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My trioI had finished kissing Edna good-bye and was turning to leave when I saw Bob drive up and get out of his car along with two male companions of his. As he walked up to me,”Well, well” he said”How’s my little whore?’ he asked me as he leaned in and kissed me. When we broke off,”I’m fine” I answeredEdna was still standing in the doorway and cried out,”We just had a little fun with Joan and Debbie” she told Bob”Oh yeah” he replied looking at me.”Well then” he began,”Maybe you’d like to have a little more fun” he then said. Turning to his two friends,”Mark, Bill” he said,”This is the little whore I was telling you about” he added. Then turning back to me,”How about it whore?” he said”Up to a little more fun?” he asked.”I was just leaving” I replied hoping to get away from what I knew Bob would want of me. Grabbing me by my hair and turning me around forcibly,”No whore” he said”You’re fuckin’ staying” he added and proceeded to lead me back into the house. Mark and Bill followed.”Whatya say we head back downstairs” he said firmly as he pulled me back towards the basement door.”Please no” I cried out, thinking of the whippings I had given out just a while ago and knowing I would probably get whipped myself. It didn’t matter how I pleaded, Bob pulled me along down the stairs and when there took hold of my blouse and tore it open. I tried to cover my tits form the two men, but Bob slapped my face hard several times,”You fuckin’ whore” he began”You’re here to please us and not resist” he added as he slapped my face again.”Yes” was all I could say.Bob now made me strip off my clothes and I saw that güvenilir bahis he and the two men did so as well until we were all ready for some fun. Grabbing hold of my hair again, Bob pushed me down in front of him,”Suck my fuckin’ cock whore” he demanded and I reached up, took hold of his cock and started licking it.”Suck it whore” he demanded as he slapped my face and into my mouth went his cock.As I sucked on Bob’s cock, Mark and Bill moved over on either side of me, both their cocks hard and sticking out and,”Play with their cocks whore” Bob ordered and I raised my hands up to their cocks and started to jerk on them as best I could. Bob would occasionally slap my face as I sucked his cock and after a few minutes I let him go and turned my attention to Mark’s big cock. I now sucked on his cock while still jerking Bills and Bob moved over a bit and I soon had his cock in my hand and was jerking it off too. A few more minutes passed and I switched again and took Bill’s cock in my mouth and sucked on him while jerking Bob and Mark off.”How’s that for a obedient little cocksucking whore?” Bob asked the two men. Bill slapped at my face,”Fuckin’ great man” he replied,”How’s her fuckin’ cunt?” he then asked”How’s her fuckin’ bunt hole?” Mark then asked and I knew from that I was going to have all three of my holes filled with hard cocks. “Let’s find out” Bob replied to the men and having me take Bill’s cock out of my mouth, he had me climb onto the bed while Bill laid down on the bed next to me. “Get on his cock whore” Bob ordered me and I positioned myself over Bill’s cock as he held it türkçe bahis upright and slowly lowered myself down until I felt his cock enter my cunt. I then leaned forward as Mark climbed onto the bed and coming up behind me, placed his hands on my ass, leaned down a bit and spreading my cheeks apart a little, stuck his tongue into my hole and started to licked it and drive his tongue in and out of me. Soon he was ready and taking his cock in his hand, he slowly moved in and hitting my hole, he rammed it in hard as I cried out in pain and shock. Both men now started to fuck me hard, Bill pumping away at my cunt while Mark pounded my ass. After a few minutes, Bob moved around to my side and grabbing my hair, turned my head towards him,”Suck my cock you fuckin’ whore” he demanded as he shoved his cock into my open mouth.There I was, a cock in each hole being fucked like a street whore, Bill slapping at my tits, Mark slapping my ass and Bob slapping my face as the pain started to turn into pure ecstasy. I was soon swooning in heaven, moaning aloud as the three cocks filled my holes, pounding away at my body, driving me into a realm of pleasure that a lot of women would love. Reality soon came back as Bill and Mark both announced they were coming and soon I was being filled with cum in my ass and cunt only to be followed by Bob filling my mouth with his cum. They all pulled out and one by one I was ordered to lick and suck their cocks clean. “Up for a little more fun guys?” Bob asked the two.”Fuck yeah” Bill replied.Grabbing my hair one more time, Bob pulled me off the bed, led me to the center güvenilir bahis siteleri of the room and ordered me to raise my arms up. I had thought before I was going to be whipped and now I knew I would be. Bob tied me to the hook from the ceiling and when I was raised a bit off the ground, he went over and the three agreed on a single strand whip to use on me. “Okay Bill” Bob said,”You first” he added”Twenty lashes” he added and before I could brace myself a lash came across my back. Lash after lash came across my back and tits as I cried out in pain until Bill reached twenty lashes. Taking over the whip, Mark then proceeded to give me his twenty lashes, the welts now piling up on my back and tits until I could feel a few trickles of blood. “Oh man” said Mark”That was fuckin’ awesome” “Fuck yeah” added Bill.”Glad you guys liked my whore” Bob then said”I’d like her more if she suck on my cock again” Mark said”Mine too man” Bill added.”Why not” Bob then said and came over to me, slowly let me down and had me get back on my knees,”Suck their cocks you fuckin’ piece of shit” he ordered as he slapped my face. I took Bill’s cock first until he came again, then took mark’s cock until he loaded my mouth with his cum. Finally I took Bob and sucked him off until he too blew his load in my mouth. I fell back exhausted and thoroughly sore, my mouth, back and tits aching from all the abuse, but deep within me, purely satisfied and filled with a pleasure that can only be described as heavenly. Edna was called down to help me clean up and tend my whip marks and get me a new blouse while the men settled down for drinks and a meal. When I was ready to head home Bob came up to me,”Well honey” he said”Thanks for a great time” he added”I hope you’re okay” he said”I’m fine” I replied”I hope your friends were satisfied” I added”I’m sure they were”

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