My wife gets cum filled

My wife gets cum filledLast year my wife Andrea and I were invited to a Christmas party given by one of the guys that has sex with her on a regular basis. His name is Martin and he is an extremely well hung man. Andrea estimates his cock is a full nine inches and thick enough that her fingers don’t touch when she holds it. I was actually surprised that I was invited, I’ve never been allowed to watch Andrea with him so I was extremely excited about watching my small wife take his thick cock in her married pussy. She stands five foot three and weighs only one hundred pounds even. She has a perfect pair of legs and her thirty four B cups never need a bra. I was dressed and ready and I sat on the bed as Andrea got dressed. She put on her black garter belt and black lace top stockings. Then just before she stepped into her short skirt she had me eat her pussy untill she had an orgasm. She came rather quickly and her pussy was nice and wet when she pulled up her skirt and zipped it up. She told me that Martin had requested that she be ready to fuck as soon as she walks in the door at his place. It’s a five minute ride to his house from ours and as we walked to the front door I asked if I was going to be allowed to watch them. Andrea said that would be up to Martin. She had a key and we just walked into his house without ringing the bell. Martin called to us from the kitchen so we heard that way. When we entered there were two bolu escort guys chatting with Martin each holding a beer. Martin gave Andrea a rather sexy kiss before introducing everyone. Doug and Mike each gave Andrea a little kiss on the cheek. Martin asked Andrea if she had done as he asked and if her pussy was already wet? She assured him that her pussy was very wet. He lifted her short skirt to expose her panty less shaved pussy for Doug and Mike to see. Doug sat his beer bottle on the counter and said since I won the draw I’m going first, he took Andrea by the hand and led her out of the kitchen. I looked at Martin, he said just have a beer and relax . I took a beer from the fridge and sat at his dinner table and sipped it. He started talking with Mike about what Andrea is like to fuck. He acted as if I wasn’t there. It was just over an hour before Doug re entered the kitchen. He went straight to the fridge and got a cold one. After he took a big drink Martin asked him if he liked how Andrea fucked. He said yes she was a real slut. Martin told me to go clean her up so Mike could fuck her next. I looked at all three of them before standing up, as I stood Martin said it’s the last door on the right. I felt very ashamed of myself as I headed to my wife. When I walked in the bedroom I found Andrea laying in the bed with the covers pulled up to her neck. I said I’m supposed to clean you up for Mike. Andrea flipped the escort bolu cover back and spread her legs. I looked at her pussy and it looked perfectly normal so I crawled up between her out stretched legs. I got my face between her beautiful thighs and stuck my tongue out to part her pussy lips. She let out a soft moan as I pushed my tongue between the lips. She was soaking wet and I could taste his seaman. I found her clit swollen so I sucked it like a tiny cock, this caused her to grab two hands full of my hair to pulled me in tighter. Soon I had swallowed all of Doug’s cum that I could and Andrea pushed me away and told me to tell Mike she was ready for him. I had to actually tell Mike to go fuck my wife. I wiped my face as best I could and headed to get Mike. When I entered the kitchen I said Mike you’re up. He didn’t waste any time leaving and I grabbed a beer. Again the two guys, Martin and Doug talked about my wife like I wasn’t even there. Mike took just an hour before he returned, he slapped me on the shoulder and said go clean up that mess so Martin can finish her off. I again sucked my wife’s very well used pussy. She wouldn’t allow me to suck her clit because it was to sensitive. I finished and to tell Martin to go on back. Mike and Doug we’re both gone when I went to get Martin. He told me I could go in the den and watch TV because he would be a while. I watched an entire movie and he hadn’t come out, bolu escort bayan once I thought about going to peek in to see what they were doing but I didn’t. I fell asleep on his couch and Andrea woke me up. She said get up let’s go home. I was in the twilight zone as we headed out to the car. After I started the car I noticed the clock, I said there’s no way he fucked you for four hours straight. She said don’t be silly. I said it has been four hours since he went back. She said he fucked me three times in that four hours. No way I said back to her. She said oh he rested a few minutes in between times. When we got home she had me go down on her again . She was a total mess down there. I could smell all the guys scent on her body as I carefully licked her sore pussy. I asked if I could fuck her too. She said go ahead and try. My dick had been hard so many times that night there was a wet spot in my underwear. I pushed all the way into her in a single thrust. I paused to enjoy how loose and relaxed her vagina was. I started doing my best work on her and after ten minutes it was obvious that I couldn’t cum because she was so worn out. I fell off to her side and soon I was sound asleep. I woke the next morning first and started the coffee. Soon I saw Andrea walk in the kitchen, her hair a mess, she was wearing only a very short bathrobe. Her legs fully uncovered and when she sat down the robe opened to expose her shaved pussy. I asked how she felt. She said I can feel my heart beating in my pussy. I asked if I could try and fuck her again . She said no that she hurt to badly. It was two days before she let me fuck her. She made me eat her afterwards.

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