My Sweet Stephanie Pt. 02


As I awoke the morning after my daughter Steph & I were together, I thought of that dream of my departed wife telling me that this was ok. I lay there imagining my baby girl naked in front of me, those perfect breasts, wonderful eyes, luscious milky white skin, beautiful round ass and a sexy arousing pussy. At that moment I decided maybe this is not such a bad thing, but we need to set some ground rules.

After showing I went downstairs to find Steph in the kitchen cooking breakfast wearing another sexy baby-doll that almost was too small. Her ass cheeks flowed out the sides of the panties and I imagined her smallish breasts might just flow from the top. I stared at her ass shaking as she moved about the kitchen, suddenly she turned and saw me checking her out.

“Morning daddy, I see you like what I’m wearing. Do you want your eggs scrambled or over easy? I made bacon, toast & coffee is that ok?” she said.

Without time to answer, as I was still staring at her, Steph walked over and gave me a kiss. As we kissed her tongue slid into my mouth and our tongues danced together, I pulled her in tightly as our embrace seemed to last forever.

Pulling my lips from hers I said, “Steph we need to talk, I do want you badly but we need some ground rules.”

“Ok daddy whatever you want as long as I can make you mine,” she said.

Sitting down at the table Steph poured my coffee and I told her scrambled would be fine. When it was ready Steph put my plate down sitting next to me and we ate. After finishing breakfast we cleaned up and went to the living room to talk.

“Steph, 1st I want to tell you, I had a dream about your mom last night and Porno in it she told me it was ok to be with you. I don’t know if it was really her or my own mind trying to justify this, but in either case I know I enjoyed what happened last night and I don’t care of the consequences.” I said.

“I don’t care what made you chose, but I am so happy you decided you want me,” she said.

“Ok so here are my ground rules. 1st, if we to do this we need to be very discreet since it’s not legal. 2nd, if you already aren’t on birth control, which I assume you are not since you are a virgin. 3rd, if either of us decides that it’s too much, then it ends and we go back to a father daughter relationship. Can you live with these or not?” I said.

“Well discreet is something that is a no brainer, no I am not on birth control but will see the doctor and get some, the last one I am sure my mind won’t change but if yours does I’ll agree,” she said.

“Ok then I guess we’re gonna do this,” I said.

“Oh my god I love you daddy,” she said as she kissed my face all over finally kissing my lips.

As we embraced in a kiss our tongues met once again, my hands began caressing her breasts as her nipples pierced thru the thin material. Steph parted from our kiss, taking her top off she exposed those small wonderful breasts. Taking one in my mouth I began sucking it and while my hand massaged the other.

“Oh daddy that feels so good, I am starting to get so wet,” she said as her hand began to rub her pussy thru the material, I could see a small wet spot starting to cover her panties.

“No baby let me do that,” I said as I slowly removed Altyazılı Porno those now wet panties.

My little girl was now totally naked, such a breathtaking vision, I had to just take this picture in before I touched her.

“You are so beautiful Steph, you are the vision of loveliness,” I said.

“Thank you daddy you make me feel beautiful even if I am not,” she said.

“Steph I don’t know how you can think that, do you have that supermodel figure, no, but you are a gorgeous young lady. Don’t ever sell yourself short you are beautiful, a lot like your mom was.” I said.

As she looked at me and smiled I slid my hand down her stomach until reaching her soft virgin pussy. Massaging her clit made her wriggle under my touch, I could feel the flow of her virgin juices beginning to surround my fingertip. I knew she was almost ready to burst and lowered my mouth and began to lick readying for her orgasm. Taking my juice covered finger I slowly separated her ass cheeks and pressed it against her musky hole.

“Oh that feels good, push harder please I want to cum,” she said.

Pushing harder, my finger slid inside her ass as my tongue worked feverously on her pussy. As my finger was now fucking my baby’s ass, I could feel her begin bucking against my face as I continued eating her, I could tell she was ready to burst.

“Daddy I’m gonna cum, yes yes I’m Cumming,” she said as her juices began ejaculating from her pussy filling my tongue with that sensational taste.

Steph collapsed against the couch almost breathless and closed her eyes. With her eyes still closed she pulled my sipper down pulling Brazzers my shorts down just enough to expose my hard cock. Precum was dripping before her hand even touch it’s skin, I was ready for my baby to take me. As her hand touched it’s head her eyes opened, she looked so happy staring at my bare cock.

“Daddy you have such a big hard thing, do you want me to put it in my mouth and suck it?” she asked.

“Oh baby girl yes, yes, yes please suck your daddy’s cock, suck all the cum out and swallow it,” I pled.

Steph began swirling her tongue around its head, then lower licking the shaft until finally reaching my balls. Looking up she said, “you know if we shave you it would taste so much better, do you think you might like that? I could shave myself for you if you want.”

As my baby began sucking my cock what could I say but, “anything you want baby girl, I’ve never shaved there but I would be willing to do anything for you.”

“Anything I want hmm,” she said taking my cock inside her mouth.

I was so excited I don’t think I lasted more than 2 minutes when my cock tensed up and my load shot inside my baby girl’s mouth. As my cum shot inside she swallowed every bit, when I was finished she sucked the head hard and using her fingers squeezed the shaft draining ever last ounce I had.

Releasing my cock she said, “I hope you enjoyed that!”

“It was the best, I think even better than your mom to be honest,” I said.

“So Monday I will call my doctor for an appointment and get a script for birth control. When I get it you can make me your daughter-wife, I love you daddy,” she said wrapping her arms around me tightly.

“I love you too Steph, I think this is gonna be a very good thing me and my daughter-wife,” I said.

“It’s just you and me hopefully forever now,” she said

My mind drifted to the future could we last forever like this I thought, only time will tell.

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