My slave, My Hucow

My slave, My HucowToday I had a quick look here on Hamster, one of the first vids that popped up was one of a Hucow, a submissive that was on all fours, with a milking machine attachment on each breast and nipple which was clearly milking her.She was dressed in a Black & White suit, she was dressed in that manner to give her the appearance of a real Cow and to conform with her mind set of being a cow. This immediately brought memories of my first slave when I resided in Qld to the north of Brisbane.We had met in the Local BDSM scene back then were a good match, it didn’t take long until I offered her My Collar which she was very happy to accept & wear.About 3 months later, after chatting to a Dom at a Party, and him telling me that his girl produces milk for him every day. I liked this idea very much, after a good long chat on how to get her to produce Milk without getting pregnant, buca escort I did a little reading on the subject at the local Library as there was no internet back then. I also had a chat to the Local Doctor to ensure she would not be harmed in anyway by this. He also said he could prescribe a d**g (I think it was a hormone) that would help.So the next day I took my slave into the big backyard and gave her the news, she just grinned and smiled. She had to take one tablet each morning, she also had to commence using a breast pump each morning, and at lunch (she would drive home and use the pump there, we lived about 10 minutes from the Bank) time then also when she got home from work. The first week she had to use the pump on each breast for 8 minutes, then that went to 15 minutes on each breast from there, of an evening before bed, I would place her on all fours, on one buca escort bayan of the tables, and I would pump her. Most of the time she would be leaking cum out of her very nice little pussy.From the time the pumping started I called her Hucow and she loved it, and her orders were that she would produce enough milk every day so I could eat my Rice Bubbles and have my cuppa tea with milk from her. She didn’t have large udders but they were a perfect size for me. Around 5 to 6 weeks after starting I was at work (can’t remember the time frame exactly) and she called, she was very excited that was easy to tell, she got her first drops of milk at home on her lunch break. At this point I should add her breasts had started to firm up, which I was told that would happen. I told her keep the milk and place it in the container we had bought and freeze it, This was carried out for escort burca another 5 or so days until each udder produced a bottle full.She was one very happy Hucow. I asked all my friends in the scene back then to only use the name Hucow when talking to her or talking about her. One Play Party I painted her up in White paint with the Black markings of a Milking cow, apart from my Collar and paint, she was naked, I also had a set of knee pads and leather gloves for her when at the party as she was not allowed to stand unless I gave her permission.So from that time on, for the next 4 1/2 months, she milked her (well they were my Udders) breasts 3 times a day and there was plenty of milk for me & I have to say, her milk tasted wonderful. I would even take some to work for tea & coffee.Her breast size did increase a little while she was milking, they were very firm, her nipples increased in size, however the breasts did lose the firmness when I had her stop. I just might have to have my now, long time slave do this for me now.Thanks to Hamster for bringing this back, there could be a story to follow.

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