My Sister Likes it in the Ass


“Fuck me! Fuck me!” my twenty year old sister Beth cries.

Her words make my eighteen year old cock pulse as he says the words. Her nails dig deeper into my back with each thrust.

Harder,” she moans. Her legs wrap tightly around my body, pulling me in closer to her.

I raise myself up in an attempt to gain better leverage as I repeatedly slam my hips into hers, driving my cock in hard and deep. She pulls me in closer, making my body press tightly to hers. Her breasts squeeze together against my chest. I can feel her hips grind against mine with each thrust.

“Oh yeah!’ she moans. “Deeper!”

Her nails dig deeper into my skin as she becomes overwhelmed by the flood of her orgasm. I can feel her pussy walls tighten around my cock just before my balls are soaked with her juices. The sudden tightness and wetness takes me over the edge and before I know it, my cock is pulsating and filling her up with globs of my cum.

Once both out orgasms subside, Beth has a smile played out across her face. “You’re not finished little brother. Why don’t we use the monster?”

“From behind?” I ask.

Beth’s lips curl up into a sexy smile of confirmation.

I slip out my cock from her gripping, wet pussy and reach over to the nightstand drawer and pull out a ten inch long multicolored dildo, shaped like a real cock and complete with veins, with a girth of at least five inches to it. Ever since she bought it, our sexual activities have involved it.

She smiles upon seeing it and quickly grabs a bottle of lubricant from the drawer. She hands me the lube and quickly bostancı escort rolls over onto her hands and knees in eagerness.

I squeeze a line of the clear liquid over the shaft of the dildo and she looks over her shoulder and says impatiently with an excited smile, “Hurry it up.”

I smile back as I finish coating the entire shaft with the clear lube.

“Okay,” I say when finished. “Ready?”

Beth giggles and reaches back with both hands to pull her ass cheeks apart, presenting her little asshole to me. “Yes,” she answers softly.

As I get ready with the dildo, I lightly stroke my thumb over her asshole, watching it clench up at my touch. I then place the fake cock against her tight opening and slowly force it inside. Beth moans in gratification as I slowly twist and turn the vein covered shaft into her.

“Keep going,” she gasps as she claws at the bed sheets.

I am amazed at her ability to take something of this magnitude into her tight ass. Her hole remains stretched around the invading shaft, hugging the dildo tightly as I begin to slide it in and out. Soon I have the entire length buried inside her.

“Mmm,” she groans as she slowly rubs her clit. “That’s fucking great,” she says.

As I begin to slide the dildo in and out, she asks, “Can you fuck me at the same time?”

“The same time?” I repeat completely caught off guard at this request.

“I want you to fill both my holes,” she gasps.

“Of course sis,” I say a little excited. Maybe a little isn’t the right word, I am overly excited. çeliktepe escort I’ve never done something like this with any woman, let alone my sister.

I reach between her legs, spreading her wet, swollen lips open. My cock slips between her soft lips with ease and slide deep inside her as my stomach come to rest against the backside of the fake cock.

“Oh fuck yes!” she gasps.

As I start to thrust forward, driving my cock into her swollen, wet pussy, I push the dildo in. Each thrust elicits a low moan from Beth’s open mouth.

“Do you like two cocks in you?” I ask.

“Yes!” she cries. “I fucking love it!”

Her excitement sends me into overdrive and I can feel my own orgasm approaching and in response I slow my pace, but it is too late.

I groan as my balls contract, sending a jolt of pleasure throughout my body. Then stream after stream of hot cum fire into my sister’s pussy. So I pull out of her, she rolls onto her back and pull out the monster and drops it to the floor. “I think you aren’t finished yet mister,” she says grinning.

I laugh lightly and move up between her spread legs. I plant my lips around her cum filled pussy and suck firmly before pushing my tongue inside her. She lets out a moan and reaches down to push my head firmly against her. “Eat your cum out of me,” she orders.

It is something she had got me started on and ever since I have enjoyed eating my cum out of her pussy. Apparently so does she.

“Mmm, yes little brother,” she moans. “Eat that fucking cum.”

Sliding my tongue into cihangir escort her juicy hole, I collect globs of my cum and swallow it down until there is no more left. My cock throbs back to life and is harder than before. I get up to my knees and my sister’s eyes dart to my bouncing cock.

“I want to be used,” she says stroking her pussy with a finger. “I want to be filled with your throbbing cock.”

I move toward her and she motions for me to lie down. Once I am on my back she climbs on top of me, straddling me. She begins rubbing my cockhead along the folds of her pussy, coating it with her juices, then reaches down, bathing her fingers in her juices and then rubbing them on my lips before kissing me. We are locked in that kiss when she presses down just enough to take my cock inside her.

She is already dripping wet and as she starts moving her hips up and down on my shaft I can feel her juices bath my balls and thighs. She moves her hips frantically, taking in my cock all the way. She starts moaning as she grinds me feverishly and soon I feel her pussy contract on my cock.

More of her juices seep out, pouring out over my balls, thighs and stomach, but she doesn’t stop. If anything she grinds my cock even faster. Her breasts bounce and sway as she raises herself back away from me. The feeling is so intense I can already feel my balls filling and getting ready to explode. Then she cums again and her pussy contracting around my cock is too much for me. I erupt like a volcano and explode deep inside her.

She leans forward, smiling down at me. I smile back just before she leans in for a long, passionate kiss. When she breaks away she pulls herself off my cock and turns around until her pussy is hovering over my face. My cum and her juices slowly drip out of her and onto my face. She looks around her side at me and says, “Can you clean me out little brother?”

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