My Wife Likes To Give It Away


My Wife Likes To Give It Away

Over the years my wife Tiffany has enjoyed the threesomes with another woman and especially with another man. Tiffany has enjoyed the wife swapping we do occasionally too. But what she likes the best is to give it away to a complete stranger.

Our two children are teenagers and seem to have a life of their own. I work and make very good money. That gives my wife plenty of freedom during the day.

At her suggestion we put on an addition to our house making our bedroom twice as big. The ceiling was twelve feet high with a big skylight over the king size four poster bed. The bed was huge and had lots of room for anything that we wanted to do. Tiffany wanted hooks in the four corners of the bed and up high on the four posts for getting tied to it. One whole wall was a closet for all of her clothes. We had a big exposed bathroom along one side with a toilet, a bidet, an old fashion claw bathtub, a glass shower that was big enough for four people, and a sunken Jacuzzi that was big enough for six people. Along with that was a long counter with two sinks, medicine cabinets, and a built in hair dryer. There was plenty of light, good heat, and air conditioning. In the center of the ceiling was a special light fixture. Hidden inside the light fixture were several cameras that could be aimed and zoomed to see everything that takes place inside the room. A two way mirror in one corner allowed someone or more than someone to watch the whole thing live as well as to monitor the cameras and record all of the action. In essence it was our very own XXX-rated studio. Things could be set and turned on as Tiffany entered the room too.

The day after it was completed I came home to a very excited woman. Tiffany was too excited to even stand still and tell me. She dragged me into my home office, which is how we get to the secret voyeur room. Once in there Tiffany pushed me into my chair and hit play. All of sudden six monitors lit up and I could see Tiffany leading the Fed-Ex delivery guy toward our bed. Then I watched Tiffany do a strip tease for him. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen her do. She was so excited that she couldn’t keep her hands from pleasuring herself. The Fed-Ex man had to call out to her to bring her back to reality. Tiffany jumped him forcing him flat on the bed. She put a restraint on one wrist. Before he realized Escort Ankara it she had one on his other wrist too. Then Tiffany opened up his shirt, lifted his T-shirt up, and started sucking his nipples and feeling his hairy chest. Next Tiffany undid his pants and pulled everything to his ankles. She sucked his cock to get it wet then she sat on him impaling herself on his cock. Tiffany fucked that poor guy until he erupted, sucked him and then raped him again! When she was done using him for her own gratification she released his restraints and told him that it was his turn. He looked at his watch and told her that he really had to leave. He asked if he could stop in if he got this route again. Her eyes lit up when she realized that she could fuck another Fed-Ex man too.

Back to the present Tiffany told me that she had ordered pizza too and that it should arrive at any time. I looked her over and smiled. She was wearing a transparent negligée with patching panties. I could clearly see her breasts, nipples, and pubic hair right through the negligée. She said that the kids were at their friends for the evening and went to get the door.

I watched the monitors all flash as Tiffany flipped the switch as she entered the bedroom on the other side of the two-way mirror. I had to smile as I recognized my son’s best friend. I knew that my wife knew him too but she didn’t care. She was going let him have her. She pulled up her negligée and took off her panties. She pushed her panties into his pocket she said that was just part of his tip. Then Tiffany lay out spread eagle on our bed for him. He damn near fell over trying get out of both legs of his pants at the same time. He was so excited that Tiffany had to help him get out of his clothes. She laid back and let him do as he wished. Hell all he wanted was to fuck her and fill her with cum. After all he was a kid. It took less time for him to cum that it had taken to get his pants off. He thanked her, dressed, and left her on the bed wanting more!

I went out to get the pizza and started eating when she came out just fuming. Tiffany was mad as hell. She was horny as hell to tell the truth. I felt sorry for her but I was hungry and I was going to eat.

Out of frustration Tiffany called another pizza place and ordered a pizza to be delivered in a half-hour. Then she arranged for a delivery Ankara Escort every half-hour after that for Chinese, Italian, and even a liquor store delivery.

I took the rest of the pizza and a six-pack of beer to my office and locked myself in. I sat in the control room behind the two-way mirror and settled in to watch the fun.

The pizza delivery person was a girl and she wasn’t into women. That just made my wife even more frustrated plus she had to wait another half-hour for any relief.

The Chinese man was very worried about being fired if he didn’t get back right away. But then again he couldn’t turn down a sexy blonde American woman. He lasted all of two minutes and left. She was just as frustrated as she was before he had arrived.

The deliveryman from the Italian place brought her a really delicious lasagna. When she made him an offer he really accepted it. He fucked her for probably ten minutes and never pulled it out of her. A couple of minutes later he was hard again and stayed for a second fuck. When he finished he ran into the guy from the liquor store on his way out.

This guy had exactly what she wanted. His cock was probably seven inches long and at least two inches in diameter. He had the biggest fattest cock that I had ever seen, not that I had seen all that many. He stuck two fingers up her wet pussy and then shoved it in. She whimpered, moaned, and groaned in pleasure. As he fucked her he grabbed a hold of her tits roughly. I knew that Tiffany would have black and blue fingerprints on her breasts the next day. He banged into her violently enough to bruise her pelvic region too. After filling her with his cum he flipped her over like a rag doll and slipped it back into her pussy. Tiffany’s head was smashed into the bed, her ass was up high, and he was thrusting into her. He had no intention on taking it easy with her. This was the most violent fucking I had ever seen. He was a sex maniac and she was a nymphomaniac so they were made for one another. It took him almost twenty minutes to cum that second time. Tiffany was forced to suck him hard again. He wanted her ass this time but Tiffany flat out refused. She knew that his cock would tear her up inside.

He opened a drawer next to the bed and smiled when he found her half used tube of K-Y Jelly. It was the big tube too. Her anal butt plug was in that drawer Ankara Escort Bayan too. He smiled as he shoved one greased finger into her asshole roughly. He greased up two fingers and forced them into her rectum. Finally he greased up three fingers. Tiffany begged him not to do it but he laughed at her and pushed three of his greased fingers into her asshole. The whole time he was invading her rectum he kept telling her about all of the women that had experienced anal sex at his hands. It was by far his most favorite hole. He said that out of all the women that he had butt fucked not one had been a willing participant. After he pulled his three fingers out he just pushed his cock into her. She screamed out but then muffled it with her pillow. He could hardly care if Tiffany enjoyed it or not. He was possessed! He was after just one thing…to please his desire for anal sex. His first fuck took ten minutes, his second fuck took twenty minutes, so Tiffany didn’t stand a chance this third time. He pushed in and pulled out over and over constantly. I was exhausted just watching him. Sweat was forming on his brow, his chest was all wet and the hair was matted, and drops were dripping onto Tiffany’s back. After twenty minutes of being ass fucked I started to feel sorry for her. However after twenty-five minutes Tiffany started going into her orgasmic bliss stage where she could have a continuous orgasm that could last forever. Of course that time I had three other guys helping me along with their wives too. This liquor deliveryman did not seem to need any help. At thirty-seven minutes he cum and he cum and he cum in her. Tiffany had been having multiple orgasms for all of twelve minutes. I think she passed out before he finished but it didn’t stop him. When he pulled out her asshole did not close up. He just got dressed and found his own way out.

He must have passed our two sons coming home because they came right in and found their mother on the bed naked with her asshole leaking out gobs of cum. Our fifteen-year-old started to panic. He wanted to dial nine one one but his older brother stopped him. He knew exactly what she had been doing. He even talked about taking her picture and blackmailing her into letting them fuck her. They knew that se would cooperate if they threatened to tell me about the man. He ran up to his room, got his digital camera, and came back in to take pictures. After about a dozen pictures he and his younger brother left their mother just as they had found her.

I smiled as I though about her giving in to their demands.

The End

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