My sister Followed Up On Her Promise


My sister Followed Up On Her PromiseAfter my sister had taken my virginity on purpose we hardly talked. A few months later we got on a phone plan with our mother and we started being able to text. Every now and then she would send me a picture of her body or her tight ass. She was a little embarrassed about her tits so she never sent those. (Once again my sister was about my height at the time 5’7″ with long brown hair and brown eyes, tight body and a flawless face.)On the 3-level house we lived on my bedroom was upstairs and hers was in the basement. One night she told me to come downstairs to her room.It wasn’t what I thought we were going to do. She told me that we had basically committed a crime and she wasn’t really into that but the sex she had to admit was hot. She said she still wanted to send pictures back and forth but that was as far as we could go. I could tell that she was still fighting it in her head and that she still wanted to. She wasn’t the type to argue with so I went back up to my room blue-balled. That night she sent me a picture of her lacy black panties and said to masturbate to it and send her a pic. So I did and she replied with a pic of her massaging herself. I thought if this is all I could get from her than I guess I would be satisfied.My sister was now about 19 and had been going out with friends and occasionally drinking. She wasn’t the one-night-stand kinda girl so she came home smashed and went right to bed. However, one night she came in and I could tell she was feeling frisky. She came up to me and started flirting and asking me if I missed the sex. Of course I did but what was I going to say? “Yes, let’s do it right now.” As luck would have it she was actually wanting it that night. She asks me to tuck her in cause she was feeling a little tired. I did as I was asked and tucked her in. All she slept in was her bra and panties.All of the sudden she said, “I know I send you pictures all the time and if that’s not enough I’ll let you look tonight…””I’d love to!” I responded trying not to sound as eager as I really was.”Come in here and I’ll give you a little show,” she said as she raised the sheets for me.I slid in on my knees to get a bird’s eye view as she pulled down her panties under the covers. Then she pushed the covers down and let me look at her more closely. She asked me to massage her legs while I was looking so that there was something to do with my hands in case I got excited. A bulge started to produce it’s way in my sweatpants and she noticed.”Take off your sweats,” she said, “I can see you getting excited.”I hopped off the bed and took them off with my cock barely being covered in my boxers and got back up on the bed. She reached over and pulled out my cock without touching it and said it betist giriş sucks she can’t even play with it again. I told her it’s okay as I was admiring her body and playing wither her belly button with one hand. We flirted back and forth but it was made up in her mind that she didn’t want to have sex again. She eventually fell asleep while I was next to her and I could not help myself but I had to touch her pussy. She moaned in her sleep and I was scared so I ran out of there as fast as I could forgetting my sweatpants in her room.The next morning was a Saturday and she sends me a picture in the morning with her in my sweats and bra with a caption that says “come and get ’em”We were both staying in that night and the whole family was watching a movie. Shortly after my parents ducked out and went to bed. About 15 minutes later a sex scene appears on the movie and I can tell my sister is getting hot. I move in close to her and we start talking about how hot it is and what we like about what the actors are doing.Out of now where she says, “So, do you like eating girls out?”I said that I hadn’t really eaten anyone out since I had her. She said I was actually really good at it and that I should do it some more. “Not to me, of course, but you do a good job,” she said.”Thanks,” was all I could really think to say, “who should I practice with then?””There’s that girl at the gym that’s into you. It’s best to get practice while you can,” she said.”Yeah, but she’s married and I don’t wanna ruin that,” I responded.By this time we had turned the gas on to heat up the downstairs and it was getting really hot. She was comfortable enough at this time that our parents were probably asleep and it was warm enough to take her clothes off. She told me that if she was going to that I had to as well. I probably beat her getting undressed. She wasn’t wearing anything flashy: pink panties and a white bra. Still, it looked good on her. We started flirting over the sound of the movie with casual talks about whatever then it started being directed about sex. She had been with a few guys since her and I and she said they weren’t bad but nothing too special. I hadn’t had any real experience so I didn’t have much to say. I could tell she felt a little uncomfortable about taking my first time before anyone else got her hands on me. She kissed me on the cheek and said that if it weren’t this way that she would let me have her again. As she was backing out of her kiss I pulled her back in and kissed her passionately on the lips. She tried to back away so I grabbed her by the back of her head and pulled her in. Eventually her will subsided and she kissed me back but every advance I made to get under her clothes was met with harsh resistance. She suddenly betist yeni giriş pulled herself away and walked to her room.”DAMMIT!” I thought, “I’ll never have her.”I went up to my room and starting pleasuring myself because that was all I could do at the time and then I heard my phone vibrate. It was a message from my sister saying she was sorry. “It’s okay.” I sent back to her and continued working myself. Then I heard a slight knock on my door. It was my sister with my folded up sweats in her hands. “thanks,” I said as she nodded and closed the door. Sunday came up and our parents went to church then out for lunch so we had the place to ourselves for a few hours. We had breakfast in silence and went out separate ways afterwards. I walk downstairs to talk to her and I catch her fingering herself. I stay quite not to get noticed and I watch her come to orgasm. I hastily make my way upstairs to jerk off and I find a message on my phone from my sister telling me to come downstairs. The terror runs through me thinking that she caught me or something. I go downstairs in horror as her door is closed. I open it.She’s there in black lace panties, matching bra and stockings. Very hot. She tells me to come over and lay on the bed. I move over to the bed and can’t keep my eyes off her. She lays me on the bed and gets on her knees in front of me. She says, “I know you saw me, you shoulda came in. But you know what, since you kept your boundaries I have to think you some way.”She slowly pulled my pants down and my bulge pushed it’s way out. I was rock hard and wanted her so bad. Her eyes fixed on my dick as she slowly raised her hand to it and as she touched it her eyes met mine. She opened her mouth slightly and stuck her tongue out and licked from base to tip. I shuddered with how hot this was and she was getting off on it. She started sucking me more and more until she swallowed it whole. She started gagging and grabbed my back to pull herself farther down. “I’M ABOUT TO CUM!!” I said as she slingshotted off my dick.”Not that easy,” she said licking up some of her spit.She jumps up on the bed and puts her ass in front of my face. She undoes the stockings with her head in the covers and tells me to pull down her panties. I’m trembling at this point with the near orgasm and hottest thing I’ve bared witness to. I pull them down and a hairless pussy and ass come out to greet me. She says only one word, “eat.”I start for her pussy so excited to taste her again and as I start licking she moans out, “No, my asshole.”Excited about this I stick my tongue up to her ass and start making circles with my tongue. I move my hand up to her pussy, which is dripping, and throw two fingers in fucking her as hard as they are able. She’s betist güvenilirmi really moaning now and I get brave and straighten out my tongue and shove it into her ass. She let’s out a squeal as she pushes her ass to my face. Now we have a small rhythm going with her pressing her ass to my face and my tongue to her welcoming asshole.She reaches back and grabs me by the hair pulling on it so hard but I couldn’t care less. She turns over while still holding my hair and pulls me in for a passionate kiss. She doesn’t seem to mind I was just licking her ass; fighting my tongue skillfully with hers. Cutting the kiss shorter than I had hoped she thrusts my head down to her cunt and I go to work. I can feel her convulsing inside and without warning I’m splashed with her hot cum sliding down each cheek.”Come up here,” she demanded, “and stick that thing in me.”I start fucking her in the missionary position as she pulls her legs up and behind her head. She starts screaming so loud she could wake China up. She rolls over onto her stomach and we continue fucking.”Fuck me hard,” she said, stopping us, to make eye contact, “and fuck me good.”I go as hard as I can with her muffling her screams into a pillow. She reaches back and starts fingering her asshole. As brave as I could be I pushed her hand out of the way, spat on her hole and shoved my thumb in. A small shriek from her and we continued. I reached out and grabbed her hair and yanked her back out of the sheets. She was practically dangling by her hair. Backing into me she pushed me out. “I gotta taste this,” she said. She faced me and started sucking my dick as I drowned a finger into her ass.”You wanna fuck me there?” she asked.”Come bend over the bed and we’ll see,” I said half-sure if I knew what I was doing.She bent over and I gave her a good smack on the ass. Then followed with a finger in her ass. She was as ready as she was going to be. I grabbed my dick and inched my way into her ass. She was in pain but kept edging me on. Finally, once I was all the way in we started going at it really rough.”Fuck Me Harder!” she kept screaming, “Fuck your sister’s tight little ass””I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum I’m gonna cum,” I said because I couldn’t hold it in any longer. She slid off my dick and got on her knees in front of me and I came right before she got her mouth around my cock and I sprayed a shot and a half with one arching from one cheek over her nose and down onto the other cheek with the other half of one from her right cheek into her mouth. She swallowed everything and with the jizz on her face she scooped it with her hand and rubbed it in her asshole.”God that was hot,” all I could muster to say.”I think we can manage to do this,” she mumbled. “At least a little more often. I don’t get that from the guys I see.”She grabbed my dick and played with it sucking it in between her lips until it was dry. I gave her a kiss on the neck and smacked her ass.”You love me,” she said as I was getting dressed. “You know I do,” I said as I left her room with a smirk.

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