My Twin Loves Ch. 03


I avoided Lydia the next day. She seemed like everything was normal, but I needed to speak to Flick, and just felt uncomfortable about what had been happening. Despite how funny Flick had found our kiss at their 21st, this didn’t feel right.

Friday morning, the day Flick was due back, I woke up a little earlier than normal. I could hear Lydia crying in the kitchen. A moment of hesitation, and then I went out there. Before I made it into the hallway, standing in my door, I heard her speaking.

‘I can’t stay here anymore sis. I’m sorry, I kissed him.’ A long pause. ‘I know. But I still feel awful. I like him too much, and it’s not fair on you.’ She kept sniffling. ‘Mmm. Ok. Well. I’ll see you tonight. And doesn’t matter how you feel, I’m still sorry.’

I backed into my room and softly closed my door.


My drive to the airport to collect Flick was uncomfortable. I got there early, and waited near the gate. Oh boy.

She was one of the last off the plane, which didn’t help the nerves. She looked at me, smiled sadly (or was that in my head? Was that a normal smile? What was she thinking?) and came over.

‘Hey babe.’


‘So, I spoke to Lyds this morning.’

‘Yeah. I don’t know what happened. I guess… Flick, I don’t have much right to say this I suppose, but I love you more than I can handle.’

She smiled at me again. ‘You idiot.’ Then she put her arms around me, and we kissed softly. ‘How could you think I’m mad? I’m a bit surprised it took Lydia this long to do anything! She’s been crazy about you since we started dating.’

‘Uh, what?’

‘Why do you think she’s not been on any dates? I can’t really blame her, I managed to find the best guy in the country and she’s had to watch her twin sister in utter bliss.’

I just stood there, a slight buzzing noise in my head.

‘But then, why did you ask her to move in with us?’

‘Let’s get a drink?’ She took my hand and guided us over to one of the airport bars. I picked up her bag and carried it with us. Late on a Friday, it was reasonably quiet. I sat at the table while she got us a beer each.

‘I missed you,’ I said.

She smirked. ‘Yes, I gather you did.’

‘How was the last day of the class?’

‘Oh, it was fine.’ She took a deep breath. ‘So. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time. I guess I should apologise too, because I should have said something before now. Might have made the last week or two a bit easier on all of us.’ She put her hand on my leg.

‘But you let it build up inside you and stewed on it? Doesn’t sound much like my Felicity.’

She smacked me and laughed. ‘Shut up. You need to hear me out now, ok? This is a lot for me to be able to admit, and I dunno what it will mean for us, but here goes.’ Another deep breath. ‘I want nothing more than to go back to our house and you to fuck my lights out, right now.’

I grinned despite myself and looked around to see if anyone else heard her. No-one close enough. Shame.

‘But instead I need you to do something else for me. You need to take us home, go into Lydia’s room, and make her feel special.’

I raised an eyebrow, about to speak.

‘No, let me finish.’ She was blushing furiously and she had that “I Want” line creasing her forehead I always found so cute. ‘I mean I want you to make love to her. To my sister.’ She let out a huge sigh. ‘You’re going to think I’m crazy. But I’ve been thinking about this for a while. You guys have an amazing connection. So do we. And I don’t want to mess that up. But. But. And it’s a big but. I can’t bear to see Lyds unhappy, and not being able to be with someone she’s fallen for is tough. Even if it’s you, my own love.’

I was stunned. Look, let’s be real. Who hasn’t dreamed of having a threesome? Or free love? And if you saw two hot twins walking down the street, tell me that your mind doesn’t wonder, what if…? But it’s different when they are real people to you, and you love them.

‘Flick. I… I don’t need or want this. You are the only woman I need to be happy. I didn’t realise Lydia was…’

‘Of course you didn’t you idiot. You’re you. And I know that every time you look at me there’s no one else in the world and I want to go to the bathroom right now and tear off your clothes.’ She squeezed my thigh. Very high up. ‘That’s kind of why I want this to happen. I can trust you more than anyone except Lydia. The two of you are the most important things in the world for me.’

She blushed again. ‘And there’s something else. You know I love being able to try new things. To have sex outdoors, the risk of being seen.’ I grinned at her. ‘Well, this is a new thing I want to try. I want to try sharing my man. I want to know how that feels. And maybe one day if Lydia lets me watch, I want to see what you look like when you fuck.’

No words. I was harder than I’d been in weeks. Since Flick had waltzed into the bedroom wearing that black lacy thing and garter stockings. That was a good night.

‘I get it if you’re not comfortable eve gelen gaziantep escort with that I suppose. I dunno, it’s weird.’ She looked down, and I suddenly saw that young woman from our first few classes, shy and uncertain. Then her eyes met mine again, and they were blazing. ‘But I need you to know I am comfortable with it. It’s not just being back with you that has me so horny. It’s that I’ve finally shared this with you. It’s wishing I could have seen you kiss the other night. And it’s imagining you two entwined on our bed. Or her bed. Or wherever. Sorry. I’m weird I know.’

I stared at her. ‘Flick, I love you. And I guess I’m realising now, I love Lydia too. Not the same way, but I do. How could I not? Is this a good idea though? Even assuming I say yes, I couldn’t bear it if it messed things up for us.’ I felt my throat go tight.

She saw it, and smiled. ‘Who knows? But I’m bonded to both of you, and I see you getting closer to Lydia. I think we’ll navigate this together.’


We drove back to the house, hands clasped across the car. I kept looking over at her. Eventually Flick blushed. ‘Stop it. Look at the road.’

When we parked, she stopped me from getting out and took a breath. ‘I’ve texted Lydia. Go into her room now, please.’

Swallowing, I got out of the car, and walked around to her side. We kissed, firmly. ‘I love you Felicity.’

‘I know. I’d say save some for me later, but you know. Don’t hold back.’

This was weird. We went inside, and Lydia was standing in her doorway. All three of us paused, frozen for an interminable heartbeat. Then Flick stepped forward to kiss Lydia on the cheek. ‘Have fun sis.’

She went into our room, shut the door, and left Lydia and I looking at each other.


I don’t recall everything which happened next. Lydia stepped back and I walked in behind her, standing awkwardly in the room as she gently closed the door. I turned to look at her, and we stared. One of us moved, suddenly we were together, kissing. Different. She tasted different. But she felt so similar. I had to remind myself, this is not Flick. This is Lydia.

That kept going through my mind over the next two hours. It was a feeling of deja vu – everything was so similar to being with Flick, but enough was different to throw me off kilter. When she took off her bra, she lifted it rather than dropped it down, though she did the same shimmy with her shoulders to loosen it from her breasts. Which were both just as spectacular as her sisters, with the same wonderfully poky nipples.

Both of us were shaking as we undressed and touched each other, stroking skin, gasping as something new happened or we touched a sensitive spot. When she took my cock in hand, I held my breath. The same, but different. The same fingers, the same grip, but tentative, stroking at first and increasing in confidence, before she bent her head and took me in her mouth. It felt like I wasn’t breathing the whole time she was licking me. This was different. The same mouth, but if my eyes were closed I’d have sworn it was an entirely different person. Flick loved using her tongue when I was in her mouth, Lydia was all about suction. Both were amazing.

There was a thrill just in watching this women, twin to my lover in the bedroom over the hall, with my cock in her mouth as her head bobbed on me. I lifted her up, and we shared a greedy kiss. She grinned as I laid back, and pulled her to rest on my mouth. She held the headboard behind us, and threw her head back with a groan. I held her butt in my hand, raised one up to clasp her breast, and licked her length, plunging my tongue into her. It didn’t take long before she came.

Same, but a bit different.

She toppled off to the side, panting. ‘Wow. Now I get why Flick is so loud,’ and grinned at me. Strange to talk about her sister, my lover, while I was here with her. But although none of this was normal, it felt really good. And right. I felt the spark that had existed between Lydia and I was flaring into a fire.

As we lay there, my hand stroking down her familiar body, over her hip and up to cup her breast, we heard something. Flick. She was moaning. A sound both of us knew well, though the first time when I wasn’t in the room with her. We laughed, and I rolled on top of Lydia.

‘Glad to know we’re all having fun.’

She looked up at me, suddenly serious. ‘More than that. Make love to me John.’

So I did. I thrust against her, rubbing along her outside. Eventually, she begged me to stop, and put it inside.

Which I did. Gently, slowly, steadily, in one motion, I buried myself into her. The same, but just a bit different. Not tighter, but something felt firmer along her sides, yet equally wonderful. How do you not compare two women when you sleep together so quickly one after another? I paused, deep in her, and looked at her. Lydia. Lydia. The slight crinkles around her eyes that folded a different way. The kink gaziantep eve gelen escort in her hair on the side of her head. The smile which started in her mouth before her eyes. ‘Lydia.’


No more comparisons, no more words. We moved together, and it was us. Me and Lydia. My hands ran down her sides, I held her butt in my hands and pulled her up into me, as she wrapped her legs around me.

Moaning in stereo. Flick over the hall, Lydia in my ear. The twin beneath me shuddered, clutched me to her, and came. A brief pause, then I started moving again. I turned my head, sucking a nipple into my mouth, and came, erupting deep within her. I dropped my weight onto her, groaned, and we laughed. Leaning up onto my elbows we looked into each others eyes, and kissed, slowly and passionately.


We lay there, legs entwined, for what felt like an age. Talking gently about nothing at all.

There was a gentle knock at the door, and it swung open.

‘You guys! That sounded delightful!’ Flick was standing there, nude. ‘Lydia? Was it all you hoped for?’

She buried her head into the covers, then rolled away from me a bit. ‘What, I’m going to say otherwise with your boyfriend naked in my bed?’

Flick bounced over and sat on the edge of the bed, same side as Lydia. ‘Sorry. But seriously. You’re ok?’

‘Yes.’ Simply stated, we could both hear the contentment in her voice. ‘It was like a dam bursting. Thank you Felicity.’ The twins shared a moment, looking at each other, and reached out to hold hands.

Flick looked up at me, clambered over the bed, and laid down alongside. ‘How about you handsome?’

‘This is the weirdest thing that has ever happened to me. Also one of the most wonderful.’ I rolled onto my back and put my arm around her. ‘How are you? It sounded like you enjoyed yourself a little as well!’

She was so cute when she blushed. I loved she could still get embarrassed by us hearing her play with herself while I was off fucking her sister. ‘Yes.’ A breath. ‘That was the hottest thing I’ve ever been a part of, except for when we have sex.’

Lydia laughed and rolled into my other side. ‘You’re telling me!’

Flick’s hand drifted down my chest. ‘Ew! You’re sticky!’

‘What did you expect? I’ve just been inside your sister!’

‘Mmm. Yes. Well. Shower time. Both of you.’

Lydia slapped at her sister’s arm over me. ‘And you! You’ve just got back from a trip and drenched yourself for an hour!’

I was lying in bed with two nude women in my arms. Twin sisters. And I could feel their breasts pressed against my arms and sides. Can you blame me that I got hard again? Because despite her complaints, Flick was still holding and stroking my cock.

‘Mmmm,’ was all she said. I turned to her, and she was biting her lip. ‘Lydia, do you mind if I…’

She laughed. ‘How am I supposed to complain about that? He’s your boyfriend, and you’ve not seen him for a fortnight!’ She got up. ‘I’ll go have my own shower.’

‘No.’ Flick was hesitant as she said this. ‘Lyds, do you. Um. Would you like to stay? And watch?’ She was bright red now. ‘Oh god I’m so weird. I was so turned on listening to the two of you. And the idea of being watched, you know that makes me hot. Can you stay?And watch us?’

Lydia looked from one of us to the other. ‘Yes, please. I don’t know why, but yes.’

It was all Flick needed. She pulled back the sheet and looked down at me. Almost to herself, she muttered ‘Well it’s basically as if it were me on you,’ and bent her head to take me in her mouth.

I think the only reason I didn’t pop then is that I’d just come in Lydia, who looked at me equally astonished, and then at her twin sister, licking her come off my cock.

‘Phew. That was naughty.’ And with that, she climbed on top, and slipped me inside. I grabbed at her breasts as she bent forward to kiss me, slid them around her body and held her tight. ‘I missed this.’

‘Me too.’ And then there were no more words, as she rode me hard, her thighs slapping on mine as she bounced up and down. More than once I saw her glancing over to her sister, as they smiled at each other. I found by the end of it she was holding one of Lydia’s hands, clutching, and realised Lydia was panting too – her other hand between her legs as she stared avidly at our fucking. They came close together, and as Flick arched her chest up, full breasts pointing to the ceiling, I thrust up one last time and emptied myself into her.


The shower could fit three of us, as it turned out. Only just, and there was a fair bit of squeaking past each other for the soap, or to share the showerhead. I kissed one, then the other, as we basked in the post orgasmic glow. Lydia and Flick scrubbed my back, and I did Lydia. I kissed her shoulder blade and she shivered, before turning to run the loofah over her sisters back. Flick looked back at her and smiled as Lydia imitated me, kissing her sister’s shoulder.

‘Thanks gaziantep eve gelen escort bayan sis. I don’t care how much you say you wanted this to happen as well, I can’t believe we shared this.’ She wrapped her arms around her twin from behind, crossing over her shimmering breasts, and held her. I felt a twitch in my cock that was only in part due to the eroticism of their naked bodies pressed together under the water. Their love for each other was overwhelming.

I waited as they had their moment, and as Lydia lifted her head, I rejoined them. The three of us cuddled, I kissed them in turn, and we made our way back to the bedroom. As I laid in the middle of them, Lydia turning out the light, Flick spoke up. ‘Now, this is lovely and all, but we can’t do this every night.’

My stomach dropped. I knew this was a bad idea. She was feeling regret over what we’d just done together.

‘Certainly not until we get a bigger bed, I know I’m not going to get a good sleep like this!’


The next few weeks were a blur. I started teaching a new semester, the full course this time. Uni life can seem easy from the outside, but between the politics of a department and complaints from students, marking, and preparation, it takes it out of you.

And I wasn’t getting the most restful of nights. We did get a bigger bed for my room with Flick, but it was rare to be alone in there. Occasionally I’d spend the night alone with one or the other, more frequently with Flick. Yet while the act of three of us fucking in one room hadn’t happened again, more and more we’d end up sleeping in a pile of tangled arms and legs.

The daytimes were as wonderful – now the sexual tension between Lydia and I had been recognised and opened up, both women were flirty and touchy with me everywhere in the house. I learned that Lydia loved to swallow my come – Flick enjoyed it, but Lydia was obsessed. I nearly always finished in her mouth, or she’d pout at me and complain. A month passed where I had sex with at least one of them each day, aside from three days when we all had a cold and felt like nothing but sleeping. Which even then was nude, cuddled together under a doona.

Lydia and I went on a few dates. It felt strange, though nothing like the physical intimacy was strange. Flick insisted on it, and it was a beautiful idea. It gave us the chance to connect beyond the friendship that we’d had so far, as we found unique interests and bonds that neither of us expected.

And then I’d take her home and rail her in her bed while her sister listened from the kitchen.


Their birthday was coming around again, 22 this time. While we didn’t have anything as impressive as their last party, I did want to spoil them. I booked a table at a French restaurant for three, we dressed the part, and made an evening of it. The food was great, the wine was wonderful, and the company too. Although we were discrete when in public, I think if someone watched us closely over the two hours we were there, they’d discern the pattern. My hand holding each of theirs in turn. A little bit of casual foot rubbing under the table.

When we got back, we were drunk. Not wildly, like their last birthday, but on the other side of tipsy. Which I think was the spur we needed for what happened next.

I threw my jacket on the back of my chair, and looked around. The twins had followed me in the bedroom, and Flick was advancing. I knew that predatory look, and faked being cornered, searching for a way out.

‘Quick, Lydia, block the exit!’ Flick called as she pounced on me. A flurry of clothes later, and the two of us were nude. Lydia stood in the doorway, a touch uncertain, but laughing at us.

‘Well, have fun you two.’

‘Nope! It’s our birthday sis! You’re not missing out.’ She pushed me towards her sister. ‘Go on! Take off her clothes too.’ Flick crashed to sit on the edge of the bed, cradling her chin in her hands as she watched. Nude. Her breasts still somehow perky as she leaned over her knees.

I tore my eyes from her to Lydia. She hadn’t moved, so continuing the theme, I prowled over to her, and wrapped her up in my arms. She squealed.

‘Alright, alright!’ She got out as I unzipped her dress, unhooked her bra, and slid the whole lot down on the floor at once. Quite the move, I must say.

Flick ran her tongue over her lips. ‘Lydia, go down on him.’

We both looked at her. Alcohol was a great disinhibitor. Normally reserved, emerging from her shell the last year or so, this was a new level for Flick. One I personally quite liked, as Lydia bit her own lip, nodded, and knelt down to my already hard cock. My gaze drifted between the two sisters, one on her knees sucking me, the other staring without blinking at her twin. And then she slid a hand between her legs, and saw her make a long, slow blink as she started to moan.

I nearly came at that sight, and the sensations of Lydia’s mouth. Instead, I pulled her to her feet and led her by the hand. Sitting her down next to her sister, I pushed them both back, and spread their legs.

‘Oh John. You’re an ideas man.’ Flick’s voice hitched at the end as my mouth lowered to her core, and I kissed around her vagina.

‘What about me?’ Lydia said, somewhat indignantly, until she felt my hand sliding up her calf, the inside of her thigh, and begin tickling at her wet folds. ‘Oh. Yes, ok, that will do for now. Mmmm…’

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