My Uncle Comes on Sundays Pt. 03


I had a restless sleep, such a contrast from the previous night when Jerry had come to my room and made love to me in a very complete sense. Tonight, I was puzzled by my boyfriend’s absence while leaving my uncle and I to get by as best we could as guests of Jerry’s parents. It seemed so unlike the young man I had got to know these past few months.

When I eventually gave up around 7.30 on the notion of getting some sort of peaceful sleep, I arose, assuming that Jerry must surely be home by now and guessing that he must have got in so late that he didn’t want to disturb me by coming to my room in the middle of the night. Little did he know that I would have been awake and would have happily welcomed him to my bed, particularly since a solid session of hot sex with him would have helped erase the memories of having to grant consecutive blow jobs to my dirty old uncle and Jerry’s equally lecherous old dad.

I managed to get through using the bathroom this morning without an unwelcome visit from my uncle, remembering this time to ensure the door was locked and secure before stepping in for my morning shower without intrusion. It looked like another fine day developing so I again chose to wear shorts and a tee top.

I made my way out onto the patio that was once again bathed in morning sunshine. Just as she had yesterday, Linda had laid out a wonderful selection for breakfast. I wondered if they lived like this all the time, or only when they had house guests. As soon as I sat down opposite Michael and Linda, I had to ask about the whereabouts of my wayward boyfriend, “So has anyone seen Jerry?”

“Yes Jennifer, he’s home, I looked in on him this morning and he was sleeping peacefully.”

“Is he alright, where has he been?” I had so many questions for him, I was so annoyed that he had invited us here to meet his parents only to mysteriously disappear.

“As I said my dear, he was asleep and he must have come in after we went to bed last night so I can’t answer that.” She gave a curious glance across at her husband and I detected big smiles between them, “One could say that Michael and I were otherwise engaged so we wouldn’t have heard anyone coming in. Oh dear, coming in, that’s not such a good choice of words, is it Michael darling?” and she gave a suggestive giggle.

What was that all about? I thought back to yesterday afternoon and that moment when I had Michael’s rampant cock in my mouth, spraying his cum down my throat and here was his wife, chortling on with innuendo about them having a good time in bed last night. Was that all said for my benefit? Did that mean that Linda was aware of what her husband did with me and this was her way of telling me hands off? She has to be kidding, being persuaded to give Michael a blow job was hardly the greatest sexual moment of my young life to date.

And what of Michael? Why did he choose to perv on me having a shower and then, due to circumstances, have me blow him if he was still actively getting to have sex with his wife? Or did watching my naked body inspire him to be able to have his wife? What a very strange family.

And now here comes the co-conspirator. My uncle appeared for breakfast on the patio, even daring to come by my chair and plant an affectionate kiss smack on my lips. Was everybody around me now aware of this man’s unhealthy lust for his niece?

We all made small talk over breakfast and were on our second cups of coffee when Jerry showed up at last, stumbling out, very bleary-eyed, wearing only a crumpled pair of shorts. “Hi everybody,” he managed to mutter.

I couldn’t hold back my annoyance, “So where have you been?” I demanded to know even before acknowledging his presence.

“Oh, just around.”

“You said you’d be back in time for dinner last night,” I continued.

“Yeah, well I got caught up, something came up.”

“Did it really, and what would that be?”

My boyfriend had slowly made his way around the table, pausing by his mother first, bending down to give her a kiss on the cheek, drawing a warm sounding “Hi honey” from her, like she was offering her son safe haven while the girlfriend screamed accusingly at him.

Then a high five to his dad and even another for my uncle before he came over close to me. He obviously intended to kiss me too, but as he got close, I stopped him short, having spotted a bunch of dark bruises on both sides of his neck and even a couple on his chest, just above each nipple. ‘What are all these?” I shouted at him, bringing him to a quick stop before his face reached mine.

“What … what are what?”

“These,” I said, pointing with my fingers, treating the question as rhetorical because I had a reasonable idea of what they were. “Who have you been with?”

He looked down, trying to see what I was pointing at on his chest, the only two he would be able to see without looking in a mirror. Perhaps seeing the intensity of my anger and not wanting to be around for any confrontation, his mother jumped up emek escort from her chair, “I might clear some of these dishes away,” and she quickly began scooping up plates and mugs. “Michael, weren’t you going to show Harry your prized rare coins collection?” she suggested, giving the two older men a chance to also vacate the table

The patio cleared quickly, all at Linda’s instigation, obviously anxious to avoid witnessing whatever argument was about to break out between Jerry and me. My boyfriend slumped into a chair close by me. He didn’t look at all well and I was unsure whether he was severely alcohol affected or simply sleep-deprived.

“What time did you get in last night?” I tried, attempting an easier question for him to answer.

“Oh, come on Jen, you’re sounding like my mother.”

“What a way to treat your girlfriend. You invite me to come down this weekend to meet your parents and the second night here, you bale out and can’t be found. I was really worried about you.”

“My mom knew where I was, I called her to say I wouldn’t make it home for dinner.”

“You didn’t think it would be appropriate to call me, to tell me where you were and that I wouldn’t be seeing you last night?”

“Oh shit no, don’t nag me, you’re not my wife.”

“And won’t be anytime soon, the way you’re treating me now.”

“Oh God, don’t give me a hard time, my head hurts. I can’t take this right now.”

“You still haven’t told me where all these bruises came from. I’m not stupid Jerry, I can see that they’re hickeys.”

“Didn’t you give me those the previous night? We were getting pretty hot in your bed.”

“You know they’re not mine, don’t disrespect me so much to suggest that they would be. So, are you going to tell me where you were and who you were with?”

He reached a hand forward, trying to take a hold of one of mine, but I snatched it away. “Who Jerry, I want to know, I want to hear you come clean?” I shouted.

He actually lifted his head and made eye contact with me. I hoped I was about to get the truth. He stared directly at me through those bleary eyes, “Jen, I’m very sorry, I guess I lost it last night. I caught up with my ex, it was just supposed to be for a drink … a harmless little drink. But I have to admit that it got out of hand.”

“Are you talking about Samantha, that girl you said dumped you last year?”

“Yeah, that’s the one, Sam.”

“Why would you even consider going for a drink with her? You told me she dumped you by email, wouldn’t even take your calls to talk about why.”

“Yeah, that’s the way it happened.”

“But why Jerry, are you still interested in her?”

“She’s a local down here, lives just down the street from this holiday home of mom and dad’s. I was spending a lot of time down here back then so we hooked up and then we saw a lot of each other. We were hot for about a year. Then I received that dreaded email. She would never tell me why.”

“Did it really matter, you’ve been with me for four months now?”

“I know that, and I’m very happy with you … but it still puzzled me, why Sam and I could be so good together for so long and then nothing. She heard that I was down here for the weekend so she called me, said she wanted to catch up.”

“How did she know you were here?”

“I don’t know, she might have seen my car parked on the driveway or mom might have told her.”

“Yes, that’s possible.”

“What does that mean?”

“Oh nothing, I’m not too sure how to take your mom or where I stand with her.”

“Has she said anything to upset you?

“No, not exactly, although I wasn’t too impressed with her policy on sleeping arrangements. Anyway, let’s not go there now. I want to hear all about your night. So, you dropped everything, including me, the minute she called, and ran off to see her?”

“I wanted to know, I didn’t think I’d be away that long. Have a quick drink, get her to explain why she broke it off and then be back home here for dinner.”

“So what changed?”

“I don’t know, I guess I might have had a couple of drinks too many.”

“Aaahh! So it’s all her fault, is it? Mean, evil bitch Sam led you astray?”

“I guess you could say that.”

I gave him my best incredulous look, “Are you serious Jerry? Are you really going to blame her, were you too weak to stand up for yourself?”

“Jen, you don’t know what it was like, she came on to me, she was just like she had been when we were at our hottest. Her hands were all over me, she was even rubbing my cock while we were sitting in the bar. Oh man, I just lost it, it was like old times again. I’m sorry Jen, I couldn’t control myself. Sam’s always had a hot little body. I had a few drinks, I looked at her there, started remembering how that body would look without the dress. She was flirting big time, lifting her dress, showing me she had no panties on.”

“So that’s what did it in the end eh … the old no panties trick.”

“What eryaman escort does that mean?”

“That’s what you told me to do to come on to my uncle, don’t you remember?”

“Oh, I guess I do.”

“Is that where you got the idea from? Is that an old Samantha trick to win you over, flash you a look at the goodies while going commando?”

“Yeah, she used to like to do that from time to time. But yesterday afternoon, I just had to have her one more time.”

“Considering how long you’ve been gone, it seems like it might have been more than one more?”

“Yeah, it was! Oh Jen, I really am very sorry, can you just give me a chance?”

“Why should I be that stupid, so you can come down here and hook up with her again, whenever she gests bored and pulls your strings.” I could feel myself becoming emotional, tears welling up in my eyes. Why should I care so much? It wasn’t like I was considering that we would marry one day. At my age … well, I’m still young, I just considered Jerry would be a partner, to hang out with, maybe go to some nice places, definitely have a lot of hot sex with. But long term? Very unlikely! Yet, we had built up four months exclusively together, so he did mean something. But with this revelation, he had blown us up. It wasn’t like he and Samantha had a quickie after a few drinks. He had stayed out nearly all night … I still hadn’t got to that.

“So Jerry, when did you get home?”

“I don’t know, a few hours ago, I guess.”

“Jerry, it’s after nine. A few hours ago would have been around 5am.”

“Yeah, I guess that’s right.”

“So, you’re telling me that you met her around four yesterday afternoon and didn’t leave until after four this morning. That’s twelve hours Jerry, so your catch up with this girl wasn’t just for a quick one?”

“No, oh shit no! We didn’t start straight up, I mean we had quite a few drinks at the bar before she persuaded me to go back to her place. We didn’t even eat dinner, we just got into bed and ripped in.”

“Ripped in … how choice is that? You’re not exactly making a case for redemption, Jerry.”

“I’m sorry now honey, but while I was in her bed, I have to admit that I couldn’t get enough. Even anal Jen, Sam’s always been the queen of anal, oh what an ass. Oh, that’s to die for. And the problem has been that you’ve never wanted me to go there with you.”

“So you’re making it my fault that you fell into her ass?”

“No, not really! But you don’t fall into an ass like that Jen. Man, it’s tight, real tight in there.”

“I think you’ve had too much to drink Jerry, it’s not like you to say this sort of stuff to me. Can’t you see it’s hurtful, are you trying to hurt me?”

“No Jen, I don’t want to hurt you, I’m just trying to explain why I was there, how she trapped me.”

“I think I’ve heard enough Jerry.” I wanted to wrap it all up with a summary to tell him why it was over between us, but the tears were coming upon me. I had to get out of there before I became a blubbering mess. I didn’t want him to see that he could mean that much to me. I stood up and ran back to my room, slamming the door behind me and collapsing down on the bed.

In less than five minutes, I heard the door opening. I had forgotten to lock it in my distress. “Get lost Jerry,” I screamed into the pillow, assuming that my about to be ex-boyfriend had at last gathered together some remorse and had followed me in here to apologise to me properly.

There was no answer from whoever had come in. I lifted my head, still not turning around, “Jerry, is that you?”

I felt the bed sag a little as somebody obviously sat on the edge, then a hand on the back of my thighs, softly running up and down from behind my knees to about an inch from the bottom hem of my short shorts, “It’s not Jerry sweetie, it’s your Uncle Harry come to comfort you in your time of need. I’m here for you Squirrel.”

“Oh, not now, Uncle Harry,” I managed to say between sobs.

“This is a time when you need family around you Jennifer. Your mom’s too far away and your dad’s off with his floozie, so your old uncle is here for you. You know I’m always here for you, always will be, you can trust your old Uncle Harry, Squirrel.”

“Thank you … (sob) Uncle Harry … (sob) but not now, can you leave me alone? I need to think about all of this (sob). I guess it’s over with Jerry (sob), I just told him it was. I can’t think clearly, but I can’t (sob) see how I can continue seeing him.”

“Of course it’s over sweetie, you’re so much better than him, you don’t need him in your life.”

“But (sob) we did have such good times and he was great in bed, I (sob) really loved that part of having him around.”

“Your ex-boyfriend isn’t the only guy who knows how to fuck Jennifer, he is only very young and obviously immature if he thinks that other girl was worth the risk of losing you.” He had obviously been eavesdropping again, “What you need to learn my girl, etimesgut escort is that experience is the most important factor when it comes to having good sex. You need a man who’s been around a long time, who knows what to do with his cock. It’s not just a matter of sticking it in Squirrel, it’s the technique once it starts, and we older guys know all about that.”

I was quite emotional so I’m not sure that I grasped every word he was saying or the intent behind those words, but it sounded like he was coming out in the open now that my relationship with Jerry was fracturing. This was the most blatant my uncle had ever been in suggesting I should consider him as a sex partner. Perish the thought of that. To me, he was still a lecherous old man … his craggy face not all that attractive, with a midriff paunch, those gnarly fingers and that wheezing breathing.

His fingers continued to caress the back of my thighs, now occasionally roaming onto the material of my shorts, rolling over the cheeks of my ass, a couple of fingers even pushing into the crease formed by my cheeks. “Great ass,” he muttered, but that only served to bring back Jerry’s gloating at having Samantha in the ass last night. I sobbed heavier.

My uncle stayed and I cried some more. I guess about fifteen minutes elapsed. He never eased up with those fingers, pushing and probing more intimately than he should, particularly insensitive of him at my time of distress.

I must have surprised him because, as I began to feel like I was all cried out, I abruptly rolled over onto my back, looking up at my uncle, “Can you please stop feeling me up, it’s not at all appropriate and I would expect better of you Uncle Harry. Can’t you be considerate of me at this time. Can’t you see how upset I am?

He looked like he didn’t know where to put his hands right now. He was probably comfortable rolling his fingers over my ass, but now that I was facing him, looking up into his eyes, he looked suddenly fearful of daring to touch my breasts or go anywhere near my pussy.

“Sweetie, I can see how upset you are … that’s understandable. But you will soon realise you are much better off without him. I think the best thing for now is for you to get out of here. There’s no point in staying around with Jerry or with his parents. You’ve got no future with any of them. Come on, how about you pack your things and I’ll drive you home?”

“That’s the first thing you’ve said that I can agree with, Uncle Harry. Thank you!”

“Ok, now I’ll help you change your clothes.”

“I don’t think so, Uncle Harry. What’s wrong with me travelling in these shorts?”

“No, I’m going to stop somewhere nice and treat you to a lovely lunch. What you need right now is not to be left alone. We’re going to have lunch and enjoy some good wine, wash away all your problems. So come on, I’ll help you pick out one of your best dresses.”

“I can look after that thank you very much. Uncle Harry, you just go and pack your own bag and come back for me when you’re ready.”

He reluctantly complied with my request and left the room but was back in less than ten minutes. I had been much slower and was still packing my bag that was open on the bed. Annoyingly, he walked straight across to my bed, picked up one of my sexiest pair of panties, a smooth silk pair that Jerry had bought me for my birthday … we had only been going out together a couple of weeks at that time.

My uncle looked to be running the crotch of those panties through his gnarly fingers, “Are you going to wear these today Jennifer?” I reached out and snatched them from his hand.

“Not if I’m packing them, Uncle Harry. I’m wearing what I already have on.”

“Can I see them please.”

“NO, you can’t! Don’t ask things like that please.”

“I’d like to see you in something sexy like these,” he started up again, picking those panties up once more.

Again, I snatched them away, “Can you please not do that? You won’t be seeing me in panties at all Uncle Harry. Maybe I should I go ask Michael and Linda for a bus timetable so I can go home on my own.”

“No, don’t do that. I told you I’ll drive you. Come on, I promise I’ll behave myself, it’s just that you are such a sweet sexy young thing, so appealing to a horny old guy like me.”

“Yes, a horny old guy who just happens to be my uncle. Ding, ding, ding, the warning bells are ringing, saying to me watch out for incest.”

“Oh come on now, I’ve told you before that’s an old word, an old standard that belongs in the past, you don’t hear it used anymore these days.”

I didn’t want this conversation, not with him. I ended up throwing the last few items in my bag without carefully folding as I had done with everything else. The bag packed, I closed the zipper. My uncle lifted it off the bed for me and, with one final lingering look around this nice room – the location of my final fuck with Jerry, as it turned out – we went off to find our hosts and say our goodbyes.

Linda seemed stunned that we were leaving. I had to explain about my discovery at the end of breakfast, when she rushed away, of her son reacquainting with his ex. “You must have jumped to conclusions my dear, Jerry wouldn’t do that to you, he loves you.”

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