My wife’s KIK account


My wife’s KIK accountI wasn’t even sure what KIK was, but I quickly found out. My wife was at work and called me from her office number to tell me that she had left her phone at home, and in case I needed to reach her, to use her office land line. Later that day, I arrived home before her usual arrival time, so I went to find her phone, to verify it was where she had thought. I’m not sure what made me open her phone (easy password) but I began to look at her chats. I felt a bit guilty, particularly since most of her chats were between her sister and other immediate family members, and the rest were work questions, etc. I was about to close her phone when I saw something in her ‘utilities’ folder. KIK? I didn’t know what that was and my curiosity got the best of me, so….It popped right open… no password needed, bursa escort and there was a massive stream of texts. I couldn’t believe my eyes: very specific sexual discussions and even pictures.. pictures of my wife’s breast, her entire naked body and even closeups of her vulva! I followed the trail with the one and only contact: “Cpl4subbie”. It seemed that my wife of ten years was exchanging text messages with a married couple in a town not-far-away who were interested in a submissive bi female.I didn’t know my wife to be submissive, let alone BI? I continued to read the text and found myself getting rather aroused. It seems that she was scheduling a meeting the next Saturday night in a hotel near their home. I was furious but also a bit curious, so I quickly decided to ‘play it cool’ and see how she would plan bursa escort bayan to get away for the evening with out me.Later that evening, after dinner, we cleaned the dishes, watched some TV and then went to bed. The next day was a normal workday and that evening went the same… that is until she “surprised” me by casually mention the approaching weekend.”Hey Honey?” she said calmly, “This Saturday evening, I’ve been invited to a bridal shower for a friend at work. It starts at 7:00, just so you know. Will you be okay if I go?”‘yea, sure’ I thought to myself. ‘bridal shower my ass!’ But I had a couple of choices here: Call her out and tell her that I know what she’s up too, Let her go and then change the locks on the door and toss her stuff out on the lawn, OR play along but then make it more and more difficult escort bursa for her to actually get away. I decided to play along but add certain obstacles along the way.”Sure, honey” I said in a very upbeat tone, “Where is it going to be?” I asked in a very supportive manner”Oh, over in Jackson” she quickly added.”Oh?” I replied, sounding rather concerned. “I am concerned with you driving home from there late at night. It’s about an hour away.””Well” she said, after hesitating, “That is a good point. A few of the others have discussed getting a hotel for the evening… maybe I could join them and stay over for the night?”‘hmmmm’ I thought ‘Didn’t see that one coming.'”Out all night with the girls from work?” I said in a rather flippant tone. “That sounds like trouble.””If you only knew these gals from work” she added with an eye-roll.I didn’t know what to say or do. Was she was really planning on going out for the night and meeting this other couple? I really needed to come up with some sort of plan…..To Be Continued….

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