My Step-Sister

Big Dick

My step sister and I had always been close through our lives. Even after we grew up we remained close and decided to share an apartment while going to college. But one day changed our close friendship to something more.

I was taking a long, hot shower and had just stepped out to dry off when I heard the door open and my step sister’s voice.

“Hey, what are you doing?” she asked.

I froze. I had never been caught like this before, but to my surprise, she didn’t run away.

Instead, she smiled and said, “Wow, that’s impressive!” I blushed, not sure how to respond.

She kept looking at my cock, her eyes wide with admiration.

Finally, she said, “You know, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be with someone who was well-endowed like you.” I was taken aback by her words.

But before I could respond, she stepped closer and reached out to touch my cock.

I felt a wave of pleasure wash over me as her hand slowly explored my cock.

Her touch was gentle, yet firm, as she explored every inch of me.

I could feel my cock swelling even more beneath her touch.

She then moved her hand up and down my shaft, her eyes never leaving my cock.

She slowly stroked my cock for what felt like an eternity.

Finally, she smiled and said, “It’s even bigger than I thought.”

I felt my entire body tense as her hand moved faster, her fingers becoming more sure, more confident as she explored me.

She paid special attention to my most sensitive spots, running her fingers lightly along the underside of my shaft, and gently circling my head.

She moved her hand with a slow, steady rhythm, her fingers expertly gliding up and down my shaft.

I closed my Girne Escort eyes and let out a moan of pleasure as she continued to stroke me.

I could feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer.

Just as I was about to reach my peak, she leaned forward, her face just inches away from mine.

She looked into my eyes and smiled, as if she knew exactly what I was feeling.

I was amazed at how in tune she was with my body, and I could feel my arousal growing even more.

With one final stroke, I let out a loud moan as I reached my climax.

She didn’t stop, though. Instead, she kept her hand moving, coaxing every last bit of pleasure from me until I was completely spent.

Finally, she kept her hand wrapped around my cock, a satisfied smile on her face as she knelt down on her knees in front of me.

Her lips were soft and inviting as she slowly licked her way up my shaft, her tongue exploring every inch.

She moved her head up and down my length in a gentle, yet firm motion, her lips never leaving my cock.

I felt my body tense as she moved her mouth further down, teasing the sensitive head of my cock with her tongue.

She circled it expertly, her lips creating a vacuum of pleasure that I had never experienced before.

I gasped with pleasure as her tongue flicked over my head, sending shivers of delight through my body.

She increased the pressure of her mouth, sucking hard and deep on my shaft.

I felt myself getting close to the edge and I grasped her head, trying to slow her down, but she kept going.

She bobbed her head up and down, her lips never leaving Magosa Escort me, until I finally reached my climax.

The wave of pleasure was so intense that I nearly blacked out.

My body trembled as I came, my body quivering with pleasure as wave after wave of pleasure flowed through me.

When I finally came to, I opened my eyes to find her still kneeling in front of me, her eyes filled with lust.

My step sister kept her eyes locked on mine as she slowly began to move her head up and down my shaft again.

This time her mouth was more intense and her tongue more aggressive, as she explored every inch of me.

The sensation was incredible and I felt my body tense up as she continued to explore my body.

Her lips moved in a perfect rhythm and I could feel myself getting closer and closer to the edge.

Suddenly, she changed her technique and started to swirl her tongue around the head of my cock.

She moved her tongue in slow circles, teasing my most sensitive areas. I could feel my body trembling with pleasure.

Her mouth felt like a vacuum, pulling me deeper and deeper into her.

She moved her head faster and faster and I was completely lost in the sensation.

Just when I thought I couldn’t handle anymore, I felt my body tense up as I reached my peak.

She didn’t stop though, instead she kept going, her lips and tongue working my body until I was completely spent.

When she finally finished, she looked up at me with a satisfied smile on her face. She gently kissed my shaft and then slowly stood up.

I was still in a state of bliss, my body still trembling from the pleasure I had just experienced.

My step sister Kıbrıs Escort looked at me and smiled, before leaning down and giving me a passionate kiss.

I felt the warmth of her body against mine and I moaned with pleasure as her lips moved against mine.

Her hands moved to my back, caressing my skin as her tongue explored my mouth.

Suddenly, her hands moved lower, her soft fingers tracing a path down my chest and stomach.

She continued to kiss me passionately as her hands gripped my hips and I felt her legs wrap around my cock.

She began to stroke it gently, her thighs moving up and down my shaft with slow, gentle strokes.

I felt my arousal growing even more as her thighs moved faster and I felt my entire body trembling with pleasure.

She continued to kiss me as she increased the pressure of her touch, her thighs caressing me with more intensity. The sensation was so intense that I gasped with pleasure.

She moved her hips against mine, her body moving in perfect harmony with her hands.

Her mouth moved away from mine and she began to kiss my neck, her hands still holding my hips.

The pleasure was so intense that I couldn’t take it anymore and I felt myself teetering on the edge of orgasm.

She kept up her rhythm, her hips and hands moving in perfect synchronization.

Finally, I couldn’t hold back anymore and I felt my body tense up as I reached my climax.

She continued to rub and stroke me as I came, the pleasure washing over me in waves as I shuddered with pleasure.

When I was finally spent, she looked up at me with a satisfied smile.

She gently kissed my forehead and then slowly stood up.

She smiled at me one last time before walking out of the bathroom, her hips swaying seductively with each step.

I watched her leave, my body still trembling from the pleasure I had just experienced.

I was amazed at how in tune she was with my body, and I knew that this experience had changed me forever.

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