My Step Sister Ch. 01

Alessandra Jane

Special thanks to Triple22 for looking over my work before I submitted.

This is my first ever stab at writing erotica so please comment.



It was hard for me to eat humble pie and ask my dad if I could move back in at home. I had moved out at 18, but over the past 5 years, things had not gone so well for me. Jobs had fallen trough and things just did not seem to be able to go my way.

He had discussed it with my step-mother and she was okay with it, her only concern was as to how I would get on with my step sister Kerry. She was 13 when I moved our and now was 18 and had gone through her teen years as the queen of the house and an only child of sorts plus the fact that she was in her final year of school.

I arrived at about 2 pm on Friday afternoon as arranged. My dad welcomed me back home, I was glad he was not lecturing me and giving me the “I told you so” speech. I put my stuff in my room and spent the next 2 hours unpacking my car and sorting out my room.

As I was finishing, my dad came into my room and told me that he was being sent to Europe for work for 2 months to try and seal some merger that his company was eager to complete and his business skills were more than sure to seal the deal. He also said that because he was going to be away for so long, the company had agreed to let him take his wife with him. I was glad she would not be here as we never really got along but I was worried how I would go 2 months without killing my step-sister.

“You know the rules,” He said, “No parties and keep the place clean.”

“I know,” I replied.

Parties were not my thing, I was a bit of a recluse and the clean thing was sorted as the maid came 4 days a week.

“When do you leave?” I asked

“Right now actually.” Came the reply “Just wanted to let you know.”

And with that he left the room. I heard the car door close, the motor start and watched from the living room window as they drove down the driveway.

Just like that they were gone!

I was sitting on the couch when I heard a car pull up the driveway. It could only have been Kerry so I did not bother to move.

A couple of minutes later I saw her struggling to pull her 3 suitcases through the front door. Typical I thought, over packed like a proper priss!

But that is not what caught my attention. She was a looker!!!

She had C-cup breasts just begging to be let out of her halter-top and her long legs went on forever before disappearing into her short shorts.

I was instantly hard and decided that I would try see if I could get to see her naked in the next 2 months.

Her red hair was just past her shoulders and her freckles seemed more prominent than I remember perhaps because her skin seemed lighter. I wondered if she had freckles anywhere else?

She saw me sitting there watching.

“So are you going to sit there and watch or are you going to help me you lazy bastard?”

“You packed those bags you can deal with them.” I retorted as I turned back to carry on watching the TV.

I heard her continue to struggle with her bags all the way to her room and heard the door slam. Nothing had changed as I thought to myself… home sweet home.

A while later I needed the bathroom and on my way I heard noises coming from Kerry’s room through the small gap as the door stood slightly ajar.

I paid no attention, as my need to pee was urgent.

On my way back I heard a moan from her room and wondered what was going on so I quietly stood outside and peeked through the gap to see what was happening.

I could only see her full-length mirror but it reflected her lying on her bed and what I saw made me instantly hard again.

Kerry was lying on her bed in her nightie, she had obviously taken a shower because her hair was darker and damp. The nightie was bunched up around her waist and her right hand was rubbing her pussy furiously while her left was squeezing her breasts, her hard nipples quite visible through the material.

I şişli elit escort watched for a while as she kept rubbing her pussy lips and her clit, occasionally slipping a finger inside herself and pumping it in and out before returning to rubbing herself.

I pulled my cock out of my shorts. It was at its full 9 inches and throbbing, begging for attention. I started stroking myself while I watched and when she pushed a finger inside herself I tried to match the rhythm, wishing I was fucking her brains out and sucking on her nipples while she pulled me deeper into her by wrapping her legs around me and placing her hands on my butt.

She had obviously been at this longer than I had and I could hear by her breathing that she was getting close to orgasm as well as the fact that she was now furiously rubbing her clit. I sped up my pumping on my cock, wanting to come the same time as her.

She started moaning louder and louder and as she came she cried out my name!

That made me blow my wad right there and then all over her door. I saw her eyes were now open and I was not sure if she could see me in the mirror so I quickly stole away back to the lounge. My cum on her door would be hard to explain away and I wanted as much time as possible to come up with a story before she found out what I had done and came to take my head off.

A few minutes later I heard her in the kitchen. I was still trying to think of a cover story when I heard her call me.

“Mike please come help me here! Quick!”

She sounded desperate. We may not have had the best relationship but I am not a total hard-ass.

I got up and walked into the kitchen to see her in her nightie, standing on tip-toe, trying to stop a jar falling out of the cupboard she had been digging in. It was the only cupboard in the kitchen that was that high and thus was also in the corner by the door so the only way I could possibly get to the jar at the end of her out stretched fingers, was to stand behind her.

Her nightie had ridden up her backside, exposing the bottom of her butt cheeks as I noticed she had not replaced her panties.

I took all of this in in a second or two and thought that if she felt comfortable like this she was not going to bring up what had happened moments earlier, if she was even aware.

I stood behind her and tried to reach past her to the jar lying on its side, ready to fall to the floor if she moved her hand.

I could not get a decent grip on it so had to move closer to her until my groin was just brushing against her backside.

I reached again and was able to grab the jar and stand it upright again, but did I just feel her pushing her backside back against me? My cock started to swell and I was not sure if she could feel it but I was going to get out of there before anything happened.

“Thanks.” She said as I was already on my way back to the lounge.

“No problem sis” I replied as my mind tried to figure out if she had actually pressed against me on purpose or not, but if she had been masturbating while thinking of me, things were looking more and more promising for me!

There was not much worth watching on TV so I decided to go off to bed and perhaps relive the show I had seen earlier. Kerry was still in the kitchen and I said my good nights and went to my room.

I stripped down to my boxers and climbed into bed, my light off and door closed. I tried to picture Kerry in my mind fingering herself but I was more tired than I thought and was very soon, fast asleep.

The next morning I awoke with a glorious hard-on!

I remembered what I had seen the night before and decided to masturbate to the image in my head.

I started slowly but before long was jerking back and forth like mad, I rolled my head to the side and saw that my bedroom door was open!

I knew that I had closed it and so I wondered why Kerry would have opened my door. Perhaps she had wanted to ask me something or whatever but whatever şişli escort the reason, I immediately stopped jacking off just incase she decided to check in on me again.

I got up, it was 10 am, and walked down the passage to the bathroom. As I neared the bathroom, I could hear Kerry on the phone;

“It is so big…” I heard before I closed the door to take a pee. I was still hard and considered finishing what I had started but thought that I had better see what Kerry wanted before she got pissed about something that probably did not even matter.

I left the bathroom and could see her coming out of our parents bedroom, obviously done with whoever she was chatting to on the phone.

My cock was creating a tent in my boxers and it jumped when I saw what she was wearing.

A white spaghetti strapped top, clearly no bra and a short blue skirt that came to about half way down her thighs. Her hair was loose and I wanted her right there and then.

“Hey Mike. Glad to see that you are finally up.” She said as she skipped down the passage, brushing past me.

“Who were you on the phone with?” I asked.

“Oh that was Sarah, she wanted to know how my trip was and if I was glad to be back?”

“Are you glad to be back?” I asked

“Well…” She said as she walked up towards me, standing in front of me “… that depends on you.” She finished while staring into my eyes.

I was not sure what I saw in them but I was ready for anything and just as well as she very quickly grabbed my hard cock through my boxers, squeezed and pulled on it very quickly before letting go and turning away in a hurry.

“What was that?” I asked, as I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back in an attempt to stop her from getting away. The result was that she ended up standing right in front of me, my hands on her waist and my cock poking her luscious ass.

I was rock hard instantly!

“Lemme go!” She said and struggled against me, her ass rubbing against my cock. She was not trying very hard to get away and I knew it so I started to push my cock against her soft ass. My right hand had moved to her abdomen while my left had moved to her right shoulder, I was pulling her against me and pushing against her gyrating ass as hard as I could, if she wanted to feel my cock, I was going to give her what she wanted.

She was now pushing back against me and breathing deeply.

“You like my cock?” I asked

“Oh yes!” She moaned

“Did you sneak into my room last night and look at it?”


“And what do you think of my cock?”

“I want it.” She replied

“Want it how?” I wanted to hear her say it.

She pushed back against me harder and harder and I pushed against her, grinding myself against her ass

She moaned and pushed back against me but said nothing.

“Want it how?” I asked again by whispering into her left ear and then gently biting her neck while my left hand squeezed her right boob through her top.

“Fuck me!” She whispered

I squeezed her boob harder, pushed against her and bit her neck again.

“I didn’t hear you.”

“Fuck me with your cock!” She said

“Lets see how bad you want it.” I said, as my right hand moved down the front of her skirt and lifted it, my hand feeling her silky smooth thighs for the first time.

I squeezed and caressed her thighs under her skirt and humped myself against her ass, biting her neck and mauling her right breast with my left hand through her top.

My right hand moved higher to her pussy. She was not wearing any panties and she was soaking wet.

I cupped her mound and squeezed it.

“Oh fuck!” She moaned.

I decided that there would be enough time to enjoy her later, right now all I wanted to do was fuck her!

I bent her over and made her place her hands on the wall. I dropped my boxers and lifted her skirt over her backside.

I squeezed her ass cheeks with my hands and then rubbed my cock along her şişli eve gelen escort dripping slit.

“Put it in me! Fuck me!” she said as she thrust herself backwards trying to impale herself on my cock.

I spread her legs a little more and placed the tip of my cock in her, I then put my hands on her hips and started pushing into her.

She was hot and tight but I could keep going until my pelvis was flush with her ass cheeks, all 9 inches were inside her and it felt awesome!

I started to move in and out of her with small movements at first, trying to push myself deeper into her if it were at all possible.

Gradually I started to take longer strokes in and out of her, my hands on her hips guiding my movements and trying to stop her from impaling herself on me as she kept on thrusting back against me.

“You know I saw you masturbating last night.” I said as I pushed into her a little harder to emphasize my statement.

“I know” She replied. “When I saw you pull out your cock, I wanted it in me as soon as possible.”

“You knew I was watching?”

“Yes, that is why I called your name. I wanted you to take me last night in the kitchen but I figured I had to be more direct.”

She was breathing a little harder as I was moving quicker in and out of her.

“So fuck me hard, fuck me over and over and over!”

I could not resist, I pulled out till only the tip of my cock was in her.

“Why are you…?” She started

Then I pushed hard and deep into her, pulling her against me as I did so.

She let out a half shriek half whimper and I did it again and again, starting slowly with the movements but before long I was pounding into her with long hard thrusts.

I watched her ass cheeks shake each time I slammed into her with the accompanying slap as our skin made contact.

I was slamming into her fast and hard, she was so hot and tight and I was going to enjoy the next 2 months if this was going to be a regular event.

I could feel my orgasm building and so I gripped her sides harder and started short sharp thrusts into her, making her stand on tip-toe with each homeward thrust.

She took her left handoff the wall and placed it between her legs and started furiously rubbing her clit.

“Cum in me, I’m on the pill” She managed to gasp

That spurred me on and I was now slamming into her with wild abandon. She was loving it and all she could manage to say was “Fuck, fuck, fuck” as I drilled her and she frigged herself.

All of a sudden she let out a loud moan and her ass was bucking against me wildly, I could feel her orgasm as her pussy clamped down so tight on my cock triggering my orgasm.

I shoved myself hard and deep into her and shot into her pulsating pussy over and over, 4, 5, 6 times, my hands gripping her tightly.

When I was done I leaned back against the wall behind me, my cock still in her as she moved back with me, standing as upright as she could against me.

We were both breathing heavily as I kissed her neck and nibbled on it lightly, my hands moving from her waist for the first time since we had started fucking.

I lifted her top slightly and ran my hands over her taunt belly before moving both of them to her breasts under her top, squeezing them and pulling on the rock hard nipples.

“That’s nice but they are sensitive right now” She said, “But we have plenty time to solve that problem.”

“Hmmm… you are right, I am going to fuck you silly in the next 2 months!” I replied.

“Well lets go shower and then I want to call Sarah back and a few other friends. After being fucked that good a girl has to brag!” She said with a smile

“You cant tell them though, we are brother and sister!”

“Not really, we are step siblings, besides I don’t mind sharing and after this performance I know Sarah will definitely want a turn as well as Robyn probably and if you can get it right with her, maybe her sister too. I am going to have a regular brothel running her for you bro, all I want in return is a good hard fuck on a regular basis.”

And with that she headed to the bathroom, my cock falling out of her pussy, leaving me standing naked in the passage with intriguing thoughts running through my mind.

Perhaps coming home was not such a bad move after all.

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