My sister Kelly (part 2)


My sister Kelly (part 2)After Vinny had cum all over her panties, Kelly decided that she didn’t really need to wear them anymore. Kelly came back into the room completely naked. Even though he was tired, Vinny was interested in seeing her nude body up close.”Kelly, come over here and lay down on the couch for a minute,” Vinny said. “I just want to look at you real close.””Whatever, but I get to do you next,” she said laughing.Kelly laid down and started to watch TV although she was excited by having her brother this close to her naked form.Vinny kneeled down on the floor and began to lightly touch and feel her feet and ankles. Kelly had spread her legs slightly and he could see a small part of her pussy. He used his hands to rub and squeeze her legs. Looking up, he noticed that her nipples were hard and standing up. He kissed her thighs but kept going past her pussy. He kissed and even licked her stomach while he rubbed her sides. He moved up and looked at her pretty breasts. They weren’t large but they stood straight out. Her nipples were long when they were hard. Her nipples were bright pink and the swell of her breast was pale. He gently began to feel each tit and slowly kneaded them. He then brushed his fingers across her nipples and marveled at how stiff they were. He leaned over and let his tongue come into contact with a nipple. He heard Kelly let out a low moan while he did the other one.He took each tit into a hand and squeezed a little harder forcing her nipples to stand out farther. Then Vinny sucked a nipple into his mouth and ran his tongue all over it. He used his lips to pull on it and to suck it. He went back and forth to both nipples before he moved away and began to kiss her chest and neck. Kelly was reeling from the feelings she was having. None of her previous boyfriends had ever taken the time to kiss her this way. She could get used to this kind of attention to her body. She could feel her pussy getting wetter all the time. She was beginning to squirm on the couch as she enjoyed feeling his lips kissing and sucking on her neck and ears.Vinny could feel Kelly moving around and her moan was telling him that he was doing a good job. He was enjoying giving her this pleasure but he wanted to try one more thing that he had only heard about at school. He wanted to kiss her pussy. Boys at school had talked about it in the locker room but he had never tried it yet.He kissed his way back down her body pausing to suck on her nipples some more. He liked the feeling of them in his mouth. He admired her flat smooth belly and even licked her belly button. Kelly had a burning desire in her pussy and now she wondered what Vinny was going to do next. She was dying to have her pussy kissed and licked. She too had never had that happen but heard about it from her friends. Now it seemed Vinny was kissing his way back down to her steaming hot pussy. His light kisses and slow manner was just killing her.Vinny licked and kissed his way to her pussy mound. He licked her pubic hair and ran his tongue all through it. He knew she would not stop him when she dropped one leg to the floor and spread her legs for him. He took one last look at her before running his tongue into her wet pussy. Her eyes were closed and her hands were laying near her tits. He looked at her pussy and could see how slick it was. He could almost feel the heat and then he stuck out his tongue and tasted her for the first time. Kelly let out a short scream when she felt the contact. Vinny smiled at her reaction and used his tongue to explore her sweet pussy. He ran his tongue all over her and even tried to push it into her pussy. He sucked and pulled on her lips. He ran laps all over until he felt a small bump near the top of her pussy. Kelly about died when his tongue touched her clit and she told him to lick her right there. Vinny licked her clit and then used his lips to suck on it. That pushed Kelly over the edge and she began cumming on his face. She arched her back and her legs went stiff as her orgasm hit. Vinny hung on and slowly kissed her clit until she made him stop.”Oh God, Vinny” she screamed. “That was unbelievable.”Vinny was smiling and happy from making her cum like that. “Not bad for my first time, huh?” he said. “I’ll say,” Kelly said, calming down. “Promise to do that every day.””We could probably work out a deal,” Vinny said laughing. “Right now, we better get dressed, Mom should be home soon.”*******************The next day on the bus, Jennifer was back to stroking Vinny’s cock. She was getting good and Vinny was getting halkalı escort worked up. He wasn’t sure if it was all Jennifer or the fact that he would be having fun with his sister when they got home. Either way, his cock was in happy land. He asked Jennifer if maybe they could go out some time and she just shrugged her shoulders and smiled.”Well, if we did, just think of the fun we could have,” she said as she squeezed his cock harder. “Call me and we’ll see what happens.”Jennifer had already had those thoughts and she was making some plans of her own. She desperately wanted to see Vinny’s cock in a more private setting. She had spent some time getting him hooked on her hand-jobs and now she wanted to go further.The k**s got home and went to their rooms to take off their clothes. When they met in the living room, they both looked each other over. Vinny admired Kelly’s beautiful body and loved seeing her naked pussy. Kelly was staring at Vinny’s engorged cock, it was all reddish purple and sticking straight out from his pubic hair.She pushed him on to the couch and knelt between his legs. She grasped his cock and looked it over real close. She loved the feeling of it in her hands. It was so hard yet the skin felt silky smooth. She leaned in and ran her tongue up and down the length of his cock. Vinny moaned as she licked around the head of his dick. Using one hand to stroke his cock, she sucked the head of his cock into her mouth and held it there. Her tongue swirled around and licked the underside of his dick. Then she ran her tongue down to his balls and gently sucked them into her warm mouth. Kelly’s tongue was driving Vinny crazy and he knew he would cum quickly. He tried to think of other things but nothing was helping. He decided to just go with it, knowing that his cock would recover pretty fast.Kelly was sucking the end of his cock really hard while she was stroking him into her mouth. She could tell by his moans that he was going to cum soon so she sped up her stroking and sucked even harder. Vinny threw his head back as the cum raced up his dick and filled Kelly’s mouth. She just kept on pumping him and swallowed to keep up with the flow.Vinny was panting pretty hard as his orgasm came on so fast. Kelly stood up and kissed Vinny on the lips. Vinny could taste his cum as they lovingly kissed each other. He didn’t mind too much as he fell into the moment. Kelly had such a soft sweet mouth that Vinny loved her kiss. Vinny wanted to return the favor and so he picked Kelly up and laid her down on the floor so he could stretch out and get into it.Jennifer had gotten home and decided to go through with her plan. She put on some short shorts and a small tube top that made her tits look even bigger than they were. She told her Mom that she was going to ride her bike over to a friend’s house.Vinny was kissing his sister’s neck and ears and was working his way down her body. Kelly loved the feelings she was having and encouraged Vinny to keep going. Vinny got to her tits and he lapped her nipples with her tongue. He used his hands to squeeze her tits and then trapped her nipples with his lips. He sucked them into his mouth and gently bit at them. Her nipples were very hard and stuck out, begging to be licked.He kissed his way down her flat belly and loved running his tongue through her thin pussy hair. Kelly spread her legs wide, hoping that Vinny would hurry up and suck her clit. She was hot and needed a cum release. Vinny parted her lips and began to lick lightly at her pussy lips. He sucked at them with his lips and pulled them open. Kelly was lightly humping her little ass as Vinny picked up the pace with his tongue.He ran his tongue all the way down to her ass and gave her a little tickle there. Then he slid his tongue the entire length of her pussy and licked her clit. Kelly sighed deeply as he gave her what she was needing. Vinny kept licking her clit and sucking it. The tingling sensations were shooting through her body as her orgasm got close. She whined when Vinny took his tongue off her clit and slid it into her pussy. He tried to fuck her pussy with his tongue and held her pretty ass while he licked at her. Vinny decided that it was time to finish her off and found her clit again. He sucked it in hard and kept up the pressure on her love button. Her pussy and ass was slippery with their juices and his fingers were tickling her love holes. Kelly grabbed his hair and held on to him as her orgasm began to rock her body. Her olgun escort legs went stiff and her ass lifted off the floor as she pulled his mouth into her pussy as far as she could get it. Her orgasm was so strong that she was having trouble catching her breath. She held his head on to her pussy until she could breathe better. Vinny was amazed at the force of her orgasm and loved making that happen for her. He kept lightly kissing her clit while she came back to Earth. Then she made him stop and pulled him up her body. She loved Vinny and had to kiss him like a real woman would. Vinny moved in and kissed her mouth with passion. Their tongues were swirling around in their mouths. Vinny knew that Kelly was tasting her own pussy juices off his face and that made him excited again. Kelly also knew that she was tasting her pussy juice and decided that it wasn’t all that bad. No wonder Vinny likes eating me, she thought. She even began to lick the sides of his face and it was making her excited again as well.Vinny’s cock was hard and he could feel it rubbing into her wet pussy. She was so slick that he could slide it up and down her pussy lips very easily. Kelly felt it too and she wanted to see what it felt like in her hot pussy. She reached down and grabbed the base of his dick and rubbed it along her pussy. After getting it wet, she stuck the head of his big dick into her pussy. She told him to go slow and he gently humped his ass as his cock slid into her a little at a time.Jennifer had gotten to Vinny’s house and was going to surprise him. She walked up to the front door and was going to knock when she heard loud moaning. She leaned in closer to the door and heard someone say “go slow, it may hurt.”This peaked her imagination and she went to a window to see what was going on. She nearly gasped out loud when she saw Vinny’s bare naked ass right in the middle of the floor. He looked like he was humping somebody but she did not know who it was. He was slowly pushing his cock into what seemed like a very tight pussy. When he pushed himself up on to his hands, she could see his sister Kelly laying under him!Jennifer was shocked at seeing this but she also felt her pussy soak up fast. She was beginning to breathe heavily and wanted to rub her clit as she watched these two fuck. She decided to go one step further. She looked at the driveway and, not seeing any cars, knew that their Mom must not be home. She went around to the back door and let herself in to the house. Jenny tiptoed into the kitchen where she could see the k**s fucking from the doorway. She took off all of her clothes and stood totally nude. It felt a little weird being in a strange house naked but the sounds from the living room quickly made her forget about it.Vinny was preparing to break Kelly’s hymen and he wanted to be sure to be as gentle as he could. When she told him she was ready, he pushed quickly and broke through. He held still until she said for him to begin stroking her again. Their juices were flowing which helped Kelly with the pain and soon she was getting into it. She wrapped her hands around his ass and pulled him closer. Vinny also placed his hands on her tiny ass and pulled her pussy onto his cock.They were both so excited and worked up that they both approached an orgasm quickly. Vinny could not believe how tight her pussy was. It was squeezing his dick so hard that he was having trouble controlling himself. Kelly felt stuffed by his big thick cock and never felt anything so good before. She felt her orgasm come on strong and she grabbed Vinny and held him tight against her.Vinny felt the familiar feeling of his orgasm and he told Kelly that he was going to cum. She told him to cum in her mouth and he hurriedly brought his cock to her lips. Just as she sucked in the head of his cock, he let loose with a huge spurt of cum. Kelly sucked his cock hard as he unloaded his balls into her wet mouth. Kelly again swallowed his cum and then realized that she was also tasting her own pussy juice on his dick. She liked it and she began to lick his cock clean of her juices. She rubbed his balls while she licked up and down all the sides of his cock. When she was done, she rolled over, exhausted. Vinny was getting tired too and he rolled over to lay next to her. That was when he saw Jenny standing in the doorway, totally naked.”Holy crap, Jenny,” he shrieked. “What are you doing here? And why are you naked?””I wanted to surprise şişli escort you but I guess I am the one who got the surprise,” she replied. “Relax, I won’t say anything but now I want to play, too.”Jenny walked into the room and knelt down by Vinny. She took his cock into her hand and began to squeeze life into it. He took a look at Jenny’s body and was surprised to find it very exciting. Her tits were bigger than Kelly’s with big nipples. She also had more hair around her pussy but could tell that she was wet and excited. His cock did not let him down as the excitement of the situation got his dick hard again. Kelly was not sure about having Jenny there but, having just got caught getting fucked by her brother, she knew she was in a tough spot. Besides, she too was looking over Jenny’s body and was surprising herself by liking what she saw. Her tits were bigger than hers and she had an urge to see what they felt like.Vinny saw Kelly looking over Jenny and thought that he saw some interest there. When their eyes met, he nodded for her to come up from behind Jenny. As Jenny lowered her head to Vinny’s cock, Kelly came up behind Jenny and reached around to cup her big tits. Jenny just smiled as she began to lick at Vinny’s cock.She licked and sucked at his cock and she could even taste some of Kelly’s pussy juice still left on his dick. She had never been with a woman before but she found this very exciting. She was hot and horny and could not back down now. She just kept sucking at his cock, getting it as hard and ready as she could.Kelly squeezed her tits and pulled on her nipples. She marveled at the feeling of a bigger set of tits and she was squeezing them hard. This got Jenny even more excited and she leaned forward to get more of Vinny’s cock into her mouth. As she did this, Kelly ran her hands down Jenny’s back and down to her ass. Jenny moaned around Vinny’s cock as Kelly dipped two fingers into her wet hot pussy. Kelly found her pussy soaking wet and burning hot and she fingered her with a fast motion. Kelly was really getting into giving Jenny an orgasm. She reach around and used her other hand to find Jenny’s clit. She rubbed it and pushed on it as she fingered her pussy. Jenny took her mouth off Vinny’s cock as she was moaning with delight as Kelly quickly brought her off. Jenny reached her orgasm so hard and quick that she felt light headed. Her pussy soaked Kelly’s fingers and they made sloshing sounds as Kelly continued to finger fuck her new friend.When Jenny recovered she quickly kissed Kelly on the mouth and thanked her for the mind blowing orgasm. Kelly kissed her back and both girls were having feelings that they had never thought of before. Jenny even squeezed Kelly’s tits and they spent a few minutes kissing and squeezing each other. Kelly was feeling her pussy get wet again as she was getting hot for this girl.Jenny pulled Vinny by the cock and laid down flat on the floor. She had Vinny by the cock and she began to rub his cock along her wet slit. She was not a virgin and she wanted Vinny to thrust his cock into her hard. She was worked up and needed a good hard fucking. Vinny laid his cock head at the entrance to her pussy and then shoved it all the way to the hilt. He began to stroke her with long fast strokes. Jenny reached over and pulled Kelly to her. She licked and kissed Kelly on her lips and their tongues found each other. Kelly broke away and started to suck on Jenny’s tits. She sucked her nipples and squeezed her tits. Her lips pulled at Jenny’s nipples and then she gently began to bite them. This got Jenny hot again and she was loving the attention from these two k**s. Her pussy was on fire and she knew she was going to cum again. Jenny pulled Kelly to her lips again and they lovingly sucked at each other while Vinny pounded her pussy. He was not going to last even though he had already cum today. Two hot and tight pussies was more than his young dick could stand and he felt his cum begin to boil. Not to mention that his sister was kissing another girl after sucking her titties. He was astonished, fascinated and excited beyond belief and his cock began to spasm again.He pulled out of Jenny’s hot oven and took his cock up to the girls who were still kissing each other. He laid his cock between their lips and they both began to lick at his cock. When he began to cum, he stroked it and aimed it at their mouths. They were both swinging their tongues trying to get his cum in their mouths. He shot his load all over their faces and lips. He made a mess of their faces but it was so hot to see.Vinny finished cumming on the girls and rolled over on to his back. The girls kept sucking each other’s lips and then licked all of the cum off their faces. Their titties were mashed together and their nipples were rubbing as they licked each other. As they got all of Vinny’s cum licked away, they turned to see Vinny laying down with his eyes closed but a huge smile painted on his face.

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