My Weekend with George , Alice Ch. 06


Author’s note:

First, I would like to acknowledge and thank Wagoneer88 for his efforts in proofreading and editing this story.

This is a continuation of a story separated into several parts. For it to make sense you really should read the whole thing, in order.

Lastly, if you haven’t read the Author’s note at the beginning of Part 1, PLEASE do so.


Now on to the story:


It was a very spacious walk-in shower, with a wall that separated it from the rest of the room. No door or curtain. I noticed that the bar of soap was Ivory. A girlfriend of mine had once told me that it was the best for the kind of shower Alice and I were about to share because it didn’t sting or irritate, no matter where you got it!

It wasn’t long before we were wrapped in each other’s arms, kissing passionately under the streaming hot water. It felt wonderful.

After a few minutes we started to soap each other up. I paid special attention to Alice’s lovely breasts, while she lathered my body pretty much all over, everywhere except my cock. While still face to face I pulled her close and soaped her back and especially her ass, making sure to wash in her crack, and not just to get the cum that George had missed. I would squeeze and massage her buns then slide my hand up and down her crack, then slide my middle finger in her anus and wash around and around the opening. She was moaning again soon. Her breasts were pressed against my chest and the feeling was wonderful.

There was a little seat molded into the shower wall. I put one foot up on it so my thigh was parallel to the floor. I positioned Alice with her back to me and had her drape one leg over mine. This spread her pussy wide and allowed me to support her between my leg and one arm wrapped around her waist. I then began to assault her pussy with my other hand. She laid her head back on my shoulder and soon was fucking back against my hand. Soon she was getting weak in the knees. If I hadn’t been holding her up she would have slumped to the floor. I kept working on her pussy and concentrated more and more on her clit. It wasn’t long before she screamed as she came yet again. This woman was insatiable.

Once she recovered, she sat on the seat and had me stand facing her. This put my cock right at eye level for her. She grabbed the Ivory and thoroughly lathered my cock and balls. Given the number of times I’d cum in the last 24 hours and how recently the last one had been, not much happened, but it sure felt good. She mainly concentrated on my balls, rubbing them, holding them, squeezing them ever so lightly. It was making my cock stir so that I could feel it (I’m sure she could too), but it wasn’t really getting hard, just swelling a bit. After a good long time of this she started to work on my cock, holding the shaft in one hand so it was pointing at her, and working on the head and that most sensitive spot right under it with the other hand.

This woman could do things to a cock with her hands that I’d certainly never felt before! This was even better than the pseudo hand job she’d given me with the Astroglide right before our anal experience. When my cock was semi hard (which was the most I thought it capable of for quite a while to come), she took the sprayer off the wall and rinsed off all the soap, and then she took me in her mouth and worked on me some more, while using her hands on my balls again. Now I was getting weak in the knees. It would take a fair bit more before I was ready to cum again, but I was almost fully erect, much to my surprise.

Finally, as we were just about water soaked, she looked up at me with a smile that depicted extreme self satisfaction and declared, “Looks like our friend will be ready for some more pretty soon now!”

We shut off the water and got big bath sheets. Once dry I wrapped myself in mine and she made a cover out of hers. I just sat and watched her while she used a blower to dry her hair. Until she finished, neither of us said a word. We just looked and smiled at each other in the mirror. When she was done we walked hand in hand back to the bedroom, still in silence, but each with huge smiles.

George was still flat on his back (duh!) but had evidently been looking in the direction of the bathroom the whole time we were gone. I couldn’t tell how much he’d been able to hear, but he looked the most miserable I’d seen yet. He was a mess. I’m sure that he was tired and in addition to the ache I knew he felt in his groin, I imagine having been tied to that chair for so long had become very uncomfortable, in spite of my efforts to make it otherwise. Plus, he was a crusty, cummy, slimy mess. He had remnants of my cum from Alice’s mouth, cunt and ass, both smeared and dried in his lap and all over his face. He also had Alice’s juices mixed in. But I had a sense that all of those things, plus having watched and heard all the sexual high jinks Alice and I had enjoyed, didn’t bother him nearly as much as seeing us hold hands and sensing the affection that was unmistakably growing between us. George had signed on for watching his wife get fucked Bycasino by a stranger, period. I was pretty sure that he never would have knowingly agreed to what had unfolded instead.

“All this exercise has made me hungry and thirsty, how about you?” she asked me, totally ignoring George.

“Yup, I could use a bite.”

And we headed to the kitchen in our towels. Something about having been naked together for so long, following her ass clad in the towel made her even sexier than when she was bare.

We spent a long time in the kitchen, having a light lunch and visiting some more. I was really taken with Alice. She was a beautiful, sexy, warm, and vibrant woman. The major incongruity was the way she treated George. But right now that wasn’t my concern. I was just glad to be getting to know her better and better, and I was still very much looking forward to some more killer sex before I left later that day.

Long after we finished our food and drink she looked me straight in the eye and with a lustful smile asked, “You think you’re ready to get it up again?”

Very honestly I replied, “Normally, I don’t think I could, but with you and maybe a little help, I bet I can!”

“Good, and I’ll be glad to help,” she giggled. Let’s go back and check on Georgie.”

So we went back to the bedroom.

I took the lead. As I stood George’s chair back up again I began, “Well Georgie, this was originally all about you getting to see Alice get fucked by another man. It may have turned into a bit more than that, but since that was the objective, I think we need to make sure that’s what happens. And this time I mean really SEE!”

That said, I dragged George and his chair over to the bed so he was facing the foot of the bed about two or three feet away. Then I tilted the chair forward so only the front legs were on the ground and George’s shoulders held him up. That put his chin right on the mattress with his head tilted back. I’m sure you see where this is leading.

“Okay Alice, time to let Georgie see what real fucking looks like, up real nice and close. You lay on the bed with your butt about three feet from Georgie’s face.”

She did as I directed. I took a pillow and propped it under the small of her back to lift her butt off the bed a couple of inches. Then I climbed on the bed between her legs on my knees facing her. Next I lifted her legs high in the air and put them over my shoulders. By now this had me so turned on I didn’t need any extra help from Alice, I was rock hard. Holding myself partially off the bed with my hands and knees, I slid my cock deep inside her wet, waiting pussy.

I knew we had it positioned perfectly so that George’s face was just inches from my butt and he could clearly see my cock in his wife’s cunt. He would be able to see, hear and smell this fuck as completely as any human other than the two participants ever could.

I started slowly pumping away at her. Deep long strokes. All the way in and all the way out until my cock nearly came free. Then back in again, over and over. Slowly but surely I picked up the pace. It felt wonderful to me, and I knew I would be able to last a very long time after all that had cum before!

If I wouldn’t be cumming soon, quite the opposite was the case for Alice. In no time at all she was thrusting back for all she was worth, moaning loudly and digging her nails into my back. She was the most turned on I’d seen her so far. I began to wonder if she would be nearly so responsive to me if we were off in a hotel room somewhere without George around. I quickly pushed that thought from my mind. For one thing I didn’t want to know, for another, thinking about another man, even her husband right then would have been an incredible waste!

Soon the pace was hard and fast. My balls were slapping against her ass on every stroke. Her vocalizations were getting louder and louder. And I could hear the squishes of my cock whacking in and out of her pussy in her copious love juices.

Her noise turned into a wail as I felt her cum for the first time. Her whole body shook for nearly a minute and I could feel her pussy muscles spasm hard around my cock. I felt a large amount of her cum flow over and around my cock and balls as she came. But she never slowed her thrusts!

I could only imagine the sensory flood that George was experiencing. The bed was probably wet clear past where his chin rested. The scent of sex had to be overwhelming and the sight of my cock disappearing and reappearing from his wife’s cunt, plus seeing the spasms that would be unmistakable from his vantage point, would all have to combine to drive him completely mad!

This went on and on. Alice had cum four times, really, four, by the time I finally felt that wonderful boil in my balls that foretold of my own orgasm building. It lasted much longer than usual and the build up was a fantastic feeling.

It was completely uncontrollable when it happened; a pure animal sound came loudly from deep in my throat as my load came deep from inside my being. I pounded her cunt even harder and she thrust back Bycasino giriş just as hard as I came explosively. The instant I started to cum, so did she for an amazing fifth time.

We didn’t stop, but slowed way down, then kind of slowly ground to a halt. It reminded me of watching a train pull into a station and seeing the wheels move slower and slower until all of a sudden you realize they aren’t moving any more. I was still poised above her, and my cock after all this time was deflating in what seemed a delayed reaction. Finally I opened my eyes and looked at her. Her eyes were just fluttering open too. As we locked our gaze on each other, a smile simultaneously spread on both our faces.

A few more moments passed, and I rolled and lowered myself to the bed so I was lying right next to her. We both were still catching our breath. After just a couple of minutes Alice was back to her bitch wife mode. Insatiable or not, she was determined to give George all he could handle and then some.

“Will you please lift Georgie a bit for just a second?” she asked me.

I didn’t say anything, but thought I knew what she had in mind. I moved around behind him and pulled back on the chair until it was at about a 45 degree angle. As I had thought, Alice slid lower on the bed, pulling the pillow with her to keep her butt up off the bed a little. She spread her legs wide and pointed her feet up in the air, giving both George and me quite an eyeful. We could see the mixture of her juices and my cum oozing out from between her very puffy lips.

“Okay, lower him back down,” she laughed.

As I did, she adjusted herself so that George’s face was planted squarely in her pussy. He couldn’t even lift his face out of her snatch because his weight was resting on his neck. His shoulders were taking some of it, but not enough to let him lift his head.

Alice draped her legs over his shoulders. “Lick it nice and clean lover, and if you really want to make some points make me cum again.”

It looked like George was having a very difficult time even breathing, and his weight was keeping him from being able to do what Alice had directed. I’m sure that was exactly what she had in mind. I could tell he was trying, but it was an impossible task.

After just a couple of minutes she spoke to me as if he weren’t even there. “Shit, he is completely useless. I can’t even feel his tongue on my clit and he is just smearing your cum all over, not cleaning me up at all. Would you please sit him up straight again?”

“Georgie, your chance of getting to cum at the end of this just went way down!” she almost snarled.

“Please Alice, please let me try again, PLEASE!” the desperation ripe in his voice.

“Nope, not now. Maybe later you’ll get a chance to learn from a real man how to eat pussy!” she mocked “Would you drag him back to where he was please?”

I did as she asked. I hadn’t thought it possible, but George seemed even more deflated than before. If this kept up there would be a sack of skin lying on the floor, before Alice finished with him.

“All this sex has made me tired. Come lay down and take a little rest with me?” she asked me.

Frankly I was pretty wasted myself. I wasn’t sure I’d ever cum so many times in such a relatively short period. But what amazed me even more was that every time Alice looked at me with that pure lust attitude of hers, I felt a stirring in my loins again. I still had a strong memory of that blowjob from the day before and I was definitely going to have another before I left. This one I knew would last far longer than the first.

I crawled on the bed next to her. She was on the side closest to George, facing toward him. I snuggled up behind her so we were spoon-wise. I pulled the covers up to just above our waists, purposely leaving her breasts exposed. As I wrapped my arms around her I cupped one of her breasts firmly in my hand. As we closed our eyes and I felt both our bodies let the tension ease away, I played with her nipple. It grew hard as she moaned gently. I’m sure George was enjoying the view! We were both soon sound asleep.

When I woke, I had no idea what time it was or how long I’d been asleep. Alice was still sleeping deeply. I just held her, not wanting to wake her. I didn’t move, but I could just see George over the side of Alice’s face. He was watching us intently, still looking thoroughly despondent.

A fair bit later I felt Alice start to stir. As she awoke I started working on her nipples again, gently but firmly. She made purring noises. A few minutes of this had her wide awake and ready for more. She rolled to face me and we groped and kissed a while. It wasn’t long before she was using those magic hands on my cock and balls. I was more than stirred this time. Much to my surprise I was getting hard again.

I didn’t want this merry-go-round ride to end. My head was spinning with lust. Finally Alice asked, “So what now lover?” with a wide grin.

I didn’t hesitate. “I want you to give me the blowjob of my life. I want you to suck and lick my cock, to take as much of it Bycasino deneme bonusu as deep in your throat as you can, and to make me cum hard right in your mouth.”

To my astonishment she just smiled all the more and replied, “Good, that’s exactly what I want to do!”

“But, I want you to do something first,” she went on, looking hopefully at me.

“What would that be?” I smiled back.

“I want you to make me cum with that marvelous tongue of yours.”

Taking a page from her book, “Good, that’s exactly what I want to do!”

We both laughed.

And eating her was exactly what I wanted. I’ve always loved to pleasure a woman with my tongue, and Alice was so damn responsive plus I never tasted a woman that had such an enjoyable flavor to her. Her pussy was truly sweet!

I laid her back on the bed and started to position myself between her legs, but she stopped me and with a serious look asked, “Would you pull Georgie over here real close and show him how to do this right. If he doesn’t improve dramatically, I’m not sure what’s going to happen.”

I couldn’t tell if she was just pimping George some more, having on with me, or really meant it. I was pretty sure that her disappointment in George had increased a quantum leap since I’d arrived the afternoon before. I think they both believed that his dick really was too small for either of them to feel in either her cunt or her ass, and she was obviously not about to suck him off, especially as lousy as he was in his pussy eating ability. I decided she meant it, if George couldn’t learn how to eat her enough to give her serious satisfaction I believed what little they had between them would evaporate totally.

In a dark humor sort of way it seemed like the least I could do for the poor bastard. So I dragged George as close to the bed as I could so he would have front row seat.

Before I resumed, I suggested, “Don’t you think Georgie would enjoy this more and pay better attention if you gave his little dickie some encouragement first?”

Alice chuckled, understanding exactly what I was getting at, and moved so she could reach his tiny equipment. Since it had been so long since she had given him any stimulation I marveled again that he was still hard. But by the time Alice got done working him over, his little cock head was almost purple, and though still tiny you could see how tight his sac was stretched. There was a small rivulet of precum running down his shaft too. She must have been worried she was overdoing it, because she stopped abruptly and quickly gave each of his balls two quick flicks using her thumb and middle finger. George grunted and winced. Then she gave him a couple of more quick strokes and his eyes bugged out again.

“There, now I think he’s ready to pay attention,” she laughed in the cruel manner of hers.

Once again I got in position, and once again just as I was about to start Alice spoke up, “Please explain to Georgie exactly what you are doing so he can see and understand, and hopefully learn how to give me real pleasure and the proper way to clean out a real load from deep inside my pussy.”

And then it dawned on me that my last load WAS still inside her. George’s inept attempt at cleaning her up had accomplished little to change that, and she hadn’t otherwise freshened up since then. I had never eaten a woman after cumming inside her. Like I imagine most men are, I was a bit squeamish about it. But shit! Here I was, the big tough stud showing George what a wimp he was and how a real man treated a woman, I couldn’t wuss out and say I didn’t want to eat Alice unless she cleaned up. It finally dawned on me; she had set this whole thing up for exactly that reason. It wasn’t about George learning anything at all. The look on her face confirmed my suspicions; she looked exactly like the cat that ate the canary. Well FUCK IT, there had been plenty of sexual firsts during this adventure, most of them Alice’s, and now I was going to have one.

I did as Alice asked; I started by explaining the broad tongue technique, and then demonstrated. I went on to tell then show him about the area between her outer and inner lips, and on and on. And when the time came I stuck my tongue as deep inside her as I possibly could and cleaned her pussy. To my shock, the taste wasn’t that bad, in fact it wasn’t that different, slightly more pungent and a little bitter, but not nearly what I expected. Hell, women had been tasting cum since the beginning of time, it only stood to reason that it couldn’t be that bad. Another male myth shattered!

I finally pointed out to George that I’d been avoiding her clit so that her desire would build up.

“And it has! Lick my clit and make me cum for God’s sake,” she growled.

And I did. I attacked her clit almost viciously, not slow and gently but an onslaught with my tongue, designed to push her quickly over the edge. And within seconds she was cumming, and cumming hard. I eased up, but didn’t stop, nor did I talk to George any more. If he couldn’t learn from here on by just watching, well tough shit! I made love to Alice’s twat with my tongue for quite a while longer, bringing her to two more violent orgasms before she finally indicated she’d had enough for now. I crawled next to her to hold her as she came down from her sexual high. It was a long time before she even moved.

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