My Sister Billie


My sister and I are twins in our senior year of high school and we turned 18 barely two weeks ago. Becoming adults is a one time thing so we did some serious celebrating. I laughed with her most of the time and we had a load of fun.

Her sense of humor can be incredibly funny and she was definitely on a roll that day. I had a few good one-liners of my own and got a lot of laughs as well, and still, we had a great time. We didn’t get in any trouble, but we did have some serious fun. My sister always does. She’s the life of a party, fun to be around and even I enjoy her company.

On the another hand, Billie is a fox by anyone’s definition. She knows it, but doesn’t flaunt it. She’s not that type of girl. She is slender with a smile that can turn pitch blackness to daylight. She’s the best looking girl at school and I’m proud to be her brother. I’m proud of her for being who she is as well as being my sister. Mom and Dad also enjoy her sense of humor and so does my sister’s best friend Emily.

Emily turned 18 three months ago, but she’s a grade behind us stemming from problems she faced before she moved into our area with her parents. Emi, or Em as we call her, is an only child. She had problems that caused her to be set back a grade. Since then, she’s doing better now that she’s attending our school.

In contrast, my sister and I were born and raised here. We are fortunate enough to live a mile away from the senior high school and we often walk to and from school.

Myself, I’m more the quiet type, the direct opposite of my sister. We are close, but not to the point that I know everything about her. I’m more the intellect in the family, wanting more quiet than a maze of noise.

I read a lot and enjoy most of the novels I read. Yes, I do go out once in while with some friends and enjoy their company. I’m not completely antisocial. Even though we remain close knit as a family, we also enjoy our individual privacy.

We are approaching our last ever winter break of our high school career and we can’t wait. Billie and Emi decide to take a train and head south from a warm to a hot climate for their winter break week.

Billie asks me to go with them, but I decide to stay home and enjoy the serenity of an empty house, telling her I’ve already made plans for the week. She knows what my plan is and she’s disappointed I’m not traveling with her. She will never tell me she knows my plan, but I know she knows and she knows I know, therefore, Emi knows too. Whatever.

Billie asks me several more times to go with them, but I politely refuse each time, telling her two is company, three’s a crowd.

Mom and Dad are also on vacation that week and they also decide to travel. They also ask me to go with them and again, I politely decline, citing the same reason I have given my sister. I don’t hate or dislike my sister or my family, but sometimes, I need a break from the hustle and bustle of a busy home life.

I don’t see it as a bad thing, it’s just that there are times when I want some peace and quiet for a change. This will be my big chance at achieving that and I want to take full advantage of it, for my own sake.

About a week before she departs for winter break, Billie begins wearing more skimpy clothing around the house when Mom and Dad aren’t home. I notice, but say nothing. I wonder why she’s doing it, but shake it off in my next breath, even though I rather look at her than not.

Mom and Dad plan on departing that Friday, taking some time off from work that day. I told them I will take Billie and Emi to the train station and pick them up so not to worry. I don’t have a problem helping out my sister when I want to, and this is one of those times.


When Friday finally arrives, I’m so excited, expecting to have the house to myself, that I’m higher than a kite. My sister notices and like me, says nothing.

Mom and Dad have already departed for the airport by the time Billie and I get home from school. They leave each of us an envelope with $600 in it telling us in a note not to spend it all in one place.

Billie is excited about her trip so I give her some hi-fives to support her. I turn on the tunes and we dance around the house, with total freedom in our minds. Billie is so hot I feel like I’m dreaming. After a while, I return to my reading as she continues to dance. She’s having such a fun time I dare not stop her.

In a last ditch attempt to get me to travel with her, she goes off to her room, strips down, puts on a thong and a half T with no bra and returns to entertain me, deciding she’s going to be sexy to complete her mission.

When she returns, she mostly avoids eye contact with me as she shows off her charms beyond what I’ve ever seen. She’s all girl and I know it. I can’t help but notice her scantily clad body though. I intentionally avoid eye contact with her and continue to read. I do manage to get a couple more good looks at her without her seeing me.

She’s one HOT girl and my cock gets hard so I have to conceal it from her. She’s so sexy, but she’s dressed to kill şişli elit escort and I have to avoid falling victim. She isn’t trying to impress me, she never has, never expressed a great deal of interest in me, so why is she doing this? Has something changed?

I had to keep myself in check for several hours as Billie prances around the house, enjoying what she’s doing to me. I know she knows, but I don’t encourage her. I read so little it’s not funny, but I get several eyefuls of her slender body. I had to adjust myself several times as well to keep my hardness concealed from her. I definitely didn’t want to start something, then have to give it up in a few hours. It’s torture for me, but I endure.


The next morning, it’s off to the train station, picking Emi up along the way. Being a protective brother, I remain with them until they board the train and depart.

After a final goodbye to my sister and Emi, I detect some sadness in Billie’s eyes.

She gives me another hug and finally speaks her mind.

“I don’t want to go without you. Won’t you come with us?” she says as she develops tear in her eyes.

“Under different circumstances, I might go with you, but I hope you respect my right to privacy as much as I respect yours. You’ll be okay as long as you and Em stay together. Okay Sis?”

“Okay, but I still wish you were going with us.”

I give my sister another goodbye hug and hi-five, but the surprise is Emi also wants a hug from me. I give her the hug she desires and as she and Billie make their way to the train as the sadness slowly wears off Billie’s face. She is hoping to have a good time on vacation, even if I don’t travel with her.

After several more minutes, the train finally departs. I wave at them as they depart and they wave back when they see me.

Inside, I’m cheering. The house is all mine for a whole week. I drive to my favorite fast food restaurant on the way home to celebrate my short term freedom. I have no big plans, just to relax and enjoy the solitude for a whole week.


Arriving home, I park my car in the garage since Mom and Dad took their car to the airport. I have the whole week to myself and I’m ready for it to begin.

I get my bathing suit on and head to the pool, the perfect start to my vacation and I’m so elated it’s not funny. The weather here is not hot this time of year, nor is it cold, but I can enjoy the outdoors comfortably, swim in the pool and bask in the sun.

The rest of Saturday is peaceful and quiet. I listen to my favorite tunes and watch some music videos on my phone, prepare my own dinner and several other things to keep me happy. I did exactly what I want for the rest of the day and enjoy every minute of it.


Sunday morning, while sunbathing by the pool, I receive a call from an ex- girlfriend, something I wasn’t expecting. She invites herself over to keep me company for a while so I agree, as long as she doesn’t make a habit out of it during the week.

Carol arrives less than a minute after we hang up. Little did I know she’s watching me from the gate while talking to me on the phone.

I hear the gate open and there she is.

“Hi Mike!”

As she approaches, carrying a towel, her figure stands out, wearing a skimpy bikini that shows her slender body very well.

Carol is a good looking redhead with a trim figure and sensuous curves. She’s a couple weeks older than me and we went on a date a couple weeks ago. Nothing happened between us though. I didn’t connect to her and apparently, she didn’t connect with me either. We split up after only a couple days. Why she’s here now is a mystery to me.

She’s approaching so I stand to greet her. I’m surprised to be on the receiving end of a very tight hug, something she never did when we dated for that short period of time. I return her hug to let her know I’m alive, but I don’t want this to go anywhere.

“Hi Carol. That was quick.”

“It was. I must admit I knew you were home because I saw you sunbathing just before I called. When you said okay, I shed my shorts and T-shirt at the gate and came in carrying my towel.”

I look at the gate and see her clothes there.

“Why didn’t you wear your clothes all the way in?”

“Because I wanted to watch your eyes as I came in. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear you stripped my bikini off with your eyes.”

I laugh and admit, “Yeah, I probably did, didn’t I… Sorry Carol. I didn’t mean it as bad as it sounds, but you do look HOT.”

“Thank you,” she says as she smirks.

“That’s cheating, you know, but I’ll let you get away with it this time… Pull up a chair and enjoy the sun.”

“Thanks Mike. Don’t mind if I do.”

We smile at each other. I lay on my stomach while she lays on the lounge chair that’s close to mine and does the same. We lay there for a few minutes without saying a word to each other, so I alter our mood.

“Last one in is a rotten egg!”

Carol takes on the challenge and tries to beat me to the şişli escort punch, but lost. I swim underwater to the far end of the pool and stand in waist deep water. She surfaces before me, but doesn’t see me.

She looks around and when she sees me surface, she swims straight to me, stands up, puts her arms around my neck, pushes her tits into my chest and her lips to mine.

She’s being aggressive and I don’t stop her, for obvious reasons. In fact, I wrap my arms around her.

Wanting to know why she’s so aggressive, I broke the kiss after about ten seconds.

“Sorry Carol. Last we dated, we didn’t make a connection, as I recall, so what’s happening here.”

“I know we didn’t Mike, but I just thought we can have a little fun for the afternoon. We didn’t hate each other when we split up so I just thought you would be open to sex instead of a relationship.”

I’m awake now!

“You sure that’s all you want?”

“Pretty sure.”

“Then we have one, big, huge problem.”

Her smile disappears from her face.


“You have too much of your body covered, as I see it.”

Her smile returns.

“So do you. That can be fixed if you like.”

Not giving me a chance to make a move, she reaches for my suit, ducks under water and drags it to my ankles. I step out and kick them away as she grabs my cock and strokes it a couple times.

This is the first time I’ll have sex with my ex and it feels different to have casual sex with no emotional connection.

When she surfaces, she grabs for my cock again and strokes it to her delight.

“You have a very beautiful cock. Feel like using it for a good cause?”

“Depends on what the good cause is.”

“Sex with me silly.”

“Jeez, I’m so dumb sometimes. I knew that!” I’m saying, feeling somewhat embarrassed.

“Everybody feels dumb sometimes.”

“True… Now it’s my turn to get you naked.”

I reach behind her, untie her bikini top and remove it from her body. When her full tits come into view, I gasp. They’re perfectly shaped with little sag. Then I reach for her bottoms and untie them. After I pull it free of her body, she mounts me and my hands go straight to her ass, just to support her, of course.

The soft feel of her ass in my hands makes my cock transcend to hardness in a heartbeat, maybe two or three.

“Do with me what you want Mike. I’m all yours.”

We kiss and I knead her ass as I walk her to the side of the pool. I sit her on the edge and gently push her to her back using one finger, then she raises her legs to my shoulders.

I run my hands over her body as she sighs and moans softly. She feels so soft, warm, and wet, it pleasures me to make it happen for her. After all, she did come over just for sex, didn’t she?

As my hands reach her nice round, firm tits, I knead them as she makes it known she enjoys my actions. I bend over her to lightly suck on her nipples, then I bite them softly, alternating between them quickly. She gasps and moans pleasantries that I normally hear from a girlfriend, now sex partner.

“Feels good… You’ve done this before.”

“At least once,” I reply as I continue to knead her tits.

Carol laughs as I move my hands to her legs and move my head between them, inhaling her sweet fragrance. I start licking her outer lips, working my way to her essence as sensuously as possible, until her squirming makes it difficult.

She pulls me up to her and gives me a kiss I’ve never before experienced, then breaks it off.

“Mike, you’ve made me so horny you have to stick your cock inside me now.”

I smile, kiss her again, then reach for my rock hard cock and guide it to her pussy. She’s incredibly wet and moans sweetly as it slides in. I have to cover her mouth to hold her pleasuring vocals down to a dull roar.

As I begin stroking her slowly, she squirms and wiggles, then tries to reach for my ass to pull me inside her, but she learns her arms aren’t quite long enough. Instead, she puts the heels of her feet against my ass cheeks and pulls me inside her.

I return her legs to my shoulders and shove my cock deep inside her as she rolls her eyes from the pleasure she’s feeling. I moan as Carol squeezes my cock with everything she’s got, and I feel it. It’s a surprise for me, and it does have the desired affect.

I continue fucking my ex and we are enjoying the pleasure it gives both of us. She’s tight and I relish the time I’m spending inside her as she continues to moan her delight as I stroke her pussy with varying strokes.

The pressure of her pussy on my cock is creating a delight that’s out of this world. My hands begin kneading her tits and pinching her nipples as I stroke her as deeply as possible.

As I pick up the pace, I feel that familiar urge building inside me. Carol is squeezing my cock relentlessly, which may be the cause, and I finally shoot rope after rope deep inside her and that triggers her own orgasm. She shakes and shivers as her orgasm overwhelms her.

As Carol comes down from şişli eve gelen escort her orgasm, I remove my cock and bend over her to give her a kiss. She responds, holding me tight with her legs pinned on her tits. Then she surprises me.

“You’re not done yet are you?”

“Nope,” I reply and help flip her to her stomach.

She’s laying on the concrete and doesn’t complain, but I still get out of the pool and pick up a towel for her to lay on. I should have done that to begin with. Ooops. I got it under her and we continue with our strenuous workout routine.

I love fucking from behind. Her round ass and slender body enhance the feel of my cock inside her. I slide back inside and she moans again as I try to muffle her with my hand.

Knowing her as I do, I’m sure it’s having a delightful affect on her as well, judging from her moans and squirms. As I begin stroking her, faster this time, she moans non-stop. I have to moan as well because she’s so tight.

I caress her back and shoulders as I fuck her just to heighten her sensual experience, and hopefully, she will remember from whom it comes, but I don’t stop there. I run my fingers into the crack of her ass, slowly and tenderly, until I reach her asshole.

I use my thumb to pressure it and she moans louder. I have to cover her mouth again, she’s so loud. Carol has another orgasm with my cock buried deep inside her pussy. I smile that I can make her feel so good as I remove my thumb.

I return to caressing her back and shoulders as I enjoy sex with her, until she surprises me by having her third orgasm, and it’s very intense. It causes my own building orgasm to escape me and fill her pussy with my cream.

After we recover from that orgasm, I pull out and she slowly gets on her feet, turns to me, puts her arms behind my neck and gives me a very sweet kiss and a very tight hug.

“I love the way you make me feel Mike. I could get use to this on a daily basis if you like.”

“I’m sorry Carol, but there’s a condition I will impose if you want to continue having sex with me… I don’t have any desire to get into a relationship with anyone at this point… I’m not even out of high school yet, then it’s off to college. So if you wish to continue, it will be just about getting fucked. Deal?”

I made it sound as unattractive as I can, hoping she will not accept the condition, but she did, in spite of my effort. She gives me another sweet kiss and I can’t help but pull her body into mine as tight as I can. She feels so good to me.

She mounts me and my hands go straight to her ass for some strange and unknown reason.

“Why did you do that?”

“Because when I do, I’m held tight and I love the feel of hands on my ass. It makes me feel so sexy. It’s also a quick and easy way to get a man’s hands on my ass.”

“That’s fine with me. You have such and delicious ass.”

I slide my finger to her asshole again and she sighs as I lightly pressure it. Her tits are burning into my chest and I can’t believe how HOT she is.

“That feels so different Mike. You may do that as much as you like.”

“I’ll think about it… Okay, done thinking. Ready for more?”

“Funny guy, but not today. That last orgasm is telling me to take some time off for good behavior so I need to take a rain check.”

“You got it. Just let me know before you come over so we can make appropriate arrangements.”

“Okay, but can we stay like this a little while longer?”

“We can do that,” I say as I walk her into deeper water, up to my armpits.

One of my hands leaves her ass and caresses her back as she places her head on my shoulder and quietly moans. Then the hand on her ass reaches for and cleans her pussy to get rid of some of the evidence. She reaches between us and strokes my cock to clean me up as well.

I let her down as she puts her legs under her and stands before me. She’s stunning to look at and it affects me.

“I need to find my bikini.”

“Follow me.”

I dive into the water, find my suit and put it on. She’s close behind me, finds her bikini, picks it up and we both surface.

“Thanks Mike. I’ll give you a call later so we can meet again.”

“Good plan.”

We walk out of the pool and I lay down on my lounge chair. She dries off using the towel she brought with her as I watch every step her sexy body takes. She heads for the gate, carrying her bikini, and puts her shorts and T-shirt on. I had to stare, loving the way her ass wiggles as she walks. Beautiful.

“Bye,” she says as she disappears from sight.

That was an unexpected distraction, but I enjoyed it immensely.


Time passes as the rest of the week goes by, enjoying the serenity for that brief period of time. I even finish a paper for school and put it where I won’t forget where it is.

This is a special time in my life. I go anywhere I want without telling anybody or explaining where or why I’m going. I play my music as loud as I want it and in general, do only what I want to do. I answer to no-one. Total freedom.

I cook my own meals for the most part, but the next time Carol visits, we fuck in the pool again. This time, she stays and cooks dinner for the two of us. She’s a good cook, especially when she’s naked, wearing only an apron, so I invite her to spend the night and surprisingly enough, she accepts.

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