My Stepbrother’s Cum


When I was young my dad passed away. It was not long until my mother had us living with her new man and his son and daughter. They all seemed very nice. My new step sister Rebecca was very much a well built girl. A senior of 18. Her brother Jimmy was a year older and struggling to get a career started still living at home. At 18 myself I had just graduated and taking the summer to figure out my next move.

I pitched in around the house as both the other kids had jobs. Mom asked me to keep up on the laundry and clean up a bit. I used this as a chance to pocket some of Becky’s panties and I even found her little stash of toys while putting her room together. Often i would slip in to her clothes and use her toys while every one was away. You see I was sharing a room with Jimmy so during the day alone was the best time. I had been stealing my moms clothes and using various other items to masturbate for about three years at this point so I kind of knew my way around the secret.

After a couple of weeks around July 4th I found a small box on my mattress one day. A note inside said “I hope you will not be offended but you can keep these for your self.” Inside was a dildo and some clothes from Becky. So my step-sister was my best friend as we spoke in secret about all the things i was into and she became a great friend, after a week or so of nightly conversations.

At this time it was mid summer late July and Jimmy was out with a friend camping. I stayed up late watched a porn, slipped in to a pink bra and panty set, and found the dildo i was given by Becky. Now my step-brothers bed had a trundle roll out mattress that şişhane escort I used as my bed. So I’m on my bed full rodeo riding a dildo when I hear the step creak. In a panic I just toss the blanket over myself click of the tv and pretend to be a sleep.

Just as the door swings open I manage to lay down and in strolls Jimmy. He sees me sleeping and he slips into bed quietly. I am petrified I’m wearing panties and a bra while holding a dildo clutched in my hands and my new step-brother almost caught me. Heart pound I lay still. Just then he clicks on the tv. At this time I am mortified the movie I was watching was still playing. A BBC all anal scene was just wrapping up with a girls asshole dripping cum. I thought for sure i was dead meat. But Jimmy just said “well alright” and started watching the next scene.

After a few minutes he fast forwarded the movie to a part where the girl was choking down a big black cock and I heard the all too familiar sound of a beat off session start. From his position on the bed he couldn’t see me. So I lay there on my backing waiting for him to be done and fall asleep. In a short few minutes he groaned and I smiled he was almost finished. Then there was a warm liquid on my face right square in the mouth. It startled me I almost yelled but I knew I couldn’t. Unfucking believable but Jimmy had jacked off and shot his load. With his position on the bed the first shot went over his shoulder and landed on my lips.

I did not know what had happened at first. But when it startled me I got my first taste of real cum. It was amazing before I put my thoughts şişli anal yapan escort together i blurted out “nice shot.” Jimmy stopped and after a second I leaned up and with a finger I pushed his cum off my lips and into my mouth. Then licked my fingers.

“What?” he said hushed trying to hide his exposed dick under the blanket.

“When you blew your load, it landed on my face.” I said. I had no control at this point. he could see me in the nights light. I was dressed like a girl in bra and panties and licking his cum from my fingers. He looked confused but I did not care as I spoke I yanked his blanket off his bed exposing his (now damn near limp) dick in his hands. I had also climbed onto the bed with him.

“What are you doing?” He asked as I slid my hand up his thighs to meet his.

“Finishing what you started Jimmy” I whispered. “That can’t be the end of it. I’d say you were robbed of a good load. I’ll fix that.” By this time I had pushed his hands from his dick and grabbed it up in mine. He lay on his back and put his legs between mine and I licked at his dick. I smelled his cum and his dick tasted great. In my head I couldn’t believe this was happening and he was going to let it happen. As I worked at his dick it grew harder and I started to give him a blowjob. Tip to base deepthroat and after a bit he placed his hands on my head and thrust his dick into my throat. His balls swelled and he blew another large load of cum straight into my throat. I could not breathe and I choked some but I managed to take all he gave. I cleaned up his dick and silently slipped şişli bdsm escort back to bed. He just laid there in silence.

I was feeling amazing I had dreamed about this day for years. I had sucked a dick. It was amazing. I just tried to lay down and sleep but my mind raced. That guy was my step-brother and I had just jumped up and swallowed his dick. I let him blow his load in my mouth. I lay there for what seemed like forever trying to sleep in the silence of that dark room as the scenes of the porno flickered on the tv. When I heard Jimmy’s bed creak and felt pressure on my mattress.

Jimmy was slipping into bed with me? I just lay still. He slid up next to me and under my blanket. He caressed me and he ran his fingers through my shoulder length hair. Then he kissed me he slipped me the tongue. I kissed him back. As we lay there making out he slid his fingers in my panties. From my work with the dildo earlier I was ready and it didn’t take long for Jimmy to find out. His finger slipped in my ass and he was finger fucking me and kissing me. I was working my hand on his dick and kissing him back but I couldn’t stop myself from breathing out “do it Jimmy FUCK me now!”

He did not hesitate. He yanked my panties aside pushed my legs back over my belly and shoved his dick straight up my warm wet ass. “Oh God yes!” and “Fuck me harder!” were the only things i could say. Jimmy fucked me like an animal he flipped me over and rode me doggy style. He pulled at my hair and said “you dirty slut I’m going to make you a woman tonight!” He shoved his dick deep inside me and I could feel it explode. I could feel the cum fill me up. I could feel it start to leak out of my ass. As he slid out I cleaned his cock in my mouth. I fell back on the mattress. I could feel his cum leak out of my ass and into my panties. We lay together the rest of the night and I woke up to him spooning with me. I never felt more alive ever before that night.

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