My Step-sister 01– How it all started!

Asa Akira

My Step-sister 01– How it all started!My Step-sister 01– How it all started!I had just gone up the stairs as my step-sister appears from the bathroom. She turns my way. For the very first time I stood still and look. WOW! She is backlit from the window. Her long T-shirt allows the light though showing her silhouette. WOW! WOW!!.Her short raven black hair is wet. She has a reddish sexy glow from a hot shower. Her skin has a light film of moisture allowing her T-shirt to cling to the skin over the tops of her breasts, with just the hint of her nipples. WOW!She stops, seeing me frozen in time. “OK, I’ll buy it. What’s wrong?” She’s still bathed in the light displaying her almost naked. The only thing I can’t see is her pussy. Is it hairy or shaven? WOW….WOW!“Sis you’re stunning.”Nichole looks down at herself not seeing she’s backlit. She looks at me pronouncing uncertainly, “You’ve seen me in a T-shirt before!”“Yes sis but never with the light behind you.” I’ve still not moved. I’m in awe just taking in her curvy form. Nichole looks down again still not understanding.She looks bewildered until I say, “You can see through the cotton at this angle.” Now she understands. Her nipples instantly appear hard and aroused. She blushes and barges past me towards her bedroom, her tits wobbling unrestrained. I have to nip into my room with the images fresh in my mind. Releasing my dick I close my eyes and remember her lovely body and prominent nipples. All too soon I shoot my load.My older step-sister and I are 15 and I’ve never noticed her developing. She is unquestioningly more mature than me. Now I know why Dad complains about her lack of clothes.Composed now I open my bedroom door to find my step-sister about to knock. Wondering if she heard me! I feel embarrassed. “Yes,” I ask trying to sound more confident than I feel. “Did you mean what you said?” I shrug my shoulders at her question. “You know?” I tease, “You want to know if I could see through you T-shirt?” She thumps me, “No. That I know. Do you think…. I’m……I’m stunning?” “Sis have you looked in a mirror recently? You are stunning……for my sister.” She thumps me again. She follows me downstairs for breakfast without saying another word. As we finish our food Mom asks, “You two had a bust up or something? You’ve not said a word to each other since you’ve come down.” “No Mom we’re OK” we both say simultaneously. Later that day I was sunbathing. Sis came and sat beside me. After many minutes of silent thought she comments, “You know you’re turning into a nerd? An obnoxious nerd at that.” Rudely replying, “Sis that’s none of your business.” She thinks some more and eventually says, “Do you like girls?” I nod. “Well if you don’t change soon the only ones that you’ll see are those on your computer!” Startled I enquire, “You’ve been checking my computer?” “Yes. You normally clear the history but today you forgot.” Then I realise, “You’ve seen my history?” “More than that,” she continues, “I clicked onto the last one. You know…the one screwing his step-sister?”I was now dumfounded. Nichole then goes into a diatribe about….. Nerd…. obnoxious…… scruffy….. Unkempt…… last man a girl would go out with. Smiling I suggest, “I’m on the top of your list then?” She puts on her serious face. She offers that, ‘if I put myself into her hands she could make me into the most popular, with the girls, boy in school’. The next comment had my attention, “If you do as I ask…….. I guarantee that you will pendik escort get laid on your sixteenth birthday.”I have to admit I’m a slob and use my intelligence to avoid everyone and everything. After seeing my sis backlit had me wondering if I should get a girlfriend. But how. “Ok sis. If you promise to get me laid I’ll do anything that you say.” “We start tomorrow” Nichole happily announces. For the next six months she turns me into a perfect gentleman. I’m now my exact opposite. Every morning Nichol inspects my dress, have I shaved, showered and that I’m prepared for the day ahead. Even I notice that the girls in school are flocking around.This morning before school Sis corners me, “I hear that Carla is interested in you.” I grin. Nichole continues, “If you go out with her you’ll limit the number of different pussies you’ll get. Trust me a little longer.” I’m stunned. “But I want to….” She pushes me back into my room. Dropping a cushion on the floor she kneels before me. I look down at my cute step-sister as she unclips my belt and unzips my flies. A cold breeze wafts around my balls as my boxers follow my trousers to the floor. Nichole takes me firmly in hand and starts pumping my dick. With her eyes looking up at me I watch her tongue poke out and tickle the underside of my nob. I moan. Immediately she puts a finger up to her lips; ‘shushing’ me.“Where did you learn….. oh gosh ….. keep going.” Pausing for a second, “I practice on a glass dildo.” She slips me back in.Now silent she continues. Soon I start panting, “Nichol I’m cumming!” Still watching my sis as she plays with my dick in her mouth, all the while pumping my shaft. That’s it! I start to unload the first of a half a dozen shots into her mouth. Initially she opens wide and slides her tongue out. Just like a runway she lines up my dick. My first shot sprays her welcoming tongue. The next fires into the back of her mouth. Wrapping her sexy lips around my knob she sucks my remaining shots. Feeling faint I sit on my bed. Still on her knees she smiles. I’m expecting her to spit out my load but to my surprise she swallows. Stunned I watch as she stands.She brushes the creases out of her school uniform and announces, “Get yourself straight. Mom will be waiting to drive us to school.” Without looking back she goes to find Mom.We ride in silence. Just before her friends descend on us Nichole asks, “OK?” I’m still in a daze. I just nod. After School.As her last friend leaves us on the walk home after school, Nichole asks, “Was it as good as it looked?” What could I say but, “Unbelievably good.” “Great, I’m glad you liked it. When we get in would you like to return the favour?” “You mean,” I start to ask but I’m cut off by my sis nodding with the widest smile I’ve ever seen. Arriving home we throw our bags in the hall as usual. I head to the fridge for a glass of milk. Downing the milk in one I turn to find Nichole sitting on the work surface; legs dangling.With a sexy look on her face she puts her heals together on the work surface. Nichol’s knees are together and high. Then oh so slowly she relaxes her thighs, allowing her knees to part fully. At no time did she allow me even a glimpse of her knickers. My step-sister locks eyes on me as she reaches for the hem of her skirt. Slowly she pulls it up to her waist. Expecting to see her regulation blue or white knickers I’m stunned to see my first real life pussy. It is neatly trimmed into a ‘V’. Her pussy just shows escort pendik her ‘camel toe with no inner lips.“I removed them before leaving school. Do you like?” my sis explains. My step-sister is fully exposed from the waist down. Moving in for closer look I grin, “Yes. It’s….. You’re beautiful.”With her fingers Nichol spreads her pussy. “Now, will you lick me? There.” She asks pointing a finger towards her clit. We’re only minutes in to her first pussy licking when she says, “Its uncomfortable here. I don’t know how the porn stars do it. Let’s go into the lounge and get comfy.” Getting comfy in Dad’s favourite chair she pulls her skirt out of the way and opens her legs. This time she hangs them over the arms of his chair. Wasting no more time I’m on her clit licking as instructed. “Try sucking It. “Wow. Wow, more.” Nichole is starting to breathe more heavily. I sense her pleasure building. “Try licking the length of my pussy. Oh. That’s it. Then finish by sucking my clit.” I try to get my fingers involved but I’m told, “No. I’m still a virgin.”Her hips start bucking as I alternate between licking her clit and sucking. Being my first pussy I’m surprised at how wet she has become. Holding her clit sucked between my lips, I flick my tongue over it and her hands pin my head between her thighs; wonderful! With me fix it place she humps my mouth until her cum coats my face.My Nichole is totally spent. She basks in her afterglow leaving herself exposed with her pussy openly displayed. My sexy step-sister dreamingly strokes her pussy, jumping occasionally as she touches her sensitive parts. Opening her eyes she smiles, “That’s the best big ‘O’ so far!”My dick is throbbing wanting some attention. Unfortunately, Mom’s car pulls onto to our drive. Nichole snaps her legs together and shakily makes for her room. Until my birthday we masturbate each other and/or perfect our oral skills. Never once was I allowed to see her totally naked. Yes I would play with her exposed boobs; incidentally they too are beyond my expectations. And yes, her pussy regularly comes out to play but never boobs and pussy together! On the run up to my/our birthday Nichole torments me. She has taken to stroking my dick and confirming that she has someone ready to be fucked. But never saying who.Our birthday.My alarm goes off as usual and I stumble out of bed. Desperate for a pee I make for the bathroom. Nichole is waiting in the hall for me to appear. As on the first day I noticed my sis, she is backlit. Once more she’s hot and steamy from the shower. Her T-shirt clings to her moist curves as the sun silhouettes her body. “Remember the first time you saw me like this?” “Yes. The only thing I couldn’t see was your pussy. Stunning.” Nicole laughs knowing that I now know every millimetre of it. She confidently takes the T-shirt off revealing herself in ALL her glory. WOW!Throwing her T-shirt at me I’m told, “Go pee, shave and shower, especially that,” pointing at my now exposed knob. “See you in my room in 5.”Just before reaching my step-sister’s room she shouts for me to check that our Dad’s car has gone. My parents visit Mom’s mother every Saturday until lunch. Pulling the curtain open, today is no exception. So with a raging erection swinging I excitedly go to her room.Opening the door I see her sitting up. She is to my left. Her left knee is high and slightly open. Her right is bent full lying flat on the bed, exposing her pussy. Nichole’s right hand is pendik escort bayan idly stroking her clit as her left massages her left breast. Seeing me she rolls her head back. Closing her eyes she starts enjoying her own body.I’m fixed to the spot marvelling at the sight of her fully exposed tight body. Looking at me Sis wishes me, “Happy Birthday Baby Brother” not stopping her hands. “Happy Birthday Sis.” She straightens her right leg leaving the other high and pussy open. Patting the bed beside her I’m asked to join her. We kiss.Her hand leaves her breast as mine replaces it. After a long kiss Nichole feels my dick, “That’s hard enough but this,” she splays open her pussy, “need more playing with. Please lick me?” Eager to please I slip my head between her widely parted thighs.I’m kneeling to her side allowing my dick to swing in the air hoping that Nichole will play with it. Sure enough a hand gently takes hold releasing waves of pleasure. As she reaches my knob she twists it before stroking my shaft. She knows how to please.What I’m doing between her thighs soon has Nicole panting and she insists on sliding down the bed breaking all contact. When low enough she raises her legs and folds in two. Just like some porn stars. With her legs folded under her arms her pussy is fully displayed. Her knees are wide enough not to hide her boobs and those bullet hard nipples. She indicates in the direction of her phone, “Take a picture please.” Grabbing her phone and with a happily swing dick I take a series of photos. Holding out her hand she takes the phone and tells me to shuffle my thighs up to her bum, so that my dick is over her pussy. She takes a series of stills. Then switches to video.Still folded in two, her spare hand pushes down on my dick. When firmly held on her camel toe I’m asked to side back and forth. Her pussy-lips part and side half way around my shaft as I continue. Every time my knob bumps her clit we simultaneously moan.“Stop.” I stop. I watch with growing excitement as she pushes my dick-head into her pussy for real. “You may need to get a little higher……. if you’re going to get the rest of your dick in,” my sis instructs. I rise a little and start small fucking motions. My Sis is engrossed filming our mutual deflowering. I’m stopped by her barrier causing her to look at me. She takes several deep breaths and then, “On the count of 3. 1..2…..3. Agggghhhhh.” My dick fully disappears. Due to the sudden pain Nichole inadvertently digs her talons into my back. I’m already fucking her until she places a hand on my hips. Indicating for me to stop. I stop. She is still filming.Eventually she takes a deep breath and nods, “Take me slowly please. That’s it.” I start my/our first fuck and my step-sister is still filming. All too soon I ready to cum, “Sis I can’t hold….” “Don’t stop fucking me. Fill me up with your cum. I’m safe. Just fuck me.” I do and blow my first load deep in the womb.As I slip out, her hand furiously rubs her clit. I’m determined that I should make her cum. So sliding back I hold her pussy open. Her red pussy is in full bloom as I see my target; her clit. My lips suck her bud while my tongue’s driving her crazy. With great relief on my part and pleasure on hers, she writhes on the bed. Her body convulsing with each contraction. I watch my first fucked pussy push out my seed. To my delight Nichol wipes it up on her fingers. Seductively she licks them clean.Both spent, I slide up the bed and with Nichole turning we spoon. My hand firmly holding a boob.The days not over. If anyone is interested the two following stories are written.My Step-sister – the Au Pair and My Step-sister – 16th Birthday Party.RegardsJack

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