My Real Hometown Ch. 01


My being exposed to what my town really was started oddly enough one town away. I was there, I was horny and they had an adult bookstore. All I could think of right then was blowing a load, so I heard over there to take care of business.

There was one car there in the middle of the afternoon, so I parked and went inside. The person behind the country was bored. I could see that a mile away.

“What can I do for you?” It almost seemed that I’d woken him up.

I handed him a bill and told him, “Tokens please.” He changed my bill into tokens and I headed back to the video booths, leaving him to fall asleep again.

I walked down the dimly lit aisle where the booths were and past one with a light on. There was one other person back there that day. I probably would have walked right by it, not looking to get head from a guy right then. But as I softly walked by I heard a noise that stopped me.

I heard a familiar buzzing sound and then a soft moan. It took me a moment, but I recognized the sound. Someone had a vibrator in there and they were having fun with it.

I’d seen women in there before, so naturally that got me going. You never know just what’s going to happen at a place like that, so after a moment I shrugged mentally and headed into the booth next to them.

I knew the gloryhole would be there so I tossed my tokens in and bent to see who was next door and what they were up to. It was definitely a woman. She just happened to be naked and I could see her sliding that vibrator in and out of a nicely shaved pussy.

I watched for a moment and then turned to my own porn. I unzipped and soon was indulging myself in my favorite fetish then; amateur black girls doing white guys. I had my thick nine inches out and was stroking away when the light in the hole from next door disappeared.

That meant she was looking, so I smiled to myself and turned slightly to give her a good look. I was surprised to see a pair of fingers slide through the hole and circle it slowly. She wanted to suck my cock.

At 19 you really don’t think about it. If a woman wants to suck you off, you enjoy every second of it. So i shuffled over to that gloryhole and slipped my cock right through. A soft hand stroked me a few times, then I felt a hot wet mouth slide down the length of my cock.

Whoever it was happened to be very very good at what she was doing and I savored every second of it. I could have shot my load easily I’m that incredibly mouth, but after a while she stopped and slid off my length.

I waited a moment to see what would happen and then I felt something completely different. I knew right away what was happening. The slut next door had bent over and was now busy taking my cock deep in an amazing hot wet pussy.

She rode me like that, taking me all the way that day. When my cock started to pulse, she slammed down hard on it and I filled her pussy with a huge load of cum. She took it all moaning softly, and after capturing every drop she slowly slipped off my shaft.

i pulled out, tucked my cock back into my pants and headed out happy. When I got outside I saw that other car again and an idea struck me.

I sat on the hood of my car and waited to see her walk out. She had to dress, so I waited. Finally the door opened and out walked a tall woman with nice long dark hair. I could see a nice pair of C cups that were braless under her shirt. The nipples were easily visible as she walked to her vehicle. I realized with a jolt that I knew her too.

It was my Aunt Mary.

“Hey Aunt Mary. How’s it going?”

She was surprised but recovered well. “Hello Chris. Not too bad today thanks.” She looked around and noticed something. I was the only other car there. In an offhand manner she casually asked, “Have you been inside yet?”

When I nodded she looked alarmed. “I have. I was the only other person there.”

I walked over to her and smiled as she said, “So did you…..?”

I nodded and smiled. “I did. It was me Aunt Mary. You just fucked your nephew.”

She blushed and was groping for something to say. After a moment she softly said, “I don’t know what to say Chris. I really don’t.”

“I know exactly what to say Aunt Mary.” She gave me a questioning look and I smiled. “How about let’s do it again? Right now. Today?”

She looked shocked for a moment and then laughed. “You’ve got to be kidding.”

“Not at all. As a nameless faceless stranger inside you were fantastic. I really want to find out what you can do when you know who you’re banging.”

She gave me a sly smile then. “And if I accepted? How would that work?”

I was inspired that day. “After you get home wait about a half hour and then call Mom. Ask her if I can come and help you with some things you need to do around your house. If you’re really creative, you could probably get her to let me spend the night.”

After a moment of thought she said, “Why not? Ok Chris, I’ll give it a try. Be ready to go.”

I nodded and got into my car smiling at her. “I’m looking forward to it kızıl gaziantep escort Aunt Mary. I really am.”

I pulled out of the parking lot and headed for home. I wanted to be ready when she called that day.

As I pulled into my small town I viewed it with my usual cynical view. My hometown had been shrinking for years and the trend didn’t seem to be reversing itself. According to the small amount of history I could find on it, my town had peaked the year I was born at 1,000 people. We actually made it into the state map that year, which wasn’t bad for a town with one stop light in it.

We were way down from that at that point. I didn’t know exactly how many people still called my town home, but my guess was it wasn’t more than a few hundred if that. I’d graduated from a consolidated high school and with 4 towns kicking in my graduating class was just short of 200 kids.

I’d never had anything stolen though and I didn’t have to lock any doors at night. It was wonderfully nice and quiet. The only issue was that everyone that was 18 left in a heartbeat, so the dating pool was very small. In other words I couldn’t get laid to save my life.

I got home, grabbed a quick shower and was getting dressed when the phone rang. Mom picked it up and right away I knew it was my Aunt. They chatted a bit and Mom finally said, “Let me ask him.”

I smiled to myself and opened a book, pretending to read while Mom made her way back to my room.

“Hey Chris. Are you free to help your Aunt Mary with some stuff around the house? It’s today and tomorrow and she said having you sleep over is fine.”

I pretended to think and then shrugged. “Sure. Why not? What time does she need me there?”

Mom asked. “She said the earlier you get started the better.”

I grinned and told Mom, “Tell her I’ll be there in about 20 minutes. So we can get started right away.”

Mom told her and after she hung up Mom looked at me and said, “It’s nice of you to help out your Aunt like this Chris.”

“It’s no problem Mom. After all family is family, right?”

Mom nodded, clearly impressed by my newfound maturity. I tossed my book aside and headed for my Aunt’s place.

I rang her bell and my Aunt answered. “Hello Chris.”

I was busy checking her out right then, so it took mea moment to reply. My Aunt had changed into a men’s undershirt and some yoga pants, and she looked hot. “You’re looking good Aunt Mary.”

“Thanks. Come on in.”

I followed that tight little ass into the living room. She had me sit on the couch and joined me, handing mea beer.

“Don’t tell your Mom.”

“I hadn’t planned on telling her any of this really. So I won’t.”

Mary smiled. “Tell me something Chris. You’ve got my curiosity going now. Why do you want to fuck your Aunt? Is it an incest thing, or something else?”

“Well now that you mention it, the incest thing is kind of exciting. But that wasn’t my reason initially. First of all you look amazing now. And in the bookstore you were fantastic, so I wanted that again.”

“I wondered what you were doing in there.”

“I can’t find someone to take out in this damn town. I can’t get laid to save my life Aunt Mary.”

“Then you’ve come to the right place my dear nephew.” She smiled. “I want another shot at that cock.”

She gave me her best that afternoon too. Aunt Mary did everything then, starting by stripping off those revealing clothes as we walked into the bedroom. Her being the anonymous slut on the other side of a wall was hot, but watching her reveal those tits and ass to her nephew was even better.

She loved being watched too. She was one of the few girls I’d ever had that actually looked up and told me to watch them as we did everything that day. I loved it of course, simply because my busty Aunt was the kind that smiled at me as she saw my eyes watching her. I still remember her grin as she played with those tits in front of me before leaving over and driving my cock right down her hot throat. She did the same when she climbed on top of me and rode me hard and fast. We finished up that afternoon and early evening with her kneeling and taking my cock. My hips slapped against that hot little ass as I fucked her to orgasm after orgasm that day, finally shooting deep inside her again.

As we rested on the bed she turned and asked me, “You really can’t get laid in this town?”

“Only by you. And I’m not complaining about that.”

“I appreciate that, but getting laid in this town is the easiest thing in the world if you know what you’re doing.” She stood up and reached for her clothes. “Get dressed. I’m going to give you a little education this evening.”

That I had to see, so I got dressed and we headed out to her car. As she got it started my Aunt gave me a brief history of my town.

“We had right around 1,000 people here at one point years ago, and then jobs started moving to cities. So did the people after a while. And now there’s 300 people left here.”

She gaziantep kızıl escort bayan smiled to herself then. “Do you know what they say about this town now?”

I shook my head. “They say there’s 300 people here and they’re all fucking each other.”

I laughed but she wasn’t kidding. “Personally I think it’s true. Tell me something. How many people in your high school lost their virginity on their 18th birthday?”

“Pretty much everyone I know I guess. Why? Is that important?”

She nodded. “I’d be willing to bet you that most of the girls that did that fucked a family member. A Dad or brother most likely.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Because that’s how your Mom and I did it. She fucked our brother and I got Dad to do me.”

“Bullshit! You’re kidding me!”

“Nope. I’m not even joking. The night I turned 18 Dad agreed to do the honors and fucked me silly.”

“So what would have happened the night I turned 18 then?”

“If you hadn’t had a date either your Mom or me would have done the honors. It’s a family tradition.”

I was shocked. “You’re not kidding.”

“I’m not. Chris, this area has to be the incest center of the Midwest. It really is. I know more people that have banged a relative than I do ones that haven’t. I really do.”

“So is that the big secret that you hinted at?”

“That’s just the beginning kiddo.” We were heading down an old road just out of town then. “Do you remember where the old church camp used to be?”

“Yeah. It’s coming up on the left.”

She nodded. “Tell me what you see and what you think it is.”

I saw a bunch of cars parked out there and shrugged as we passed it. “Looks like one of those park and ride places to me.”

My Aunt actually laughed at that. “Do you know what dogging is Chris?”

I nodded. “That’s the local site for that. The last time I heard there were three local girls that went out there all the time. Do you know the Boyer sisters?”

“Becky and Barbara. They were either side of me in school, so I knew of them but I didn’t hang out with them.”

Mary nodded. “They’re out there all the time doing everyone that comes by. The Leonard girl goes there too. Cathy I think is her name.”

“So you’re telling me I can get laid out here any time I want?”

“Pretty much, but this is only one place. Let me show you another.”

We drove past the local beauty shop. “Have you ever gotten your hair cut here?” I nodded. “Oh Chris, you were so close and didn’t even know it.”

“What the hell do you mean?”

“The girl that runs the place. Sandy I believe?”

“Used to be Sandy Burke. It’s Monroe now. Her I know. She graduated with me.”

I remembered her well. She was a busty little blonde that always had a look on her face I couldn’t quite place. But I loved staring at her body way back when.

“Your friend has a lucrative sideline job here. All you have to do is go in and ask for a special. That’s not only a time, it’s what she does too. From what I hear she not only does your hair in a robe, but she’ll give you a happy ending too.”

“Holy shit!” I could just picture that. My Aunt smiled and we continued on, pulling into the grocery store.

“I need some milk, but come with me. You’ll find this interesting.”

We walked in and walked around until Aunt Mary leaned over to whisper in my ear. “See that guy over there?”

I nodded. I knew him too. He graduated with me from high school.

“Watch him closely. That’s his Mom he’s with isn’t it?”

I nodded. As I watched him I saw him checking out her tits. I would have been too, but what happened after that surprised me. His Mom leaned over to get something and he gently ran his hand across her ass. She turned and smiled at him, but that was it.

“So those two……..”

“Are fucking each other. Yes.”

We got the milk and got back into the car. “Jesus Mary. I had no idea.”

“The best is yet to come Chris.”

We stopped at the video store and Mary smiled at me. She handed me some bills and told me, “I want you to ask for two specific titles. One is Deep Throat; the private cut. The other is More than two is wonderful.”

I started to climb out and Mary added, “When you sign them out Chris, make a star on the line next to your name, ok?”

I went in just at closing and the owners wife smiled my way. “Hey Chris. How’s it going?”

“I’m good. I need these two titles.” I gave them to her and she smiled, reaching below the counter. She had me sign them out and I made a star next to them like Mary said. As I started to leave Valerie (the owners wife) looked at the book and smiled.

“Bring those back tomorrow night Chris. Right at closing, ok?”

“You got it.” I headed back to the car and gave my Aunt the videos. She smiled. “Now I’ve got one more for you Chris.”

She drove past a house on the lake slowly. “See that mailbox Chris?”

“The decorative one? I do. What about it?”

My Aunt gaziantep kızıl escort smiled again. “I want you to remember that. I’ll show you why when we get home.”

When we got back to her place though my head was spinning just imagining all the fun that I had in store for me. I wasn’t just imagining my Aunt again, although that kept me semi hard the entire time she drove.

We pulled into her garage and started to head in. Aunt Mary turned and reminded me, “Don’t forget the videos.” I nodded and grabbed them, looking down at the discs wondering why they didn’t have covers or fancy artwork on them.

I walked in still wondering about that and my Aunt gave me a grin. “Trying to figure out what those are?” I nodded. She’d nailed it. She had me follow her to the bedroom where her massive TV was. She took the videos and said, “Let me guess. You’re a young guy, so Deep throat first?” I nodded excitedly. She put the disc in her player and climbed on the bed next to me. She grabbed the remote and started the video.

I knew right away it wasn’t the movie I had seen before. When I turned 18, one of the first things I’d done was rent the classics. This wasn’t that one though. It started with the camera panning across a bed,

My jaw dropped when the star finally walked into the frame. It was none other than the woman who worked at the video store.

“Holy shit! That’s Valerie!”

Aunt Mary nodded. “She and her husband are swingers Chris. They rent their private videos out, but you have to know exactly what to ask for.”

I watched as Valarie peeled off her robe, revealing a nice body with firm tits. “She looks good Aunt Mary.”

“Yes she does. Keep watching though. This one is interesting.” I did and saw several guys enter the picture. All of them were naked and already hard. Valarie smiled and went to work showing off her skills. I got to see her take every cock deep in her throat before took their cum. The most memorable was one guy that blasted her mouth with a huge load. Valerie caught that one and rather than swallowing she let it slide out of her open mouth and down over her tits before she scooped up the cum and ate it.

We watched the entire thing that evening. My Aunt had my jeans open and was slowly stroking my shaft as we did. When it ended she got up and slapped the other video in the player.

She warned me before it started though. “You’re going to see some familiar faces in this one Chris. Are you ok with that?”

I nodded and the video started. The scene was in a living room this time and there were more bodies there than I could count. The scene was fascinating though. There were two guys for pretty much every woman there. I saw some exceptions though. On the far side of the room there seemed to be several women playing with each other.

My Aunt was right. I started seeing faces I recognized. I picked out a few right away. One of them that shocked me though was an old high school teacher. She was one of the women playing with women on the other side of the room. I recognized who she was playing with too. It was her daughter, who just happened to graduate with me. I turned to my Aunt who was still jerking me off then.

“That explains why she never dated in high school.”

My Aunt smiled. “Keep watching. There’s one more in here that’s going to amaze you.”

The camera went back to the women playing with guys and when one woman took had two cocks explode on her face at the same time I gasped.

“That’s my Mom!”

My Aunt nodded. “Keep watching.”

My Aunt’s face came into the frame then licking and sucking the cum off of Mom’s face. The camera followed her and she licked her way down Mom’s body, finally diving right into her well used pussy tongue first.

“Damn Aunt Mary! That’s really hot!”

“It was at that. Do you know how we managed to get on film like that?” I shook my head and she said, “We got one of these videos and put a star next to our names in the book.”

“So that’s what that was for.” I looked at Mary then, smiling at her. “Speaking of video, how’d you like to make one with your nephew?”

She looked surprised for a moment and then asked, “Tell me what you’ve got in mind.”

I described what was running through my head and she smiled. “I’ll do it Chris. You can’t put it online, but I’ll do it.”

I got up and walked into the living room naked to wait for her. She walked in minutes later wearing a wonderful sheer black nightgown. I could see every inch of that body underneath it and I got even harder when I saw the toy in her hand. It was a nice thick 8 inch vibrator.

She laid down on the couch and flipped the toy on and off to check the batteries. Then my Aunt looked at my camera and turned it on, sliding the toy gently across her nipples.

That made her gasp softly and I smiled to myself. Then she pulled the hem of her nightgown up and teased that hot pussy briefly before doing exactly what I wanted. She slowly plunged that toy all the way in, moaning as she did.

I watched her fuck herself for a few minutes before going over and sitting down in the couch. I took over with one hand and shot video with the other. You could see my hand plunging her toy deep into that hot wet pussy as her hands played with her nipples.

Aunt Mary came once that way. After she did she looked up at my camera and smiled. “Give me the real thing now Chris. I want my nephews hard cock.”

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