

“Well my husband is 9 1/2” long and about 2” wide. He likes to have sex. I have only seen a couple other white cocks and Bill, my husband, had the largest. Until, of course, I saw BIG FELLA. Julia, you do not have to have sex with anybody else if you don’t want to” Vivian says.

“I have only had sex with Ben and Bill, my father. Ben is my Master, my lover, my husband, and my babies daddy. I love him with all my heart. I do not wish to have sex with anybody other than those two men” Leslie tells Julia.

“Julia, most men, white or black are between 5” and 7” long. Master has the largest cock I have every heard of. Ben’s friends are all between 10” and 14” long. Again you do not to have sex with anybody you do not want to” Nadia tells her. After dinner and the dishes were cleaned up Ben takes Marty, Kaitlin, Julia, Laura, Joyce and Beth to the Master Bedroom.

Ben puts Marty on the bed and has Kaitlin suck on BIG FELLA until he is hard. He tells Beth to come and lay next to him as he begins to fuck Marty with deep strokes. He pounds on Marty tapping her cervix with each stroke until he is about ready to cum. He pulls out of Marty and pushes deep inside of Beth. Ben then pounds Beth cervix until he breaks through and he dumps his load inside of her womb. Kaitlin is next and he does the same thing but this time Joyce is the recipient of his seed. This continues all night until both Joyce and Beth have gotten 6 fresh loads of cum trapped in their wombs. When they are done they all fall asleep after Julia tells everybody “That was very erotic, we should do that again when we wake up”.

“We will. We will” Ben tells her. They continue this all week, with Leslie, Vivian and Mary getting their turns also. On Friday Emily and Joe show up around eight with Nadia. They have picked up dinner on the way over. When they come through the front door they hear the moaning and groaning from upstairs. They go to the bedroom and see Julia getting pounded from behind. They then notice that Beth is beside the bed with her ass up in the air. Ben gets out of Julia and proceeds to pump his load into Beth’s waiting womb. Ben looks around after he is done and sees Emily as he pulls out of Beth.

Ben is sitting on the end of the bed “Emily come over here and clean off BIG FELLA for me”. “Yes, Master” is Emily’s reply as she comes over and sucks and licks BIG FELLA clean. She continues to suck BIG FELLA and gets him hard “I want a turn while everybody goes downstairs and eats, if that is OK with you Ben”

“Fine with me” is his response as everybody goes downstairs. Emily rides on Ben for awhile and then tells him “Master, I took a pregnancy test earlier in the week and I am pregnant. I have not and will not let Joe touch me. He doesn’t want to anyway. I will go with Nadia on Monday and have her confirm it by blood test. I love you Ben Barnes and thank you for giving me a baby. I always wanted another child. Now I can raise my child with my grandchild with my best friend and her daughter’s children. You have made me so happy”.

“I love you Emily and can’t wait to see our baby next year. This is what Nadia wanted and I always like to please my women” Ben tells her. “You do Master, you do. What do you think of Joe’s transformation? If at any point he disappoints you or Becky, do what you want with him. I have no ties to him anymore. I am totally yours, I know I am only one of many women that you love and have to make love to you. This body is yours to do with as you choose” Emily says

“I think he is going to enjoy being a pussy-licker full time. What do you want me to do with him if he disappoints us?” Ben asks Emily, “Do whatever you want, send him away, kill him whatever” Emily says, “All I know, I do not want him touching me or Julia ever again”.

Emily continues to ride BIG FELLA. “I love how BIG FELLA feels in me. I want to swallow your load Master, is that OK with you lover?”. “I will tell you when I am ready, I want a piece of that ass of yours too?” Ben tells her. “OK, when I am done sucking your seed out of your balls I will get BIG FELLA hard again, this body is totally yours”.

“Emily baby, I am ready to climax” Ben tells her. Emily gets off BIG FELLA and takes him deep in her throat. She “Milks” his cock of his cum. Ben cums for ten minutes before he is finished. Emily continues to suck BIG FELLA until he is hard again. She then climbs on top, BIG FELLA is rock hard and slick with saliva Emily separates her ass checks. She then proceed to push down on BIG FELLA’s enourmous cock head. “Master, God BIG FELLA is stretching my ass. GOD I never thought I would love anal sex. OW, I believe he is past my anal ring. There you go stretch me out. GOD I LOVE YOU”.

Right then Julia comes in and climbs in to bed with her lover and her mother, “Emily, mom you love Ben don’t you. I know I do”. “Yes I love Ben and am happy that he is in our lives and is in my ass right now” Emily tells her daughter and new lover as they kiss passionately. “Emily, I am pregnant with our lovers baby”. “Baby, that is great news. I think I am pregnant also, I am going to Nadia’s office on Monday to confirmation and then to the lawyers to get your papers for Master”.

“Julia, sweetheart, get those two boxes I purchased on Monday please” Ben asks as she gets up and goes to the dresser and comes back. Emily is still rocking back and forth on BIG FELLA.

“Emily, my love, I can only legally marry one woman. That is Becky, your Mistress, but I love you like a wife and lover. Will you except me as your lover and husband? I will honor, cherish, and love you for the rest of our lives” Ben asks her as he presents her an engagement ring.

“Yes, Ben, Master I will accept you as my lover and husband. I will love you and forsake others, especially that limp dick Joe, for the rest of my life” Emily tells him. Ben then presents her with her wedding band. “I love you, Emily, with all my heart” Ben tells her as she starts to cry, “God I love you Ben Barnes!” she kisses her new husband and her daughter/sister slave.

“Tomorrow we are going shopping, We need to get you some appropriate clothes. I took a look at your closet. You have some nice clothes, but my women always dress very nicely. You will need to get some jewelry. I got earrings for your ears. When we get home to my mansion, you are going to get your tattoos and piercings. You are going to need to close your office for a couple of weeks. Can you find a doctor to take over the practice for two weeks?” Ben asks Emily.

“Yes my partner can take over, I will talk to him on Monday. You got me earrings too?” Emily says and Julia show her the ones she has. “You got identical earrings. Apparently, Master likes to give his girls diamond earrings with a stone that matches their eye color”.

“Master, you are so generous” Emily says as she grinds on BIG FELLA, she feels him swell and takes him out of her ass and sucks the cum right out of his cock head.

Both ladies crawl up and lay to either side of their new master. “Julia, can you hand me my cell. I need to call Becky”. He calls Becky and checks in with her. He tells her that they will be coming back on Wednesday. He has a present for Nadine.

“What did you get for Nadine, Ben?” Becky asks. “Her best friend, Julia. It is a surprise. Emily her mother is coming also. Emily will move up this summer. Emily is Nadia’s best friend. Both Emily and Julia are now pregnant. They are both fully trained, I think they are going to make excellent additions to our family. I have a present for you when we arrive Wednesday afternoon. Please have Sheila there to do some tattooing, we have three that need their tattoos”.

“How is everybody doing down there in Tuscaloosa?” Becky asks.

“Beth and Joyce are probably pregnant, I have put at least twenty loads into their wombs. They are both fertile this week. Hopefully they will get pregnant. Marty is having triplets, don’t say anything to her mother or sisters. I want it to be a surprise for them. All the other girls are doing fine, pregnancy is going well. They all want to move back home in the fall to be closer to the family” Ben tells her.

“Ben, they all want to be closer to their lover and baby daddy. I have a couple surprises for you when you get back on Wednesday. I have results from the investigation into Fred. He is going to be accommodating to our bringing in Jolene and her sisters to the family. Jolene misses you, she is probably going to attack you when you walk through the door” Becky tells him.

“Alright then, I will call you when we are heading that way on Wednesday. I love you and miss you” Ben tells her. “Ben, are Emily and Julia with you now?” Becky asks. “Yes we are laying in bed in the afterglow of making love. You want to say hello” Ben says as he hands the phone to Emily.
“Hello, Mistress Becky, this is Emily Johns. Thank you for letting me be a part of your family. I love Ben and my body is his”. “Welcome to the family, I look forward to meeting you on Wednesday. Ben is amazing lover and very generous. Think of what you want tattooed on your body other than the required tattoos. Let me talk to your daughter Julia, please”.

“Hello, Mistress Becky, this is Julia. How are you doing?” Julia says.

“Welcome to the family, Julia. I know we are going to have fun together raising our children together. Did Master tell you how old I am?” Becky asks.

“No he did not, I am thirteen” Julia says. “Well, I am about to have my fourteenth birthday next month, so we are basically the same age. I love Ben with all my heart and enjoy sharing him with my fellow slaves. You gave your viriginity to him right? I gave my virginity to Ben also. He is the only man I have ever had sex with. And quite honestly, the only man I want to have sex with”.

“Yes, I gave Master my viriginity and have no regrets. It hurt like hell the first time, but we have been fucking like rabbits down here. I enjoy BIG FELLA in all my holes” Julia says.

“I gave Ben’s cock the name BIG FELLA. I found it appropriate. He has the biggest cock in the world. Take care and I look forward to meeting you on Wednesday” Becky says. Julia gives Ben the phone back and they says their goodbyes.

Ben calls down to his ladies and they come up to the bedroom. Joe sits on a chair in the corner and watches as Ben has intercourse with each of his women. Every load he puts in Beth or Joyce. He has sex with each of his pregnant women in their pussies and then their asses. This goes on until Sunday morning. They then get up and go shopping. The whole family.

Ben tells the pregnant girls they need to get bikini’s that fit for their Spring Break trip. They get Maternity dresses and large hats. Ben gets Emily a whole new wardrobe that reflects his tastes. He tells everybody “Ladies, I think this summer we need to go to Paris and go shopping”.

“That is my favorite word, Ben” Emily says as she comes up and kisses him. “This is really nice of you. Buying me all these nice clothes”. “My pleasure sweetheart.” They finish shopping for clothes and go to the jewelry store that Ben did not see the first time. He sees a few things for Becky and Tiffani. He sees some really nice platinum necklaces with diamonds he gets a dozen or so of those. Julia looks at anklets and Ben sees that “Do you like those Julia?” “Yes Ben I do”. “Do you think my other ladies would like those?”.

“Ben, you give jewelry to any woman and she will love you for it” Nadia says. Ben buys all the anklets they have and makes a mental note to get more when he is back in his town. Ben and his girls go and pick out Joe’s jewelry. They pickout nipple rings, three tongue rings. Scrotum studs are also purchased. Emily wants to get him hoops for his ears.

Ben gives each of his ladies one of the anklets when they go back to Emily’s house. He shows Joe his jewelry and explains where each go. Joe cringes when he hears about the Prince Albert. Emily tells Joe that she got him hoops for his ears. Julia has a dog collar with a leash. On the tag in front it is scribed “Becky’s Toy”. Julia asks “So how do you like the jewelry that you will have permanently attached on Wednesday evening, Joe?”

“It is OK, the Prince Albert is a little too much as is the scrotum studs. But if that is what my Master and Mistress wants me to get then I am OK with it. I want to please my new mistress Becky” Joe says.

They tell Joe to sleep on the couch tonight. Ben is going to sleep with Julia, Emily, Laurie and Nadia tonight in the master bedroom. He kisses his other ladies goodbye and tells them he loves them and that he will see them on Spring Break.

They leave and Ben and the girls go to the master bedroom and go through the closet. They pack everything that is Joe’s into Goodwill bags except for a pair of jeans and a shirt that he will wear up to the mansion. Once he is in the mansion he will wear nothing but the cock cage. They go through Emily’s wardrobe and throw most of it in the goodwill bags.

Ben goes and takes a shower. Julia and Emily join him and wash BIG FELLA and the rest of him. Julia on sucks BIG FELLA pushing down to the base, Emily looks on and says to her Master “You really can see BIG FELLA stretching out her throat. It looks good when you see the head move back and forth in her neck”. Julia does this for about fifteen minutes and then shares BIG FELLA with Emily and she finishes him off swallowing his whole load. They finish up in the shower and then head to bed. Ben makes love to Laurie first. He pounds her pussy then fucks her ass hard cuming deep inside her colon. He then has Julia clean BIG FELLA off and gets him hard again. Julia says she wants it in her ass. Ben gives it to her in her ass hard and fast. “Fuck me Master. FUCK ME… OH GOD. YOU ARE SOOO BIG”. After about an hour he exits Julia’s ass and pushes deep down her throat and cums hard. He withdraws BIG FELLA and then puts him in her mouth and continues to cum. She swallows all his cum, and when he is finished Julia looks up and tells him “That was great lover. Want me to get you hard again for Emily?”

“Yes my sweet little flower” is Ben’s reply as Julia continues her work. When she is done Emily comes over and straddles Ben and grinds out ten orgasms riding BIG FELLA. When Ben is ready to cum she gets off and deep throats him and swallows his load. Next up is Nadia and does her doggie style. He rides her for two hours cuming deep inside her womb. “Nadia, I need to get you pregnant sweetie”.

“Master, I am fertile now. You can have this pussy all week if you want” Nadia tells him.

“OK, I have training to start when we get home. What loads I do not give Nadine, I will give you. I have six girls that need to be trained. I also have to do something with my new girl Jolene’s father. You will meet her she is so sweet, her father basically abandoned her and her sisters after her mother died. We will most likely have her four sisters join the family also. They are at our house now. Let’s have one more go and then get some sleep. Take off early on Monday so that we can fuck all night long” Ben tells her.

They make love for two hours and Ben finally cum in her womb. They all fall asleep intangled with each other. In the morning the are awaken by a knock on the door.

“Master, Master can I get you all some breakfast?” Joe says from the other side of the door. “Yes, and bring some coffee up here. Make it de-caffenated coffee, pregnant women should not drink caffeine” Ben says. Joe goes downstairs and notices that they do not have decaf coffee.

Joe runs upstairs and tells Ben “Master, we do not have decaf coffee”. Emily looks at Ben and Julia “Joe, go to Dunkin Donuts and get us a couple dozen donuts and two containers of coffee and come back upstairs with it”. “Yes, Mistress Emily” is Joe’s response.

“Joe, make sure you put on some clothes” Ben reminds him. “Yes Master, be back soon”.

Ben then sucks on Emily’s brests as Julia starts to suck on BIG FELLA. When BIG FELLA is erect Nadia straddles him and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside of her pussy. She grinds out five orgasms before Joe comes to the door. He hears Nadia scream out in ecstasy and knocks on the door. “Master, I have your coffee and donuts can I come in to your bedroom?”. “Yes”

Joe sees Nadia enjoying BIG FELLA as Joe puts the coffee and donuts on a folding table. He then runs downstairs and gets five coffee cups, cream and napkins and returns. “Master, can I stay and watch your women enjoy your far superior cock?” Joe asks.

“Yes you can if you can just shut up!” Ben says and Joe nods and sits in the corner. They eat a couple of donuts and drink their coffee. When they are done Ben has Emily suck BIG FELLA hard again as Laurie gets his pills. He takes them and puts Nadia on her back and starts fucking her long and hard with deep strokes. “Nadia, I love you. Thank you for such sweet gifts of your friend and her daughter. We are going to be so happy together, especially when we are all under the same roof” just then he pushes past her cervix and dumps his load of semen in her womb. He cums and cums and cums so more. Ben lays next to her for a while.

“Master, do you have another one in you this morning?” Julia asks him. “Let me rest her for a half hour and enjoy myself. Julia watches the clock and a half hour later she is sucking on BIG FELLA.
She takes BIG FELLA out of her mouth and tells everybody “I can taste both Master and Nadia on BIG FELLA. It is so sweet”. Emily comes over and sucks on BIG FELLA and tells her “You are right”. Both Julia and Emily start licking and sucking on BIG FELLA. Julia watches Joe as his little white cock gets hard. She whispers in Emily’s ear “Look at Joe’s little dick. How did that ever satisfy you Emily?”. Emily’s whispers back “It never did. I just married him to help raise you. He was such a good man. Now that we have Master we really do not need him”. Julia says “We can always make fun of him at the mansion. He seems to like his new role”

They continue to suck and lick on BIG FELLA until he is rock hard. Ben then pushes it deep inside Nadia who is on her stomach. He separates her legs and puts them in a forty-five degree angle and starts fucking her deep when he is about to cum he pushes all 16” of BIG FELLA inside of her and cums hard.

This goes on until Monday morning, Ben having put ten loads inside of her womb. Both Nadia and Emily go off to work. Ben, Laurie and Julia sleep till 2 in the afternoon. When they get up they go to the shower and clean up. They strip the bed and change it. They have Joe wash the sheets. Ben goes downstairs and calls Abigail and asks her for a refill on his supplements. She asks how things are going and when he will be back. She tells him that he is missed when he is gone. She will bring the supplements to the house on Wednesday.

Laurie and Julia come downstairs and sit next to Ben and start to kiss him and make out with him. They carress him and stroke BIG FELLA when he is erect Laurie takes him into her pussy and starts to grind on him. “Lover, I want to get pregnant also. I know you wanted me to wait until I am eighteen but I think that is a moot point now. I want to stop my birth control pills and have you get me pregnant”.

“Laurie, I cannot say no to you. You are my second wife. I love you and would love to have a child with you. Go ahead and stop taking your birth control pills. We will asks Nadia how long it takes to get out of your system” Ben tells her as she has an orgasm and squirts all over the couch. “Thank you my love. I love you Master” Laurie tells him.

“Julia, Master saved me when I was back home. He was visiting my parents after making Leslie his slave. He came by a diner I worked at as I was about to get off. I went out the back door and five guys were out there waiting for me. They wanted to rape me, but Ben fought them off. What ever happened to those guys, Master?” Laurie asks.

“Baby, I took care of it and them. They are no longer among the living” Ben tells her. “Damn you had them killed, Master” Julia asks. “Yes, nobody messes with my women and lives to tell about it” Ben tells her.

When Nadia comes home she gets undressed and starts to make love to her lover. They continue this all night. The next day Emily gives Ben Julia’s passport and guardianship documents.

“You two make plans to be out of town for three weeks. We are going back to the mansion and then to the cruise” Ben tells them and they agree.

They leave Tuscaloosa on Wednesday and head to the Mansion. Nadia and Laurie are in the front of the Expedition and Julia and Ben are in the back. Emily and Joe are driving separately. When they are out of town Julia bends over and starts sucking BIG FELLA to life. When he is erect she straddles him and starts to grind on him. They stay this way all the way to the mansion.

When the arrive Ben is completely naked as is Julia and they go into the house still engaged. Ben calls out “Were home”. Laurie tells Emily that there are no clothes to be worn while in the mansion by any woman. She strips as does Nadia. Becky comes up to Ben with Ben Jr. in her arms she greets them with a kiss and introduces Julia, Emily and Joe to Ben Jr.

“Becky, this is my present to you. Joe is to be your toy. He is totally loyal to you. He will do all your wishes. I am going to have his tongue, nipples, scrotum and dick pierced. He is to wear his cock cage all the time. He is going to have a Prince Albert piercing put in also. Emily has hoops to go in his ears. Julia has a dog collar on him and a leash for you. Joe come meet your new Mistress. You are to obey her at all times”

“Yes Master, Mistress Becky it is my pleasure to meet you and to serve your every wish. My job is to provid oral pleasure to you and all of Master’s slaves” Joe says.

“MMM, very good” Becky says.

“Is Sheila coming over?” Ben asks “She will be here at 5”. Nadine comes in to the room and sees Emily and then her friend Julia riding BIG FELLA. “Julia, did you join the family. Master you made Julia a slave?”

“Yes Nadine, your mother wanted you to have your best friend with you. I love you and wanted that also. I have finished her training, and her mothers. And then some, they are going to get their tattoos this afternoon. Tomorrow I am starting your training with Jolene, Sophia and my Hawaiian babes: Ben says as he gets out of Julia and put Nadia over the table and pushes BIG FELLA deep inside her and then thrusts deep inside her womb and cums hard inside of her.

“I am trying to get your mother pregnant. Julia and Emily are already pregnant as you will be soon Nadine” Ben says. “Thank you Master, I love you. Thank you for getting me my best friend”. Julia and Nadine go off to the Master Bedroom to talk.

“Becky show me the report on Fred” Ben asks as Jolene comes in with her sisters. They are all naked and shaved clean of all hair below the neck. “Girls, Emily is going to permanently remove all your hair below your neck in the next couple of months. You will never ever have to shave your pussy, underarms or legs again”.

Ben looks over the report and tells Jolene that he can work with this information on her father. He asks her sister if they want to live with his family permanently. They all nod yes.

Ben goes into the pool area and takes a swim. He then calls the architects and asks about the office building and the school. Both plans are ready for him to look at. He tells them that Ken will be by in the morning to pick up a copy.

Ben then starts to suck on Jolene’s pussy and then mounts her and starts fucking her hard. Her sister are watching as they make love. Ben looks at them and tells them when they make the decision to be his slaves that he will take care of each of them. He proceeds to pound Jolene who is squealing in pleasure. “Master, I love you. Please get me pregnant with your baby. Make me yours”. “Baby, you are mine. I protect my women, just asks Laurie or Renee”. When he is done he tells Jolene and her sisters that they are to stay with him and that he is going to get their father to sign over custody to him when he gets back in town. Jolene’s sisters thank him and tell him they love it at his house. “Girls this is your house now. I will take care of you”.

To be continued in …
Chapter 13 … coming soon (hopefully) More training, Fred’s decision, Cruise, trip to Cayman Islands, Jolene sisters become slaves, custom furniture shopping in North Carolina…

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