My Step-Daddy Fantasy 1.1


Disclaimer: all characters are over the age of 18.

It’s late at night and my step-sisters and my Dad are asleep in the house. I’m feeling horny in my bedroom, all alone, so I go online, to a sex-chat website and login, already feeling excited. I use the handle “alilhappygirl” and quickly find someone I’ve never talked to before using the handle “bigdaddy.” I immediately ask:

(A is me, B is him)

A: Do you like roleplay?

B: Yes, I love it.

A: Do you come to this chat room often?

B: Yes, I do.

A: Okay, do you like playing naughty? Anal?

B: Wow, just going to ask, huh? Are you very naughty?

A: Yes, and I want to please you.

B: To answer your question, yes, I love anal.

A: What fantasies do you enjoy best? Daddy and step-daughters?

B: Yes, I love that.

A: Do you want me to play as your step-daughter?

B: Mmm, yes, my favorite is the step-daughter fantasy.

A: Okay, and do you want one, two, three…step-daughters?

B: Mmm, three in the fantasy.

A: Okay, and ages?

B: 20, 19, and 18.

A: Okay…and where’s Mom in the fantasy?

B: Around but busy with work. Also, I’m curious, what’s your asl?

A: 22 f usa…you?

B: I’m an older male in my 40s.

A: It’s nice to meet you. I love older men, always have.

B: That’s good to hear.

A: Okay, so, you’ve been home a lot lately, seeing your step-daughters more than usual.

B: Okay…

A: You live remotely, deep in the forest. Mom is gone for days. It’s wintertime, cold nights, cold house. (Btw, I live in a house deep in the forest).

B: (Really? Me too.)

A: So…Kimberly, your 20 year old step-daughter, has been on your mind lately. Maybe it’s her new bikini. How she dances for TikTok videos. How she still hasn’t had a boyfriend. How young she looks, only 20. Blonde, long hair, blue eyes, pale white skin, thin and skinny, small little boobs, cute bubble butt. Only standing 5’0″. 90 pounds. So very petite. And you keep catching yourself looking at her.

B: Maybe I’ve started to masturbate to her at night, wanting the thrill of thinking of her? I really love that name, by the way…Kimberly.

A: Yes, and it gets harder because she keeps wearing progressively revealing clothes, her midriff always being shown off, her cute, bubble butt always in tight pants or tight pajamas, clinging to her rail thin frame.

B: I love blondes.

A: I thought you might. She’s a very cute blonde.

A: So, at night it gets very cold in the cabin-type house you live in and she and you are in the living room, watching TV…snuggling on the couch, your arm around her, she’s close in tight to you after asking if it was okay.

B: I scratch her back, her arms, making her feel good.

A: Yes, and she likes it. She feels warm and pleased to be so close. “I wish we could sleep like this.”

B: “Honestly…I would love that.”

A” Daddy, you would?”

B: “Yes, holding you all night, protecting you.”

A: “Can we sleep together tonight, here, in the living room?”

B: “Sure, I love that idea.”

A: I snuggle close to you, pressing my small tits into you, not knowing why I want to be so close, but I do. My hand rests on your chest as I move my hand lazily back and forth.

B: “So…do you want to change clothes before nighttime?”

A: “Mmm…okay.” I run upstairs and change into cotton pink little pajama shorts and a white tank top, no bra. I see my cute little tits pressing against the tight shirt, my nipples obviously poking against the fabric. Please with how I look, I run back downstairs and climb into your lap as you sit watching TV. I curl up into a ball and you hold me, massaging me, rubbing me with your hands.

B: I put on a movie, a drama, with a couple of sex scenes and we watch them together when they show up, quietly. During the last sex scene I become aroused and try to not get hard.

A: “Do you think I’m cute like her,” I ask after the sex scene.

B: I nod my head. “Cuter. Prettier.”

B: We watch more of the movie and when it ends you get up and grab us water. I tell you to grab me a beer.

A: I come back, standing in front of you.

B: “Your clothes are not the best for how cold it is.”

A: “I know, but we’ll be cuddling, right?” I hand you your beer and you start drinking.

B: “Yes, all night.”

A: “So you’re going to hold me close?”

B: I squeeze you in my arms. “Yes, just like this.”

A: I move so that I’m sitting in your lap, looking at you, my knees at your sides.

B: I settle back, feeling relaxed as I reach out and touch your blonde hair.

A: I stretch, my arms in the sky, as I show off my little chest to you. I notice İstanbul Escort you looking at me. I like to flirt with you a little and it’s been happening more and more lately.

B: I watch and smile and place my hand casually on your belly. “So cute.”

A: I look down at your hand and grin. “Feels good.”

B: I use my other hand to pull you closer. Your face is close to mine. “Want to sleep like this?” I move my hands over your back, holding you.

A: I nod my head, “Yes Daddy.”

B: I stretch my legs and reposition, holding you very close to me as I squeeze you.

A: “I like being squeezed. Keep doing it.”

B: I start holding you close for extended periods, pressing your body into mine.

A: It feels weird but I like it.

B: My hand drops down to your lower back and I use it to guide your body, to rub your body against me.

A: “What are you doing?”

B: “I’m…massaging you. Holding you.” I start to feel nervous, thinking I’ve gone too far.

A: “Please don’t stop.”

B : “You like this?”

A: “Yes.”

B: I hold you tighter and feel my hips moving…I hold your body close to mine and my hand reaches down and touches your pajama bottoms, just my fingertips on them. I keep rubbing your back as we move together, swaying, cuddling, moving slowly against one another. “Should we turn off the light?” I feel my heart beating quickly.

A: “Yes…” I get up and turn off the light. I come back, just like before, but this time facing away from you.

B: I immediately hold you close again, one hand on your stomach, the other on your left thigh. And then your hip, and then your left arm, touching you gently. I keep rhythmically rocking you against me.

A: “I feel warm.”

B: “Well…” I move the blankets away and resume holding you. “What do you want to do about it?”

A: I adjust my pajama bottoms…”Is it okay if I take these off?”

B: “Sure.”

A: I stand up in front of you and shimmy them down my legs and then dance in front of you. “This is my new TikTok dance.” I sway my hips slowly.

B: I watch until I reach out and grab you to me and have you sit on me again, facing me. “You’re so very cute.”

A: “Thank you,” I say as I hug you enthusiastically. I want to sleep like this all night, Daddy.”

B: I rub your back. “Me too.” Eventually you fall asleep in my arms and my cock starts to get hard as I think of having sex with you. My cock is now hard and pressed against your body, your stomach, as we lie together, you on top. I slowly rock my hips, rubbing my cock against you. My hand moves to your butt and I squeeze your ass, your panties underneath. My hand goes under your panties, touching your bare butt. I move slowly so I don’t wake you.

A: I wake up, feeling tired, and notice your hand on my butt cheek. I also notice that your cock is hard against my body. “Daddy?”

B I stop and act like everything is normal, moving my hand up to your lower back, even though my cock is still rock hard against your belly.

A: “What’s going on?”

B: My heart is pounding. “Just hugging you.”

A: “I like it”

B: “Want me to continue?”

A: “Yes.” I then get up and grab a glass of water. When I return I sit in your lap, facing away from you. Pressing my butt against your hard cock.

B: I squeeze you, rubbing my cock against you, agonized. Slowly. Barely. I stop myself until you’re asleep again.

A: But then I feel you starting to touch my flat belly with both your hands, feeling me, and your hand moves up, under my shirt. Your hand keeps moving until you’re about to cup my little tit. But then you move your hand away, nervous.

B: I focus on my cock grinding between your butt cheeks, pressed against my pants and your panties. I squeeze you close to me and hold you, slowly humping.

A: I wake up again and stand up. “It’s still so hot, Daddy. Maybe…I could not wear a shirt tonight? Like…it’s hot under the blanket and we’re the only ones home.”

B: I get up, turning on the light, trying to regather myself.

A: I stand in my white tank top and pink panties, watching you drink a beer in the kitchen.

B: I look over at you and tell you it’s really late.

A: I nod my head. Looking around. “Maybe we can sleep in your bed?”

B: “You should probably go back to yours.”

A: “But it’s cold!” I come over to you and hug you, pressing my body against yours. “C’mon…just tonight. It’s been so nice to be…close with you. I’ve missed you.”

B: “Okay okay,” I say, giving in to your request.

A: I pull at my shirt…”and what about this? I want to be comfortable. I mean, I know I’ll be topless but I’ll be Kadıköy Escort careful to cover my chest if I get up or anything.”

B: We go to the bedroom and I take off my clothes except my boxers and lay down in bed. You come over and get on my lap, facing away from me. I hold your belly with my hands and move my hands up your torso, close to your nipples. My cock getting hard again. I go slowly, touching your body gently, until it seems like you’re asleep. I briefly move my hands to your flat chest, such cute little boobs, and let my palms graze your nipples. I then move back to your stomach.

A: I wake up as your hands keep moving all over my body. Down my sides, to my hips, touching my legs, my arms, my neck, my hair…and I feel your hard cock against my butt…and I act like I’m ignoring it as it twitches. “Daddy” I whisper. “I like sleeping with you.”

B: “I love sleeping with you.”

A: “Can we do this all weekend?”

B: “You mean, me holding you like this?”

A: “Yes, I like it.”

B: “That’s good to hear.” I say as my cock someone gets harder against your butt.

A: I fall asleep, drifting out after a few minutes.

B: I hold your naked small perky round boobs in my hands as I rub my cock against your panties, my boxers pressed tight, until i cum, my jizz shoots into my boxers, they become very wet with my hot heavy cream and they make your panties wet.

A: I wake up and feel your hot cum but act like I’m asleep as you kiss my face, my cheeks and continue holding my body close to yours.

B: I fall asleep and in the morning I wake up holding you. I roll you over and, my body over yours, beginning to hug you, my cock quickly hardening. I begin humping you as you sleep. Slowly, taking my time.

A: I wake up and feel your cock against my butt again, you on top of me, squeezing me as you touch my hair and kiss the back of my head.

B: I hump you, grinding my cock against your butt, your cute panties still on. I push down my boxers, grab my cock, and cum on your panties, a big pool of cum now on them. I watch as it oozes out of my cock. I bend over and kiss the back of your hand and rub my cock in my pool of sperm, rubbing it all over your panties with my cock, smearing it, my hand on my cock as I do it. I then settle onto your body, holding you, embracing you.

A: I wake up. “Daddy? Is it morning?”

B: I say yes and roll off of you. You stand up and go to the bathroom, one arm covering your naked chest. You go to the bathroom and then come back, curling up into a ball next to me. I hold you. Your leg moves over mine and you squeeze my leg with yours. My hand on your back.

A: I start to squeeze your leg, humping you like you were humping me. Slow, agonized humping.

B: I quietly encourage you to continue, my hand on your back, guiding you. I then pull you on top of me, facing me, your nipples pressed against my chest and I wait, being still as you finally begin moving again. Rubbing your petite body against me.

A: I keep going, slow, methodic, just being patient. Trying not to be too…lewd.

B: My cock gets hard and you feel it against your tummy.

A: I rub my stomach on your cock and we’re quiet together, the morning sun shining through the window now.

B: I want to cum on your belly but resist, trying not to cum on you while you’re still awake.

A: “I want to hug you all day.”

B: My hands on your back, holding you. I continue pressing your body against mine as you move, sensual, cute, innocent.

A: I finally stop and sit up, covering my chest with my hands. I keep moving my hips, grinding on your cock as I look down at you. You touch my sides with your hands and watch me give you a lap dance. I look down at my tits. “Daddy, we’re all alone. This entire weekend.”

B: “So…?”

A: I shrug nervously. “Well, like…what if…I could be topless? Would you mind? It just makes me feel more comfortable. And you’re just my step-dad, so, like…what’s the problem?”

B: I think it over. “I mean…maybe…if you want to do that I guess it’s okay with me.”

A: I nod my head. “Please…can I be topless this weekend? It’ll feel so freeing. Like a private nude beach or something.”

B: “I think you should feel comfortable around me. I really do. I mean, what if Mom or your sisters found out?”

A: “Whatever…it’s just nudity. And…it’s just me and you.”

B: I shrug. “Sure, okay, you can be topless. But just this weekend, okay?”

A: “Mmm, okay.” I say sweetly. I look down at my chest again and drop my hands, letting you look at my naked, nearly flat chest.

B: I look at you. “You’re beautiful.”

A: I smile at you Kartal Escort and then grab your hands, stand up. “I feel like a shower. Want to join me?” I walk to the shower and you follow. “I’m going to grab my bikini bottoms.” I run to my room, feeling excited to have just exposed myself to you, and return to see you in your swimming trunks. The water is on and hot. I step in, topless, just my bikini on. I let the hot water run over my body.

B: I grab soap and start to soap you up, starting at your belly, and then your arms,your legs…”Mind if i touch your breasts?” I ask politely.

A: “It’s okay Daddy.”

B: I touch your soft but firm and young breasts, the soap all over your body now. I then press you against the shower wall, standing behind you, my cock against your butt. I hold you there, cock against your butt, my hands on her tits as we stand by the wall, your stomach feeling how cold the tile is. I start humping you slowly, hugging you. “I need to keep hugging you.”

A: “Please keep hugging me,” I tell you. “Just like last night.”

B: I nod my head and grab her hips and push my cock in the direction of her butt hole. Pressing her body against the wall with each slow, agonzed thrust. I finally cum, my body shuddering, my swimming trunks wet with sticky semen. I act like I’m still hugging you though, ignoring that I just came on you while you were awake. Pretending that I’m still only just hugging you.

A: I’m silent, ignoring it too, acting like I can’t feel your hot cum against my butt. I pull my hair back as you finally release my body and stand in the water, your cock lowering. I wash my hair. “Today is going to be fun.”

B: I nod my head as I kiss your forehead, and then the top of your head. Standing close. “Tell me when you want hugs today, okay?”

A: “Okay, I’ll tell you.”

B: “Tell me when…and where.”

A: We get out of the shower and make breakfast. I ask only for milk.

B: I pour you a huge glass of milk and watch you sip on it and then quickly down it. I pour you another glass.

A: “I love milk. It’s so white.” I say this while looking at you, topless at our kitchen table. I rub my belly as I drink it. “I’m hungry.”

B: “For what?”

A: “Something white and creamy.”

B: “Like…whip cream?” I go to the kitchen and give you a plate of whip cream, just alone and you lick it up, getting some on your face.

A: “Yum!” I finish the plate and whip the cream from my face, licking it off my fingers. I look at you, stand, and sit on your lap. “I need a hug again.” I start rubbing my body against you, giving you a lap dance.

B: I hold you. I look outside and it’s shaping up to be a rainy day, clouds rolling in. It’s early morning dark in the kitchen as we hold one another.

A: My breath shortening, my heart beating. I want more hugging with you. My hips moving until your cock is hard against my belly, your boxers still on. I keep moving until I feel your cock over the boxer band, your cock naked against my belly button, and then I feel you jerk and hot cum blasts all over my belly. I feel you shudder and I hold you tight. I then lean back, my hand touching my wet, sticky cum-covered belly as I place my hand on my body, feeling your hot warm cum. I then lift a finger to my mouth and kiss the tip of my finger.

B: I watch, breathless, not telling you to stop.

A: I lick my finger, feeling a glob of your sperm slip into my mouth, hot, sticky, creamy.

B: I pull my boxers up, over my cock.

A: I smile at you, not saying anything as I swallow the milky glob of cum in my mouth. I giggle, looking at you.

B: I lift you up off my lap and stand, collecting my thoughts. “Um…we should…maybe…go for a walk today.” I figure we really need to get out of the house or it’ll keep going too far.

A: “Can I be naked outside?”

B: “No, I can’t risk anyone seeing you topless around me…i mean, think about that. I mean, I don’t mind if it’s in the house.”

A: “I understand.” I go upstairs and put on clothes, a yellow and red striped cotton tank top, very tight and soft against my body, a black lacy A-cup bra, very tight denim shorts, and bright white thigh-high socks. Cute simple black shoes. Before I head downstairs I also put on my makeup and decide to wear a black choker necklace.

B: I put on my standard clothes and drink coffee while I wait for you.

A: I enter the kitchen and you’re watching me. I have on my backpack, looking at you. My blonde hair wavy, running down over my chest.

B: We leave the house, going on a long walk outside.

I hear one of my step-sisters walk down the hallway and go to the bathroom. I look over at the clock and see that it’s very late. I resume typing.

A: Gotta go soon.

B: Let’s play again soon. Please!

A: Yes…please.

B: To be continued…

I logout and turn off my computer, putting the screen down. I yawn and lie down, thinking about the guy I was chatting with, wondering if we’ll chat again. Upstairs I hear my Dad walking around. I wonder why he’s awake.

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