My Son the Champ


This is my first try so be gentle with the constructive comments. Also English is my 4th language so a big thank you to Jonnie who helped me with the spelling. Well enjoy. BTW the son figure in this story is 18.


I gasped, when I saw the high kick hit Jeff in the face. As the blood and sweat flew through the air and I saw my baby boy go down a little part of me died. Not that I cared much if he won or lost his match as long as he didn’t get hurt. As he started to crawl back up while the ref counted, I saw his coach throw in the towel. The match was over. His first shot at the title had ended and knowing Jeff, he wouldn’t be in the best of moods for the next couple of weeks.

Just like his father, Jeff was a good looking man. But his body was far better developed. For the last 6 years he had trained very hard to get to this point and that showed on his 6’3 perfectly build body. His long dark hair contrasted with his deep blue eyes. And when he wasn’t at the eve of a match he was a genuinely nice person. Unfortunately when he was in fight mode he was difficult to live with.

As I watched how he was dragged to the locker room by his coach and one of his team mates, I could see that he was very angry. Jeff was the kind of boy that would give his all when he set his mind on something, and when people blocked him, he could be very unpleasant with them. But I know his coach knew that too, after all he had done more for my son since his father had died then I could ever do.

Jeff’s father was a cop, so when he was still alive he would lay down the law at home and I would be the good cop. After he was killed in action Jeff had known a dark period. Luckily the friends of my husband told me about Ronin Gym. Apparently his father had planned to sign him in for the Thai boxing lessons for his 12th birthday, since Jeff wasn’t much of a team player as a kid. And I thought it would be good for him to have somewhere where he could blow off some steam.

Soon I noticed a change in Jeff’s character, and even if it turned out it was harder then his previous happier self, I was glad to see that the discipline and the training he was taught at the gym helped him to stay on the right path. And if I only needed to keep my mouth shut when I saw him covered in bruises, that was something I was willing to deal with. Just as I dealt with the past 3 months of his extreme training routine, now I also had to deal with the weeks of walking on eggshells around him.

I had been sitting in the car for a while when I saw Jeff, his coach, and other members of their dojo walk out of the building. I noticed that Jeff limped a little and seemed somewhat unsteady on his legs, but that was to be expected. He had just fought a man who had defended his belt 15 times in a row, (now) putting several men in hospital in the process. As Jeff threw his bag in the back and slammed the door shut I knew I would better stay silent until we got home.

As we arrived home Jeff stormed into the bathroom and let a bath run. Knowing he would be there for a while I started to prepare him some snacks. As I brought them up to the bathroom I couldn’t help but (to) feel bad for him as I heard him gasp in pain as he lowered himself into the water. Knocking at the door I entered and gave him a little smile as I placed his meal next to him. Brushing a hand through his hair, I noticed how banged up my boy really was.

” I am okay mom, looks worse then it is.” He said, looking aggravated about my emotions

“I know” I said, knowing that he was still upset that he had lost and that his coach had stopped the fight before it was done.

“Come and get me when you’re done here. We’ll have a glass of wine and I’ll massage you.” I said to him with a caring smile.

Normally I wouldn’t condone under-age drinking but it was just a glass of red wine and after the spartan dedication he had showed for this match, I thought it couldn’t really hurt. Walking to my room I started to undress. To try and cheer him up a little, I had put on an outfit of his team colours with a proud patch on it with my boy’s nick name, “Trask” as I stood there in my undies I looked at myself in the mirror. At 37, I still had a very good body, thanks to the fact that I had spent many hours following Jeff during his training. My legs where fit, my abs were slightly visible, and my C-cup breast where still very firm. Standing 5’7 I couldn’t say that I lacked anything. But somehow my romantic life had been very quiet for the past 7 years. After putting on some simple shorts and a red tank top with Trask stitched to the back, I waited in the living room watching a compilation of Jeff’s previous matches like I would always do after a fight.

As I saw Jeff walk into the living room in his bathrobe I gave him a warm smile and started to pour him a glass of red wine. Handing it to him I pointed at the massage table I had bought for these kind of occasions. Seeing the tension in his face I just gently pushed him on the table. Taking off his robe I Porno saw why he had been so upset. Even if his upper thigh and ribs had been bruised he wasn’t as badly hurt as we first thought. But I knew that his coach had stopped the match before he got hurt too bad, knowing that he wasn’t ready for that fight. As I saw a black bruise disappeared under the back of his boxers.

“Ah that’s why you limped earlier. I was scared it was something like your knee.”

I had expected an answer in the line of, Yes I really got my ass kicked. But as Jeff remained silent I figured that he was still too upset. Taking the massage oil I started to massage his back and shoulders. I slowly felt the tension leave him. And when I started on the back of his legs I was glad to feel that nothing seemed to be damaged more then reasonable. When I turned him around I was surprised to hear his voice.

“Do you mind if I take a second glass?”

He asked, pouring himself a way bigger glass then I had served him first. But afraid of having him shut down again I just nodded as I started to massage his chest and perfect abs. As my hands rubbed that perfect chest I let my mind race at the thoughts of finding myself with a man with this kind of body. Then feeling a little guilty that I was thinking these thoughts about my own son, I helped him to sit up as I was going to start to rub down his legs. As I squatted between his legs I saw him pour the rest of the bottle in his glass. Looking at the sad glint in his face, I decided again to let it slide and started to knead his upper thighs.

His upper right leg was okay, but I could feel that the low kicks he had taken on his left leg had done a lot of damage to his muscle. So I soon used both hands on it. When I felt his muscle finally give in I smiled and looked up at him, as I heard him moan in relief. But as my eyes moved up his body to look at his face it stalled on his boxers which where stretched to the max around a huge erection. When he felt my hand freeze and maybe heard me gasp for air, he looked down at me and jumped away.

“Oh geez mom I am sorry I don’t know what…”

He stumbled on his words. But regaining control I reassured him with a warm smile.

“It’s okay Jeff, just shows me that you are relaxed.”

Patting his spot on the table, I knew that it was probably the combination of the wine and the massage that were to blame for this very awkward situation. Also knowing that he had broken up with his girlfriend over four months ago, I thought it wasn’t that bad.

“You have nothing to be ashamed off Jeff.”

I said when I saw a hint of his cocky smile, I smiled back. I knew he had taken my response in a different way then I had intended, but to be honest, he really had nothing to be ashamed of. As I continued to massage his leg I could feel his gaze on me so I focused on his leg trying not to gaze at the hardest and biggest cock that I had ever seen, staring me in the face. But as I looked up again I could see it had grown so hard that the head was peeking out of his boxers, stretching the material over his shaft. Blushing I looked up at him.

“If it’s too uncomfortable like that, I don’t mind if you take off your boxers.”

After all, he was my son and even if I had never seen him hard, I had cared for him naked for years. As I saw the relief in his eyes, but seemed still reluctant to do it, I hooked my fingers in his boxers and pulled them down. As his cock was freed by the boxers, it sprang right up slapping me in the face. As the hard hot skin slapped against my face and lips I felt my blood rush, my nipples getting hard, but as I realised it was my son’s cock I gave a little shocked gasp and pulled away. Seeing that Jeff was again getting embarrassed I spoke up fast without thinking.

“It’s okay Jeff, its my fault. I misjudged its size.”

Giggling a little as my hands started to rub his leg again. Unfortunately, his cock was now full in my face, and I could feel my mind wander over what I would like that cock to do to me if it wasn’t attached to my son’s body. As I felt his leg doing well, I noticed how his cock was trimmed neatly and his balls shaven, but very quickly I cursed myself for those thoughts and ended the massage. Giving him a kiss on the forehead I told him I was going to bed and hurried upstairs. Getting in my room I started to undress but as I lay naked in my bed, my fingers moved towards my pussy. I realized that it would be wrong to do something like that, thinking about my own son, and took sleeping pills to help me fall asleep.

I woke up early, my body yearning for some relief. I caressed my tight tummy with one hand I let my right hand slip in between my legs. Slowly I caressed my inner thighs with my fingertips, I started to let my mind wander towards a huge cock taking me hard. My finger started to rub on my very sensitive clit as I started to imagine a strong body attached to it. Imagining that cock in my lonely pussy and my hands on those strong abs Altyazılı Porno I start to feel a powerful orgasm building up as I suddenly saw the face of the man fucking me… my own son.

Jumping out of my bed horrified about my thoughts I jump into a cold shower. Feeling my blood cool down I decide that tonight I should go out. After all, if I am so horny that I think such thoughts about my baby boy, I really am in need of a good fuck. After my shower I start to get dressed. Still feeling a little frisky I decide to wear a sexy bra with the matching thong under a light little summer dress. Walking down to the living room I am surprised to find Jeff sleeping on the couch. As I walked towards him, I noticed that his robe was open, and just as the previous night he was rock hard.

But somehow I was frozen on my feet. Seeing that perfect cock stirred my blood again. Feeling my erect nipples push through the fabric and my pussy tingling I felt the horniness I had showered away wash right back over me. But not letting my weakness control, me I moved towards Jeff and reached for his robe to cover him up before I woke him. But just as I went to grab it, Jeff stirred, and my hand closed around the thick hot shaft of my son’s cock.


I heard his voice reach me as I was still holding his hard cock, staring at it. When I realized what was happening, I let go and jumped back.

“Oh my God Jeff I was trying to close your robe but you moved.”

I say breathing hard and feeling a terrible blush raise from my chest to my face. But as I looked at Jeff I could see he was more amazed by my embarrassment then by anything else. Sitting up he adjusted his robe and smiled at me.

“It’s okay mom, and it isn’t as if it’s the first time.”

I smile shyly at him and try to focus.

“Do you want breakfast, honey?”

I ask desperate to move. But as he tried to stand up he fell back down onto the couch and grabbed his leg groaning. As my maternal instincts took over I fell to my knees worried about him.

“Are you okay, honey?” I asked.

“Yeah, I am okay mom, just a little cramp.”

He sounded brave but I knew that he must be in pain before showing this amount of pain. So before I could think about it, my hands reached under his robe and I started to rub his leg. Seeing his head fall back on the headrest I can’t help but notice that his robe fell again over revealing his huge cock to me (again). But not wanting my boy to be in pain, I continued to rub his leg pushing the thoughts of that cock out of my mind.

” A bit higher please.”

Only to happy to help out, I moved my hands a bit higher, knowing that since he wasn’t one to complain he must have been in a lot of pain right now. But as my fingertips brushed against his smooth balls I felt my face get flushed, but not seeing any reaction, I guessed he just didn’t notice.

“So what are your plans for today honey?”

I asked as I found the knob in his upper leg, as I started to rub it I couldn’t help but brush the side of my hand against his shaft and over his balls a little.

“Just like coach said, resting all day and tonight I thought we could soak in the jacuzzi a little with a movie?”

Pausing the massage, not immediately noticing my palm is resting on his balls but not wanting to draw attention to it I left it there.

“Well I was planning to go out tonight.” I said a bit flustered.

Then, rubbing his leg again, I saw his eyes lower in defeat. Not being able to resist that look, I went to sit next to him and gave him a big hug.

“Well if it makes you happy I guess I can go out another time.”

As I said this Jeff turned to hug me back. Happy that I had cheered him up I had to suppress a gasp as I felt his huge warm cock against my thighs, but worst of all was that it turned me on. As his strong arms embraced me and pulled me closer I felt his thick shaft move up and press itself between him and my tummy.

“Thank you mom, means a lot to me.”

As he let go of me and stood up, placing his huge cock at eye level, I tried to get up to not have to look at it. But as he turned away his cock batted me right in the lips.

“Oops, sorry mom, but really third time will cost you.”

As he said that I just didn’t know what to say, my mind was telling me that this was totally wrong, that I should say something about it, yet my body yearned to feel that cock against me. What was wrong with me.

The whole day I kept myself busy cleaning the house, trying not to think about what happened this morning. But as the evening came near I wondered how I would keep from what I had promised. I couldn’t spend the night in the jacuzzi with my son in this state. But on the other hand, if I changed my mind now, I would disappoint Jeff and since he had been my only support after his father died I couldn’t leave him alone in this time.

“Mom are you coming down? The water is hot already.”

As Jeff’s voice rang through the Brazzers house I couldn’t find any good reason to get out of this so I answered,

“Yes coming honey.”

Opening my drawer with my swim suits I started to go through them. But every thing I have seemed too sexy for tonight. But then I thought that if I took one of my old one pieces Jeff would know something was bothering me since I would always wear a bikini in the tub. Then picking the newest one I had bought I went downstairs in my robe towards the jacuzzi.

As I got to the big mirror in the hallway I stopped and opened my robe to check myself out. As I saw myself standing there in my black with gold design bikini, I wondered why I had picked the bikini that I thought made me look so hot in the store. The girl selling it to me had complimented that the top perfectly hugged my breasts showing them off, and that with my tight little tummy and that the bottom only covered half my ass showed off my athletic legs.

“I am here mom.”

I heard Jeff’s voice call me from the sun house where our jacuzzi was. As I walked in, I could see that Jeff had made some effort to set a mood. Scented candles where lit all over the room, the lights where dimmed and he had already started the plasma tv and set the movie ready to go. As I walked in Jeff smiled at me. As I took in the sight of his muscular torso in the water, my mind told me to move away. But my body took over as deep inside of me I didn’t want to let my boy alone while he felt down from losing his match.

So slowly taking off my robe I started to walk up the stairs leadingto the Jacuzzi. Feeling Jeff’s eyes on me I blushed a little. But no, my son isn’t that kind of boy, I thought to myself and I continued to make my way next to him in the tub. As he placed his strong arm over my shoulder he pressed play on the dvd. I placed my head on his shoulder and relaxed as we started to get into the movie.

As the movie started I felt Jeff pull me closer between his legs. Then placing his strong hands on my shoulders he starts to massage me. Placing his lips next to my ear he whispered:

“I’ll take care of you for a change.”

Welcoming the massage I pushed myself against his strong chest. Resting my head under his chin, I placed my hands on his thighs and started to rub them too while we watched the movie he had picked out. It was an action movie filled with strong fighters and sexy girls, and had more then its share of sensual scenes. Then as he bent towards my ear again I felt his warm breath on my neck.

“here have a glass of wine.”

He said as he offered me a glass of my favourite wine, taking it I thanked him.

“you know what I like the most about your massages?”

Removing his hands from my shoulders he slowly caressed my sides, then placing his hands on my tight tummy he slowly pulled me closer to him and started to slowly but firmly massage my abs. Moaning as I pushed myself harder against him I give out a girlish giggle.

“That feels so good.”

I said as I tried to stop the sexual tension inside of me but as the movie became even more sensual, I felt Jeff’s cock grow in my back. I found it hard to keep control. Before losing it I stood up and tried to make my way out of the tub. But before I could get up all the way I felt two strong hands on my hips pulling me back down against that strong body and cock.

“Don’t leave, its my turn now.”

As his sweet smile melted my resolve, I smiled warmly at him. Switching places with him I started rubbing his abs. As his hands rested on my thighs and started massaging my legs, I felt butterflies in my stomach. Closing my eyes for a second I hated myself for enjoying this, but as I felt my hand rub against the lower abs and the waistband of his shorts my mind immediately started to think about how that big warm cock felt in my hands. But even as I told myself that this was right, I felt Jeff breath in deeply just as I pressed my fingers into his lower abs. As my fingers slipped slower I felt his cock pop out of his shorts. Resting on my two thumbs I froze. But as Jeff didn’t move I slowly started to pull my hands back up. As I started to massage his pecs and upper abs I felt Jeff pulling down his pants, not liking this I let go off him.

“What are you doing honey?”

I asked him, my voice clearly showing my distress.

“Just getting more comfortable.”

He said casually, then taking my hands he placed them just on his lower abs. After a second of indecision I started to to massage it again, not wanting to make a big deal out of this. But as I felt my own hands dropping lower and lower, his cock occasionally rubbed over my hands I started to feel very bad. But as I let go of him I felt his big hands cup mine and bring them back to him. But instead of putting them on his abs, he placed them on his cock.

Gasping I tried to say something but, my body wouldn’t respond and just kept hold of that magnificent cock, instead I just held on to it as if my life depended on it. Then Jeff started moving my hands in an up and down motion for a second and let go of my hands. To my horror, my hands tightened their grip and continued to jerk off that cock. But as Jeff shifted to be more comfortable I was able to regain control.

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