My very first experience with my classmate

My very first experience with my classmateI always had a crush on my classmate.Being one of the most popular boys of the school,it was even a privilege to be a friend of him…I kinda fell in love with him,when the days he was absent from class,the school days were so long,time wasn’t passing..without his presence,it felt like being in prison,jail…My mum was a working single parent,so i had so much time to spend alone,by myself at home after the class….I was discovering my curves as a hormone-fueled teen in front of the mirror and observing what was happening to my body,this transition was scary but on the other hand,it was hard to resist my sexual desires and instincts..In front of the mirror,i was slowly teasing my own nipples,rubbing them gently and dreaming it was my classmate sucking on my tits..This arousal was causing my tits to swell and get hard like rose buds..My mother was a beautiful woman (she still is) and she even won a local beauty contest when she was 17..And she owned so much cosmetics,make-up sets and clothing..I was trying those on myself after school…Putting on make up,getting nicely dressed…And it wasn’t looking odd or strange like a ”drag queen” or tranny because my body is quite curvy by nature with feminine features..Especially my bubble butt…Girls from school were jokingly saying ”It ain’t fair of mother nature giving you such a round booty while us,girls have flat ones” LaughingMy handsome classmate was not aware of my tendencies because i was keeping it as a secret..I was afraid of getting rejected by the society as a ”persona non grata” ..I was always good in my studies,at school,always buca escort a straight A-student..As i said,my mum was working,so i was inviting my boy to study together after school..preparing for the exams and finals..I knew he had a girlfriend and to be honest,this fact was bothering me..I was avoiding asking questions about her and it was getting on my nerves when he was talking about his GF…The good thing was,i knew his GF was a virgin and he wasn’t allowed to do anything desperate wanker,i noticed his growing bulge a few times through his trousers ( we were going to a private college and had uniforms,hard to hide an erection with those cotton school trousers).We were chilling and relaxing on my bed whilst listening to music in my room but i was too shy to make the first move..Because i wasn’t able to predict his reaction..The last thing i wanted to do was losing him..I was just rubbing my legs sometimes against him but in a friendly way,was not possible for him to get any idea..of what was going on inside my stormy soul…After spending a few months,he was even comfy enough watching porn next to me when we were together,making comments of the girls,female performers in the movies..typical boy..He was stroking himself through his trousers and not letting his cock out but it was pretty obvious what a massive piece of meat he was hiding in his pants..It was too hard for me to see but not being able to ”chinese torture”…One day when he was stroking himself and watching porn ,i said ”Well,my mum is not home and won’t be back til 08.00 pm,feel free to jerk off if you feel so”..He did escort buca so!!! I was not expecting he would do that!!!…Wow!!! It was the first time i was seeing his big,7” thick tool with a mushroom head..I thought i was going to have a stroke or a heart attack because of my blood pressure hitting top..My heart was pounding like crazy and i felt like my blood was boiling..Then i asked him ”Why (name of his GF) doesn’t give u handjobs or blowjobs?..It has nothing to do with virginity”..He was like ”Sigh if i knew”..He said ”You know what..sometimes i close my eyes whilst wanking and imagine it’s her hand stroking me”…I couldn’t help giggling *hihi* ”How?” i said…”Show me how you do it”He was already jerking off to porn (it was a bukkake vid as far as i remember) and he said ”Look..” grabbing his own meat and closing his eyes…eyes shut…I believe it was the right or never!!!…I had to take that risk..When his eyes were shut,i made a move and put my lips around his helmet..I was like ”Enough is enough…If he is gonna freak out,then let’s see where it leads..I can’t live like that”…I also closed my eyes and terrified…I didn’t have the courage to look at his face..I couldn’t dare..With a fearful mind,I was waiting for him to yell out and saying ”WHAT THE HELL!?”….YellBut no…now i was feeling his hands on my head…running his fingers through my hair and trying to push my head down.. NOW I HAD A COCK IN MY MOUTH…OF MY TEEN CRUSH”…i even thought of pinching myself to wake myself up..This couldn’t be true..No,i must have been dreaming…!!But it was real; as he filled my mouth buca escort bayan with his warm boy juice with each thrust..of his orgasm..God,it was the first time a penis was ejaculating in my mouth and didn’t know what to do with it..But i knew i wasn’t going to spit his seeds…his baby batter…when i had the chance of taking his DNA inside me to unite…No, i shouldn’t waste this holy water coming from the spring of ‘Eternal Life’..I swallowed each drop..could feel this sour-salty liquid running down my throat…filling my stomach..Thank God i dimmed the light before and room was dark..Because i was afraid of facing him..God,i was feeling so ashamed…UndecidedHe didn’t say anything..just went to the bathroom to wipe and clean.. And left my house 5 mins. later..I was feeling so bad..What if he never talks to me again?…How could i go to school tomorrow and face him!?..I was worrying that much,i had cramps in my stomach with abdominal pain..I decided not to go to school next day and stay home…finding an excuse,telling mum i wasn’t feel good,ill,sick,whatever..My mum would tolerate this because i was a straight-A student..she believed there was really something wrong with my health wasn’t hard to convince her i was sick..She went to work and i stayed home..God…!? How could i escape?..Next week i had to go to school again..This wasn’t a permanent solution,i was feeling so desperate and anxious..And guess what happened?!..It was 04.00 pm in the evening when my phone rang..It was him calling!!!!! SurprisedMy heart was beating like hell again…I decided not to answer…He called a few times..Then he sent an SMS 1 hr later ; saying ” (My name), are u ok? you weren’t at school today,i am worrying,i wanna come if u r home ”GOD…i was so excited…so he wasn’t mad at me?!..he wants to see me again…(TO BE CONTINUED…)

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