My Submissive Little Sister Ch. 03

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Alison’s face went blank when I told her it was time for me to remove her panties.

I’m sure my little sister must have known this moment was coming – I’d already taken her shirt and shorts off, and then her bra, exposing her cute, petite breasts to me. And as I did all those things, I’d touched her all over her body, caressed her and suckled her breasts passionately. I’d even rubbed her virginal pussy, given her an orgasm, and then made her masturbate herself while I suckled her breasts. So far, she was doing well and even though I still half expected her to turn tail and run back to the safety of her own bedroom, we were getting closer and closer to a point where I hoped she wouldn’t.

I know she was a little disappointed that I didn’t treat her like she expected to be treated – the way she saw those girls treated in the porn DVD she’d been watching. But, given the fact that my sister was still a virgin and had virtually no experience with boys, I think my methods were the right way to go.

I guess in some way, she thought she could go directly from being an inexperienced virgin to a total submissive slut just by watching the DVD and wishing it would happen. She thought she could just bend over and take a cock in her pussy like those professional porn actresses – being pounded and fucked long and hard. She even thought she was going to take a cock up that cute little ass of hers and be immediately throat fucked.

But, I knew better. I knew she needed to go slow and have some training. Sure, I was going to grant all her wishes, but, not in the first three hours! And, if she took the time to think about it, I’d already given her a two hour sample of light submission. I didn’t ask her permission when I took her shirt off – I just did it. And when I lowered her shorts to her knees and made her stand in front of me so I could see and touch her panties, I didn’t give her a choice in that, either. I just did it.

When I bent her over in her thong, kneeled behind her and pulled her butt cheeks apart – I did that on my own, too. And, for sure – she didn’t willingly let me take her bra off. In fact, she earned herself a spanking for the fuss she caused as I was trying to remove it and see her little boobies.

So, all in all, she’d already had a good two hour taste of being submissive to me. But, now, we were past the preliminaries. With everything I did and everything I said, if she was going to change her mind and call it off, I would think she would be pretty close to doing it. And, of course, once I removed her panties, my plan was to spend some time inspecting and getting to know my little sister’s pussy in a very intimate way. She was going to be on full display for me – wide open and totally exposed, and my intention was to see, touch and smell every bit of her down there.

Obviously, at the top of my list was investigating and verifying her virginity. And while I knew a girl could be a virgin without having an intact hymen, I was curious to see how she looked down there. Obviously, the status of her hymen was a major consideration in how I’d proceed with making love to her the first time. So, my inspection of her pussy would include a thorough exam of her vaginal opening and the condition of her hymen. Even though she said she wanted to be my submissive, she’s still my little sister and despite what one would think, I had no intention or desire to hurt her, see her in a lot of pain or make her first sexual penetration a horrible event.

“So,” I began speaking, “this is how we’re going to do this. You’re going to stand in front of me and I’m going to lower your panties to your knees and then I’m going to look at you for a while.”

I prepared Alison, telling her I might have her turn around, or maybe even bend over for me so I could see her from behind without her panties. I told her I might touch her and I might ask her to hold herself open so I could see her better, or I might even have her touch herself. Yeah, I know I didn’t have to say any of that, but, I think part of her subconsciously wanted to experience the feelings of anxiety and anticipation before it actually happened, probably because just the thought of those things excited her so much.

“Regardless of what I do, or, what I ask you to do,” I added, “you will go along with it and cooperate fully. I won’t have much patience with you if you misbehave, little sister. You already have one spanking coming, and I’m happy to spank you twice, or as many times as I need to if you disobey.”

My little sister’s face was stoic as she looked at me, and I felt I needed to give her one last chance to change her mind before I removed her panties and began the process of intimately examining her teenage pussy.

“Alison,” I said, reaching out to hold her hands, “I want you to fully understand what’s about to happen, here. I’m going to be taking your panties off and then I’m going to see you and touch you in a sexual way. So, if you’re having second thoughts, or, if you taksim elit escort want to put a stop to this, you better do it right now because once I get started and get your panties off you, it’s almost a certainty you’ll end up with my cock inside you before the night is over. If you’re going to chicken out, now is the time.”

I waited about thirty seconds for her to say something, and when she didn’t, I took her silence as her answer that I should continue and her blessing that she would be compliant.

“Very well, then.” I finally said.

I sat down on the edge of my bed and gestured for my little sister to move closer to me. When she did, I placed my hands on her hips and positioned her exactly where I wanted her. Then, without even looking up at her, I tapped the inside of her knees until she spread her feet about eighteen inches apart.

Running my right hand up the outside of her thigh, I felt the smooth texture of her skin and stopped as I touched her hip.

“I’m proud of you.” I said softly. “I know it took courage to let me do the things I’ve already done to you, and as we go forward, I hope you’ll continue to be courageous and trust me to know what’s right for you. If you can do that, all your dreams and expectations will be fulfilled.”

Alison looked down at me and nodded her head, and that’s all I needed in the way of a response from her. In my mind, I had a plan on how this was going to happen. I was going to take my time and thoroughly enjoy myself. Hopefully, she’d enjoy it, too, and the next hour, or so, would set the stage for what would be a true metamorphosis in Alison’s life. She’d go from a gothic, smart mouthed teenager to a well behaved submissive young woman.

I moved my hand between her legs and slid it up to her crotch and nestled my fingers into the soft, wet fabric of her panties. She was way beyond the point where she was simply wet, though. The material of her panties was completely soaked – not just where they covered her pussy, but the whole front panel of her thong was wet, too. This made me happy for several reasons, not just the fact she was super excited, but also because her panties would be a great prize for me to keep once I’d taken them off her. They’d bring me several days of pleasure as I smelled and sniffed them, and she’d remember this for a long time – how I took her panties and how I used them as a catalyst for my own carnal desires.

I began to touch and feel her between her legs without any restrictions now, running my hand between her thighs and cupping her sodden panties with the palm of my hand. I let my fingers explore and press up into the material of her panties searching for her clit and for the folds of her pussy lips. I used the tips of my fingers to search out the exact tip of her clitoris and when I found it, I pressed my fingers against it until she let out a small moan. Then, I went searching for her vaginal opening, and when I found it, I pressed up against her panties until I felt the warmth of fresh pussy juice permeating the fabric.

I realize most men don’t get off on panties as much as I do, but, having free reign to see and feel a girl’s panties as she’s wearing them is one of my most favorite things to do, and there was no way I was going to let any more time go by without spending time touching her through her panties and feeling her intimately through the thin material she thought would hide and cover her.

My fingers were wet, and each time I rubbed them between her legs, they got wetter and I could smell more and more of her intoxicating female scent. I probably spent at least ten minutes touching her as she stood in front of me in her panties, and I probably could have spent another ten minutes, but my cock was very painful pinned up inside my pants and I knew I was going to have to let it out soon, so I decided to move on.

Stroking her pussy gently, I looked up at her and said, “Alison, ask me to pull your panties down and look at your vagina.”

I half expected Alison to choke, but, she didn’t, and as soon as I finished my request, she did what I asked in a most exemplary manner.

“Brett,” she began, “would you please pull my panties down and then, would you please look at my vagina?”

If my little sister had any hesitation or second thoughts, she surely wasn’t showing it to me. And, her words were clear and strong – she didn’t falter at all, and when she used the words ‘please’, I was impressed and I felt obligated to do just as she asked.

But, I had a bit of a surprise for her, first. I leaned over to my side and reached for the handle of the large drawer of my computer desk. Then, quickly, so she wouldn’t have time to see the rest of the things I’d stashed in there, I opened the drawer and pulled out the blindfold that was hidden inside.

The blindfold, I was sure, would add an unexpected touch of apprehension to what I was about to do to her. I wanted her to be filled with anxieties taksim escort and nervousness as I pulled her panties off her hips and exposed her sex to me for the first time. The blindfold would serve two purposes – it should deprive her of one of her major senses, and it would keep her from seeing me naked, at least for now.

I asked her to take a step back and when she did, I stood up next to her holding the blindfold in my hand, dangling it from my fingers.

“What’s that for?” Alison asked.

I didn’t answer my little sister’s question. In fact, I didn’t have any intention of saying anything that would make her feel comfortable or at ease right now. I wanted her to experience the feeling of being powerless – and wearing the blindfold while I stripped her naked and examined her pussy should allow her to live a feeling of being truly submissive. This is exactly what she wanted, and it was time to give her a little larger taste of what it feels like to give up control.

Before I fastened the blindfold around her head, I took her hands and pulled them up to her tiny boobs. “Touch your breasts for me.” I said, gently. “Show me how you’d like them to be touched. Play with them like you would if you were lying in bed at night masturbating.”

I’m sure Alison didn’t expect this, but, without questioning me, she cupped her cute little breasts in the palms of her hands and started to roll her nipples in between her thumb and first finger very lightly. “Good.” I said. “Keep doing that until I tell you to stop. Do whatever feels good to you.”

Using my fingers, I pushed her gothic, black, dyed hair back behind her ears on both sides of her face. Then, without any delay, I placed the blindfold over her eyes and pulled the strap behind her head and pressed the velcro straps together, securing the blindfold firmly in place. Once I checked the blindfold’s fit over her eyes, I was ready for the next part of my plan.

As she stood next to me playing with her nipples, blindfolded, and in her panties, I reached down to undo my belt and pulled it free from my jeans. Upon hearing the unmistakable sounds of me unbuckling my belt, she flinched a little and asked, “Am I going to get my spanking now?”

“No.” I said. “Not yet. We’ll do that later…… probably right before Mom and Dad get home.”

I’m sure her curiosity was running away with her now, and just to keep her guessing, I took a few steps away from her and with great care, I carefully unbuttoned my jeans and silently pulled my zipper down. Then, reaching into my boxers to hold my straining, throbbing cock up against my belly, I grasped my jeans and boxers, pushed them down below my knees and then pulled my feet out of them.

Standing there naked from the waist down with my sister in the room was an exhilarating feeling, I can tell you that with complete honestly. My erection was swaying and bobbing as I pulled off my t-shirt, and once I was completely naked, I felt my cock twitch and tighten as I looked at Alison standing there in her panties.

I couldn’t help reaching down to grasp my cock and stroke it a few times while I watched my little sister finger her nipples, but, I knew this was a dangerous thing to do in light of the fact I’d had a continuous hard-on for several hours now and I didn’t want to cum until the time was right. On the other hand, though, she’d already had at least two cums since she wandered into my room so innocently after our parents left, and I felt I was due some attention.

Completely on impulse, I walked behind where she stood and just looked at her for a moment while I stroked my cock, and then unable to keep myself from doing it, I stepped right up behind her, wrapped my arms around her waist, and pulled her back against my semi naked body.

It caught her by surprise, but when she felt my nakedness and my hard cock pressing against her, she gasped. I held her tightly against me and pushed my pelvis into her, making sure she could feel the full strength of my turgid cock pressing into her butt. Then, as softly as I could, I whispered in her ear.

“Feel that, little sister?” I said. “That’s my cock. It’s the cock that’s going to make love to you and make you a woman. It’s the cock that’s going to be fucking you daily from now on. It’s the cock you’re going to learn to please and suck.” Then after a short second, I added, “It’s the cock that’s going to fuck that cute little bottom of yours, too.”

Alison didn’t say a word. She didn’t even move beyond the way she flinched and gasped when I yanked her body backwards into mine and she felt my cock poking into her.

“Can I see it?” Alison asked, meekly.

“No.” I answered.

Then, dropping her hands from her breasts, she started to move her hands behind her and asked. “Well, can I at least touch it?”

“Not yet.” I said, sternly. “You’ll get to feel it soon, though.”

Reaching for her hands, I took them in mine and brought them up, taksim eve gelen escort telling her to clasp her hands behind her head. “Keep them there,” I said, calmly, “and spread your feet a little more.”

Obediently, she clasped her hands behind her head and shuffled her feet apart several more inches, and when she did, I bent my knees and reached for my hardened cock. Pointing it between her legs from behind, I guided my hardness toward her pussy as if I was going to fuck her. Instead, though, I pushed it all the way through the gap between her thighs and let my cock slap up against her panty covered pussy and then I stood all the way up.

I could feel the length of my cock nestled tightly against the saturated material of her wet thong and I thrust forward a little so she could feel my pole lying against her pussy lips, separated only by the thin fabric of her panties.

Holding her hips, I dry humped her for a few seconds, bending my knees to vary the angle at which my cock rubbed against her crotch as I moved back and forth. Her thong panties didn’t cover much of her pussy and I’m sure she felt every inch of my member as it slid through her legs, along the slippery lips of her vulva and along the bottom of her butt cheeks.

I heard Alison moan as I sawed in and out between her legs. She was moving in time with my thrusting, pressing her crotch down against my cock as it moved against her.

“Please Brett.” She whispered. “At least let me feel it, okay?”

“You want to feel it bad enough to beg me?” I answered.

“Yes.” My little sister moaned. “Please, Brett. I’m begging you. Just for a minute….. let me feel you. Please?”

I let go of my little sister’s hips and stood up behind her. Then moving around her body, I sat on the bed and pulled her in between my knees, and told her to kneel down. Although she was wearing the blindfold, I could see her face was red and flushed. Her nipples were hard, her breathing had quickened and she had a flush of red speckles all over her chest. I hadn’t initially planned on letting her see or feel my cock until I’d removed her panties and had a chance to check her pussy out thoroughly, but, I was almost at the end of my rope. My cock had been hard for a long, long time and honestly, if she was going to actually beg to feel my cock, I was damn sure going to let her. “Hell,” I thought to myself, “I might as well make her suck me, too.”

When she got down on her knees in front of me, I simply took both her hands and slowly, moved them to my cock and wrapped them around the hardness between my legs. Then, I asked her, “Is this the first time you’ve ever held a hard cock in your hands?”

“Yes.” She answered, almost so softly that I barely hear her. Then, louder she said, “Brett, it feels so big.”

As the words left Alison’s mouth, I reached behind her head and began to pull her face down toward my pulsing cock. She pulled back, almost fighting me, so I immediately let go of her head.

“You begged me to let you let you feel my cock, little sister.” I said. Then I continued speaking, saying, “I’m granting your request. Open your mouth, Alison.”

I reached behind her neck and pulled her face forward again. This time, she bent her head – almost eagerly, and opened her mouth at the same time. Without being told, she guided my upturned cock toward her mouth and wrapped her lips around the bulging head of my cock. I let her stay like that for a few seconds, continuing to hold her head in place, but when I took my hands away from the back of her head, my little sister did something I didn’t expect.

Without a word between us, Alison’s mouth began to descend down my cock, taking it a few inches deeper into her mouth. Pulling off for a second, she licked her lips and spoke, saying, “It’s so warm, Brett. It feels hard on the inside, but soft on the outside.” Then, just as quick as she said it, her mouth wrapped around my cock head and she slid it back inside her mouth and closed her lips loosely around my shaft.

I was watching her carefully, having both the desire to see my blindfolded, beautiful little sister sucking me, and also wanting to see how bold she would get with the first hard cock she ever had in her mouth. And, I wasn’t disappointed on either point. She appeared to be having a delightful time without any help or assistance from me, enthusiastically sucking and licking the flesh pole in her hands and taking me into her mouth deeper and deeper as each second passed. I watched as she held my cock steady and went down on it, then, she’d come back up and go down again, this time a little further. Each time, she’d take more of my cock in her mouth until finally she pulled all the way off and coughed.

“Not so deep.” I said, almost whispering to her. “There will be plenty of time to get to know my cock. Don’t rush it right now.”

“Force me.” Alison said in return. “Make me suck you really deep, Brett. Push my head down and hold it there.”

I’d given up trying to be slow and gentle with her, and with her begging to feel my cock and seeing how enthusiastically she was sucking me, it seemed pointless to stay with my original plan. There was only one thing that kept me from shoving her head down on top of my cock, and I felt I should at least warn her about it.

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