Subject: Nailed It Chapter 60 ***. Standard disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to people or events is purely coincidental. Locations within Florida have been used by the author to create the setting. Don’t read if you shouldn’t because you’re under 18 or live in an area where it would be illegal. I appreciate all the positive comments and constructive feedback I’ve been receiving. This particular story is drawing to a close. Watch for the prequel as well as the sequel in the coming months. Please continue to email me at ail. Enjoy the story! **As always PLEASE keep Nifty free by donating to the website! Even small donations go a long way. Please support the Nifty Archive! At the following URL: fty/ ========================================================= Nailed It: Chapter 60 One Happy Family Sean and Clay were 10 minutes of late for the Engagement Party dinner. When they walked in they found the families had seated themselves in mixed groups. Sean thought, “So much for my seating chart.” Everyone stood and applauded as the couple arrived. MamaG and PapaG came out to welcome and congratulate them. Everybody wanted to see the rings. Sean and Clay walked around the tables showing off their rings side by side. The meal began with the aperitivo. The servers offered dinners their choice of prosecco, champagne or wine. They also placed small dishes of olives, nuts and various types of cheese on each table so the diners to able to nibble on something while waiting for the next course. The antipasti course came out. It was slightly heavier than the aperitivo. PapaG had prepared a charcuterie platter salami, mortadella, prosciutto, and cold salmon which were served with cheeses and bread. Morfar appreciated the salmon. The primi course was the first to feature hot food. MamaG had prepared Creamy Mushroom Truffle Gnocchi with baby spinach and Parmesan cheese. Yaya and Papu found this similar to a Greek dish Yaya made at home. The Secondi and Contori courses were served together. PapaG had prepared lamb chops in a wine sauce for the secondi course. MamaG has prepared oven roasted vegetables. The two courses were served on separate plates. Papu and Yaya were very pleased with the lamb. Papu said, “This is succulent, a true lamb and not mutton that needs mint jelly to make it palatable.” They sent their compliments to PapaG. The meat and vegetable courses were followed by the insalata course which was a simple green salad with red onion and tomatoes. MamaG had made her special poppy seed salad dressing. The next course featured more cheeses and fruits. In Italian it is called Formagi e Frutta. MamaG had paired fresh Red raspberries with Blackberries and apples. The cheeses were Romano, Asiago, Mozzarella and Provolone. There was also a bowl of honey. For the Dolce course MamaG had prepare panna cotta. It had been molded into the shape of a heart. Two chocolate dipped strawberries sat atop each heart and a drizzle of chocolate and strawberry sauce applied. MamaG announced the dish herself. “I knew on their first date they were fated one for the other. May the sweetness of life never leave you.” The dessert was followed by expresso. The diners were given the option of milk and sugar if they desired it. Finally MamaG and PapaG came out for the digestivo course of limoncello. Clay rose at his seat, “I propose a toast to MamaG and PapaG the most talented and creative of Italian Chefs! Salute!” Twenty-eight voices joined as one to say, “Salute!” PapaG shed a tear. MamaG wiped her eyes with her apron. “We thank you from our hearts. May love and good health follow each of you.” PapaG said raising his glass. Everyone began hugging and kissing each other. Ethel took her spoon and hit the table several times. Everyone stopped and looked at her. “We have had a mighty fine meal here tonight. But this party isn’t over yet. Breakfast tomorrow is at 8:30 at The Walls’ Home. Y’all best be ready for some Southern cooking. I do believe we have space for MamaG and PapaG to join us too if they will.” Sean looked at MamaG and mouthed, “Please.” “Papa and I will be there,” she responded. “It’s all settled then. Now we need to get so those customers over there can get their meals.” Indeed there were people at the door waiting to be seated. The elated family left Geno’s going their separate ways but all promising to be at the Walls home at 8:30 for breakfast. On the ride back Melissa asked, “Ethel how will seat everyone? The dining room can only handle 20 at that table.” “Miss Melissa, you’ve been gone too long. Remember that table breaks into 4 parts We’ll set up the folding table as well. We will be able to handle 30 like that nurse’s bridal shower you threw in Jacksonville.” “You are so right. gaziantep travesti I’ve forgotten how to entertain large groups. We’ve only been family for the holidays and those rotate. I guess Sean will start rotating as well now.” “Yes Ma’am, he’s on his own with a good man by his side.” Alex butted in, “When we get home, I’ll break down the table and help arrange the room.” “My Daddy and I did that that this morning Mr. Alex,” Tom Rice stated. “Well thank you Tom and you too Jacob! Is there anything Melissa or I can do to help out?” Alex inquired. “You did your part by agreeing to my idea. I’ve ordered all the food. I guess you can help set the tables. I washed all those party dishes y’all used in Miami and Jacksonville.” Ethel replied. As the finished their drive they talked about the game, the dinner they had just consumed and the way Sean had proposed. Sean and Clay came back to their apartment. They missed their family already. They stripped and sat together on the couch after Sean had put on the album, `Love in the 4th Dimension’ by The Big Moon. Clay kept looking at his engagement and smiling. “You know Chief; you took me by surprise today! I thought we were going to honor Larry. Then when those flags dropped and everybody was kneeling. I wasn’t sure what was going on. I just didn’t think it would be you proposing. I got all squishy inside.” “Well I’ve been squishy all week. The only people who actually knew were Knox, Lee, Langford, Randall and the jeweler.” “Oooh my man the planner! Did you rehearse with the flag team?” “Nope, Langford handled all that.” Sean turned on his phone. It blew up with notifications. Clay turned his on as well. It did the same thing. “Wow it’s going to take a while to answer all of these. Ten voice mails and 243 texts!” Sean whined. “To quote the Chief, `It is what it is,'” Clay stated. “I only have two voicemails and 364 texts. I’ll text “Thank you” on the first and copy and paste the rest.” He started his replies. Sean joined him. Sean finished first. He listened to the voicemails. Every one of them was a sales call. They were easy to delete. Clay’s were not. The first was from Coach Lee asking him to call. The second was from Antonio. “Shit!” Clay shouted as he put down his phone. “Antonio is out the last three games and possibly any bowl invitation. He has 4 cracked ribs.” “Damn that is a shame.” “Now I know what Lee wants. Might as well get the word I’m now 2 on the squad.” His promotion to Larry’s immediate back up was just one of the items on Coach’s list. The second was a request not to have the wedding and honeymoon during the season or during the bowls. Clay hung up from the call with his coach and asked Sean, “When should have the wedding?” “Well that’s a good question. There’s another discussion too. Where do we celebrate holidays?” “Holidays are easy we switch back and forth. What do your siblings do? The guys did Thanksgiving last year so my sisters will be here this year while my brothers will do Christmas. New Years were on our own.” “So where do you want start?” “You got a coin? Heads we go with the guys and tails we go with my sisters.” Clay got up and came back with a quarter. He flipped it and left it fall to the carpet. It was tails. “That makes it Thanksgiving with my parents Christmas with yours, Palm Sunday with my parents and Easter with yours.” “That should keep them happy I think. Now about the wedding, Coach Lee asks that we not schedule it during the rest of our season or bowls. What are your thoughts?” “As you know we are about to add 6 new members of the family between March, April and May. I’d like to be married before then. So I’m going to suggest we look at Jan or Feb 13.” “Why the 13 Chief?” “Your birthday is the 1st I’m the 12th. Together it’s the 13th.” “Are any of those two dates on a weekend?” “Let’s check,” Sean said pulling out his phone to check the calendar. “Feb 13 is a Saturday.” “So let me suggest this Feb 13, if we can find a place and a minister. As a backup may I suggest Feb 6 or 7? That’s half the 13.” Clay said. “We will start looking for a venue Monday. Send your Mom and Dad a text asking for a list of people they think should be invited by the end of the month. I’ll do the same to my Mom now.” Both men sent the texts. They each got the same response. “When’s the Wedding?” The guys responded, “We’re thinking Feb 6, 7 or 13. See you in the morning.” Sean looked at Clay, “Bedroom or Locker Room?” Clay took Sean’s hand and led the way to their bed. Clay lay back pulling Sean on top of him. They started kissing each other gently their hands caressing each other’s bodies. Sean moved down the body of his fiancé lightly kissing Clay’s neck, gaziantep masaj salonları shoulders and chest. He licked and kissed each of Farm Boy’s nipples. Sean hissed each of the bulges of his lover’s six pack abs before taking Clay’s prick into his mouth. Chief ran his tongue under the foreskin and teased the sweet spot under the glans eliciting a soft moan from Farm Boy. Sean removed the cock head from his mouth and moved on to kiss his way down the prick to the heavy set of balls. He is kissed and licked then before moving on to kiss and touch his way down to the soles of Clay’s feet. “Roll over Junior,” he said using Clay’s family nickname. Clay rolled over. Sean kissed his way back up his fiancé’s body to the very top of his head. “Get your ass in the air,” Chief instructed. Clay got up on his knees and spread his legs. Chief began by kissing Clay’s perineum then licked his way up to his rosebud. He kissed it then licked it before probing with his tongue. “Oh Sir, that feels so good!,” Clay stated in a husky voice. “Eat it Chief! You’re making me so damn hot!” Farm Boy said as his voice got raspier. Sean ordered, “Lay on your back.” Clay assumed his tuck legged position. “Not this time Clay,” Chief stated as he started entering his fiancé. He grabbed Farm Boy’s legs and moved them to his shoulders. He began to slowly fuck the warm and pliant ass. The two gazed at each other intently. Their smiles indicated the happiness each of them felt. “Work those ass muscles Clay! Milk my cock in your hole!” “Fuck me stud! Plow my ass!” Farm Boy responded. He met each thrust from Sean with one of his own. As Chief increased his efforts so did Clay. Twenty minutes later, both men orgasmed within moments of each other. The sated couple lay next to one another in bed basking in the glow of their sexual union. They dozed off in contented bliss. Sunday morning they both got calls shortly after 7 AM from their fathers. Both men told them to turn on NBC news. The guys got out of bed and turned on the TV and tuned in to Channel 2. A few minutes later the anchor announced the history making proposal during the Stallions’ homecoming game. The clip showed the flag drop and Sean kneeling down and Clay’s reaction. The anchor said, “Just in case you didn’t get it from his reaction, he said yes!” Sean and Clay laughed. They hugged. Clay said, “Yes I sure did. I can’t wait until I say I do!” Sean said, “Let’s get showered and shaved. We have to leave in like 30 minutes. We need to call Larry and get a body count so we can order food.” “The planner in action,” Clay said as he headed to their bathroom. The two got ready and headed out. As Sean drove, Clay sent a text Larry asking for the number of guests for the housewarming. Just as Sean turned onto Temple Larry texted back, “Plan on 100.” Clay whistled, “Were going to have 100 people tonight. There is nothing like free food to bring out a crowd.” “Ask Larry to pick up a keg of beer for us. We’ll give him cash when we see him.” Clay sent the text and received the thumbs up sign back. Sean parked the car and said, “Same thing will happen for the wedding. We’ll have to really look hard at the list.” Sean unlocked the front door letting the two of them into the house. The couple headed for the family room. “I’ll show you my room later. It’s upstairs.” As the entered the families were mixing and talking about all sorts of things. Sean and Clay started hugging and kissing everyone. Ethel came in and announced, “Hope y’all are hungry because we got a heap of food laid out.” Melissa said, “Andreas, will you please say the Lund Family blessing before we go in to breakfast.” “In Norwegian or English, Mom?” Xander interjected, “In Norwegian in honor of Mormor and Farfar please brother.” Melissa nodded in agreement. Everyone bowed their heads as Andreas began, “I Jesu navn går vi til bords Og spiser, drikker på ditt ord, Deg, Gud, til ære, oss til gavn, Så får vi mat i Jesu navn. Amen. “Oh, it’s so similar to the Swedish prayer,” Mormor Carlsson stated. Clay’ family, as guests, along with MamaG and PapaG went first followed by Clay. Sean and his family followed. The dining room had been transformed from being a formal space into a small party room. Ethel had labeled the dishes on the buffet. She had prepared buttermilk biscuits with sawmill gravy, country ham with red eyed gravy, grillaides and grits, home fries, trout hash, bacon, sausage patties, scrambled eggs, and cream cheese cinnamon rolls. Cranberry mimosas were already at each person’s plate. Nicole, Crystal and Isabella had to settle for cranberry juice. Tom and Jacob kept the coffee cups filled between their own trips to the buffet. Ethel finally gaziantep escort bayan put out the final portions and took time to eat herself next to MamaG and PapaG. Clay stood up, “I want to thank all of you for being here. We are indeed one big happy family. I think we owe Ethel a round of applause for a truly scrumptious meal.” The family applauded Ethel. Clay went over and gave her a kiss on her cheek. Sean objected, “That’s my job.” He got up and kissed her other cheek. Ethel pinched both their cheeks. Everyone pitched in to help clean up and put the dining room in order. Melissa took those interested on a tour of the house while Alex showed off his woodworking shop. Sean took Clay upstairs to his bedroom and locked the door. Sean’s four poster mahogany king sized bed dominated the room. In fact all the furniture was mahogany from his night stands to his dresser and chest of drawers as well as his desk and TV stand. His walk in closet and bath were to the right side of the room. A small 4 foot by 8 foot balcony overlooked the enclosed pool below. “Wow! This is some layout Chief! Why did you move out?” “I wanted to be on my own. I mean that bed has seen some wild times, but it’s hard having one night stands with your folks down the hall.” There was a knock at the door. “Are you two dressed? I’d like to show everyone your room,” Melissa said through the door. Sean opened the door, “Sure Mom. This is what Clay and I are doing tonight at the apartment.” “When do we get to see it?” his mother asked. “Well, there’s always this evening. Or we can do dinner one night this week. Just let us know,” Sean responded. He took Clay’s hand and gave him his own tour of the house. When they got back to the family room the whole family was gathered again. MamaG and PapaG had left to attend to the Sunday Brunch crowd. Clay took the opportunity to make a few announcements. “Could I please have everyone’s attention?” The room quieted. “Thank you. Mom told me one of our first decisions was how we’re going to spend holidays. Sean and I reached that decision this morning. Thanksgiving we will be here. Christmas we’ll be with my parents. Palm Sunday will be with Sean’s family and Easter will be with mine.” Constantine said, “You boys are being fair to both sides. There are two Palm Sundays and Easters depending if you are Orthodox or not.” “Papu, I forgot. We will look at the calendar. Maybe we’ll be doing Easter and Easter,” Andreas quipped and flashed his grandfather a grin. “Please reserve the following dates on your calendar. Feb 6, Feb 7 and Feb. 13. Our wedding will be on one of those dates.” “I’ll review the Christmas card list and email you the names and addresses by Wednesday,” Martha shared. Melissa commented, “Oh that’s an excellent idea Martha. I’ll start pairing ours down this afternoon.” “Great, it sounds like both Moms have it under control. We just need to do our own lists. While we would like to visit longer, we need to head out. We have 100 people coming to our open house,” Sean said. “One hundred people!” RJ quipped. “I didn’t know you know you could count that high bro!” Clay said, “You’re fortunate we are not at home, bro!” There was another round of hugs. Ethel packaged up the left overs into three bundles. “This is for each of you girls and this one is for Clay and Sean. Safe travels.” They kissed Ethel again and thanked her. The Reeds and Carlsson decided it was time to depart. The Walls’ family started to leave too. Thirty minutes later Alex and Melissa sat together in their family room. “Well Mel, were about to have an empty nest.” “That is true Al, the baby is all grown up. Clay seems besotted by him.” “I’d say it’s mutual. Do you want to help me with the Christmas list?” “You know I always like you with me when we do the list. I think we should divide it between invitations and announcements like we did for Nicole’s.” “That sounds like an excellent plan dear. Or if you still have her list we could go from it.” The couple set to work dividing 1000 family, friends and associates into a manageable guest list for their son’s wedding. Meanwhile on I-4W Leon and Martha were talking about the weekend while Granny appeared to have dozed off in the back seat and RJ listened to his Spotify play list on his phone. “Junior is one happy boy, Mother. Did you see how he looks at Sean?” “Yes I saw them both. Sean’s family is very gracious and loving. I felt very comfortable with his folks. Melissa did like idea about using the Christmas card list to come up with the guest list.” “We can work on that this afternoon if you like.” “Well we have a lot to catch up on. The chickens have to be seen to and there is the laundry. Who knows what all we’ll find.” “Mother, what’s gnawing at you?” From the back seat Granny spoke up, “Leon, your good wife is seeing her baby boy growing up. He’s the first one out of the nest.” Granny’s hand touch Martha’s left shoulder and Martha reached over with her right hand to grasp her mother-in-law’s hand. The two women connected on a new level. Martha shed a tear, but it was a happy one.

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