My Sister Changed V


Alright, part V cumming at ya.I ended the last one with the door knob turning as I was exploding into Ally’s tight hot cunt.I froze. That moment seemed to last forever. My life flashed before my eyes. I did not know what was going on outside that door. All I knew was that I could be a goner if anyone found out about this. Everything moved in slow motion. I did not have time to get Ally off of me, so I threw a blanket over the two of us, and my sister scrambled under it too. It wasn’t hiding what was going on. It was a pathetic cover up attempt. We had no chance.The person continued to jiggle the door handle. I was hoping it wasn’t my parents, I had some hope now. They would have used the key by now, but the lock wasn’t moving. This could be a huge break. As soon as I was having this epiphany that we might be ok, my sister decided to be a daredevil. She dove under the blanket and started to lick Ally’s cunt and my cock. Damn, this girl never had enough. And at a time like this?The doorbell rang. I now knew it could not be my parents. They never rang the bell. They hated the doorbell. I relaxed a little bit, and although I was still fearing my life, I was getting hard due to my sister’s talented tongue. I was growing inside Ally. She was feeling a similar fear to what I was, and I can tell she was unsure if she wanted to fuck or run away. We were both paralyzed. The only thing moving in the room was my sister’s tongue. That dumb bitch. Didn’t she know that eventually one of us would make a noise and give away that we were home? istanbul travesti What if it’s one of our parent’s friends checking up on us. Even if it was someone who didn’t know us, word would get around that there were 3 naked people in this house. My parents were bound to find out what was going down. Or more accurately, who was going down. My sister was still licking! Well, I was right.She found Ally’s clit and started licking it furiously, causing Ally to buck and thrash and moan. She tried to keep it in, but she was having trouble doing that. To make matters worse, the doorbell kept ringing. They started knocking on the outside now. Ally started to cum, and her pussy contractions made me start to feel something swelling up too. This was the second time in under five minutes I was cumming with some one right outside the door, just waiting to discover us. I was scared shitless, and almost out of bodily fluids.My sister, her job now done, sprang out from under the blanket and sauntered over to the door. Her pussy was gleaming with moisture. I whispered to her “what the fuck do you think you are doing?”She responded with, “sheesh, you scare easily. Mom and dad aren’t coming home until later, I just called someone. That’s all.”Called someone? Why didn’t she tell me? What is going on? Did she call a guy or a girl? Did she expect me to go on with a foursome with a guy I didn’t know? With a girl? Could I handle another girl? Did I want another girl, I mean I already loved these two? Would another girl complicate istanbul travestileri things more? I was about to find out…She opened the door and in stepped a beautiful 5 foot 3 blonde. Figure to die for. Her bra had to be holding most of her weight. She couldn’t have weighed more than 100 pounds. She walked in and her eyes dropped. She saw my sister naked. Then she saw me still inside Ally. Both of us naked.It took me a second, but I finally recognized her. My cousin. What was Madison doing here? Why did Melissa call her? No, did she want to bring more family into this? This bitch is crazy.Quick side note about Madison. She also developed a LOT while I was away at school. She and my sister had always been really close and talked about a lot, but I never expected this. And by the look on Madison’s face, neither did she.My sister’s voice broke me out of my trance.“Brock, come give your cousin a hug.”I was confused. I removed my self from Ally and walked over. Madison’s eyes when straight down to my cock, then back up to my face. A quick look, but definitely noticeable. She stared shocked at my face. She was speechless. I started stammering and trying to explain.My sister had no trouble with what was going on and decided to explain for me. “Well, Madison if you are wondering. Here is the scoop. I seduced Brock when he got back from school. We fucked, we fell in love. I called my friend Ally. We had a threesome, we all love each other, and fuck regularly.” She said this as though it was the travesti most normal thing in the world. She could have used the same tone for saying that we went to the supermarket to pick up milk and eggs.Madison stared speechless for a while. Ally walked up to us and stood there. It was the first time Ally had failed to assert her dominance in a new situation. My sister was the only one who looked at all comfortable in this situation. “Come on Madison, it’s not like we haven’t done anything like this before.”WHAT???? My sister and Madison had gotten together before?“Well, yea, but your brother, and her? When you called I expected just chilling, maybe some alcohol involved. But this? Are you guys insane?”“Maybe we are,” my sister said as she walked over to Ally. “But you know you like the insanity.” She said this as she leaned in to kiss Ally. Ally seemed like putty in her hands, and melted in my sister’s kiss. She soon got very involved and they couldn’t control their hands. The each moved them from breast to breast to cunt and back. It was a very erotic display. My sister broke the kiss, much to Ally’s disappointment. But my sister had someone else on her mind. She looked back over to Madison. “Don’t even pretend that lesbian action didn’t turn you on.”Madison appeared very shaky. “Uh… well, its not that…um… FUCK IT.” She ran towards my sister and started viciously making out with her. “I don’t care if its wrong anymore, this is all just too good.” My sister seemed to be enjoying herself, and Madison’s hands were roaming her body. The lesbian action in the last couple of minutes was insane, and like most guys would, I had a hard on that could cut a diamond. Ally did not fail to notice this as she got on her knees and decided to join in the fun. She flicked her tongue at the tip of my cock and just barely made contact.

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